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A Welcome Sight

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Lue’s mind was going wild as he felt the slick grip of Pah’zel’s pussy around his hard cock, as she slammed her ass back down against his thighs. Lying on his back, the young sun elf looked up as he watched his githyanki lover’s heavy breasts bounce each time she dropped down again to impale herself on his shaft. Her back arched and she moaned, and Lue watched each impact ripple through her hungry body. Her hands pressed down on his hairless bronze chest as she rode him, the bunk in her quarters on the planar raider straining from the aggressive use.

“Gods, I love watching your tits bounce like that, Pah’zel!” Lue groaned out.

The githyanki warrior flashed a grin at her elf partner. “Your ‘gods’ have nothing to do with it, istik!” Pah’zel still called him by the Gith slur for non-githyanki, which he had learned literally meant “meat.” But all things considered, he didn’t mind it too much. She shifted her motions, from sliding up and down the length of his cock to rocking back and forth with it deep inside her, leaning forward slightly to grind her clit against him. “Almost…” she shuddered.

The elf felt the tightening in his balls, the hardening of his shaft, that would mean he would finish soon. “You’re gonna make me cum, Pah’zel!” he cried out between heavy breaths.

“Then give me all your istik seed, Lue!” she cried back, as she increased her pace to a furious speed. “Pump me full of it!” She leaned down suddenly and engulfed him into a passionate kiss while his cock was enveloped him deep inside her, and he felt himself explode, shooting up into her over and over again.

Then, suddenly, there was the sound of a bell ringing, a perfect note echoing through the ship. The ship’s helmsman, called a gish, was about to perform something called “slipping through the cracks” – the magic that would bring the ship to the Material Plane.

Lue wanted to collapse into the bunk with Pah’zel, to feel her body against his as he rode out his orgasm, but duty was what mattered to her most of all, and the moment the bell sounded she was off of him, rushing to get her armour on, while his cock pumped out little after spurts of cum.

Kain’cha!” she cursed. “Make yourself useful and help me put this on!”

Lue barely had a moment to catch his breath and enjoy the sight of Pahzel’s nude body, firm muscles moving with purpose under yellow skin, before he had to hop up and start the process of getting her into the baroque and bejewelled plate armour wore. The first step was binding her large breasts, and Lue had no complaints about helping there, moving quickly in the nude towards her, feeling his spent dick brushing against his thighs as he moved.

“Faster, istik, faster!” Pah’zel commanded.

“I thought you liked it more when I lasted longer,” Lue said jokingly, and he was rewarded by the rare sight of a warm smile from his lover before her expression turned once more to the company of her military duty.

Time did not elapse on the Astral Plane, and Lue was unsure how long it had been since he had been discovered stowed away in the hold of the githyanki astral skiff that had raided the sun elf settlement at Semberholme where he lived to steal one of the legendary elfblades. A tenday? A month? The young eighty-eight year old elf had long bristled at the restrictions placed upon him by the elders of his community, namely that he was not allowed to leave Semberholme to explore the wider world and all it had to offer.

But Lue had developed a taste for what lay beyond the elven realm when human traders from the Dalelands would come to Semberholme. Strictly speaking, Lue was not supposed to speak to them, but he found them exotic, exciting, and after he was caught talking with some of the human women he had received a stern dressing down from his elders. The fact of the matter was that Lue had grown an attraction to women with a more voluptuous body type than was ordinary among the elves, a lust for large breasts in particular, and if his elders had known he’d been doing more than just talking to the human women it is likely he would have received more than just a talking to.

Then the githyanki had attacked, three small skiffs appearing from out of nowhere in the skies above Semberholme. Small vessels, only three of the interplanar pirates on each, because they had needed to weave among the thick trees of the Cormanthor forest. The warriors of Semberholme had managed to destroy two of the skiffs, but the third had succeeded in its mission and returned to the Astral Sea.

On the way to Tu’narath, the githyanki home, Lue had been found on the skiff by Pah’zel, a githyanki sarth, which was a sort of officer. Unlike many of the lithe members of her militaristic people, Pah’zel possessed a beautiful pair of full, heavy breasts which immediately entranced Lue. She probably would have killed him, as the githyanki notoriously regard all other creatures as lesser than themselves, but Lue learned that in the timeless realm of the Astral Sea the githyanki craved novelty above all things, and so he offered her the new sexual experience of having her tits fucked. Pah’zel had long resented her breasts as impediments to her life as a warrior, but ever since she had squeezed them around Lue’s thick elven cock and pumped him to his climax she had begun to see them in a new light.

Still, Lue’s lifespan aboard a githyanki vessel would likely not have lasted long had Pah’zel not claimed him as her spoils from the raid. He now found himself her je’revrykal, a word he’d picked up meant “pleasure slave.” Despite the connotation, Lue had been surprised to discover that Pah’zel had proceeded to treat him well, even offering him a chance to disappear into the District of Discards among other non-githyanki when they arrived at Tu’narath. But staying with Pah’zel meant shipping out to other planes of existence, other worlds of the Prime Material Plane than his home world of Toril, and that meant the discovery and adventure Lue craved. So when Pah’zel was placed as an officer aboard a planar raider, a large ship meant to lead major assaults against other worlds, Lue had come along. Rank had its privileges, and one of them was a private bunk for each of the ten sarth aboard like Pah’zel, who each commanded ten warriors and in turn served the ship’s captain, the kith’rak.

Lue felt the sickening lurch that told him the ship had emerged onto the other plane of existence, a world of the Material Plane that the githyanki had decided to raid. He’d gotten dressed by then, albeit only barely, putting on his tight leather breeches, soft boots, and red linen jerkin which he customarily wore unfastened around Pah’zel. He knew better than to poke his head above deck during an engagement, and had grown accustomed to the sounds of battle.

But what he soon heard was unlike any battle the planar raider had ever been a part of. Immense roaring and multiple explosions and cries in the Gith tongue, and then the ship rocked violently and Lue was tossed to one side of the cabin. Struggling to regain his footing, he headed for the door, hoping to get outside and see what was happening, when the ship lurched suddenly to the side, and Lue found himself thrown bodily to the deck, hitting his head on the small chest Pah’zel kept near her bunk.

The pain was sharp, and as Lue tried to stand he felt woozy. Feeling his forehead where he’d struck the chest, he touched wet blood and came to the slow realization that he was gonna pass out. He thought if he would dream. He hated dreaming.


Screams. Roars. Fire. Lue woke up with a begin to Pah’zel violently shaking him. “Stand up, istik! Now! We’re getting out of here!”

“What’s going on?” Lue asked, groggily. “Where’s my father?”

Pah’zel grabbed a dagger from inside the chest and tossed it at Lue. “Why should I care? The ship is going down! We have to get to the skiff before anyone else thinks to!”

Lue slowly remembered. The sounds of battle. Being knocked to the floor. “The ship’s going down? What?”

Pah’zel hissed at him. “Just follow me, istik. We’re living to fight another day.” Grabbing a backpack, she slung it around her shoulders, which were already clad with a heavy cloak over her armour. Making for the door, she called behind her, “I’m not slowing down for you!”

Lue pulled himself to his feet, still feeling groggy. How long had he been out for? What was happening? Did it really matter? He followed Pah’zel out into the corridor beyond. Sure enough, he could smell fire, smoke, wood burning all around him. He could hear the sounds of battle — shouting in Gith, ballistae being fired, and the roaring of…

“Are those… dragons?!” he exclaimed.

Pah’zel looked at him, exasperated. “Lue! Just… shut up and do as you’re told, for Vlaakith’s sake!” She turned down the corridor and headed for the gangway that led down to the mess on the lower deck and then down one more level into the hold. There was held a small astral skiff the raider could launch from underneath itself, like a bird dropping a stone from its talons.

Pah’zel had been lucky. No one else was down here yet.

“Did you… abandon your post to come rescue me?” Lue asked, incredulous.

Pah’zel looked at the ropes holding the skiff in place, the winches that operated the door mechanism, everything needed to get the craft away. “Don’t ask stupid questions! Just help me with this!”

Following her direction, they got the trapdoor open. Below the raider, Lue saw a strange sight. It was late at night, wherever they were, in the middle of a howling blizzard. The ship was flying over a city of some kind, though many parts of it were on fire. The inhabitants were running for their lives, screaming, if they weren’t already dead. Squinting down at the panicking citizens, Lue wondered they looked like dragonborn — bipedal dragon-like folk who nevertheless tended to bristle for some reason when you pointed out the resemblance. Except… did these ones have tails? Lue had never seen tails on a dragonborn before. He could hear the sounds in the distance of spells being fired off, and again the roars, and the flapping of wings, and…

“Are you sure this is the safest situation to be launching into?” he asked Pah’zel.

“Safer than staying here! The skiff has its own helm, so we should be able to leave this place!”

Lue knew very little about the thrones aboard the githyanki ships that the officers referred to as helms. Only that they were operated by an officer called a gish who seemingly used the power of their mind to shift the vessels between the planes. “I didn’t know you were trained as a gish!” Lue exclaimed.

Pah’zel blinked. “I’m not. Now, get those ropes loose and then get in, Lue!”

The raider lurched again, nearly dashing all their efforts as the skiff was flung towards Lue, but luckily it was still held fast enough by the ropes that they avoided an accident. “I see your point!” he called out.

Doing as he was told, he got the boat ready and hopped in. The skiff took up about a third of the deck on this level, and Lue knew he had absolutely no idea how to operate it, so he was hoping it was easy to learn on the fly, as it were. After a few more adjustments, Pahzel hopped in after him. “Hoist the aft vanes!” she said, and Lue moved to the rear of the skiff, working to free the two small winglike sails that extended out from the sides of the ship. “Here we go!” she said, and she hefted her greatsword and cut the last rope, releasing the skiff from its mothership.

Lue felt his stomach rise up as the vessel dropped and he grabbed hold of one of the railings to prevent himself from flying away, his arms feeling nearly ripped from their sockets by the force of the fall. Pah’zel, with some effort, headed towards the skiff’s helm. The cold air whipped around them and Lue immediately regretted his scant clothing as the winds nipped and bit at his skin.

The control vanes caught some of the updraft, levelling themselves out, and they began to glide over the city, which Lue assumed had been the githyanki’s target. Looking in the air around them, Lue saw a sight he would never forget the rest of his days: four dragons of gargantuan size, each one at least eighty feet long and wingspans of at least that length as well. In rapid succession, he beheld the awe-inspiring sight of them unleashing their breath weapons — streams of fire, frost, acid, and poisonous gas, revealing to him that each of the monsters was of a different type of dragon. It seems that the githyanki had been beaten to their prize.

To Lue’s great alarm, the fire engulfed the planar raider above and behind them, and it exploded in a ball of flames that lit up the night sky to such a degree that Lue was forced to look away, back towards the front of the ship, where Pah’zel was seated at the helm.

Kain’cha! Kain’cha! Kain’cha!” she screamed, and Lue quickly realized she had no control over the vessel. They were gliding over the city for now, but would soon be falling. The elf sprinted up towards the helm. “Is there anything I can do?” he asked, shouting over the wind.

“Set sail! Man the rudder! We’ll have to try and land!”


Pah’zel pointed out ahead of her — and Lue realized looked out over the cityscape to see the wall of a ravine quickly approaching. In fact… it seemed like the entire city was… falling into the ravine?

“What in the Nine Hells is going on?!”

“We need to get out over the side of this city and try to land clear of the crash site!”

“Crash site?!”

“This is a flying city!” Pah’zel shouted back. “And those dragons are bringing it down! Now, do you want to live or don’t you?!”

Lue nodded. He was freezing cold. He was terrified. But he did not want his story to end here. “Tell me what to do, itae.”


Ultimately, they had crashed the skiff. Pah’zel had been unable to get the helm to answer to her commands, perhaps due to the lack of gish training as Lue had worried. But they’d managed to bring the skiff down at the bottom of the ravine distant enough from the falling city not to be swept up in its destruction. From there, they had managed to skid the craft up to the side of a cave which had afforded them some shelter. It had been the work of several hours, and Lue was freezing and exhausted. But they’d managed to get a fire lit within the cave, improving their situation somewhat, thanks to a cantrip Lue had learned before leaving Semberholme.

Talking to Pah’zel, Lue had learned a bit about what had caused their current predicament. The githyanki’s target had been a highly magically advanced city called Draconia, on a world known as Exandria. The inhabitants were said to possess extremely powerful magical artifacts which aided their hegemony over this region of their world. The githyanki had been sent in force to raid the city and take what legendary artifacts they could from the race of dragonborn who inhabited it. But those ancient dragons laid waste to the city instead, and with it whatever plan the githyanki had for those artifacts. Lue silently asked that Beshaba not visit them again this day, though he was unsure if the Maid of Misfortune could hear him on this far off world.

“I’ll try the helm again in the morning,” Pah’zel was saying, chewing on the cured sausage she kept packed as rations in the backpack. She had offered some to him, but he wasn’t hungry. At least, not in the insatiable way she at all times seemed to be when they were back on the Material Plane.

“But you don’t know how to do it, do you?” Lue asked, tentatively. “Moving the ship between planes?”

Pah’zel looked up at him, chewing on her food. “Jez’rathki?” She shook her head. “No, I admit I do not. But I believe I can at least get us airborne. We can scout the surroundings, see if one of the gish survived to help us.”

Lue shivered. “I hope I can last that long. I didn’t dress for this weather.” He offered her a weak smile.

Pah’zel looked at him, quizzically, and then moved around the fire to sit next to him. She extended the heavy cloak she had been wearing around his body, and he gratefully nestled into her body heat. “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it,” she replied, and went back to eating.

After a moment, Lue asked, “You don’t seem very concerned about the deaths of so many of your comrades.”

“Only the best survive,” she replied, matter-of-factly. “We survived. That means we are worthy. We will return to Tu’narath. Perhaps I will even get you to compose the epic tale!” She nudged him, playfully. “You are a teller of tales, aren’t you? A minstrel?”

Lue nodded slowly. “I was training to serve as a bard, continuing on the proud histories of my people in the epics we pass down the ages. But I was more eager to create my own tales than recite someone else’s.”

Pah’zel stroked his back reassuringly. “Well here is your chance, Lue. You will sing an epic of our survival and journey back, and I may even be knighted by Vlaakith herself! Especially if we can find one of the artifacts we came for in the wreckage.”

Lue didn’t like the sound of that. After the devastation he’d seen, he didn’t much care for the idea of going back out there. “For now can we just stay here, Pah’zel? I’m still cold.”

Pah’zel grinned, and Lue knew that somehow, even with all that had happened, her insatiable appetite was upon her again. “I can fix that,” she hissed in a low tone. “Shall we?” and she moved her fingers up his chest along his jerkin, reaching to unfasten it.

“Pah’zel, itae, I… I…” but she put a finger up to his lips, and then swallowed them in hers, slowly pushing him down to lie back on the cave floor, her cloak spread out beneath them as a blanket. She leaned over his body, moving to straddle his hips between her legs, and pressed in to kiss him deeper, more passionately.

Despite his exhaustion, despite the feeling of emptiness he held at the immense loss of life he had witnessed, he could feel his body responding, warming to her touch and attention. Perhaps it was not so bad, this, to discover comfort and love with another warm soul, even if he feared she felt nothing more for him than his value as her je’revrykal. He responded to her kiss with passion of his own, reaching his hand out to cup her cheek, and then stroking down her yellow skin to her throat, and then down to caress the tops of her full breasts, rising up from behind the bindings he had applied earlier. He could feel his cock hardening within his breeches, and as it strained against the leather Pah’zel began to grind herself against it.

Lue sat up, and began to kiss along Pah’zel’s jaw, her earlobe, her neck, hearing her breath heavy with satisfaction as he moved his arms around her to start undoing the wraps around her torso so that he might free the large breasts contained within. His excitement was building, and he knew that he wanted her.

Willing to claim her prize, Pah’zel reached down to Lue’s groin and began unlacing the front of his breeches, slipping one of her sharp nailed hands inside to scoop out his smooth shaft, long enough to hold with a hand and a half, thick enough that her nails barely touched with her hand wrapped around it. She began to slowly work the flesh in her palm, stroking up and down. Lue released her throat from his mouth and gasped.

“Yes, that’s my good slave!” Pah’zel hissed through a toothy grin. Lue knew, or hoped, deep down he was more than that to her, but in the heat of the moment the word set his mind ablaze.

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