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All characters portrayed in this story are completely fictitious. Any similarity or resemblance whatsoever to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental and is completely unintentional.


Police & Justice


Victims of Special Crimes Unit

Part 1 – Jenson and Collins

“In the offender judiciary administration, sexual crimes are treated as particularly atrocious. In New York City, the committed investigators who probe these savage violations are part of an elect division called the VSC Unit. These are their stories, some of their more… intimate, erotic, and private stories… of their personal lives!”

As the title screen…


Police & Justice


Victims of Special Crimes Unit

Fades the show opens with the ‘Dun-Dun’ sound which is a combination of the sound of a jail door slamming shut as well as the sound of a man hitting an anvil with a hammer…

Onscreen Text…





A lone figure, a police woman, sits in the darkness of an unmarked and very non-descript car, partially hidden in the even darker nighttime shadows of a back alley street, somewhere in Manhattan’s southern district. It’s a very quiet night here, save for the soft, distant sounds of a little traffic and some car horns on 9th avenue a little methods away. This is Octavia Jenson, Captain of the VSC, which is short for Victims of Special Crimes, of New York City’s NYPD’s Manhattan Borough, as the five major political districts of New York are referred to among the police in NYC.

Captain Jenson runs the VSC, a five member squad, including captain Jensen herself and also consisting of….

Sargeant Oleng Futola, a former street hardened gangster himself who previously worked undercover as a detective in Brooklyn narcotics before joining VSC and quickly becoming a valued member of the squad, being promoted to Sargeant, and a now close personal friend and trusted confidant of Captain Jenson. Futola is known as a good cop and a very good guy, but also someone tough who you don’t want to screw with if you’re a low life perp, like a girl pushing pimp, a drug dealing scum bag or a member of the local street gangs like the Manhattan Borough’s infamous MX6.

Supervising Detective Belinda Collins, a sweet southern Georgia peach of a woman, gorgeous and slender with long straight blonde hair, also tough, who had arrived at VSC a few years ago from Georgia and proven herself to be a good cop and who has also become a close, personal and very trusted friend of Captain Jenson’s in her time at VSC.

Junior Detective Nick Velez who grew up in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, violent cartel gang territory. After getting mixed up with gang members, he crossed the border when he was 14 and eventually came to New York, where he later joined the force and became a deep undercover agent, before eventually moving to Captain Jenson’s VSC Unit. With a reputation for possibly being somewhat rogue, Velez is really just a tough street hardened cop who’s really seen it all and has had to learn to play more by the rules and follow protocol since joining VSC.

And the newest member of VSC junior Detective Carol Malone, who lives in a house with her brother in Queens. Before she was added to Jenson’s team, she was part of the Bronx gang unit. Detective Malone has only been with VSC for a short time and is still learning her place in the squad.

On this particular evening Captain Jenson is closely following the work of Detective Belinda Collins. Collins is working undercover with Detective Rena Santiago who’s on liaison from Brooklyn gangs squad. The VSC and Brooklyn Borough have discovered that a prostitution ring VSC is investigating, a sex crime, has ties to some well known Brooklyn street gangs, so VSC and Brooklyn gangs are working together on this case now. Although Collins is a close personal friend and trusted confidant of Captain Jenson’s, there’s just been something a little off in her reports lately.

Unexplained missing pieces of time, forty minutes here, an hour there. It might be no big deal. But the fact is, Collins has somewhat of a checkered past during her time here with VSC, she perviously struggled with a gambling issue, causing her to get into deep debt with some very dangerous sharks, for which Sergeant Futola discretely came to her rescue, a fact which they probably wondered Captain Jenson didn’t know about. But Jenson is clever and has been both a very sharp detective in and captain of VSC for too long to not know what’s going on in her squad.

Add to that the fact Collins had also struggled with something of a little drinking issue and depression at that same time. Collins had gotten herself straightened out very well since those days, proving herself to be a very reliable detective, a very good cop and becoming a very close trusted personal friend of Captain Jenson’s in that same amount of time too. But if something was going on Jenson wanted to get out ahead of it, especially if it meant her friend Collins might be in need of some sort of help again, and maybe just a little too proud to ask for it.

So she is out here tonight not to keep tabs on Collins, who she does trust, but to see if there is something up in her squad she should know about and to maybe look out for her friend if there’s some reason she needs to. It’s a little past ten pm and it’s the time of night their operation is supposed to be winding down for the evening, which is usually about the time of night in Collins’ reports lately when a certain piece of time seems to go missing unexplainably.

So Jenson has created sure to get herself here, parked discretely, just a few minutes early so she can observe Detectives Collins and Santiago as they close their operation for the night. They are inside of a dirty run down apartment complex meeting with a couple of efficient informants, current or former prostitutes, who may be able to provide valuable information on their current investigation, interviewing them and trying to gather any evidence they can.

A few minutes after ten thirty pm a woman emerges from the building into the dark night, gets into a car and drives away. Captain Jenson recognizes her from their case files as Maggie Ames, one of their potential informants. A few minutes later Detectives Collins and Santiago emerge and get into their car. Jenson thinks they are gonna head back to VSC, log any evidence they’ve gathered and check in and then go home for the evening.

But instead they turn their car around in a u turn, almost catching her in their headlights as they pass by so that she has to duck down real quick to keep out of sight, and head west up nineteenth street, driving in the opposite direction from VSC. Where are they going she wonders, puzzled. Jenson waits until they are just barely still in sight and then starts her own car and drives discretely after them, staying far behind enough to just barely keep them in her sights.

As she tails them carefully they wind their way through the darkened back streets of this district to an equally seedy area of town, a place of pimps, pushers and midnight motel meetings which Captain Jenson knows all too well from her own days as a detective in VSC, before she was promoted to captain herself when captain Ronald Pragen retired. Finally arriving at a dimly lit cheap flop house of a motel called the Shadz Inn, Collins and Santiago park and go inside.

They might be here to interview a night clerk about efficient sightings of suspects, but if they’re actually looking for a specific perp they should at least call her to let her know or call Sargeant Futola for backup, that’s standard protocol at VSC. But they don’t even do that, they just skip the front desk lobby and go straight down the walkway out front, past all the room doors to a room they already apparently have a key to and slip inside, closing the door behind them.

What are they doing here? Are they meeting someone here as part of their investigation? If so they should definitely be calling either her or at least Sergeant Futola to let them know first in case anything goes wrong, or at least sending one of them a quick message. But by coming here instead to this decrepit area of the city without alerting anyone in their squad, which is in no way a part of their current investigation so far, and hiding themselves away in this dark little motel, they’re obviously going out of their way to try and keep their current actions secret, and maybe they really are hiding something.

“What are you doing Collins?” Captain Jenson asks softly out loud to the night air around her. Highly suspicious now, Jenson pauses carefully to consider whether she should just call Futola herself for backup, but then decides she better at least try and figure out what’s going on first. She doesn’t want to raise any red flags in the squad and then have it turn out to be something unexpected but still in course, possibly jeopardizing their entire investigation, all for nothing.

Getting out of the car Jenson closes the door very quietly, looking around carefully to make sure no one is observing her and there are no suspicious and possibly connected persons hanging out nearby. From her familiarity with this motel from previous investigations Jenson knows the rooms here have windows both in front and back, tiny little rooms with just a bed, a tiny little corner of a bathroom and a tiny little cracker box of a closet.

So she sneaks very discretely down the walkway, around the side of the building and into the pitch dark alley way in the rear of the motel, checking carefully to make sure no one is hanging out back there before entering the space. She moves carefully up to Collins and Santiago’s room, one of the few who’s windows are lit up right now, and tries carefully to peer inside. But the windows are covered by faded musty looking yellow curtains with just a tiny little gap between some of the curtain edges and the window frame.

Captain Jenson takes out a tiny little telescopic wand mirror from her pocket and extends it, angling it around the edges of the curtain to get a view inside, an old trick from her own detective days on VSC. After a moment of adjusting the view left and right she finally gets it just right so the mirror gives her a clear view of most of the entire tiny little room inside. What she sees is astonishing and her eyes and mouth open wide in surprise.

Detectives Collins and Santiago, passionately locked in each other’s arms, kissing deeply in a full, wet, open mouthed kiss. “Collins!,” she whispers quietly, shocked, to the night air. Octavia is angry and confused, not just at Collins as her friend and most trusted detective for violating her trust by secretly fraternizing with another detective while on duty, but because in all Collin’s time at VSC Captain Jenson had never gotten any inkling she might be into other women, yet here she was just the same kissing excitedly away on Detective Santiago.

Even though Octavia Jenson herself had never had any desire for another woman she can definitely see the attraction for Collins. At 5’7″, built with a fit and firm 160 pound figure, long shiny black hair and intense piercing black eyes, and being well known as a hot headed fiery little Latina, Detective Santiago really was quite a hot and spicy little firecracker, to say the least. The two of them, Collins with her long, straight, shining blonde hair and fit slim figure, looked good together as a couple, both of them kissing each other so hot and excitedly.

Grabbing her phone Captain Jenson lines it up with the mirror and, after a moment of getting the angle just right, is able to get several good decent quality pictures of the two of them, kissing, undressing, even shots of them both naked with their heads between each other’s thighs. We’re going to have to have a talk about this Collins, she thought quietly to herself. A long, serious and very private talk. Captain Jenson had long enjoyed a very personal and meaningful friendship with Detective Belinda Collins.

They had been through a lot together over the years, good things, bad things, even terrible things sometimes. And they had grown very close as friends, becoming very fond of each other’s reliability, friendship and support in even the toughest of times, developing a warmth and trust of each other that was hard earned and the hallmark of only a truly great friendship and bond between female partners and police women that no man could probably ever understand.

And Captain Jenson had a well known distinguished reputation for being a police woman of the highest integrity, moral rectitude and unwavering respect and adherence to strict protocol and procedure, a quality that was important not only to Jenson herself, but to the whole entire VSC squad who looked to her as their model of correct procedure and propriety, and to her chief who had supported her and put her up for promotion as captain himself when Captain Pragen had retired.

It was even important to her own memory of Captain Pragen himself, her trusted confidant, mentor and friend who she still respected eminently and felt compelled to honor in everything she did in VSC, and to all her other peers and friends throughout the entire NYPD, for whom she was often considered the very face of the VSC to them like it or not.

And in all this time she had never felt a romantic or intimate desire for her old friend Detective Belinda Collins, nor even thought Collins herself might possibly be into other women, much less ever even thought they might become more than friends, even very discretely, under the cover of their well known trusted friendship.

But here tonight was this most surprising and unexpected discovery, and Jenson found it very subtly unleashing all kinds of warm feelings and stirrings, deep within the depths and back of her own mind, pathways of subtly exciting stirrings which she dare not pursue even in the very deepest depths of her own private thoughts and feelings right now, least she give way and open a door inside herself to something inappropriate and unprofessional.

Though Jenson was used to intentionally and consciously off putting her feelings and redirecting her own mind elsewhere in the face of her feelings for someone, sheerly out of moral rectitude and a sense of propriety, honor and duty if nothing else, after all it’s not like this was the first time in all her many years with NYPD she had felt subtle feelings of interest and attraction for some of her colleagues on the force, in spite of that she found it hard to sleep tonight.

And when she did sleep, she woke often during the night, when her mind was the least guarded and the most vulnerable to the undeniable appearance of her deepest and most secret desires, and found herself again and again observing visions within herself of her and Detective Belinda Collins, enrapt in passionate kisses and warm embraces, full of soft sighs and pleasurable moans, where both of them seemed extremely comfortable with each other in this situation.

That door of impropriety within herself was obviously already creeping slowly open now, undeniably, and though she clung firmly to her own familiar resolve, really trusting her strong will, it kept preying on her, slowly embering more and more into a warm, irresistible glow deep within her, so what was Captain Octavia Jenson to do now….?

Scene fades….

‘Dun-Dun’ sound…




A few days later in the noisy, bustling and busy VSC squad room Detective Belinda Collins puts down her paperwork and her pen and stands up from her desk. Captain Jenson has requested to see Collins in her office, Sargeant Futola has just informed her. Locking her thumbs in her hips, her badge clipped on one side, her gun holstered on the other, she strides towards Jenson’s office. Rapping on the door frame of Jenson’s office and taking half a step inside Collins calls out “You wanted to see me captain?”

“Come in and close the door Collins,” Jenson replies, pointing a finger at the door next to Belinda and glancing at it before turning her eyes back to her.

Coming in and closing the door after her Collins brushes her long, straight blonde hair back behind her shoulders with both hands, sits in the first chair in front of Jenson’s desk and leans on her knees with her elbows, clasping her hands together in front of her. “What’s up?” She asks, looking straight at Jenson attentively. Captain Jenson says nothing for several seconds, staring at Collins quietly with an intent and serious closed mouth expression.

Finally, not taking her eyes off Detective Collins or looking away from her even a little bit, Captain Jenson opens her desk drawer, takes out a manila folder and opens it, and begins slapping photos down on the top of her desk face up one by one until there’s a whole pile of them on the desk between her and Collins. When Belinda sees what’s in the photos her eyes and mouth gape open wide in surprise and she glances back and forth between the photos and captain Jenson several times in the space of only two or three seconds.

“Octavia!” She gasps in surprise at her old friend and captain. “I cannot believe you were spying on me!”

“Detective Collins,” Octavia begins, addressing her friend and supervising detective right back. “I cannot believe you and Detective Santiago were doing this,” she says, glancing down at the photos and gesturing briefly at them with both of her hands open flat, palms facing up towards the ceiling before looking back at Belinda, “while you were supposed to be on duty.”

Collins takes a breath and opens her mouth to say something, but then looking down at the photos again she simply lets her breath out and closes her mouth in silence. She’s caught and she knows it, and there’s really nothing good she can even think of to say about it. Though Jenson is her good friend, like everyone she knows the captain’s reputation for staunch adherence to policy, protocol and propriety, and neither Futola or anyone else is standing between her and the captain to protect her now.

“What is going on with you Belinda?” Captain Jenson asks, leaning forward on the desk on her elbows a little, cocking her head a little and looking at Belinda very intently, her eyes scrunching a little with sincerity and concern. “Aren’t we still friends?”

“Yes captain,” Collins replies, “yes of course we’re still friends.”

“Well then help me find out this,” Jenson replies. “Help me find out how this could happen,” she says gesturing again at the photos. “You’re a good cop Collins, you’re responsible, and you’re one of the best detectives I’ve ever had on this squad. So how could something like this happen on your watch?”

Sitting up straight and tilting her head back, closing her eyes for a second and turning her head slightly from left to right and back as she draws another breath, Collins begins,”I just, we… I mean, we have feelings for each other captain, and we never… expected this to happen. We just really click, Detective Santiago and I, and we just feel really excited around each other, and I mean, I’ve just never felt this stimulated and open around anyone in a long time.” Looking astonished Captain Jenson sits back in her chair in open mouthed disbelief.

“Belinda I’m surprised,” Octavia says to her. “I mean in all this time at VSC I never would have guessed you might be into women, I mean not that it’s my company. Who you spend your time with in private is up to you, but it’s just that, I never figured you for… that type,” she falls off, a good and proper expression failing her.

“Believe me captain, I never would have either,” Collins says to her. “I’ve never even wondered about, you know, dating other women before. But you know, it’s been sort of hard for me the last couple of years, I’ve been through a lot, especially with men.”

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