Post Divorce Fetishes Ch. 02 – Fetish

** At the time of writing, I’m currently 48 years old and divorced for maybe 16 or 17 years. I can not quite remember. This is my attempt to string together some of my past experiences that rightly or wrongly have shaped who I am. I hope you enjoy reading this and please don’t judge me. I’d love to receive comments from my readers too so feel free to say what you want. **

Post Divorce: Fetishes and Kinks Ch. 02

Panties are one of the most intimate items a woman wears. For me, panties made me feel sexy and if I knew I wanted to get fucked after a date, I would wear pretty panties. Usually lacy ones. In chapter one, I shared my introduction to watersports and also how some men loved sucking on my pee soaked panties.

That was really after I learnt how much men loved panties too and how panties could play a big role in sex.

Before I get more into the different fetishes and kinks I was exposed to and experienced, it may be prudent to explain how I met my men. To me, sex was all about the personality. A connection so to speak rather than looks. Sure, looks did help, but God knows I fucked a lot of men that were nothing to look at simply because they were interesting and were able to stimulate me mentally.

So how did I decide who to meet? It was usually a long, arduous process. I didn’t just jump into bed with anyone. There were offers of course, or innuendo and maybe even straight out suggestions but I all the time wanted to get to know the guy first.

I was on a number of dating sites, more like sex sites really where you’d chat for a bit in an open chat room and if the guy piqued my interest, then it would move to a private chat. If things were going well, we’d exchange numbers and begin texting. There was no Whatsapp in those days so it was usually SMS or we’d use some online private chat messaging applications.

Once a connection was established it would probably move to the guy suggesting we meet. I never made the first move for some reason. We’d meet over a meal or maybe just coffee and if things went well and there was some chemistry, we’d decide to take it some place. Even then, I all the time made it clear that sex wasn’t a given. Chances are though, that unless something untoward happened at that stage or the chemistry suddenly went awry, we’d end up fucking or at least making out.

Looking back, it was probably an 80 percent conversion rate where we’d end up fucking.

So, it was a long filtering process before I even decided to meet up with anyone. To be completely honest, I’d go to meet them knowing I would get fucked if I wanted to and that in itself was quite exciting.

During dinner, talk would invariably move to sex and what were the things we liked or what the other party wanted. Questions would be asked about what the other was looking for even if it had been discussed on chats previously. Most of the time, especially when they were married, talk about sex would revolved around what their wives wouldn’t do.

It was no surprise to me that most of the men would say that their wives had lost interest in sex; were too routine; not adventurous enough; or simply that the men just wanted some variety outside of marriage. I was well aware that most men would say anything to get into another woman’s pants and the fact that they claimed they were in a sexually unfulfilled marriage just made we want to be the best fuck they would ever have.

That’s how it was with Stephen that night. We started talking about sex almost immediately and he claimed he was in a sexually frustrating marriage.

“Why stay then?” I asked, smiling coyly.

“Marriage just isn’t about sex.” He stated, matter of factly. “I do love her, and there’s the kids to think about too. So, I look elsewhere.”

I nodded, having heard this reasoning more times than I cared to count. “Heard that often enough.” I replied. “But if you love her, why cheat?”

Stephen smiled. “It’s just sex. I can compartmentalise it. Same reason you are here isn’t it. It’s just sex.”

“And if I wanted more?” I teased, playing with my hair.

“Then I’ll just walk away. It’s risky enough playing outside but I’m not prepared to fuck things up with my marriage just to fuck you. Sorry if I’m brutally honest.”

“I’m just teasing.” I laughed. “We already discussed this on chat. I’m not looking for anything else. So what exactly wont she do that you want? Or is it just the frequency of sex?”

“Bit of both really!” Stephen laughed. He leaned forward, whispering a little. “I’m a horny bastard. I want it all the time. I’m lucky if she wants it more than once in two weeks. And even then, it’s pretty standard stuff.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Once in two weeks? I’d go mad!” I laughed as I continued playing with my hair. “So, what do you consider non-standard?”

Stephen laughed as his hand touched mine. “Oh! I don’t know! There are so many things really, but I do have a panty fetish.”

I raised my eyebrows. “A panty fetish? What do you mean?”

“Promise you won’t get turned off?” He replied, his smile wavering.

“I cant promise that, I can only promise to keep an open mind.” I replied.

“Fair enough.” Stephen sighed. “I like sniffing panties. Maybe even licking them.”

“Used panties?” I asked, intrigued.

Stephen nodded. “Yes.”

“Fresh off the woman or what? Tell me more.” I prodded.

Stephen looked around before leaning closer. “I’ve only ever smelled used panties from the laundry. Usually my wifes, that’s how I got started. But…”

“But what?” I pressed.

“Ummm… sometimes I search for used panties in the laundry room when I go visit her sister. Or… or even in a friends house.” Stephen said softly, looking slightly embarrassed.

“Oh wow.” I said, both intrigued and at the same time feeling a familiar stirring in the depths of my pussy. “And… you just smell them?”

“Err… yeah, just sniff, inhale the scent. Unless they’re my wifes panties. Then sometimes I smell them as I jerk off or lick them as well. It’s like I’m fucking her but I’m not….Too much info?” Stephen laughed shyly.

“I.. I don’t know what to say… I really don’t know how to react.” I said softly. “You like the smell?”

“Yes. I do.” Stephen said nodding. “It has different layers of scent. Sweat, pee, pussy juice. Some days you can tell what she was doing or maybe thinking depending on the smell. If that makes any sense.”

I nodded.

“And sometimes….” Stephen went on. “Sometimes the smell intensifies depending on how long it’s been in the laundry hamper. I find it really erotic and kinky.”

“And she doesn’t know you do this?” I asked.

“Not that I know. She hasn’t said anything. Sometimes I jerk into her panties too but I’m sure it dries up before she washes them.”

“Would you like her to know? Maybe be turned on that you like to sniff her panties?”

“Hell yeah.” Stephen said excitedly. “I’d love for her to take them off and hand them to me after she came home from work or something. Tell me to sniff her panties and see how wet she is for me. Suck on my cock as I sniff her panties. That kind of thing. But sadly, she doesn’t.”

“How do you know if you don’t ask her?” I pressed on, feeling my own panties getting moist as I imagined what he was saying.

“I.. I can’t risk it. She may get completely turned off, think I’m a pervert. And what if she asks if I’ve smelled other peoples’ panties.” Stephen said, playing with my hand.

“Don’t tell her about that, silly!” I laughed. “Just like you don’t tell her about all the other women you fuck. Speaking of which, how often do you do this?”

“Do what? Sniff panties or fuck other women?” He laughed. “I don’t play often really. It’s really quite difficult meeting people and theirs always the chance of someone seeing me with someone. There have been two or three at the most.”

“So, what if someone sees you here with me?” I asked as I pulled my hand back and looked around.

“Firstly, she’s out of town on a business trip. So I don’t have to get home anytime soon. Secondly, I already told her I’m meeting up with a business associate. And she’s really pretty. My bases are covered.”

I smiled at his compliment. “Okay. I just don’t want you getting in trouble and it coming back to me.”

There was an awkward silence for a bit.

“I hope I didn’t mess things up by telling you this. I’ve never told anyone before about my panty fetish.” He said softly, gazing at me.

“Would you want to smell mine?” I blurted out, not fully realising what I was saying.

Stephen gulped and stared at me. “Yes! Oh fuck yes!”

I smiled at him. “I take it you’ve planned for somewhere to take me?”

Stephen’s eyes lit up. “I booked a room upstairs.”

“Get the bill then, let me just go freshen up.” I smiled as I stood up and went to the ladies. My heart was beating fast thinking of all the Stephen had said. I had a quick pee then removed my panties and placed them in my handbag. I freshened my lipstick and headed back out to the table.

Stephen was already standing there waiting for me. “Shall we?” He asked.

I nodded as I followed him to the elevator in silence, a few feet behind him. We stepped inside the empty elevator and he pressed the button for the 18th floor. As the elevator rose up, I reached into my handbag and scrunched my panties into my hand before passing it to him.

Stephen’s eyes bulged wide as I pressed my panties into his hand. He looked at me briefly before taking then and pressing them against his nose.

“Oh fuck… there are still warm off you.” He said as he took a deep whiff. Watching a man smell my panties send jolts deep in my pussy. I watched as he inhaled deeper on my panties then pushed them into his pocket as we reached his floor. I knew I was gonna fuck him and use my panties however he wanted.

We made our way to his room, just down the corridor. “Fuck your panties smell amazing.” He whispered to me as he fumbled with the key card and opened the door.

“It probably smells better at the source.” I whispered back, giggling.

“God you’re such a tease.” He said as he cupped my ass and pushed me into the room.

He closed the door and pulled my panties out again, flapping them open. They were black lace with a hint of white lace trim around the borders. He sniffed again, moaning as he did so.

“They’re damp.” He gasped as he inspected them and sniffed some more.

“What does your wife call you? She has a name for you?” I asked softly.

“Stevie. She calls me Stevie.” He said, burying his nose in the gusset of my panties.

“I’ve been thinking about you the whole day Stevie.” I said, getting into the role. “I’ve been so wet thinking of you smelling my panties as I suck on your cock.”

Stephen groaned and took a deeper whiff. “You smell so good, fuck theres your pussy scent mixed with perfume and a little pee.”

“Quite the connoisseur aren’t you?” I laughed as I knelt before him and fumbled with his belt, pulling his trousers down. With his pants around his ankles, I hooked my fingers into his underwear and pulled them down, freeing his cock that sprang up erect.

I licked his cock head, tasting it briefly before taking it into my mouth. I slurped on his cock a few times before pulling back. “Smell my panties you bastard. Sniff my filthy panties as I suck your cock.”

“Mmmmppphh…mmmppphh” I heard Stephen groan as I sucked his cock with fervour. I could taste his precum dripping out of his cock head. I raised my eyes to his face, seeing my panties pressed against his face and him breathing deeply.

I bobbed harder and faster on his cock, swirling my tongue around his cock head as I did so. He groaned and grunted and suddenly pulled my head off his cock. “Oh fuck Erina. You’ll make me cum” He gasped.

I leaned back in to lick his cock, watching it twitch in front of me. “Cum then. That’s what you want right? You want to cum as you smell my panties.” I panted.

His breathing was heavy as he removed the panties from his face. “I want to fuck you. I want you to ride me and make me smell your panties.” He said softly, his breath still heavy.

“Lie on the bed.” I said as I got up and unbuttoned my blouse and removed my bra. I kept the blouse on as well as my skirt as Stephen clambered on to the bed, my panties still being held in his hand.

I climbed over him, lifting my skirt and straddling his face. “Smell my pussy. Lick it.”

Stephen groaned again as I heard him inhale deeply of my womanly slit. He stuck his tongue out and I thrust against it, feeling it slide between my lips. “Yes, lick my pussy. Do my panties smell like my pussy?” I teased.

He groaned louder and started licking and sucking on my slit. He wasn’t very good but I let him enjoy licking my slit. I shuffled backward and placed my pussy over his cock, sliding down on to him. His cock spread my pussy lips and pressed in. I sighed and let out a soft hiss as he filled me with his warm, hard meat. I pressed down firmly until he was deep inside me and sighed again.

“You like my panties you fucker?” I teased as I stay still on top of him. I grabbed the panties from his hand and pressed them against his face. “This what you want? To smell my panties as your cock is in me?”

“mmmphhh.. yess…yesss” Stephen groaned through my panties pressed against his face.

I started to ride him slowly. Enjoying the sight of him with my panties pressed against his face. I started to ride him faster. Jolts of pleasure shooting through me. I pressed the panties harder on his face and then forced some of it into his mouth. He opened his mouth and I shoved the panties in. His eyes bugged out and my own pussy twitched as I saw his mouth stuffed with my panties. It was such a turn on for me.

I rode him hard and fast and he groaned through my panties. Harder and faster I rode him as I felt my own orgasm building in me. It didn’t take long before I started to shudder. “Oh fuck… fuck… I’m gonna cummm” I cried out.

My body twitched as I planted my pussy firmly on his cock and felt it begin to spasm and then fill me with his seed. He groaned loudly, the sounds muffled by my panties in his mouth. I shook and shuddered in climax, grinding my pussy against his pulsing cock before I collapsed forward on to him.

I lay that way for a little while before kissing his panty filled mouth and using my teeth to take out my panties.

“Oh fuck..Fuck… Erina… Fuck… that was… Oh fuck” Stephen gasped as he was finally able to speak clearly.

His cock was slowly deflating and I rolled off him to lie beside him. I kissed him softly again. “Is that what you wanted?” I asked softly, my hands caressing his stomach. “Is that what you want your wife to do?”

Stephen nodded and lay back almost in stupor. “That was better than I ever thought.” He moaned. “Did you enjoy it?”

I smiled. “I cant say I didn’t. There was something so erotic, maybe even perverse about you sniffing and sucking my panties as we fucked. It was a turn on for me. Yes.”

“Know what would be better?” Stephen asked.

“What would that be Mister?” I laughed.

“If your panties were dirty and creamy.” He replied, smiling, inhibitions all gone.

“Ugh… I’m not sure if I can do that. I’m quite particular about being fresh down there.” I said grimacing.

“Don’t you ever get creamy panties? Like earlier they were damp?” He pressed further.

“I may get damp but never leave creamy stains if that’s what you mean.” I retorted, perhaps a little irritated. “Are your wife’s panties creamy then?”

Stephen nodded. “There are times. There’s white crust on the gusset and especially noticeable if she wears dark panties. I love that. I love licking it too.”

I shook my head. “No… never had that. The only time mine would be creamy is if I got fucked and went home without a proper wash. Then that would be sperm and not pussy cream.” I replied. “As I said, I keep myself clean. Especially if I’m meeting someone!”

Stephen smiled. “Like I said, I just wished they were dirty. Maybe if you wore them for a full day or overnight? For me?”

I laughed. “I just started this panty thing with you. It’s not something I’ve done before but you seemed so keen and well, it turned me on. We’ll see about dirty panties but I doubt it.”

“One can always live in hope.” Stephen laughed. “You have such pretty panties incidentally and they smell so good. You smell good.”

His hand moved to my tits and started teasing my nipples. I moaned softly and reached for his cock. It was hard again. “Talking about panties really turns you on doesn’t it?” I said, fondling his stiff cock.

“Uh huh… you turn me on too. Panties or no panties.”

“Why don’t you fuck me again.” I cooed.

Stephen didn’t need further encouragement. He climbed on top of me, missionary style and thrust his cock into me.

“Oh God.. you’re so hard.” I moaned.

“You make me hard.” Stephen panted as he fucked me hard and deep. “So tight, so wet. God I love your pussy.”

“Yes….yes… fuck me.” I cried out as I felt my body starting to tingle.

As Stephen fucked me he leaned toward my ears and started to talk dirty. “Your making me smell your dirty panties… Uhhh.. god… thick cream from your pussy on them…unhhh…. You haven’t washed…. Unhhh… so dirty… the smell of your cunt…. Unnhhh.. fuckkkk”

Hearing Stephen talk about dirty panties just flamed my passion even more. His cock seemed to swell as he talked about sniffing panties and he started to hammer into me, knocking my breath out with each thrust. My body spasmed and convulsed as I came hard on his cock. Thoughts of his smelling and sucking filthy panties turned me on no end and I kept cumming as he kept pounding hard into me.

“Oh god.. Oh God… fuck meeeee” I cried out as I thrashed on the bed.

“Gonna cum… oh fuck…Erina….Erina…..Fuckkk…..” Stephen tensed and I felt his cock swell and then begin to spurt into me. “Oh God… Fuckkkk Fuckkk.” Stephen kept thrusting into me as I came again with him.

His hands moved under my back and he held me tightly as his cock stayed deep inside me. My pussy spasmed on his cock, milking his seed as I felt body tingling right to my toes. Stephen pulled up on his arms and looked down on me. “You are one amazing fuck.” He smiled.

I returned a weak smile. “You’re not half bad yourself. That was something.” I giggled.

“Imagine how much better I would be if I really had your filthy panties in my mouth.”

His statement caused another spasm in my pussy. I couldn’t quite work that out but it was obvious that the wondered turned me on.

He pulled out of me and we lay together for a while. Stephen glanced at his watch and I knew that meant he had to leave. I was used to that as much as I hated it. Stephen and I met up a few more times after that and I brought along some used panties for him to sniff. I never ever did do the filthy panties though. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. He was happy with my used panties though and he said he preferred marinated panties to fresh ones.

That was my first introduction to panty sex and I found that a lot of men liked it. Like Stephen, most preferred soiled panties to fresh off the pussy and most also wanted dirty, crusty panties. I learned that there were some men that liked wearing womens panties too, something that, while I found weird, it was strangely erotic and kinky in its own way.

There were some men that wanted to take my panties home with them as a souvenir too, even if we didn’t fuck that night. They said they would use it to jerk off and think of me while inhaling my scent. Again, something I found weird but strangely erotic.

To that end, I started buying a lot more cotton panties as I was told they absorbed and kept the scent a lot longer. I guess for me, the idea that a man wanted to smell my scent was almost as if there were two of me. One fucking him and the other feeding him my pussy to smell or suck and that to me was an incredible turn on. I realised it wasn’t for everyone though and I never suggested it but was all the time happy to do it. One of the fetishes that I enjoyed a lot!

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