Proclivities – Pt. 04: The Photos – Anal – Free Sex Story

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I tossed the towels and our bathing suits on the breakfast bar. Waiting for George, I paced in front of the it, vainly attempting to release the nervous energy building within me. The prospect of posting provocative photos of myself on the web had me agitated, but in a good way.

A couple of minutes later, George joined me inside, his robe dotted with wet spots. “It’s already started to rain and by the looks of things, it’s going to be a serious storm.”

“Seems we got inside just in time,” I confirmed.

“Damn it’s really coming down,” he said as the growing staccato of heavy rain drops drew our attention, and we watched the sudden deluge, creating a mist over the patio. Beyond it, the wind whipped small white caps on the river and angry dark clouds filled the sky turning the vista monochromatic, until a flash of lightning monetarily illuminated the view, followed by a crash of thunder, vibrating the windows.

Startled, I gave him a quick hug. “Good thing we’re not out on your boat. That definitely would not be fun!”

“And dangerous too.”

“As long as we’re safe inside,” I replied, “we can be as dangerous as we want.”

“Oh? What kind of danger are you looking for?” he asked with a raised eyebrow, fully aware of my intentions.

“Well, to start with, show me the pictures.”

“Alright then, Showtime!”

George pushed two of the chairs together in the sitting room. Centering them about eight feet in front of the television, he picked up the remote from one of side tables and turned it on.

“Have a seat,” he said, “and get ready for your premiere.”

I sat in the chair on the left, eyeing my robe and its oh so appropriate moniker. I definitely wanted to see them, but also concerned over what they’d reveal about my newly discovered personality. It was one thing to pose and get caught up in the moment, but to observe them? What? Analytically? Critically?

George, now holding his phone and sitting beside me, said, “It’s a smart TV, so I can synch it with me phone.” Noticing me fidgeting, he added, “Nervous?”

“Yes,” I admitted.

“So am I, I’ve never done this before either, but don’t worry, you were spectacular. At least I think so.”

“Oh? I thought you’d have done this before.”

“As with so many things, only in my mind.”

“So it’s your directorial debut,” I remarked, pleasantly surprised by his revelation. “I hope it doesn’t get panned!”

“Here goes nothing,” he said while reaching over and reassuringly holding my hand.

Transfixed, neither of us spoke, as he slowly ran through the pictures. They started innocently enough with me slowly revealing my bikini and, despite my sunglasses, my initial apprehension was evident. That changed soon enough and there was no doubt that my expressions became more lustful, keeping pace with the progressively explicit images revealing my stiffening pink nipples and the obvious arousal of my smooth Pussy…I tingled at the prospect of showing off on the web, but could I take that leap?

George finally broke the silence, “A penny for your thoughts.”

I hesitated. “Well, I know it’s me and yet, it’s hard to fathom that it really is me. You know, seeing myself from outside myself.”

“Understandable. They’re not quite your standard vacation photos,” he joked.

“To say the least! That said, I’m intrigued about posting them, but…”

“Before you decide, hear me out on this. We can edit them so your face is blurred or cropped out of the photo. There are sites to post them for others to see and comment on. Of course, it’s entirely up to you.”

“And you’re sure no one could recognize me?”

“Absolutely. And after your antics last night at the ball game, I’m betting you’ll find it…rewarding.”

He was spot on as far as last night was concerned. However, this would be a different league entirely.

Sensing my consternation, he said, “Tell you what. How about if we start with just the bikini photos and see how it goes?”

“In that case, sure, why not?”

“Okay then. You just sit tight and I’ll get my laptop,” he said, standing.

“Just one question. How do you know about all this?”

“If you must know,” he replied, slightly embarrassed, “In some lonelier times, I’ve checked out some sites.”

“Well, that explains a lot!”

“Truth be told, I find amateur work much more stimulating than the cold professional stuff. You know, real people doing it because they want to, not because they’re getting paid.”

“Interesting. You mean like us?”


With that, he turned and headed upstairs, leaving me to my thoughts – always a dangerous thing! My mind replayed the highlights of my weekend, from the naïve girl on Friday night to the unfounded anxiety of Saturday morning, the Brazilian waxing, the antics at the ballgame, the drive home, being his bitch and concluding with the photo session. George said he’d never force me to do anything. Granted he could be very persuasive, but, in reality, I’d been a very willing participant. Each barrier I’d broken had been incredibly satisfying. For both of us. But there was more to it than that. We’d formed an emotional bond and I knew I could trust him, making everything that much more intense. Yup, we’d give this internet thing a try. Did I just say we? I went all mushy inside and smiled contentedly.

“Ready?” he asked upon reentering the room, placing his laptop on the breakfast bar.

I practically jumped out of my skin as his words broke my reverie and my head snapped around.

“You okay?” he asked, as obviously my expression didn’t convey my mood.

I rushed over, embraced him and kissed him fully on the lips.

“Sorry, I was lost in my thoughts.”

“Good thoughts, I take it,” he replied in relief.

“Very. I was reflecting on the time since we met and how wonderfully satisfying it’s been. Physically, it goes without saying, but more importantly, emotionally.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” he replied with a broad grin, pressing me against him. Just holding me, my head nestled against his shoulder, blissful contentment washing over us, suspended in time.

Predictably – I guess you could call it that — the tender moment and intimate contact kindled a desire within me and my thoughts returned to the laptop resting on the counter.

Looking up at George and then glancing at his computer, I asked, “So are we going to do this or what?”

“Well, aren’t you the anxious one!” said George as he opened his laptop, sat on one the stools and I took one next to him. “Perhaps I should explain a few things…”

The laptop was open to a website where people could post their own pictures, sort of like a bulletin board. Another section allowed users to request particular themes, poses or other users, plus a third for posting videos. The picture boards were restricted to a no insertion rule and you had to be eighteen or older. Once he’d explained the basics, I explored the photo sections. Apparently, the videos were confined to registered users.

There certainly was a lot of variety as George encouraged me to peruse the site and get a feel of what I was in for. All sorts of ages and sizes, from fully dressed to totally naked, poses from discrete to extremely graphic and even some kinky stuff with bondage and spanking — making a mental note to return to them later — one common element was that most pictures had the faces blurred, covered or just cropped out. That was reassuring. The comments posted about the pictures, although often salty — what else should have I expected? – were positive A lot of the women and some of the guys were also without public hair. I guess it was more common than I had suspected. Or maybe the site attracted them. Either way, I was ready to take the plunge.

Turning to him, I asked, “So, now what?”

“I guess that means you want to do this.”

“You betcha!”

“First you have to register, so think about how you want to be known. You know, a user name.”

“Hmmm,” I pondered, “what do you suggest?”

“You have to be the one to decide…but I suggest that naughty be part of it. How else would you describe yourself?”

That was easy. “Smooth.”

“So, smooth and naughty?”

“Yeah, I like that!”

“Now you need a disposable email address that you’ll only use for this.”

In just a few minutes, I was all set, having registered as SmoothnNaughty. As George had suggested I start with just the bikini shots to see how it went. We selected eight to edit, blurring my face in each one. With a confusing mix of dread and excitement, I posted the first two under the title, “New Here and New Bikini.” And there I was for all to see. Sort of. The first two had my arms across my chest and my legs closed.

I hardly had time to consider any regrets as comments started appearing. A lot of them! Thank god they were all complimentary, but the overriding sentiment was they wanted more, and a rush of excitement washed over me.

I grinned at George with a mix of delight and embarrassment.

“Surprised?” he asked.

“Kind of. I’ve got to admit, I was nervous.”

“And now? You want to keep going, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I confessed. “But how should I reply?”

“Like anything else, tell the truth. That way you never have to remember what you said. But I’m not going to tell you what to say. Whatever you’re comfortable with. I’ll just observe.”

“Okay,” I replied and true to his word, he offered no further advice.

I thanked all the respondents and posted two more. Although the bikini covered me, it actually emphasized my erect nipples and the outline of my Pussy. Of course, everyone wanted me to get naked, so in the next picture, it was obvious I’d removed the top, but my arms covered my breasts.

The pleading to show my boobs was intoxicating. Sure, I was doing it anonymously, but I felt the same thrill as last night and needed more. George helped me edit some more pictures.

So take a look at my boobs! So many wanted to squeeze my breasts, lick and suck my nipples. I posted how much I loved that. Okay, you want to see my Pussy? I hope you like it. Actually, they loved my smooth lips to eat and fuck. I was loving the attention, getting hornier by the minute.

When they saw me playing with myself, they raved, telling me how Hot I was and wished they could have me, but the real highlight was the shots of me from behind up on my knees. I asked if they wanted make me their bitch. The verdict was unanimous with some asking if I liked it in my Ass. That gave me pause.

It’s not as if I hadn’t heard of Anal Sex before, I just hadn’t seriously considered it. Honesty being the best policy and heady from the dialogue, I confessed that I didn’t really know, having never tried it, adding how much I had enjoyed my boyfriend’s thumb in my Ass when doing it doggy. I didn’t think it presumptuous to call him my boyfriend, and I sensed that George approved. Besides, how else could I refer to him anonymously?

I should have expected that they’d ask if I’d give it a try. All I could muster was, I might. Offers to make the introduction came pouring in.

“Oh really?” asked George. It was the first time he’d spoken about my replies since I’d started posting the pictures, having just watched me intently, gauging my reactions to the comments.

“All I said was I might.”

“But, might as in you’re interested or as in probably not?”

“Yes,” I joked then hesitated. “The thought is intriguing, but at the same time, your size makes it a downright scary.”

“Fair enough.”

I was surprised that he let it pass so casually, but I was also damned sure that it wouldn’t be too long before we revisited the subject.

Switching gears on me, he said, “You probably should check your email.”

“Right! I guess I should.”

Holy crap! There were over twenty messages and most of them had attachments, something I’d never expected. I started reading them. Some were quite lengthy, with detailed descriptions of how the sender would pleasure me orally and then fuck me til I couldn’t walk for a week. Yeah, right. Others just heaped praise on my body. There were a couple of creepy ones too, more or less proposing rape as a warped sensuous experience. Thank goodness for block and delete.

However, it was the attachments that really got to me. At least some of them. Plain pictures of some guy’s hard cock were not all that thrilling, although there were a few really big ones. On the other hand, the pictures of a hard cock with my picture in the background — monitor shots as George explained – were extraordinarily effective. That I could summon such left my Pussy tingling.

I left the three with videos for last and was not disappointed. The first two were quite similar, a guy stroking his cock to one of my pictures, imbuing me with a highly stimulating sense of power – perhaps egotistical, I know – but stoking my libido. Oh my god, what can I say about the last one? A black man with a really huge cock — and when I say huge I mean it, at least ten inches long and more than two inches thick — stroked his cock to a slide show of all my pics, saying he’d make me his white bitch and then actually Cumming on his tablet to me in a doggy pose with my Ass up and cunt spread, captivating my attention.

A sudden intense clap of thunder broke the spell, but not my overwhelming lust.

“Holy crap!” exclaimed George, although I wasn’t sure if he was referring to the weather or what we’d just seen. I went with the latter.

“Holy crap indeed…that was definitely the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!”

“Well, if you ever want anything that big, I’ll get you a toy.”

“I didn’t say I did.”

“Hold on,” he said holding up his hand. “That’s not my point. As incongruous as it may seem to you, I’m a strong believer in monogamy. Even in my carefree days, I never dated more than one woman at a time. I know this is a peculiar time to raise the issue, but I want no doubt in your mind of my intentions.”

I was overjoyed. “You’re right it is a peculiar time, but not inappropriate. As a matter of fact, it’s the bestest of all your proclivities, and, yet, given how I’ve gotten to know you, I don’t find it surprising at all. Besides, you’ve got all the cock I need.”


To prove my point, I pulled his hand under my robe to my Pussy.

“Damn, you’re soaking wet!” he confirmed.

“That a problem?”

“Hell, no! What do you want to do about it?” he asked as he took my hand and placed it on his rigid cock.

“Take me upstairs and fuck me!”

“Fuck you like a bitch?”

“You know it!”

“Then get your Ass up there and assume the position!”

I didn’t need to be told twice, practically sprinting up the stairs, discarding my robe, getting on the bed on my hands and knees with my Ass facing the door. George, on the other hand took his time, and although the wait wasn’t that long, it seemed an eternity.

“Oh yeah,” he said upon entering, “That’s my good bitch.”

However, he didn’t come to me immediately, making a detour to the bathroom, where I heard him open and close a drawer.

“So, you want to get fucked?” he asked, now naked as well, kneeling behind me and rubbing his cock along my smooth, wet lips.


“Showing yourself and making all those cocks hard made you a Horny bitch, didn’t it?”


“Yes, what?” he demanded, now slapping his hard cock on my clit.

“Showing myself made me a Horny bitch!”

“And now you want to show them how a Horny bitch gets fucked, don’t you,?”

Oh god, I just wanted him to fuck me! I turned to give him a pleading look only to see he was again recording my antics on his phone, taking a close up. I imagined the view of his cock teasing my smooth wet lips, just making me want him more.

“And what do you want?”

“I want to be fucked like a bitch!”

“You want me to fuck your cunt like a bitch?” he asked, prolonging my anticipation.

“Oh god yes! Please fuck my cunt! Fuck me like a bitch!” I confessed, adding a mournful, “Please!”

Without any warning, he rammed his cock fully into my cunt, his hips slamming against my Ass.

I gasped loudly and cried, “Yes! Godammit! Give me your cock!”

And he did, slowly withdrawing and then rapidly filling me once more, each stroke propelling me to ecstasy and given my already agitated state, I climaxed quickly.

“Oh fuck!” I cried as my legs quivered and my Pussy clenched his cock, which he kept buried deep within me.

As my Orgasm passed, I tried to ride him once more but to my dismay, he withdrew completely, summoning a exasperated whimper from me.

With two quick swats no my Ass, he asked, “You want to fuck some more?”

“Yes!” I hissed, looking back at him to see his rigid cock, slick with my juices, delighted he was recording my shameless display.

“And where do you want me to fuck you?” he demanded, followed by another smack on each cheek.

“I want you to fuck my cunt!”

Two more smacks on my Ass, followed by, “Show me!”

I needed no additional instruction. Reaching behind me, I spread my Pussy for him.

“That’s a good bitch,” he said as he moved his cock to my entrance. “Now fuck my cock!”

I willingly complied, my hands falling away, pushing back to accept him completely, then riding his cock with long deliberate strokes. Otherwise, there was no contact. All I felt was his wonderful cock in my cunt and my Ass slamming back into his hips.

“Oh god, your cock feels so good!” I confessed. “But please fuck me. Pound my cunt with your big hard cock!”

“Take it bitch!” he shouted and rammed his cock into me forcefully, repeatedly and without mercy, exactly what I desired so desperately, conjuring another climax.

“Yes! Oh god yes! Fuck me!” I cried raggedy amid my panting.

George slowed his pace, kindly allowing me to savor the warm afterglow and catch my breath.

But soon enough, he stopped with his cock buried in me and asked, “You ready for more my naughty bitch?”

I said nothing letting the gyrations of hips answer.

“So how naughty do you want to be?”

“As naughty as you want me to be,” I replied softly, still lost in my rapture.

His wet thumb pressing at my rosebud informed me of his intentions and I gasped reflexively, and I remembered that earlier I had affirmed my willingness to try Anal Sex, although I had said, ” might.” His thumb had felt delicious last night, but now it would be something bigger. Much bigger. And right now, it seemed more frightening than thrilling, although I had just committed to it, albeit, unwittingly.

“You mean…? I asked hesitantly.

“Yes,” he replied emphatically, “I’m going to fuck your naughty Ass!”

Reluctantly capitulating, I said, “Will you go slow?”

“Of course,” he said softly as I felt a cool viscous liquid drip on my asshole, suddenly realizing the purpose of his detour when we’d first come upstairs. He’d obviously planned this ever since…when? Earlier today or maybe even last night after he introduced first his tongue and later his thumb? Then it dawned on me how his proclivities and definition of naughty had led me to a multitude of heretofore unconceived possibilities, each more erotic than the last. Indeed, his lexicon was becoming mine! So, yes, I’ll let him fuck my Ass — or, at the very least, I’d try.

My reverie abruptly ended as I felt the pressure of his cock at my rosebud.

“Oh!” I shrieked, and, although I can’t say I was surprised, there was still nervous anticipation. If I asked him to stop, would he? Or, worse, would he tell me it was time to go home? Despite my willingness to try, my sphincter tightened, resisting his entry.

“You okay?” he asked tenderly.

“I guess so,” I said, totally unconvinced I could go through with this.

“Don’t squeeze. Relax and push out.”

Easy for him to say. But I followed his instructions in fits and starts, as I reacted to his increasing pressure. Then, wham! His cock head slipped inside.

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