Press Begin to Collect Ch. 04 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own Dead by Daylight or any of its characters etc referenced in this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Starring: Feng Min, Yui Kimura, Yun-Jin Lee (all Dead by Daylight)

Press Begin To Collect — Chapter 4

An erotic video game fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, FF, MFFF, oral, inter.

* * *

In the mysterious world between worlds…

“OK, OK… Selection time…” Richard smiled to himself, sitting back on his chair as he looked at the ‘selection machine’ in front of him as he picked up the videogame-like controller that matched the smaller version in his jeans pocket. “I still think it’s too early to go and try to enter one of those dangerous worlds full of shooting and monsters and stuff…” He said to himself as he brushed his clever shirt for a moment before looking back to the screen. “After all, I still don’t know if I have like any sort of respawning or healing functions in any of these worlds.” He mused.

“Richaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!” He heard a voice calling out, starling him as he almost dropped the controller. Standing up as he saw Maya Fey walking in before Hitomi followed in, both women looking like they’d had a falling out. “Tell her!”

“No, tell her!” Hitomi countered.

“Are you two bickering again?” Richard sighed. Who would have wondered building a harem of beautiful fictional women from videogames would be so tough? Having to pass judgement over arguments and the like alongside rounds of awesome sex.

“I am merely wanting my right to practice my channelling to be respected.” Fey stated, shooting Hitomi a glare.

“And I need proper meditation time so I can be ready for a fight!” Hitomi complained, stomping her foot.

“Isn’t that, like, both the same sort of thing?” Richard frowned, scratching the back of his head with the controlling. Not noticing that in doing so, he was sending the selection function on the screen behind him into overdrive to blur through options.

“IT IS NOT!!” Both women snapped at him to further startle him.

“See? You’re just being mean, scaring my man like that!” Hitomi said, moving up as she moved up to Richard’s side. “Pleeeeeeeease, Richard… Tell this weird shrine maiden to take her odd channelling stuff and stick it!” She purred, putting on a seductive look as she leaned against him, deliberately rubbing her big chest against him.

“No, he doesn’t want to waste time with lowly brawling brutes like you!” Maya claimed, turning on the charm herself as moved up to his other side for the same sultry pose against him. “He’d rather be soothed and calmed by my skilled technique.”

“Uh, ladies? Can we all just calm down?” He tried to keep things composed, even as his eyes darted between the two sets of big tits against him.

“Oh I’ll show you some technique!” Hitomi glared across at her sudden rival. “A good old fist to the face technique! Come here!!”

Hitomi raised a fist off as Maya yelped and stumbled back to avoid it. Richard tossing his arms in the way to prevent any violence between his girls. But Hitomi was just performing a skilled fake out to intimidate so her first didn’t actually strike a punch. Sadly, with his hands going in between the women, her fist ended up bumping the controller to timely hit the Begin button. Richard’s eyes going wide as he was suddenly consumed by the familiar bright light, teleporting him out of existence to make him vanish from this world as he went to another universe. The controller dropping to the ground to leave the two women alone in the room.

“…THAT WAS YOUR FAULT!” The two snapped at one another before folding arms and turning away in a huff. Leaving just the selected videogame shown on the big widescreen TV.

Dead by Daylight.

* * *

“Oh fuck.” Richard said, gulping in fear as he walked out from the light into a clearly dark, unsettling and to him familiar from plenty of gameplay hours world. The dark, unnatural sky above. Uncut, messy ground below. The handily placed bits of crates and broken walls with a pallet up against one side ready to be pulled down, with a semi-crumbled building with a bare brick wall close by. Oh, and in the distance away seeing a very painful looking metal hook hanging from a wooden structure. “This was not where I wanted to be sent to!” He said with a worried whine in his voice. “I can’t take on some oversized evil Killer on my own! Not when I’m not able to main as Yun-Jin! This is why I wanted to start off easy with simple, non-lethal, no putting people onto big metal hooks games!” He said out loud as he pulled out the controller from his pocket. Trying to almost ‘rage quit’ right out of this universe as he began rapidly tapping the Home button on it, but nothing was working. Did it need time to recharge between teleports? He’d never needed to instantly return ‘home’ before after all…

“Hey! You there? Who are you??” He suddenly heard a voice, as he turned around. Seeing someone approaching. “Hey! Guys! I think there’s… A new Survivor with us?” Richard’s eyes narrowed, seeing a glasses wearing man in a shirt and tie timidly approaching. Dwight Fairfield to be precise. And while that should have been a reassuring sight, Richard was actually more interested in seeing the other three ‘team members’ that followed after him. And perhaps handily for him and his mission to snag beautiful videogame beauties, the rest of them were a trio of lovely Asian ladies.

One of them being the former street racer and gang leader in Japanese beauty Yui Kimura. Clad in her dark with gold design racing pants and jacket with the signature colours of her gang of a pink top across her chest. Her short, light coloured hair coupled by the racing goggles she had across her forehead as she eyed up this mysterious new man with a hint of suspicion.

The second being a Chinese stunner of the focused but to her own fault overly competitive e-sports player Feng Min. Her tight body clad in the blue and black gaming uniform of a short sleeved sports shirt and matching shorts. A surprised look on the short, dark haired woman but a hint of relief at having a potential new ally around.

But it was the third woman who really caught his attention in the Korean stunner, and easily the most morally questionable of not just these Survivors but all of them put together. The self-interested music producer Yun-Jin Lee whose expensive attire of dark skirt with tights underneath, fluffy furred coat and purple shirt underneath made her stand massively out in this dark realm. Her hair dyed purple with a shade or red lipstick across her lips as she was looking over Richard not with concern, but more like seeing already if she could use him to fit her own plans of survival.

“Wait, hold on! I know what this looks like!” Richard said, putting his hands behind his back since he still had the controller. “But I’m, uh, one of you! I’m a Survivor too!” He said, able to use his knowledge of the gameplay to his benefit as the four approached. “I know this is real odd. We don’t usually have five on the team instead of the usual max of four. But I’m like, new to this whole Trails thing.” He claimed, lying through his teeth. Aside from well, being new as in just being teleported into this universe.

“Well, if you know what’s all going on and even know the lingo? Then welcome aboard, I guess.” Dwight, ever the gullible and nervous leader, bought the excuse. “I mean, more the merrier, right?” He said, looking to the others as Feng and Yui agreed with a nod. Although Yun-Jin had her head slightly tilted as she noticed this newcomer was holding and hiding something.

“Right? So, like, here me out…” Richard said, quickly coming up with a plan. “There’s more of us than the Killer is expecting, right? So? We use that to our advantage.” He said, capturing the interest quickly of the others. “Dwight? You go distract whoever the Killer is this time. We all know you can loop like no-one else can. Uh, I mean, so I’ve heard…” He said to cover himself. “The rest of us use the advantage of superior numbers to quickly smash all the objectives. We’ll get those generators done and escape in record time!”

“Well, I mean… Yeah, sounds good! Really good!” Again Dwight bought it. “Any objections, team-mates?” He looked to the others and this time even Lee shook her head as they all agreed to it. “OK! Wish, uh, wish me luck…” He gulped nervously. “See you on the other side!” Dwight said, taking off back into the darkness.

“So…” Yun-Jin spoke up first as the other man was now gone. “Who actually are you? And what’s that you’re hiding.” She said, pointing to Richard’s arm with a questioning look.”

“OK, who I actually am? I’m really your one-way ticket out of here.” Richard said, smiling a little as he showed the women his device to catch their attention. Just as, handily for that moment, the Home button on the top lit up to show it was ready to go. “I used this bad boy right here to teleport me into this world, and I can bring all three of you out here along with me!” He said, making their eyes widen at his statement, backed up by a more confident tone. “But to be brutally honest, I don’t have the time right now or the subtlety to just make another bullshit excuse like I just gave to Dwight there. So for you three? I’ll make it plain and simple. If you three help out and make me cum? I’m whisk you all out of here.” He bluntly said.

“E-Excuse me??” Feng’s jaw dropped. “What did you just say??”

“If you know who we all are, then you should know it takes some balls to say something like that to me.” Yui narrowed her eyes at the lewd offer.

“Bold, I’ll admit that…” Yun-Jin said, sizing him up with a more calmed expression. “But you also could be lying… A whole lot of unexplained shit goes on around here and you might just be another one of them.” She said, glancing back to his controller.

“Maybe we should just leave you to get hooked instead of poor Dwight!” Min added with a glare. “We’re supposed to be a team after all!”

“And you three also have nothing to lose here, and potentially everything to gain…” Richard quickly pointed out, seeing that he needed to sway these three Asians. “Besides, you Feng? We know how competitive you are. Nearly lead to you spiralling out of control with those bar visits, right?” He said, using the lore he remembered about these characters to his advantage as Feng’s mouth opened in outrage but she stopped herself since he wasn’t exactly wrong. “You aren’t gonna be outdone or outplayed and let these other women beat you to freedom, right? And you, Yui? We all know how immensely driven you are to win. Street races or otherwise like you did for your gang members.” He said casting a look to Kimura who responded with a measured nod. “And well, Lee? I mean…”

“Don’t say a word.” Yun-Jin cut him off, but gave a knowing, sly smile like she could guess that he was aware of her questionable morals before he told the other women how she wouldn’t hesitate to stab any of them in the back. “I’ll admit, you’ve got my interest now. After all, you came in here acting afraid and now you’ve got us alone your tone and attitude has changed.” She pointed out, and had a hint in her voice like she was impressed by the poker face. “Rather… Enterprising…” She claimed with another glance over.

“He’s got a point. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.” Yui was the first to actually step forward. “But believe us… If this turns out to just be a bunch of bullshit? It’s not gonna be the Killers that you have to fucking worry about.” She warned and that statement got a united agreement of nods from the trio of gorgeous Asians.

“Then I think we have a deal!” Richard smiled, tucking the controller away into his back pocket. Quickly getting things underway as he undid his belt in order to ease down his pants and boxers. So that now the three women’s eyes were widening again. But this time from seeing that lengthy, thick white cock that he was packing. Already hardening as even in such a worrying, dangerous location like this the thought of getting a piece of three hot videogame babes was warming him up.

“Now he’s really got my interest…” Yun-Jin remarked as Richard stepped out of his lower clothing, moving to the section of brick wall as he leaned his back against it.

“I’ll say! Fucking biggest cock I’ve ever seen!” Yui added as she walked forward to follow him.

“W-What?? We’re just going along with this?” Feng was hesitant as she watched Kimura kneel down. “Fine! But like we just said, if you’re messing us around we’ll be the ones putting you on a hook before you’re even found by a Killer.” She warned as she decided to drop down, kneeling alongside Yui.

“Uh, aren’t you gonna join in?” Richard looked to the third beauty as she more casually approached. Since he had his sights really set on getting to tap the Korean of the three even above the other two stunners.

“Oh, well, someone has to keep watch, right?” Yun-Jin lied with an open smile on her face. “Never know how well poor Dwight will manage to keep looping that Killer…” She said, leaning with her side to the wall to stare down at the other two moving in for his cock. Clearing wanting to watch a show first before she had to do any effort so she’s already manipulating the situation to her advantage.

“No funny company, remember!” Yui warned as she leaned in towards the left side of his cock, and with a similar look of not wanting to be messed around Feng glared up as she moved to the right side. Despite the concerns, both Asian beauties sticking their tongues out and starting to trail up the sides of this big white cock. Groans coming from the both of them at a taste that didn’t seem too unwanted as both women slid up and down. A brief glance at one another, like they half-expected this stranger to just blow a load in a second from the double team, but continuing on as they licked and flicked with their tongues. Making him moan with a smile as he stared down and watched two hot Survivors working over his thickness with a nicely smooth pace each.

“Come on now, girls… It’s gonna take more than just some timid licking to finish off our new ‘hero’ here…” Yun-Jin suddenly said, making the three look to her (with particularly annoyed glares from the two kneeling beauties.” The Korean smirking as she leaned against the wall beside Richard to watch on. “What? We’re tough women, right? We can dish out a lot more than some basic licking…” She said, deliberately provoking her team-mates as she showed off the manipulative side of herself while taking a look over that fat shaft. A slight hint of approval since his rod was far bigger than any she’d seen before being lost to the fog.

“Are you saying I’m holding back? Never!” Feng bought the taunting as she moved up. “Watch and learn!” The e-sports player said before opening her mouth up and sinking down. Yui left to raise an eyebrow with a brief amused smirk, like she was happy she didn’t need to pander to the arrogant beauty not yet taking part in this, so she could move down towards his balls. Leaving Min free to begin to bob her head up and down, making her short dark hair sway back and forth as she worked her head. “MMMMPHHH… Mmmmmm… HMMMMPHHH…” Feng’s lips stretching around the thickness as she filled up her mouth. Her competitive nature translating into a rather fierce and bold pace already to work swifty up and down on his shaft. Working saliva onto him as she took in half of his size while staring up with narrowed, focuses eyes at the man she’s only just met. Not even glancing down as Yui was putting her tongue to work again, flicking out at his balls to keep the two-on-one attack going on.

“That’s more like it…” Yun-Jin licked her upper lip a little, watching the Chinese stunner slurp along that meaty pole while the Japanese woman beside her swirled her tongue around one of his heavy balls. Getting to see first hand that this grinning man wasn’t just bluffing as he handled getting both parts of his manhood serviced. Feng’s lips still fighting to stay pressed while she worked her mouth smoothly up and down, not used to such a vast thickness but the motion more than enough to make him moan out. “Give him a good little warm up… Before the main event takes the stage…” Lee added with a smirk, making it sound like she was using them to try and wear down this lucky man before she took the credit for finishing him off to earn her ‘escape’. Not knowing that it would taken even more than just her to bring him to a peak. Richard glancing over to look over her. He’d actually been itching to want to screw her first but perhaps this would be a case of saving the best until last?

“MMMMMMPHH!! GAAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHHHLLLKKK!!” Feng was finding out herself how much it would take to wear him down as her eyes went wide. Feeling the fat head of his cock hitting the back of her warm and wet mouth when she pushed down. A lot more cock than she was used to, leaving her choking as she slid onto him as her saliva drooled down. Even making Yui below her groan as she got a splat of spit hitting her cheek from the slobbering head now being delivered. “GAAAAAAHHH… HHHHHHLLLKK… MMMMMM… MMMMMMPHHH…” Feng even reached up to grab the bottom of his shirt as she tried not so much to refocus, but refusing to be defeated like it was another tournament game. Sending her beautiful face right up and down even at the expense of choking away on his shaft. The pained look contrasted by his grin as he let her show off a different sort of competitiveness with her oral skill.

“Maybe you should have spent more time hooking up in real life than just cyber sex?” Yun-Jin teased, seeing and hearing the raspy choking. “Or did you not have any time for dick just slamming away on your little keyboard instead of getting your holes slammed instead?”

Pulling up, Feng let out a gasp before her stare turned to the woman still standing up. “Shut it! It’s just a bigger size than I’m used to!” She truthfully stated with an annoyed tone. “I don’t see you here taking on this fat white dick! Why don’t you… H-Hey!” Min complained, being shoved a bit as the other beauty on her knees moved to be right in front of him. The tone rather like she wasn’t actually finished with him yet.

“I think he just needs a real winner to take him on, right?” Yui said with a smirk, looking up at him before she parted her own soft lips. Sinking down with an approving groan of her own and not fazed by the saliva of another female still coating him. “Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmmm… Shhhrrllppp…” The gang leader’s turn now to put her mouth to full use, sinking down before smoothly raising back up as she got the motion going. Only glancing smugly at Feng as she came back in with a glare, having to settle for taking over the role of focusing on those round, heavy balls on him. Lapping at the sack at her side while Kimura got to enjoy the thick shaft. Bobbing along him to properly add her spit to the layer already over him as her own short, lighter coloured hair began to sway. Another display already that this, much like the other woman kneeling alongside her, wasn’t exactly her first time sucking off a guy.

“Figures that the street racer knows how to work a ‘stick’, right?” Lee kept the mocking along with dirty talk going as she folded her arms to watch the display of oral skill going on. Yui’s beautiful features going up and down as the Japanese woman’s head moved along his rod. The signature racing goggles across her forehead not even shifting a bit despite the far from timid motion she’s using. Feasting on that big cock to groan around him and drag her lips back and forth. “Or maybe she had to pay of a mechanic or two in her day with some ‘favours’ to pay for bike repairs? She seems to know how to handle a dick maybe better than a bike…” Yun-Jin added with a smirk. The remark working to make Yui glare to the side at her before the taunting bore fruit. Kimura pushing her face down further as she slurped away, and now had her turn to feet the crown of him connect with the back of her talented mouth just as the smirking Korean had hoped would happen.

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