Rainy Day Fun – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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It was a Saturday afternoon. Unexpected rain had moved in, stopping my Wife and I from working in the yard. We just bought this house 2 months ago and it needed some major help with the landscaping.

With work being halted, I suggested to my Wife we go grab a light lunch and do some shopping to help make us feel better. She agreed and we went inside the house to change.

While I was getting dressed, I begged my Wife for a favor. She knew what I was going to ask, I always ask the same request.

“Honey, why don’t you put on some stockings quick for our little shopping trip?” I asked.

“How did I know you would ask that? You’re crazy,” she replied.

Well, that was about the response I normally get, I thought to myself as I finished getting dressed. Dark blue jeans, a navy 1/4 zip long sleeve shirt and comfortable, casual shoes on, I was ready.

“I’ll be downstairs, ready when you are,” I said.

“Ok, I should be down in two minutes, almost done,” my Wife answered from our master bathroom.

I went to the kitchen and got a big glass of ice water and sipped that while getting the keys to our SUV. As I put the glass down on the island, my Wife appeared from around the corner. I noticed she was wearing her usual black yoga pants (one of my favorites), a gray long sleeve, and her black ankle-high UGG boots.

“Ready?” she asked.

“Yep, let’s go,” I answered.

We made some small talk about things we wanted to get done in the yard. We chatted off and on for the 20 minute ride until we pulled into the parking lot of a small deli located on the corner of the outdoor shopping mall. The rain had slowed down to a drizzle, but we picked this place because it was only a few doors down from our favorite store.

The weather must have deterred others from coming out, we walked right in and ordered our food. My Wife excused herself to the restroom while I found us a table next to a window. When she returned, I then went to wash my hands.

When I came out, our food was already at the table. We snacked on our sandwiches while talking about what we would like to find shopping. I was hoping my Wife was interested in finding some new shoes. I Love taking her shoe shopping.

“Do you need any new shoes?” I asked, not able to hide my smile.

“I can always use shoes,” she answered quickly, with one eyebrow raised.

“And I have a little surprise for you today,” she said, now smiling back at me.

“Ooh, I can’t wait to see what it is”, I said excitedly.

We finished eating about five minutes later. I didn’t press her on the surprise, knowing if I did, it would make my Wife not want to indulge me. I grabbed our tray and headed for the garbage.

We decided we were parked close enough that we could just walk to the store. Again, it was a few doors down, and there was an overhead covering so we would be bothered by the drizzling rain.

We made our way inside the store and it looked to be very slow. I counted 4 other shoppers, 3 women and 1 man. I told my Wife I was heading to the men’s section and I would come find her in a bit. My Wife wandered off towards the women’s clothing.

I found a few shirts I liked and a pair of pants. I started to head towards the women’s area to get my Wife‘s opinion. I looked and looked but could not find her. I continued on, thinking no way would she be in the shoe section without me. Sure enough, I wandered by the shoes and there I saw my Wife a few aisles away. I noticed the man I saw earlier was in the same aisle as my Wife, also looking at some womens shoes.

I decided to keep my distance a bit to see what he had planned. When I looked a little closer, I noticed my Wife was walking around in a pair of black, peep-toe heels. From my view, I could see her red painted toes peeking out, but was it just me, or was she wearing nude colored hose too? I wanted to get a closer look, but I didn’t want to scare off my Wife‘s new admirer.

I pretended to browse the clothes rack about thirty feet away, watching this guy who kept looking down at my Wife‘s heels and talking. My Wife would smile and flex her feet as she paced back and forth. I was guessing she was testing their comfortness, but maybe she was really just enjoying the extra attention this guy was giving her.

To describe him, he looked to be a bit older than us, maybe early 50’s. A white man who’s hair was black with gray showing. He seemed really clean cut and dressed sharply for a rainy Saturday afternoon. His blue shirt tucked into his gray dress pants and bright orange bowtie looked good. He seemed important.

I watched on as they chatted for about five minutes. My Wife then sat on one of those little stools. This guy knelt down in front of her and helped slide the black heels off of her feet. My Wife was smiling ear to ear. It was clear this stranger had a foot Fetish.

He placed them carefully in the box. He then turned his attention back to my Wife and picked up one of her boots. I could see they were still carrying on a conversation.

The gentleman quickly raised her boot to his face and closed his eyes as he inhaled the scent. My Wife playfully slapped his arm, extending her left foot towards him. It was now obvious my Wife was wearing black stockings under her leggings. I thought they were supposed to be my surprise, but I guess this guy beat me to it, I thought.

He lowered the boot and began to slide it onto her foot slowly. With his right hand, he raked his fingers almost the entire length of her sole. This caught my Wife off guard, causing her to let out a slight squeal and pull her foot back. I could see she was now scolding him, jokingly.

I did my best to stay hidden from their view, behind a rack of clearance items. They were talking again, with my Wife holding her left foot up while he still held on to her boot. It seemed they were almost whispering. My Wife shook her head on a few occasions but this guy kept on with whatever he was trying for.

I was just about to step out from my spot and walk over, slightly concerned for her. Just as I almost made my move, the stranger looked around their area quickly. My Wife also looked up, then behind her. It was as if they were making sure no one else was watching.

The guy leaned down and gave her left, stocking covered toes a kiss before placing her boot on her foot. My Wife then held up her right foot, they both looked around quickly again. This time he lowered his head a bit more, kissing the stocking covered sole before sliding that boot on.

He stood up and extended his hand to say goodbye. My Wife was still sitting on the foot stool, and was perfect eye level to this guys cock clearly bulging in his gray dress pants. I watched her eyes closely as she was clearly checking out his package. She gave one more quick look around before raising her right hand as she stood. It looked like she intentionally missed his hand, but rather traced the outline of his cock through his slacks.

After such a brave encounter, my Wife started walking in my direction, head down. I snuck out from behind the clothes rack and started to walk her way. I was acting as though I didn’t see anything that happened. She smiled at me, extending the box of shoes. I frowned back.

“You found new shoes without me?” I asked.

“Sorry, I didn’t have any luck with the clothes so I tried the shoes,” she said.

“I see you found some clothes,” she continued.

“I did, what do you think?” I asked.

After showing her my shirts and pants, we agreed one of the shirts did not make the cut. We walked together to put it back on the rack.

I asked her, “were there any other shoes you wanted to look at?”

“No, these were the only ones I liked, and I think you’ll like them too,” she smiled, pointing at the box in my hands.

I tried to take a peek, but she quickly held the top of the box down and told me to wait for the surprise later.

We got in line to check out. As we stepped to the counter, my Wife handed the clerk what looked like a gift card. I asked her where she got that from, and she quickly answered she would tell me outside. I didn’t ask again, seeing as the gift card completely covered the price of her new heels plus a bit of my clothes.

I finished paying and we headed towards the door. The gentleman who was chatting with my Wife in the shoe section was now holding the door open for us. He thanked us for shopping and told us to have a great day. I noticed a nametag and the title of “Manager” on it. I’m also pretty certain I saw him give my Wife a wink with his smile.

The rain was really coming down now. I told my Wife to wait under the overhang and I would pull the truck up to get here. I ran to the truck, getting in as fast as I could. I was soaked. I put the bag on the floor of the passenger side. I turned they key but my truck wouldn’t start. After a few tries, I gave up, frustrated.

I texted my Wife from my phone, “Truck’s dead. Won’t start.”

A minute later, I noticed my Wife was standing at the passenger door. I shuffled over and quickly opened her side. She climbed in, soaking wet as well. We tried a few more times to start the truck, each time sounding less and less likely. The manager from the store must have noticed our dilemma, as the lot was almost empty.

He parked his red sports car in front of our truck before retrieving jumper cables from his trunk. I hopped out and thanked him, opening my hood. We each made our connections and hopped back into our vehicles. I waited a minute before turning the key. Nothing. Waited another minute and tried again. Still nothing.

We each got out, disconnected the cables and closed our hoods. He told me he would wait and make sure we got a hold of a tow truck before he left. He even offered we sit in his car to warm up. I told him we should be OK and that we would call right away. I got back into my truck, even more wet. I asked my Wife to find a towing company.

We called the first one, it rang eight times before finly someone answered. The guy apologized, he said he was the only one working and could be by us in about an hour. We agreed. I got out to let the store manager know what the plan was. He offered again to let us warm up and dry off in his car. This time, I told him I would ask my Wife.

The rain was not letting up. Back in our truck, I told my Wife about the offer.

“This guy offered us to dry off and stay warm in his car, if you’re interested?” I asked her.

“How nice. He seems like a good guy,” she said.

“Yea, he does. I wonder if he takes cares of all the shoppers like this,” I teased. Trying to pry Wife into telling me more about what happened inside that store.

“Well,” she replied taking a deep breath. “He did give me that gift card to use earlier.”

“Oh really?” I acted surprised. “Why did he give you a gift card? And when?”

“It was when I was wandering in the shoe section,” she said coyly.

“And he just handed you a random gift card for no reason?” I pressed.

“I guess he liked the shoes I was trying on,” she responded.

“You guess?” I answered back. “Did he say he liked them or….” I trailed off.

“Yea, he did. He said he liked the way my toes were peeking out,” she said confidently.

“Ohh, so maybe it was not just the shoes he liked?” I teased.

“Maybe we should find out,” she quipped. “I’m wet and cold.”

My Wife grabbed the bag from the floor and opened her door. She made a move for his car. I opened mine too and walked towards him. My Wife cut in front of me to hop in the front seat, but not before stepping into a huge puddle.

“Aaahhh!” she screamed.

I couldn’t help but laugh, “That’s what you get for cutting me off.”

“My boot is soaked!” she complained.

I decided to be a gentleman and opened the passenger door for her before I climbed into the back. The manager hearing my Wife‘s problem, turned up the heat.

“I can’t believe that just happened,” my Wife said. “Thanks for letting us sit in your warm car while we wait for the tow truck.

“Yea, thanks a lot,” I chimed in. “And thanks for the gift card.”

My Wife turned and shot a look my way.

He seemed to enjoy our company, “It’s my pleasure. I think the heels looked lovely on your Wife. I hope I don’t offend you.”

“Not at all,” I assured him. “I Love when she wears heels.”

“Yes, a woman in heels really says a lot,” he said.

“Well you both will be happy then because these boots are soaking wet and I can’t wear them anymore,” my Wife joined our conversation.

I scooted over to my left, to the middle of the back seat. My Wife was trying to kick off her right boot but wasn’t having any luck.

“Dammit!” she muttered. “This boot is so wet I can’t get it off.”

“I can’t help, I can’t reach,” I said.

“Bring it here, let me try,” our new friend said as he turned to his right in his seat.

My Wife handed me the bag before kicking up her legs and spinning to her left. I placed the bag to my right, pulling the shoe box from it. Our new friend reached for her right boot with both hands. He placed his right hand at the heel, with his left hand under the toe of the boot. He began to pull lightly. Part of me was thinking he wasn’t pulling hard enough to get the boot off. The other part of me was thinking he was trying to extend her boot removal longer because he was enjoying it.

My Wife started to pull her foot back in an attempt to help. He pulled a little harder, and began wiggling her boot side to side. It was an excruciating minute before her heel popped Free. He could feel the pop, then pulled her boot from her foot slowly. My Wife held her little foot in the air, her sole staring straight at him.

My Wife turned and looked at me.

“Sorry babe, this was supposed to be a surprise for you but the rain screwed it up,” she said.

My Wife was wearing sheer black stockings under her leggings. She knows just how much stockings drive me crazy. Her bright red painted toes were easy to make out. I even noticed the new toe ring I bought her for valentines day on her second toe. My cock almost jumped out of my pants.

The manager, who we later would come to find out was named Chris, set her right boot down. He then went to work on her left boot. This one was removed much easier. My Wife had her arms tucked under her knees, holding her feet up. They were dangling about 10″ from Chris’ face. After he set her left boot down, he turned and stared at her soles closely.

It was as if he was inspecting them.

He finally broke the few seconds of awkward silence, “Your feet are in such incredible shape.”

“Why thank you,” my Wife replied, “I try to take good care of them.”

“Well you do a great job!” he continued, “They are so smooth and soft looking. I don’t see any rough spots at all. And your toes are perfectly trimmed and painted.”

“You’re so sweet!” she said. “My husband likes when I keep them smooth and my toes painted.”

“Well he is a very lucky man,” he insisted. “I see a lot of feet working at this store. Yours are some of the best I’ve ever seen.”

“And touched!” my Wife teased.

Chris laughed nervously, “Sorry about that. I think I got carried away.”

“Oh I’m just teasing. And don’t worry I didn’t mind, neither does my husband,” she reaffirmed. “He actually enjoys watching guys play with my feet.”

“Is that right?” he asked shocked.

“Sure do,” I confirmed.

“Babe, be a dear and hand Chris one of my new heels so he can help me put them on,” my Wife suggested.

I reached into the box and grabbed a heel, extending to Chris. He quickly took it from my grasp. Slowly, and a bit shakily he began to slide the heel onto her left foot. Her toes had disappeared, but only for a second until they reappeared out of the opening in the front of the shoe. Chris tucked her heel into the pump gently.

I then handed him the right heel. He moved it towards my Wife‘s foot but she pulled back slightly.

“Wait,” she said. “This foot is really wet from the puddle I stepped in. I don’t want to ruin my new shoes.”

Chris set her heel down on the dashboard, behind the steering wheel.

“I have an idea,” he said.

He grasped her stocking between his thumb and index finger with his left hand, pulling it loose. Chris leaned forward and took a hold of the loose stocking between his teeth. He pulled his head back as he pushed his hand forward, causing a small tear. Then he used both hands to tug in opposite directions, causing the tear to open larger.

“Aahh!” my Wife squealed, as her toes were freed from her black stockings.

“Don’t worry, I will get you a new pair,” Chris said.

My Wife‘s bright red toes were Free, in all their glory. The toe ring seemed to sparkle extra bright. Chris pushed and maneuvered her stocking until it was past her heel, exposing her entire size six foot. He grabbed the heel from the dashboard and began to slide it on. Again, her toes disappeared for a second until they popped out of the opening.

My Wife rotated her feet side to side. She flexed her feet up and down. She was thrilled with how they looked and felt. I was too.

“They look amazing baby,” I said softly.

“My feet or the shoes?” she joked.

“Both,” Chris said.

“Which one do you like better, with the stockings or bare?” she asked.

“I like the stockings,” I answered.

“I vote for the bare,” Chris responded.

“Hmm, I can’t decide,” she toyed.

Chris didn’t wait, making his move. He reached for my Wife‘s right heel with both hands. He gently wrapped his hands around the back, bringing it closer to him. He leaned forward slightly, until his lips met her toes peeking out of the front of her heels. He planted a soft kiss on her big toe. Then another, and another.

Chris stuck his tongue out and licked the tops of her toes. My Wife flexed and wiggled them in response. He was able to somehow get his lips wrapped around her toes and suck them lightly. This went on for a few minutes and my Wife and I watched, neither of us saying a word. My Wife was resting her left heel on Chris’ shoulder. It took all my might to not reach for it and do the same.

I checked my phone for the time and realized we had about twenty-five minutes before the tow truck was due to arrive. I looked around the parking lot and noticed it was empty except for only a handful of vehicles.

I looked back at the action just as Chris began to pull her heel off. As he removed it, he held it up to his face. He kissed all over her shoe, even licking the opening in front, where my Wife‘s toes just were. My Wife held her foot up, waiting patiently. As Chris set her pump on the dashboard again, she extended her foot to him. He began licking her foot like he was starving. Full licks of her little soles, from her heel to her toes, then back again.

“Why don’t you get yourself a little more comfortable,” my Wife suggested to Chris.

Chris took her big toe and the two next to it in his mouth at once. He was sucking on them while undoing his belt buckle. It seemed he was waiting for her to give him the go-ahead to pull his cock out. My Wife‘s eyes immediately followed his hands. She had to be anxious to see what he was packing. He was still sucking her toes as he was opening his fly. His cock was soon freed and in full view for my Wife to see.

I watched her face as it was revealed. Her eyes grew wider, until a sexy grin was shown with her lips. I leaned forward to see. Chris had to be a strong 7.5-8″. His cock was on the thicker side as well, with his shaft being wider than his cockhead. My Wife seemed to approve.

“Don’t forget about this one,” she teased, dangling her left foot and heel in front of his face.

“Mmm, I won’t,” Chris said.

He began to remove her heel from her foot as he was still sucking the toes on her right. In an insant, her left, stockinged foot was now Free. Chris pulled it to his face. He was running it all over himself. My Wife pulled her toes from his mouth. She used both feet, rubbing them all over his face. His eyes, nose, cheeks and lips. The contrast with one bare foot and one stockings had to feel amazing.

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