Roommates – Fetish – – Free Sex Story

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Its nighttime, and you are being forced to kneel in the corner of your roommates with your nose in the corner of the wall. Your large white diapered butt sticks out while your roommate bangs her slut of choice. That was her demand, that she not be interrupted for any reason. As the night winds down, you hear a small bell chime. That’s your signal. You crawl over to your superior roommate and kneel with your head down at the side of the bed.

She snaps her fingers and you look up; she’s pointing at her sprawled out subby bitch on the bed. You get on the bed and spread the barely conscious girl’s legs aside. You lean in, slowly descending into the girl’s snatch and start to clean her delicate folds, tasting her Sex. You take your time, exaggerating each movement, just as you’ve been taught. You glance over and your roommate has two fingers on her own clit, watching you work.

You go back to work, your tongue is exploring every fold, savouring every sensation. Suddenly there is a sharp pain in your scalp as your ponytail is pulled. Another one of her demands, your hair must at all times be kept up in a high ponytail. You are forcefully brought to your roommates glistening cunt, but before you can get to work, she hauls you back up. Your face is now less than a foot away from her own face. She plunges her Free hand into her cunt and brings it to your lips. You know what’s expected of you. Without a word you open your lips and start to suck on her fingers. Worshipping them as if they were the most delicious cock you have ever tasted.

With her hand finally clean, she aggressively pushes you into her Sex. There is nothing gentle about this cleaning as you work vigorously to clean her superior Sex, while fighting her grip for air. Her superior Sex, just as she taught her to think about her. Everything of hers is superior to a lowly slut. Your struggling gets weaker and weaker as you’re deprived of air. Eventually things go grey as the last thing you see is your Mistress’s gorgeous Pussy.


You discover yourself lost in space. You come to, realizing your in your room. It’s your day off and your roommate is off at work. It’s time for your favourite activity. You quietly sneak into the shared hallway and into her room. You look through her drawers until you discover what you are looking for. Her vibrator in all its glory. You remember the first time you saw it on move in day. It caught your eye. You had never seen anything like it. You knew you had to try it; your burning Sex demanded it.

You sneak the vibrator under your hoodie, and high tail it back to your room. With the vibrator in hand, your pants barely manage to hit the ground before you begin to stimulate your burning desire. You get lost in the pleasure, the naughtiness driving you over the edge. Only you hear a noise. You open your eyes and your roommate is at the foot of your bed, her phone in hand. Your Orgasm is ruined.

You try to get away, too embarrassed to face the situation, but your roommate pins you to the bed under her powerful thighs. She gags you with your undies, and begins to tell you exactly what’s gonna happen. She tells you that you will follow her every order, and in return, she will not go to the Room advisor and turn you in for stealing and using her vibrator.

You are hesitant to agree. You really need to stay in college. That is, after all the whole reason your even here. Getting caught would be the end of everything. You end up coming to terms with everything and agree to do her bidding. A look of joy crosses her face as she begins to shimmy her booty shorts. Moving up your torso, she sits on your face, her wet Sex positioned on your mouth and she tells you to eat. The dream begins to fade out.


When you come to, you feel a warm sensation in your face, and one on your crotch. Tentatively you reach back, and check your diaper. It’s wet. You must have pissed yourself when you blacked out. You hear the sound of a camera shutter, and your head turns around, withdrawing from your mistress’s snatch. The subby slut has just taken a picture of you in a compromising position wearing only a wet yellowing diaper.

You don’t get any time to contemplate this as you’re pulled back into your favourite cunt, and put back to work. Thankfully this time her thighs are merely holding your head in place. You finish up, and are released. Only for your roommate to grab the heavy stainless-steel rings she had pierced into your nipples and leads you to your bed.

One of the first things your roommate did when she made you into her personal Sex slave, was have your bed moved and replaced. You no longer sleep in your room, but now you distribute a room with your roommate and her sexual conquests. Against the opposite wall stood a perfectly sized, locking, hard-topped crib. One that was inescapable from the inside. Your mistress led you into the crib, and laid you flat on your back, your head resting on a pillow stuffed with her old panties.

She clips a chain to your two nipple rings, forcing your them to stand at attention, pulled towards the roof of the crib. Your wrists are tied down at your sides, your ankles locked in place shoulder width aside. There is no chance of escaping these binds, as you have tried several times in the past. The side wall of the crib is pulled up and you hear several locking mechanisms click into place.

In an act of cruelty, the very vibrator that got you into so much trouble is turned on and placed between your thighs. It is too far away to touch the bottom of your diaper, but close enough to rub against your inner thighs. You feel a very small create of excitement in your Sex, but the vibrator is set too low to do anything more than tease you.

Your roommate asks her subby bitch why she took the photo. Her response? Blackmail. Your roommate nods in agreement and asks for her phone, immediately. The slut disagrees, but is quickly overpowered by the dominate woman. The scene is very familiar to you. Your roommate quickly deletes any incriminating evidence, tossing the phone into her locking drawer. Your roommate tells her that everything is already recorded and is being live-streamed in her room, 24/7. She boasts about how much she’s making on her diaper Pussy lapper who has yet to see a single cent. But then jokes that the advantages certainly outweigh the potential losses. She collars the slut, locks it, and chains her to the bed, unable to escape, let alone stand up.

Your roommate comes over to your crib and undoes your diaper. Underneath is a shiny metal chastity belt that has kept you frustrated for months on end. That came very early on when you proved that you could not be trusted to not touch your own Sex. Many months later, and its still locked tightly around your waist.

You look up with surprise but know better than to say anything. You watch as the key that has been dangling from your roommates’ neck is inserted into the lock holding your belt together. You hear a click and the belt releases. For the first time in months, you see your bare Sex.

The belt is pulled off of you, and your diaper is kept open, your bare Sex on display as you try to hump the air, trying to gain purchase on anything. Any friction at all was what you needed right in that moment, but there was none to discover.

Your roommate turns around, belt in hand and pushes her disobedient slut onto the bed. Using a bit of force, she manages to lock the slut into your dripping chastity belt. The slut protests, but her remarks are quickly met with a rough spanking that brings her to tears. Pacified, the girl is taped into one of your big puffy diapers. You watch in silent awe of everything that’s happened and how feasible your Mistress is.

Ankle and wrist cuffs are cinched tightly onto the slut, and locked on. Your roommate unhooks the chain leash and leads the girl to your crib. The side wall is lowered seven and a half hours earlier than you expected. The girl is guided into the increasingly cramped space. Her mouth is guided into the one spot it’s needed most. Your dripping wet Sex.

Your roommate expertly tied her into a sixty-nine-position testing her bonds, finding them to be tight and satisfactory. She plants a kiss on your Pussy juice-soaked face then tapes up your diaper, trapping the girl’s face on your Sex.

You look at your roommate with pleading eyes, waiting for the words you’ve longed to hear from her. Just three words that you have not heard in three months. She mouths them out, and you are overcome with the pleasure as your brain tries to processes what she said.

You may cum.

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