Ritual Pt. 01 – Erotic Horror

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The Everleigh family lived on an island with their following. The seclusion allowed them to practice their perverse, perverted theology.


It was Eliza Everleigh’s 21st birthday.

She lay nude and naked on the circular crimson ritual table in the forest. Her long gleaming, golden locks billowed as the cold wind caressed her skin. And Eliza’s blue eyes brimmed with twinkling teardrops as her eccentric, elderly father recited an innovation spell for their god.

Soon enough, Eliza’s father was overwhelmed and overcome by their dark deity. The possessed man painted a symbol on Eliza’s stomach with his blood. Then Mr. Everleigh climbed onto the circular crimson table to go forth with the ritual. “It is time. Are you ready, my girl?”

She slowly, shyly parted her legs. “Y-Yes.”

Her bewitched, bedeviled father presented and put on view his cock. She gasped and gaped at his hairy, hard cock. “Hail Luarus!”

It was a crimson-red color with black, bulging veins. She was frightened but fascinated by it, too. The rest of Luarus’ followers chanted, “Hail Luarus,” while fingering or stroking themselves.

Eventually, Eliza’s voice elevated and echoed through the forest. The dark deity’s gigantic, monstrous cock prodded and penetrated her tight, tender virginal cunt. “Oh! Oh, my god!”

“That’s my good girl! Praise Luarus!”

“H-Hail Luarus. Oh, my dark god!”

Her virginal blood dripped, dropping onto the ritual table as Eliza’s possessed father plunged his cock repeatedly and ruggedly into her cunt. “Take him, your dark god!”

“Y-Yes, I shall!”

“Fully! Take me fully.”

The last remnants of her father’s image finally disappeared. The dark deity was now in the elderly man’s place. She paled, peering at the crimson-colored horned and tailed being looming over her. “…Yes, my dark god.”

“Worship me!”

“Yes! Oh, my dark god, I sacrifice myself to you!”

She released over and over again on the brutish, bestial cock deflowering her cunt. She watched with heavy, half-lidded eyes as it went in and out, in and out of her flush, feverish cunt. Her big, gorgeous double-D breasts swayed, squirting, showering the ritual table and the masturbating, manic followers with breastmilk. “That’s it, my pretty priestess, my devout darling. Worship!”

“Oh, I’m yours, my dark god!”

“Take my seed, girl. Birth my vessel.”

The dark deity growled, gushing Eliza’s sore, sensitive cunt with his hot load. Meanwhile, Eliza screamed, shaking as its seed spilled and saturated her red, raw cunt. “Yes! Oh, yes! Fill me, impregnate me, my dark god!”

The spirit of Luarus left. Her father’s used, unconscious body fell on top of her. She shuddered, staring at the starry night sky as her father’s half-hard cock slipped out of her stretched and soaked cunt. “Oh, praise Luarus! Is it done, daughter?”

“…It is done, father.”


The elderly man cradled and carried a still nude, naked Eliza in his arms to the temple. The other worshippers, of course, trailed behind.

Its seed and her honied nectar leaked from her cunt. She doused the forest floor with fresh, fragrant fluids. “Oh, I’m so full!”

“It is a blessing, my daughter.”

“Yes, father. Oh, praise Luarus, our dark god.”

A goat milk bath awaited Eliza at the temple. The elderly man placed Eliza into the gold bathtub, then. “We shall leave you now, daughter, but worry not, for you are forever in the embrace of Luarus.”

There were tall, towering statues in the temple looming over Eliza of Luarus. She bathed, basking in the glory of her dark deity. “Praise Luarus…”

“More milk, my dear?”

“W-What? Who goes there?!”

A priestess approached Eliza with a bronze pitcher in hand. She was nude and barefoot like one should be in the temple. “It is me, Penelope. I am to keep your bath warm and to tend to your needs.”

“You startled me.”

The other priestess leered at Eliza. Her dark eyes stared at the busty blonde’s double-D breasts. “I’m sorry, my dear Eliza. May I give you a massage to help you relax, sister?”

“Oh, yes. Please do, Penelope.”

The dark-haired priestess kneeled behind the bathtub. Then Penelope poured the warm milk from the pitcher onto Eliza’s double-D breasts. “Does that feel good, sister?”

The blonde moaned, mewling softly. “…Y-Yes.”

The brunette grabbed and groped Eliza’s breasts. She massaged and milked more breastmilk from Eliza’s plump, perky nipples. “Does this, too?”

“Oh, yes, sister!”

“So much, my dear Eliza! You can feed the entire island.”

“Oh, sister Penelope!”

“Let me knead your cute cunt, too.”

Her long legs draped and dangled over the bathtub. Meanwhile, Penelope rubbed Eliza’s cunt. “Oh! Oh, sister.”

The brunette smirked, slipping her middle finger into Eliza’s swollen and stretched cunt. “You poor thing! You took our dark god’s big cock, and yet, we still cannot show you mercy.”

“But why not?”

“You and your cunt must always be punished for endlessly seducing us, sister.”

She furiously fingered Eliza. The blonde bucked and bounced her hips, too. “Oh, my naughty, needy cunt!”

“Give it to me, sister! I want to taste you, Eliza!”

“It’s coming! Oh, I’m coming!”

A few more deep, deep prods, and Eliza squirted. She sprayed Penelope and the temple’s floor with her honeyed nectar. “Come here, sister! Come to me!”

She clasped and clutched Eliza’s bruised thighs. The dark-haired priestess licked, lapping at Eliza’s cunt. “No, no, no! You’ll make me come again, sister!”


“Oh, sister!”

The brunette tongued and tongued, tantalizing Eliza’s cunt. “So sweet!”

The blonde’s body trembled. She wailed and writhed as she released more of her sweet nectar. “Please…”

“Oh, alright. I had my fill for tonight.”

Now Eliza lay at the feet of their dark deity’s tallest statue in the temple. Her body was lathered and lavished with sticky honey. Her cunt and plump, perky nipples were covered with ruby-red rose petals. “Praise Luarus. Hail Luarus, our dark god.”

The temple doors opened again. The male worshippers wheeled the gold bathtub away, and the female worshippers lit black candles.

After situating themselves, however, Eliza’s father began the prayer. “Let us pray! Let us worship!”

They stood around Eliza in a circle, collectively masturbating. They doused the busty blonde with hot, heavy loads and nectar throughout the night.