Riding with Danica Ch. 03 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Free Sex Story

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Danica’s breast enhancements took her from a meager 32-A cup to a full 36-C.

Damn! These look fuckin’ awesome! I should’ve done this years ago! she wondered to herself.

A few days after the surgery, the contract from Tony and SHR arrived. Just as expected the clothing and “oral pleasuring” clauses were in it. She had mixed feelings about it. She hated that it was in the contract, and there was a risk of prying eyes seeing. But it also turned her on beyond belief. Just the wondered of satisfying all of these men made her go weak in the knees. Before she had a chance to sign it, she got a call from Tony.

“Hey, Tony, what’s up? Besides, you know, your tool,” she asked with a hint of sarcasm.

“Oh, don’t worry about my tool. Just the thought of you gets it up,” and they laughed. “Hey, listen, have you had a chance to look over the contract? Everything look good?”

“Oh yeah! Everything’s there, just as we discussed.”

“Great! So, I’ve got some good news. We got you Scooter McGee for your crew chief!” Scooter was one of the top names in the company.

“Are you kidding me?! That’s amazing!”

“Exactly!” He paused. “But there’s a catch.”

There at all times is! “Such as?”

“Well — other than paying him an obscene amount of money — he said he wants a blow job before every race.”

“Oh for the Love of God! Are you serious? He said that?!”

“Well, not exactly. His exact words were, ‘If I’m going to crew chief for some cunt who thinks she can run with the big boys, that bitch is gonna have to swallow my fucking cock before every fucking race! If I’ve got to put up with that shit, then by God I’m gonna enjoy it!’ Or something along those lines.”

“Gre-e-e-eat,” she said sarcastically. “So does that mean you want to revise the contract before I sign it?”

“So, you’re saying you’re okay with that?”

“Sure,” she said with disdain in her voice. “What’s one more blow job, right?” I’m gonna have to invest in some knee pads!

“That’s a great attitude!” Tony said, ignoring the tone of her voice. “No, he doesn’t want it in the contract. He said if you don’t do it, he’ll just walk and will have a new job the next day.” He paused. “He’s not wrong, ya know?”

“Yeah yeah, I know. Fine. Whatever. I’ll sign the contract and send it back.”


Daytona Speedweeks are the first events on the NASCAR schedule. Daytona is a high banked superspeedway where they put restrictor plates on the engines, the great equalizer. Restrictor plates cause “pack racing” where just about anyone in the field has a good shot at winning. It was for this reason — and to maximize the marketing dollars — they entered Danica in both the Nationwide and Cup series races. Qualifying for the Cup series wasn’t until Wednesday, with the Nationwide qualifying the following Saturday. Danica’s sponsor scheduled her first formal appearance for them the weekend before all of the qualifying events at an autograph session on Saturday, while SHR scheduled her to give a motivational speech coupled with a meet-and-greet for the local Chamber of Commerce on Sunday.

The Saturday autograph session was in one of the conference rooms at a hotel a couple of blocks away from the track. Danica was in one of the rooms just down the hallway anxiously pacing when there was a knock at the door.

It was one of the board directors from her sponsor. “Hi, Danica. I’m Jim McDaniels. Remember me from the, uh, board meeting?” he said nervously.

“Oh! Yeah, right! Come on in, Jim.”

Once inside the room he handed her a small package. “They told me to give this to you.”

“Oh yeah? What’s this?” She opened the package thinking it was a welcome gift. She pulled out two small, bright green pieces of material and held them up, leaving the black stilettos in the box. “A string bikini? Uh, gee, thanks. I’ll…I’ll have to wear it to the beach while I’m here.”

“No, um, I think they want you to, you know, wear it for the, uh, the autograph session.”

Her eyebrows nearly flew off her head. “Are you fucking kidding me?! They want me to wear a fucking bikini to an autograph session?!”

“Well, we are in Daytona Beach.” He paused. “Not to mention, you’re kind of obligated to wear it per the contract.”

She stared at the bikini. “Yeah yeah, the fucking contract.”

“(ahem) Speaking of the contract, there’s another (ahem) obligation that needs to be taken care of.”

She wondered for a moment. “What? The fucking blow job?”

“Well, uh, yes.”

“Can we do it afterwards?”

“Well, uh, sure, I guess.”

“Fine,” she huffed. “Let me go put this fucking thing on and we’ll go.”

She took the package into the bathroom while Jim waited.

“You should see the crowd out there! They’re lined up around the block! It’s a great turn out!”

“Great,” came the annoyed response from the other side of the door.

The door burst open. The bikini clung to her curves as if it had been molded to her body. It looked like it was designed for her old A-cups instead of her new C-cups. The sponsor’s colorful logo was on the tiny triangle of material over her erect left nipple. Jim’s jaw dropped.


“Let’s get this over with,” she growled. “You’ve got me for an hour. Not one minute longer.”


The crowd erupted in cheers and thunderous applause when Danica walked through the double doors behind the table she’d be sitting. That was quickly followed by bulging eyes and wagging tongues.

She autographed hero cards for the first two men in the line when the third placed a diecast of the car she’d be driving in front of her.

“Hi, Danica! Would you mind signing this?”

She smiled up at the man. “Absolutely!”

“Big fan! Big fan! I followed you all through your career! I think it’s great you’re coming over to NASCAR!”

“Yeah, I’m pretty excited about it,” she said as she handed the car back to him.

“Would it be okay if I got my picture with you?”

“Um, yeah, sure. Why not?”

The man came around the short table and she stood up. He handed his phone to a security guard and wrapped his hand around her shoulder. The flash went off and the guard handed him the phone.

The fan stared at the image. “That’s great! That’s awesome! Thank you, Danica! Thank you! Good luck!”

She nodded and smiled. “Thank you, I appreciate that.”

After that, nearly every man in the line wanted their photo taken with her. Even the women in line. She had men’s hands all over her. Around her shoulder. Around her waist. On her hip. Several reached around and nonchalantly palmed some side boob or even went so far as to cupping a breast. A surprising number up men took it upon themselves to grab a firm Ass cheek. A few were bold enough to slip a hand inside her back of her bikini bottoms!

Danica smiled through all of it. Much to her surprise, these men pawing at her was an incredible turn on for her. Am I this big of a slut that I don’t mind strange men placing their hands all over my body?! Even enjoying it?! Fuck! As the line moved through she began to size up the men. Some had much more noticeable bulges in their pants than others. Finally, with about 10 minutes left in the session, a handsome young man stood before her.

Holy shit! she wondered to herself. Not only did he have a bulge in his pants, but what looked to be a python running down his thigh.

“Hi, Danica! I can’t believe I finally get to meet you!”

He’s definitely excited to meet me, that’s for sure! She glanced up from his groin into his smiling face. “It’s great to meet you, too! Would you like for me to personalize this?”

“Sure! Make it out to ‘Matt!'”

“‘Matt’. Great.” Matt, thanks for Cumming…er, coming. No. Matt, you’ve got the tool for me. No. Let’s finish together, Matt. No. Finally she wrote, See you at the finish line, Matt! Lots of Love, Danica Patrick.

Matt stared at the black ink. “Awesome! Thanks, Danica! Good luck!”

She wagged her finger at one of the security guards. She nodded at Matt who was walking away. “See that one? Go ask him if he wants to have a personal meet-and-greet with me in 10 minutes. Take him back to my room. I’m about finished here.”


Danica walked into her room where Jim and Matt were with a security guard keeping watch. She smiled at the security guard.

“Thanks, Frank. You can go, I’ll take it from here.”

“Wow! Thank you so much, Danica! This is awesome!” Matt said with excitement.

A corner of her lips curled. “It’s about to get real awesome, Matt,” she purred. The closer to Jim she got, the wider Jim’s eyes got. She untied the knots of the bikini top as she walked. When she finally got to Jim, she tossed the top to the side and placed a finger in his chest and ran her finger down the line of buttons. “Are you ready for me to fulfill my contractual obligations, Jim,” she said breathily. Matt stood in stunned silence with his jaw sitting on the floor.

“Oh! Uh, now? With, you know, him here?”

She nodded. “Mmmmhmmmm.”

“Oh! Well, uh, yeah, sure, I, uh…gah!” He jumped when her hand gripped the quickly growing bump in his pants.

She turned her head to Matt while she fiddled with Jim’s belt buckle and zipper. “Matt, honey, I’m going to suck Jim’s cock. Do you mind?”

“(gulp) I, uh…I…I…” he stammered.

“Gah!” Jim grunted when she reached inside his tighty whities and wrapped her hand around his shaft. Jim’s pants fell to the floor when she pulled him out into the open. Jim’s face was red with a mixture of embarrassment and lust.

“Matt, honey, why don’t you pull that beast of yours out of your pants so I can get a better look at it?” she asked breathily.


She nodded. “Mmmmmm, seriously.” She didn’t have to ask twice. In a flash, Matt’s pants and briefs were gathered around his ankles. Jesus Christ! she wondered to herself. It was just as big as she expected, maybe bigger. Matt’s big hands looked tiny wrapped around it. “Oh my!”

“Is it…is it okay?” Matt asked.

“I think it’s more than okay, honey. I think I want it inside of me. How ’bout it? Do you want to fuck my tight little Pussy with that big, beautiful cock of yours while I suck on Jim’s?”


She nodded. “Mmmmmmhmmmm.” With a tug and shake of her hips, her bikini bottoms fell to the floor. “I really want you to fuck me with that big, beautiful cock,” she cooed as she wiggled her Ass.

Matt leapt into action. She was bent at the waist with Jim’s pole slapping her forehead. She parted her legs, allowing Matt to slide between them.

Matt touched the tip of his weapon to her swollen, glistening lips. “Ready?”

She nodded her head. “I’ve never been more ready.” He pressed forward. She moaned when his swollen head passed through her velvety gates. “Ohhhhh myyyyy gaaaaawd!” she groaned as he slid in. He finally came to a stop when his balls stopped him from going any further. She felt like he was pressing against her rib cage. She took a deep breath. “Now let’s fulfill this contract.”

Jim’s head snapped back when she took him into her mouth. “Gah!”

Both men were soon rocking their hips. Matt’s fingers dug into Danica’s hips while Jim’s were on the back of her skull. Each thrust of Matt’s hips drove Jim’s tool down her throat. Every shove from Jim caused Matt’s nut sack to slap against Danica’s ravenous body.

Matt looked across Danica’s bent frame. “Holy crap! I can’t believe how tight she is!”

“She swallows cock like a pro!” Jim replied.

“Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmhmmmm! Mmmmmhmmmm!”

Grunts and groans echoed off the hotel room walls. The room quickly smelled like Sex and sweat. Danica’s new tits bounced with every shove from the two men.

It wasn’t long before Danica felt a pair of 750 horse powered Hot rods racing up the silky smooth race tracks of her thighs. Her moans grew longer and louder.

“Oh, man! She…she’s squeezing me so hard! She’s squeezing me like a vise grip!” Matt announced.

“I know! It’s like she’s trying to suck my balls into her throat!” Jim replied as sweat rolled off his face.

Danica’s painted nails dug into Jim’s thighs. “Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmffffkkkkk!”

The two Hot rods couldn’t handle the curve at her “V” and crashed head on into each other. They erupted in a ball of flames that raced through her body as if it was dry kindling. She went white Hot. It felt like every nerve ending was on fire. Her moans grew into long, muted squeals. Her knees trembled. Her heart raced.

Matt marveled at her body. “Wow! Listen to her go!”

Jim’s body stiffened. “Mmmmmm fuck! I…I don’t know…how…much longer I…I…can last!” Jim’s hands pulled her face into him. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m gonna…I’m gonna…fuck! Gaaahhhhhhh!”

His thick, salty spunk quickly filled her mouth. She gulped as fast as she could. A mixture of saliva and sperm fell from her lips and quickly formed a puddle and Jim’s feet. Her body trembled while Jim throbbed in her throat.

Matt’s hips stuttered. “Oh! Oh, man! I…I think…”

Danica’s eyes widened at the words. She abruptly pushed Jim back. Both men fell out of their respective holes in shock. Danica spun and dropped to her knees.

“Not yet! Not yet!” She scooted forward and cupped her breasts. “Here! Slap that bad boy between my tits!” Matt did as told. The sound of skin slapping skin could be heard when he dropped his glistening tool into her cleavage. She pressed her new and improved fleshy mounds together and enveloped his pulsing pole. “Yeah, baby! Now fuck those titties! Come on, fuck these babies!”

Matt placed his hands on her shoulders and began to pump his hips. Her head bobbed from his reappearing purple tip to his contorted face and back again.

“Oh my God! I think…I think I’m gonna cum!”

“Yeah, baby! Give it to me!”

“Oh God! Oh God! I…I…aaaaiiiiiyyyyyeeeee!” Matt howled when his hose erupted.

The first blast ran up her throat and splashed across the bottom of her chin.

“Oh yeah! Oh fuck yeah!” she yelled with excitement. She looked down just in time for a second rope to crash onto her face just below her lips and spread across her chin.

Matt barked and his head snapped back when Danica took him into her mouth and down her throat, sucking and swallowing each new spurt he gave.

When the beating in her throat stopped, she pulled back and released him with a “pop”. She looked down at the glorious mess across her chest.

“I’ve always wanted to do that, but my tits were never big enough.” She ran her fingers across her globes and scooped the contents between her lips. “Look at that! Whenever a man did that before, that shit would just roll down my stomach. They really are cum catchers!” She scooped another fingerful of goop and slipped it into her hungry mouth as the two men pulled their pants back up and tucked away their snakes.

“Well, uh, I think, um, our business here is, uh, concluded,” Jim said nervously.

“So I’ve orally pleased you to your satification?”

“Quite so!”

She stood, stared into Matt’s eyes, stood on her tip toes, and kissed his cheek. “How about you? Have I orally pleased you?” she asked playfully.

“Heck yeah you have! That was amazing!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” She pointed a finger at him. “Not a word of this to anybody, okay? If this gets out it’s your word against mine, got it? And I’ll sue you into bankruptcy for slander. Got it, Honey?” She asked without malice in her voice, but the point was made.

Matt nodded. “Got it! Absolutely!”

“Alright, you boys scoot along. I need to get cleaned up,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.


As she showered the spunk off her body, she wondered I wonder what Tony and Gene have planned for tomorrow? A wicked smile crossed her face. If it’s anything like today, it’s going to be fun!

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