Rapture Of Love

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Eighteen year old Cindy Garrett is in love with her stepfather. It wasn’t a childhood crush, it was real. Since her mother died of leukemia, Cindy had cooked, cleaned, and generally taken care of James Garrett just as any wife would-with the sole exception of sex. It had been the one subject they had skirted, everything else had been free and open. The day after her eighteenth birthday, Cindy knew it was time to let James know. She was filled with the rapture of love. Nothing could stop her now.

Cindy Garrett positively glowed. It showed in her eyes, the way her lissome body moved in her light sundress, and in her glorious smile. Tiny, barely five feet tall in her bare feet, if you handed her a concrete block she would still be south of a hundred pounds. Long, straight, pale blonde hair framed an alabaster face dominated by huge blue eyes behind large round glasses. She had a wide, generous mouth full of dazzling white teeth, and today all of them were showing.

Skipping home from school was something she hadn’t done in years, but today was special, today she was eighteen years old-today she could tell her stepfather how she truly felt about him. Since mama had died four years ago, Cindy had kept his house, done his laundry, and been his confidante. It had been Cindy who had dragged the handsome James Oreck back from the depths of despair when Marjorie Oreck had died of leukemia.

She had brought him back and gotten him moving again, though she grieved for her mother as much as he did. In the intervening years she had fallen in love with him. Cindy had kept her secret close, fearing to cause him problems with the law that might keep her from being near him. Today she didn’t have to keep her secret any more, today she was legally an adult, and today, her stepfather was just another man. Her man.

Cindy knew he responded to her. Too many mornings she had seen the erection he tried to hide from her when she made his breakfast in her light robe. There had been too many times when she had come from the bathroom or the pool in some stage of undress, encountering James unexpectedly. She had always raced away from him, but underneath the mask of embarrassment she had burned with excitement. Cindy loved his reactions to her body.

She smiled, a broad sunny smile. After tonight there would be no more embarrassment. After tonight, she would be able to come to him naked and unembarrassed whenever she wanted. After tonight, Cindy would know how that thick column of flesh between his legs felt inside her. Oh yes, she had peered around corners and through slightly opened doors. She had ‘inadvertantly’ walked in on him while he was showering or changing clothes. The opportunity had even presented itself a few times to watch him masturbate in front of the computer when he had thought her sound asleep. Cindy knew what his cock looked like naked and hard, with James’ large hand wrapped tightly around it-and she knew what it looked like when he came.

Many nights she had laid in bed imagining what it would feel like in her own tiny hands. She had wondered what it felt like to take him in her mouth like the girls on the videos did to their men, and what it would be like to feel the hot flow of his cum inside her mouth and throat. Those were the videos he watched most, they were the ones that seemed to excite him.

She had been determined to learn as much as she could from watching the same videos. The history log in the settings of his desktop had provided her with the sites he had visited and the videos he had watched. She had even found the secret hidden folder where he kept the videos he had downloaded and saved. It was no accident that the videos he saved all had petite blondes with big blue eyes, tiny breasts, and wide mouths. James was as obsessed with her as she was with him. There was absolutely no doubt about it, tonight would be their beginning.

Cindy had never been with man or boy sexually, but she had ordered a lifesize latex penis online and she had practiced with it in the wee hours of the morning. Hoping that it was about the same size as her daddy’s, she had mastered the art of taking it into her throat without gagging. It had been tough at first, but it was easy now. The first time she had taken it inside her sex it had hurt pretty badly, but she had learned to use a lubricant until her own juices started to flow. It had really hurt when she decided to try to take it in her ass, but generous amounts of lubricant and finding the right position had eliminated the anal sex problem. It was surprising to her just how much her body had responded to the anal penetration. It hadn’t looked very comfortable in the videos, and a lot of the women had seemed to be in pain-but there was one special video that James watched over and over. The girl in that homemade video had been a dead ringer for Cindy, and she had begun to moan with excitement the instant her lover had penetrated her ass. Cindy had watched her cum repeatedly over the course of the long video, and she had watched what had appeared to be real orgasms as the tiny girl accepted her lover’s cock in her mouth, her pussy, and in her ass. It was Cindy’s favorite video as well.

The walk home went quickly, and Cindy hurried to make everything ready for their special evening. Everything had to be perfect, and she had to take him by surprise so that he wouldn’t find some way to talk himself out of what she had planned. There was no doubt in her mind that he would try to keep from doing something he thought was wrong or dishonorable. In spite of what she knew of him, Cindy knew that the time was right. She was eighteen now, and legal in every sense of the word. Mama had been gone a long time, and she wasn’t coming back. Cindy was here, and she needed James; she was convinced that he needed her just as much as she needed him.

Cindy always kept a spotless house, and the dinner she had planned was easy to prepare. She opened two bottles of James’ favorite wine, one white, and one rose’ to go with the different courses. It was a light dinner, but it was delicious, exotic, and easy to make. Glancing at the kitchen clock, she realized that there was little time before daddy was due home, and she rushed upstairs for a quick shower and to change into the expensive little nothing that was all she intended to wear tonight-and she didn’t intend to wear it for long.

When Cindy came downstairs she opened the windows, dimmed the lights, and lit candles all over the living and dining rooms. There was soft music from the stereo, and she entertained herself calmly by watching the evening breeze blow the sheers in the windows until she heard James’ car door shut. She met him at the door.

He was stunned. There was no other way to describe James’ emotion when Cindy opened the front door and threw herself into his arms. Her lush lips parted and brushed against his own. The fragrance of fresh blossoming honeysuckle was in her hair and on her skin. Her long blonde hair hung to her waist in the candlelight, and the sheer blue peignoir covered only her bare skin. He could see her tiny breasts and miniscule nipples clearly through the sheer blue fabric, and he could see just as clearly that there was no hair on her mound. Her kiss and her breath were incredibly sweet.

Cindy’s forefinger went to his lip to shush him as she led him inside and seated him at the table. She sat in his lap as she fed him bits of oyster and steak au poivre interspersed with sips of wine and pieces of steamed asparagus. Her every movement was like a caress, her voice soothing. James was overwhelmed.

Cindy guided and controlled the dinner, keeping James amused, entertained, and awed by her perfection. When dinner was over, she quietly led him upstairs to the guest bedroom, which she had taken great pains to prepare for the evening. Leading him to the king sized bed, she pushed him down on it and began to unbutton his shirt. James tried to stand up, to object, but she firmly pushed him back down and then knelt between his knees.



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