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It was the Sunday before qualifying for the Daytona 500. Danica Patrick, her car owners Tony Stewart and Gene Haas, along with the Daytona Beach Chamber of Commerce president Chuck Hayes, were gathered in a small conference room across the hall from the Chamber’s small auditorium. Danica, Tony, and Gene were all there to give speeches to the Chamber’s members, and then do a short autograph session afterwards.

“You should see the crowd out there! It’s a packed house!” Chuck said excitedly. “Our membership doubled when it was announced you all were going to be here!”

“That’s great! We’re glad to be here, aren’t we guys?” Tony replied.

“Goddamn right we are!” said Gene.

“Yeah. Sure. Totally,” Danica said sarcastically. There was one thing she was happy about. Unlike the day before, when her sponsor made her wear a bikini for her appearance, she was dressed in her driver suit for today’s appearance. Granted, it was a little tight through the chest. They hadn’t taken her new C-cup breasts into profile; it was built for her previous A-cups. But she could live with it.

“I guess I’ll go out and introduce you all if you’re ready,” Chuck said.

Tony nodded. “Sure, go ahead. Just stall for a couple of minutes, will you?”

Chuck pointed at him. “You got it!” Then he exited out the door.

Tony and Gene turned to Danica.

Tony waved at her. “Okay, unzip the suit.”

This caught Danica completely off guard. “What?!”

“Come on, just do it.” Danica gritted her teeth and did as requested. Once the zipper on the front of her suit got down to her crotch, Tony turned to Gene. “I knew it!”

Danica glanced at the two men. “Knew what?”

Gene pointed. “The goddamn bra and panties!”

Danica looked down at her open suit. “Yeah. And?”

“Look, your contract specifically says you can only wear clothing we provide to these appearances,” Tony said matter-of-factly. “Did we give you any underwear when we gave you that suit?”

“Well, no, but…” Danica stuttered.

“No buts! Lose it!” Gene demanded.

“Are you serious?” The two men stared at her. “Jesus. Fine. Where’s a bathroom so I can change?”

“There’s no time for that. Just do it here,” Tony said flatly.

“Here?! With you two perverts here? Are you fucking kidding me?!”

Tony grinned. “Why? Because we’ve never seen you bent over with two cocks buried in you before?”

He had a point. “Fine,” she growled. She slipped out of the one piece uniform and quickly removed the under garments. The two men couldn’t help but get hard ons at the sight. She tossed the lacy garments to the side, slipped her uniform back on, zipped up, and wrapped the collar around her neck until the Velcro stuck. She held her arms out. “Happy now?”

Tony held a finger up. “Almost.” He stepped to Danica and paused. They stared into each other’s eyes. He opened her collar back up, grabbed the zipper of her suit, and zipped it open just past her tits, revealing every bit of cleavage she had. “There, that’s better.”

Gene clapped his hands. “Damn straight it is!”

Danica looked down at her exposed skin. “Seriously?”

Through the door they could hear, “Now, let’s give a big welcome to our guest speakers, Tony Stewart, Gene Haas, and Danica Patrick!”

Tony smiled at Danica. “That’s our queue.”

The trio stepped onto the stage to thunderous applause. Danica felt like every set of eyes were staring at her with lust. She wasn’t wrong.

Tony took the microphone from Chuck. “Thanks, Chuck. Thank you, everyone, for that warm welcome.” He went on to do a short synopsis of who they were and why they were there. “But you all don’t want to listen to Gene and myself. So, everybody, I’m very proud to introduce you to our newest driver, the one, the only Danica Patrick.” Once again, the room exploded with applause as Tony handed the microphone to her. Tony and Gene left the stage and joined Chuck in the front row.

Danica proceeded to pace along the front of the stage, ignoring the podium in the center, telling the crowd her life story. She quickly forgot about her exposed flesh. She spoke about how she started in go karts. How she felt as if she at all times had to win twice as many races to get the same amount of attention as the boys she competed against, then the men. She described her struggles. Competing in a male-dominated sport, fighting to prove her small frame would be able to handle the rigors of the sport. And how she persevered, at all times believing in herself, and how she got to where she was today.

After 20 minutes, she finally stopped in the middle of the stage and stared into the audience.

“My father told me I could be anything I wanted to be if I set my mind to it and believed in myself. I’m here to tell you, no matter how big or small your business is, if you set your mind to it, and believe in yourself, you can be successful. You can do it!”

Once again, the crowd erupted into applause. Danica smiled and acknowledged their applause. Tony walked up the three stairs to the stage, walked to Danica, and slapped her on the back. Danica handed him the microphone and took a step to the side.

Tony smiled out to the crowd. “Isn’t she great? How about another round of applause!” After another round of applause, Tony finally said, “Hey, listen, before you listen to us old, boring guys, why doesn’t everybody get up and stretch their legs? How about we take a 10 minute break? Go on out to the lobby. We’ve got snacks, drinks, even some souvenirs for you out there. Help yourselves!”

While the small crowd filed out to the lobby, Gene joined Tony on the stage. Tony walked behind the podium and snapped the microphone into the flexible holder, then stepped back and nodded at the podium.

“Come on, Danica, get in,” Tony whispered while waving at the podium.

“Do what?” Danica asked.

“Come on, get in!”

Danica hesitantly stepped around to the back of the podium. The interior of the large wooden structure looked like a box with three sides. The fourth side — the side facing the speaker at the podium — had a dark curtain covering it. “Get in…there?!”

Tony nodded. “Yes! Come on, get in!” He held back the curtain.

“And why am I getting in there?”

“Just do it! It’s a surprise!”

“Fine,” she growled. For her 5′ 2″ frame it really wasn’t a tight squeeze.

As the crowd filed back into the room, Gene climbed off the stage and rejoined Chuck in the front row while Tony stayed on the stage. Once everyone had settled back into their seats, Tony stepped behind the podium and bent the flexible microphone wand down to his height, while Danica stared at his legs from the darkness of the interior of the podium.

Tony smiled out to the crowd. “Did everybody discover something to their liking out there?”

“I didn’t see Danica out there!” came a voice from the crowd, which broke into a collective laugh.

“Ha! Yeah, she gets that a lot,” Tony chuckled. Without anyone in the audience noticing, Tony reached down and nonchalantly unzipped his fly and pulled out his impressive, stiff boner. “A lot of guys would like to get their hands on her,” Tony said playfully.

Danica’s jaw dropped. You have got to be kidding! Tony waved his meat at her. He can’t be serious! She leaned her head out enough to peak out. His waving wand slapped her in the forehead. She looked up to see his smiling face look down at her and he winked, and then slapped her cheek with his stick. Her eyes turned to slits and she glared at him.

Tony spoke into the microphone. “So, as many of you know, I’m Tony Stewart, co-owner of Stewart Haas Racing, or SHR. We’re incredibly proud to have Danica servicing our team and our sponsors like the pro that she is.”

Danica clenched her teeth and quietly growled. “Grrrrrrrr. Fuck!”

“Much like Danica, I started out in go karts, too. I, uh, OH! Ah! Mmmmmm,” he hummed when she took him into her Hot, wet mouth. “You know, as a kid frommmmm, uh, oh yeah,” he moaned as Danica’s head began to suck on his lollipop, “From, uh, uh, you know, Indiana, I could have never dreamed I’d be, uh, oh yeah, uh, standing here at this, uh, guh!” he grunted. when his balls bounced off her chin when she swallowed him whole. “Sorry. Um, I mean, at this “At this podium with Dan…Dan…(ahem) Danica and, phew boy! And Gene as a co-owner of a…a…NASCAR race team.”

Tony finally got a rhythm going, waxing poetic about his career to this point. Meanwhile, Danica was getting a rhythm of her own, waxing Tony’s pole while he spoke.

This is making me fucking Hot! Jesus! How can that be?! she wondered to herself. Fuck! The sound of her zipper sliding down until it could go no further couldn’t be heard over Tony’s amplified voice. She shook her shoulders and tugged at the sleeves. The top half of her suit slipped off and gathered behind her at her waist.

Only Tony heard her squeak when her hand slipped inside her suit and flicked her raised kernel. The crowd saw that popular crooked grin of his. Listen to her! Fuckin’ slut!

Tony’s throbbing in her throat only grew with each passing minute. They both knew he was close.

“I, uh, I just want to say (ahem) — I want emphasize — how excited Gene and I are to (ahem) have…have Danica racing for SH(ahem)R. I can…I can (ahem)…” He paused. His body stiffened. His jaw clenched. “Hmmmppphhh!” he grunted.

Tony exploded in Danica’s mouth. She sucked and swallowed his thick, salty spunk like a pro. She stroked his pulsing shaft with one hand. She pulled the other hand out of her suit and cradled his balls.

“(ahem) Phew! Sorry about that, folks,” Tony said as Danica drained his hose. “As I was (ahem) saying, I can personally attest to Danica’s skills on and off the track. Hopefully everyone in this room will have a witness her skills, too.” Danica tucked him back into his pants and zipped him up with the crowd politely applauded. After the applause died down, Tony said, “Now I’d like to introduce you to my partner and my friend, Gene Haas.”

The crowd broke into applause again as Gene climbed the stairs to the stage. The two shook hands before Tony took Gene’s seat in the front row and Gene stepped behind the podium. Danica peeked out and looked up to see Gene’s smiling face looking down at her. She smiled back and leaned back into the podium.

Gene adjusted the microphone wand as Danica unzipped his pants. “Howdy folks! Thanks for coming! We’re damn glad to be here! Gah! Hot damn!” he exclaimed when he slipped through Danica’s lips and down her throat. “(ahem) Tony…Tony’s too damn modest. If it’s got wheels on it, he’s probably driven it and won in it! USAC champion. IndyCar champion. Three time NASCAR champion. He might be the greatest race car driver there’s ever been! How ’bout another round of applause for Tony Stewart!” Tony stood and acknowledged the applause that drowned out Danica’s loud yelp when her hand dove back inside her driver’s suit and two fingers split her slit. “Folks, I may not be some Hot shot race car driver…” the crowd laughed while his nuts bounced off of Danica’s chin. “But I can tell you we’ve had similar life experiences. To you business owners out there, let me tell ya, I started out with two guys and myself. I manufactured a little doo dad that sold like Hot cakes, that became Haas CNC.”

Danica tried to suppress her moans while she blew Gene and stabbed at her gash. Jesus Christ! I’m gonna have a fucking Orgasm while I suck this fucker’s cock and masturbate in a fucking box in front of 200 people! What sort of slut have I become?! Her body temperature continued to rise as Gene proceeded to motivate the crowd with his own story of success.

Gene waved at the crowd. “But enough about me. You don’t want to hear about this old fuck,” bringing a laugh from the crowd.

Danica knew he was about to finish more than his speech. His pulsing was almost out of control. No no no! she wondered to herself. I…I’m almost…there!

“Let me just say this,” Gene continued. “Folk, you want to be successful? Well, here ya go. Believe in yourself. Whatever you do, do it well. Do it better than the other guy! And hire the right people. It’s the people! Let me tell ya, they’ll make…make (ahem)…” His body stiffened. “Make or…or break you. I…I…(ahem)…Just one second, folks.” Tony choked back a laugh. The audience looked on with concern. “Gah! Hot damn!” Gene exclaimed when he went off like a rocket, shooting his fuel down Danica’s throat.

Fuck! Danica wondered as she choked down his jizz. I was so close, goddammit! She had two hands on his rod, coaxing Gene’s protein from his vein.

Gene regained his composure. “Phew! Sorry ’bout that folks!” He slapped his chest. “Guess I shouldn’t o’ had that chili dog for lunch!” The crowd laughed as Gene fell out of Danica’s mouth. She tucked his quickly wilting trunk back into his pants. “Speaking of people, let me tell you about Danica.” Her ears perked up. “When Tony came to me about possibly hiring Danica, I’ll admit, I had my doubts. But I did my due diligence and the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. There was just one thing. I went to Tony and said, ‘If we’re gonna hire some girl to drive our car, I want a real knock out!’ Ya know what I mean? I mean, I dunno about anyone else here, but I like me some big ol’ titties.” He held his cupped hands in front of his chest and the crowd laughed. “Don’t get me wrong. She’s cute as a button! But, damn, she ain’t got no titties!”

Danica frowned. Where’s he going with this?

“I said, ‘Tony, this girl ain’t got no titties! She’s got these little bitty titties! She looks like a boy!'” The crowd laughed again. Danica’s frown deepened. “I told Tony she’s gonna have to get herself some titties before I let her drive my car. Tony didn’t think she’d go for it. But we called her in anyway. That was the goddamnedest interview I’ve ever had! Ha!” The crowd chuckled.

Danica was fuming. Motherfucker! So help me God, if tells the crowd I sucked and fucked those motherfuckers, I’ll kill him!

“Well, guess what? Did y’all see her today? She’s got some nice titties now, don’t she?!” The crowd laughed and applauded. Gene smiled. “You’re welcome!” The crowd laughed again. “Hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of Danica in victory lane! And who knows where else?! Thank ya folks! Thanks for havin’ us!” Gene waved as the crowd exploded with applause while Tony and Chuck climbed onto the stage.

Chuck leaned into Tony. “Where’s Danica? Is she still here?”

Tony smiled and nodded. “Oh, she’s around.”

Danica saw Chuck climb the stage with Tony out the corner of her eye and sunk back into the podium cavern as far as efficient. Fuck! If he sees me, I’m screwed! Then Chuck walked to the podium. Fuck! Then she wondered about it. The corner of her lip curled. Hmmmmmm

Chuck motioned to Gene and Tony to his side. “Let’s hear it for Gene Haas, Tony Stewart, and Danica Patrick!”

Once again, the crowd erupted in applause. Nobody noticed Chuck’s eyebrows nearly fly off his head and his slight jump back when he felt something tug at his pants, with the exception of Gene and Tony. Both covered their mouths and choked back laughs when they saw Chuck’s reaction to Danica’s hand touch his crotch.

Chuck looked down to see Danica peeking out from inside the podium wearing a devilish smile and not much else. She held her finger to her lips then cupped her Haas-approved breasts and shook them at him. Chuck was frozen. His jaw was slack. Danica giggled as she unzipped his trousers. The man shivered when she reached in and pulled out his wrinkled, quickly-stiffening rod. Danica slunk back into the podium, pulling Chuck with her.

Chuck stared out to the audience with obvious shock on his face. As the applause died down, he tried to continue. “I, uh…I, uh…UHGAH!” he croaked when Danica swallowed him. Tony and Gene looked away and covered their mouths. Tears welled in their eyes trying to hold back their guffaws. With both hands firmly gripping the podium, Chuck gallantly proceeded. “I, uh, yes, um, so, here, uh, here’s what we have…have com…com…coming up in the, um, you know, the next few weeks.”

Danica’s hand dove back into her uniform. Chuck’s muscle was violently flexing already. Fuck! I’d better make this quick! She strummed on her angry clit with gusto while Chuck struggled above her to go through the Chamber’s upcoming itinerary.

Beads of sweat appeared on Chuck’s forehead. His face was red. “And on the…the 15th of…mmmm…of next month we’ll be…be…having our…our annual (ahem)…”

Danica continued on. Not yet, you motherfucker! Not yet!

“Our annual fund…fund r-r-r-raiser…ohmagawd…”

The crowd looked on with real concern. Chuck, normally a flawless speaker, was obviously struggling. Some wondered he might be having a stroke.

“You okay, Chuck?” came the question from the audience.

Chuck held up a finger. “Yes! Yes. Just give me one…one minute.” His head tilted down. His hands took a death grip on the podium. “Oh God…oh God…” he whispered. His body stiffened. “GAH!”

His thick, stale cum filled her mouth. Fuck! There’s so much! When was the last time this dude came?! Her mouth quickly overflowed. Streams of white oozed from the corners of her mouth and fell onto her new cum catchers.

Chuck finally fell out of her mouth. He immediately missed the feeling of her warm, wet mouth. He stood up straight and took a deep breath while she tucked him back into place.

“Phew! Sorry about that. I must’ve had the same Hot dogs Gene had,” Chuck panted, bringing a relived chuckle from the crowd. “So, anyway, let’s all make our way out to the lobby. Gene, Tony, and, uh, Danica will be out there, uh, shortly to sign some autographs if anyone is interested. The program has run a little long, so I’m sorry to say they won’t have time to take any photographs. Better hurry to get to the front of the line. They’ll only be out there for 10 or 15 minutes!”

The auditorium quickly emptied. Gene, Tony, and Chuck gathered around the podium to block the view of prying eyes as Danica crawled out from inside the podium, naked from the waist up and cum splattered. She quickly pulled her suit up and threw her arms through it. She hurriedly grabbed the zipper and pulled it up.

Until it stopped just above her navel. She pulled and pushed at it to no avail. She looked up almost in a panic.

“Fuck! It’s caught!”

“Here, let me try.” Tony grabbed the tab and shook it, with the same result. “Man, it’s really caught!”

“Fuck! I can’t go out there like this!”

“You can. And you will!” Gene demanded.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” she asked in disbelief.

“Do I look like I’m fucking kidding? What’re you worried about, anyway? Hell, you’ll earn yourself some fans for life!” Gene chuckled.

Danica looked down. “Oh fuck! What about this…this cum?!”

“Wipe it off. Lick it off. I don’t give a shit. Let’s go!” Gene growled.

“Fuck!” Danica began to run her fingers across her nearly completely exposed breast and tucking the goo into her mouth.

The crowd politely applauded again when the three appeared in the room and sat down behind a long buffet table with stacks of hero crowds in front of them.

As the line began to move along the front of the table, it became quite obvious Danica and her mostly-exposed tan torso was the star of the show.

The line had barely begun when one man standing in front of Danica pointed at the corner of his lip. “Um, you’ve got a little…right there.”

Danica’s face went red. “Oh!” She swiped her tongue across the corner of her lips. “Yeah. Ha ha! Must be some mayo from that burger I had while, you know, Tony and Gene were blabbing,” she said nervously.

“Oh! Right, yeah. I hate it when that happens,” he said with a smile.

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