Robin Meade Goes Swinging – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Sex Story

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the people, places, organisations etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Robin Meade or any other newscasters, journalists etc or similar.

Starring: Robin Meade (HLN news anchor, former Miss Ohio)

Robin Meade Goes Swinging

An erotic fan-fiction story.

A Commissioned story by [Anonymous].

Written by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, MMF, MMMF, MMMMF, oral, inter, anal.

* * *

At a secret club in Atlanta…

“OK, there’s got to be something suspicious about this place…” Robin Meade, the beautiful NHL lead news anchor for Morning Express said to herself as she slipped in through the side door into the club. “You don’t just advertise some sort of ‘adults only’ party and there isn’t something going on.” She remarked. Clad in a set of dark pants and a matching top covered by a jacket, all nicely fitting to her mature, nicely curved body. “So let’s see what’s going on here… It’s been a while since I did this sort of investigative journalism but if it gets me a scoop? It’s gonna be worth it…”

The night club music was playing out, heard in the distance with a bumping bassline as Meade cautiously made her way forward. Seeing a door partly open as she peered inside. The brunette’s eyes instantly widening however as she saw what kind of an adult party this was. A woman on her back across a table, her dress half staying on her body as she was in the throws of passion. Getting her snatch drilled by a tall, hung black man as he drove his dick in and out of her pussy. Clearly, getting the time of her life and while she was panting out between moans, the bull nailing her was just smiling like this was just a warm up.

“O-Oh my… It’s this kind of party…” Robin mumbled as she stepped back, biting her lip as she quietly moved along and looking into the next door. Seeing a similar kind of scene with another unknown couple going at it. Another hung black man with a white beauty mounted on his lap. Looking like he was more raising and lowering her onto his enormous dick than she was riding him as her ass cheeks wildly jiggled when she dropped down and he pumped up into her snatch. The loud moans just barely heard over the club music. “It’s a fucking swingers party!” Meade remarked, seeing a clear wedding band on the woman’s finger but not seeing a matching one on the hand of the hunk fucking the woman.

“I mean, I’d heard rumours about this kind of a scene going on in the city… Never thought it was real…” Robin told herself as still curious about this all she investigated the next door along. “And geez! These boys are packing some amount of stamina…” She stated the obvious, seeing this time one lucky girl getting filled up at both ends. Her snatch banged from the back as she was up on her hands and knees on a small table, while slurping away on another big black cock in front of her. “Talk about a damn work out…” Robin added, noting the moisture dripping off the woman being sandwiched but neither man looked like they were even starting to breathe hard. “OK, keep it together Robin. There’s a story to follow here, I’m sure of it.” She said, sounding a little like she was convincing herself to have a reason to stay here.

That curiosity making her peer into another door, but only to discover it opening up as she stared right at another muscular, black man in his birthday suit. Smiling with his thick, long cock hanging between his legs. “Fashionably late to the party, huh?” He chuckled, looking her over with approval and assuming she was just another swinger attending this event.

“Oh, um, well, you see, I was…” Robin stuttered, blushing a bit but finding her eyes staring down at that enormous slab of meat. Like it was easily the biggest she’s ever seen, and that wasn’t exactly far from sinful for a married woman to be looking at.

“Say no more, girl. I finished off my ‘guest’ real early, so I got plenty left in the tank.” The unnamed man said as he boldly reached forward and took her hand, bringing her into the party room.

“I can see… I mean, I saw from the other rooms…” Meade said as she didn’t exactly try and pull away from being led in.

“You’re a little overdressed, don’t you think, girl?” The younger man said, inviting himself to slide off Robin’s jacket before he tossed it apart. “So how about you make up for some lost time and help get me ready for some fun, huh?” He said, his hand confidently on her shoulder to have her lower herself down to her knees, getting in-line with his enormous dick that was already starting to rise.

“Oh boy… I’m in for it now!” Robin again didn’t protest, brushing back her hair with a somewhat nervous laugh but the temptation was too much to withstand. Reaching up to grip his fat cock and begin to stroke him off. “Now go easy on me now, big guy… I’m kind of new to this!” She admitted but didn’t tell the full story of her being here. Not that it mattered too much as she pumped his fat cock, already cheating on her own husband with the motion before she leaned her face in. Bringing her tongue out to slide along the fat crown of that dick while working over the shaft. Getting a low groan out of him as she swirled along the head. Nicely double teaming his dick with the licking, tasting probably her first dark cock in her life while her palm worked up and down the shaft. The combination easily getting the man rock hard and she got to see just how endowed he was as her eyes widened again at his vast size.

“Sure, babe… I hear that every time from the chicks who show up here… Including the regulars…” The man said, guiding her pretty face closer to him with a hand on the back of her head. No resistance to the move as the news anchor opened her mouth. Her lips already having to stretch around a thickness of dick that she wasn’t used to. Groaning around his member as she sank down before being allowed to slide up. Her hand still on his base, stroking off the lower inches as she got to work establishing the motion. Moving her mouth up and down as she got the proper taste of his meat. Showing at least that while never with this sort of enormous length, she’s no stranger to sucking some cock as it didn’t take long before she was working over this man she’s only just met with a smooth and steady pace of slurps.

“Mmmmphh! Mmmmm… Shhhhlllppp…” Groans were muffled by all that thick dick her soft lips were stretched around. Staring up with a blush as part of her was well aware how wrong it was to be blowing some hung, naked man she’d stumbled upon in this sex club. Yet still working her mouth up and down, showing off the skill her warm and wet mouth possessed as she pushed along his length. “Mmmmm… Mmmmphh!! Hmmmmphhh…” Handling the upper part of that enormous cock, while her hand stroked away at the bottom part so all of the shaft was taken care off. The motion of her head enough to make her long hair fall out of place, and she didn’t seem to mind either when he reached down to stroke the brunette locks back. Allowing her to concentrate on sucking away on this big dick much to both of their groaning approval.

“Mmmmm… You don’t feel fucking new to this to me, babe… Mmmmm…” The man said, smirking down as that pretty, white face slid along his dark, fat inches as her saliva started to run down his porn star-like member. The remark looking accurate from how smoothly the former Miss Ohio was pumping her oral hole along his manhood. “Mmmmm shit… Yeah, suck that dick, girl… Mmmmm… Hot little mouth like that is gonna be… Mmmm! Real fucking popular around here…” He added between moans. Neither of these two actually knowing the other’s name, and already at this point far from caring. He just saw a hot, older woman who was down to fuck some big, black cock. And she clearly was getting very used to enjoying a far longer, thicker slab of meat than the one of the man she’s actually married to.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmmphghh!! Hrrlllppp… GAHHHHH…” Robin’s eyes went wide as she sunk down deeper. The bulbous crown of his dick connecting with the back of her mouth, filling her up more than she’s used to taking. Forcing her to briefly pull off, composing herself as she used her hand to rub her spit all over his length. “Gosh! That’s so fucking big… But it feels so damn good, filling me up!” She all too easily admitted before she went back to work. Wrapping her lips around him and pushing back and forth as she closed her eyes. Focusing on the task even as she began to choke again when she went down deep. Leaving her hand, the same one showing off her wedding ring, to grip and occasionally stroke the base of his shaft. “MMMMMPHH… GAAAAAAHHH… MMMMM…” Choking whenever she pushed in, and making the saliva begin to drip off her chin and hit over the top she wore across her rounded, big tits. Using her clearly skilled mouth for a far more hotter use than the news story reporting she’s usually known for.

“Mmmmm… You got to have been trying to fool me, babe… Mmmm! Mouth as good as this? No way… MMMM… You’ve never gone black before, even if you’ve never been around here before…” The stud being blown said, smiling down and watching as she slurped and gagged around his member. His length coated in her drool while he made sure to keep brushing her hair back, allowing her to keep raising and lowering her head towards his crotch as her soothing, damp mouth easily kept him moan. “MMMM… Huh? Oh, hey! Brothers… Get on in here!” He then said, noticing something out of the corner of his eye. In fact, some people as with similar, wide smiles to his own, not just one more hung stud walked in, but a trio of them as they were all certainly similar in their dark skin colours and from the bulges in their shorts also very well hung. “Hey babe… Wanna really make up for lost time with my buddies here?”

It was only then that she actually noticed the new men. Pulling off with a gasp as she looked up and found herself surrounded by hunky black men. “W-Woah! Hold on now!” She said with a nervous laugh as she sat back on her knees. “I don’t know if I can…” Robin began to say, before she saw the newcomers lower their shorts. Her eyes darting between more delicious, fat and long cocks that they were all packing. “W-Well I mean… I guess I am guest here… It would be, ummmm… R-Rude, yeah! Rude to turn you all down.” She half-mumbled with a hint of desire in her voice as she turned to face the new trio of hunks.

“Yeah, you’re totally a hot little Queen, ain’t you?” The first man chuckled as he moved to behind her. Making her shift position slightly as she moved her to more kneel as he lowered her pants down, and skilfully bringing down her underwear at the same time down below her ass. Exposing a nice, tight, mature looking pussy that already had a hint of wetness to it. Perfect for him to move up close behind as he lined his cock up, without even bothering to slip on a rubber first, before he pushed in with a moan. Making her gasp and groan out as her body rocked forward as she looked back with wide, but lustful eyes. Her tunnel getting stretched out already just from the entry and he was barely inside of her twat. A sure sign than even if she’s given up sex to her husband, he’s not packing half the length let along thickness this bull is packing.

“MMMM!! Holy shit! That’s fucking huge!! Oh God! Oh… MMMMMPHHH!!” She couldn’t just enjoy the feeling of being split wide for too long as her face was turned to the front. The open mouth provided from her moaning just right for the man right in front of her to slide in between her lips. Her body reacting with instinct as her hands moved up and captured the other hardening rods as she began to stroke them off. “MMMMM!! MMMMMPHHH… GAAAAAHHHH!! MMMMMPHHH…” It didn’t take her long to begin sucking off this latest nameless stud as her mouth pumped along his thickness, helping him to get rock hard in quick time as she went in rapid time from just going one on one with a black stud to taking on four at the same time. Her mouth pushing deep along the rod she was blowing, making herself sinfully gag along him as she went to work quickly on him. Much to his moaning approval as she slurped on one fat cock while jerking off two more.

“MMMMM… MMMMMPHHH!! HHHHHRRRKKK…” The body of the Ohio-born stunner was rocking towards the trio in front of her then back against the thrusting dick entering into her snatch. Helping to further open aside her snug, mature twat as her folds replaced her spit from off of that first cock with her forming juices. Allowing her long haired head to deeply bob along whichever dick she was sucking on as, fuelled by the pleasure her pussy was taking, she was very happy to make herself choke along some thick cock. Pulling off to let out a gasp and spit down onto that prick she’d just been blowing. “Holy fuck!! MMMMM!! God, these are so fucking big!! MMMM!!” She groaned out before her hands switched. Now gripping that freshly blown cock while turning her head to take in the latest shaft. Not playing favourites and making sure each stud got a far distribute to experience how fantastic her damp oral hole was. Keeping a grin on the face of the man getting some head and the other two being blown weren’t exactly let down by her rapid pumps of her palms along their pricks.

“AHHHH… This is some good fucking pussy here too, boys! MMMM… That nice, tight, shit right here…” The hunk fucking her from behind said as he moaned out. Thrusting back and forth into her snatch to keep her moving between himself and his fellow swingers as they all showed clear experience with having some fun with a horny white beauty like this. Making her tits bounce in her top as he filled her up and made her snatch widen to accept his pole. Staring down as her rounded backside nicely jiggled from his firm pumps as he worked in and out. Getting the indication that this babe, even without knowing who she is or her level of fame, was built to take some big black dick. Equally clueless that this was in fact her first time experiencing this sort of action, never mind taking on so many men at once. Perhaps a blessing as she might not be getting the kind of time to adjust to being split open if he knew he was breaking in newbie into this kind of Swinging life.

“MMMMPHH!! GAAAAAAHHH… MMMMMPHHH… SHHHLLLPPP…” Meade worked over the new train of studs she had to deal with, and doing so with a clear eagerness as she took the third dick into her now hungry mouth. Slurping away to get her saliva dripping down his size while her hands quickly stroked off the other dicks she’s been blowing. Bobbing up and down smoothly as her hair swayed back and forth, having to be brushed back by the hunk being sucked off since her own hands were busy. “HHHHRRRKKK… MMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM… GAAAAAAAAAHH HHHHLLLKKK…” Her lustful choking continued. Not looking like she was in pain either despite stuffing her mouth full over and over with far more cock than she can handle, let alone is used to. Easily leaving her saliva drooling down this latest cock while her fingers, including the one still showing off her wedding ring, were sticky from working all her spit over the other shafts.

“MMMMM! Yeah, fucking take it girl… MMMM… The older babes always know how to fuck! MMMM…” The young stud (although that could apply to each of the men in the room) behind her said with a grin and a moan. Watching his waist collide off her rounded ass. The smack of their different toned skins ringing out around the private room with all the moans as the news anchor was right in the middle of a gang bang. Sweat starting to form across her lovely, curvy body already from taking on four enormous cocks at the same time. Switching quickly from sucking on one prick to another while her hands moved between them to ensure each hunk in front was taken care off. Moaning into their thick man-meat as she got her pussy filled up with firm pumps. Keeping her shifting against them but even with the slap of her ass hitting into the stud behind her, she never missed a beat to keep sucking, stroking and getting stuffed. Little wonder that to them all she looked like a regular party goer for this interracial sex den with how well she was taking them on.

After a quick go around the three bulls in front to suck them all off, Robin lifted her head off to let out a loud moan as she licked her lips. “Ooooooh FUCK! MMMM! So fucking good!” She groaned as the hunk behind her pulled out.

“We’re only getting started, babe…” One of the men said, helping her up to stand. But only so they could properly ease down her pants, while another of them lifted her top up and off her head. The bra soon being removed too to show off those big, rounded mature tits of hers.

“Oh, I fucking hope so!” Meade said with an already shameless smile. The temptation of so many enormous dicks too good to pass up as they lead her over towards the couch in the room. One that wouldn’t look too out of place in any kind of porno or casting couch scene.

She didn’t object as she was placed on the couch, legs spread as one of the men who had been getting sucked off invited himself to slide his dick up into her wet and snug pussy. Able to push in nice and deep thanks to the previous fucking she’d just taken so he was able to start pumping right away. Holding her legs aside as he pumped in and out, making his crotch smack off her curvy body as she got taken balls deep by her second big black cock of the night. But not getting it easy either as moving up along side her, either side of her head were two of the other studs. Including the one who had just been fucking her so when he guided his prick into her willing oral hole, she groaned at the taste of her own pussy as she began to slurp. Cleaning off her own juices of shameless arousal as she pumped up and down onto him while taking a pumping herself. Her hand reaching out to stroke off the other dick as she gave a round of sucks onto that already very familiar cock.

No long blushing as she had been at the beginning of this all, the woman who was once placed in the top ten of Miss America contest in 1993 gave a saucy look to the side while still slurping on one meaty black dick. Seeing the fourth man moving up and mounting her. Taking a hold of her rounded, older tits and using them to press around his dick as he began to fuck her breasts. Leaving her groaning as she pulled off from one dick to groan out as she turned her head. “MMMM! Fucking my mouth and pussy not enough for you dirty boys? MMMM! Go ahead! Fuck my dirty fucking tits!” She purred before turning to begin sucking on the other dick. Bucking on the couch a bit as she moved from the stiff way her pussy was getting nailed. Now handling having to offer up her chest to these men as the stud sliding in and out of her boobs groaned out. Enjoying the feeling just as much as when he’d been in her mouth, something proven by the guy getting blown letting out moans of delight just as loud as the guy titty fucking her.

“MMMMMPHHH… GAAAAAAHHH!! MMMMMMPHHH…” A loose strand of her brunette hair was now left stuck to her cheek from the forming moisture while the rest bounced and was sprawled along the couch she was being taken on. Moaning out around the cock between her lips as her love tunnel got filled up. Her snatch now stretched perfectly to accept such a vast size like all these men were packing, yet still with a more than pleasurable tightness to stay clamped around whichever dick she was taking. “GAAAAAAAAHH!! HHHHHRRRKK! MMMMMPHHH!” She continued to slobber as she lifted off briefly just to groan out, take in some air and then turn to face the other cock and begin sucking away all over again. The four-on-one encounter now that little bit hotter with not just her holes being used, but her tits taking a pumping two. Even with the strong fingers digging into her pale flesh, her tits jiggled away around that long dark cock as she got firmly and slowly fucked as these hunks knew all the tricks to make full use of a Queen of Spades like her. Even if they didn’t know this really was her first time getting in on like this.

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