Pokemon Ether 05 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Route 5 – The Windy Valley

The wind blew cold across the twilight sky outside the Windy Valley Mine entrance. Trey Barnes stood weary but ready as he called out to his rival.

“Hey Trey, took you long enough” came a resigned reply.

“You know why I came looking for you, right?”

“You can’t stand losing?”

“You’re damn right… wait. No!” He stuttered, too tired to pay attention. “You and me have a score to settle!”

“No, Trey, you have a score to settle! I really couldn’t care less.” he turned his back on this fellow graduate and started to walk away.

“Get back here, you fucking coward!” Trey screamed over the rushing wind. “I challenge you to a battle!”

Finn froze in his step. He’d never turned down a direct challenge from an opponent, but they had all been through a lot today, and Trey and his pokemon looked tired as well. He sighed again, not even turning back to face his challenger. “Fine. If that’s what you want. But we’re not doing this here and we’re not doing this tonight. If you want to battle me so bad, you can have one. Tomorrow morning 9am. Yes or no?”

Trey stopped himself from challenging Finn’s delaying of their battle. He and his pokemon were tired too from fighting to catch up to his opponent. A battle in the morning would mean his team could go in at full strength. “Okay, I can wait till the morning, but I don’t trust you Drayton. Where you go, I go!”

“For the love of Arceus!” Finn muttered under his breath. What was this guy’s issue? “Do what you want Trey. We’re going to find somewhere to set up camp. We’re not running anywhere.” He walked away from his challenger, catching up to Ember and Poppy, before leaving Trey to make his mind up.


Undisclosed location

Professor Douglas Fir slipped back into consciousness as if emerging from a warm bath. Momentary confusion overtook his features as he tried to work out where he was. Sharp pains in his extremities reminded him of his restraints as the realisation of his situation hit him like a freight train. He thrashed his limbs sharply to test his restraints, but stopped when he felt no give at all. Escape was seemingly impossible.

He looked around the darkened room to see if there had been any changes from before he succumbed to sleep but couldn’t see anything different. The red light that surrounded the mirror was still the only illumination in the room. but even that wasn’t strong enough to light up the whole room. There were still dark areas of shadow around the edges of the room that could contain anything or anyone.

The clunk of a lock turning snapped Doug out of his reverie. Someone was coming. He closed his eyes and let his head fall back to the mattress in order try and pretend to be asleep. As a result, he didn’t see the young blue haired girl carefully sneak into the room and close the door behind her. He didn’t see her face flushed with worry and concern, and better still, he didn’t see her open palm rush at his cheek as she slapped him. Despite the shock of being struck, he didn’t react and kept up his ruse.

“Professor, I know you’re awake. I’ve been watching in the observation room.” she stated.

He turned his head to face her and opened his eyes, surprised by her youth. “I don’t know what you think I know, but for the 100th time, I don’t know anything more about the Arceus-damned Psydrake!” he grumbled.

“I don’t believe you, but I’m not here for that.”

Doug heard a series of metallic clinks coming from one of his restraints before it fell away from his wrist. He yanked his hand away cuddled it into his chest. Before long, all four restraints had been removed and Doug reflexively curled himself up into a ball.

“Professor, we don’t have time for this. We need to go!”

“Go? Go where? Who are you?” he stammered.

“My name is Maggie and I’m here to get you out.”

“I don’t know anyone called Maggie. Why would you help me?”

“Lets just say we have some friends in common. Listen, we have about 10 minutes to get out of here before your girlfriend comes back with Arceus knows what to try and get the truth out of you. You do not want to be here when that happens!” she threw some clothes at the mostly naked professor. “Put these on, lets go!”


Route 5, Windy Valley

Conversation around the campfire was subdued tonight as the trio ate their evening meal before retiring to their tents. Partially because they were all tired from their exertions today, but mostly for the six foot two inch, shaved headed interloper that decided to invite himself to distribute their campfire.

Finn and Trey had been competing in a staring contest from the moment that Trey sat down and neither was backing down. Ember and Poppy simply looked at each other and shrugged, deciding to have their own conversation instead.

“So, what are you going to do with your prizes?” Poppy asked.

“Funny you should ask, I had something in mind actually” Ember replied as she reached into her bag and brought out the cylinder and the Old Amber. Removing the Amber from the rag that it was wrapped in, she was immediately entranced by the firelight that danced through it. “I thought to myself that I got a couple of things from the cave, Finn got a couple of things from the cave, but you received nothing to show for your efforts when you didn’t even want to go in in the first place.” She said as she picked up the incubator in one hand and the Amber in the other and turned to Poppy. “So, I’d like you to have one of these.”

Poppy was stunned, even Finn broke off his stare to look over at Ember like she was mad. “Woah, Ember, I couldn’t do that. You and Finn deserve all of that, I did nothing.”

“Rubbish, you pulled me through that hole and stopped Finn from being crushed going after his satchel. I’d say you’ve more than earned it. What do you think, Finn?”

“Absolutely, that’s so sweet Ember, but don’t you need to catch pokemon as part of your challenge? Should you really be giving away a guaranteed pokemon when the other cadets are already ahead of you?”

“Yep, my mind is made up. Plus, think of this as a reward for helping Gru back in Bolderton. Without you two, I’d be ruined and penniless. Pick one! Please?”

“You’re absolutely sure?”

“Yes! Pick one!”

“Okay, I’ll take the egg please.” Ember handed over the incubator to Poppy and beamed a gorgeous smile at her travel companion.

Trey watched over the interaction with interest. He was keen to work out how a dweeb like Finn had managed to shack up with two fit honeys like Poppy and Ember, but he was even more interested in the prizes they were talking about. “Hey, sorry to interrupt, how did you get those? If you don’t mind me asking?”

The girls turned to look at him as if noticing him for the first time. Still unsure of his motivations, he had so far been treated as a mildly annoying insect buzzing around their campsite until now. “We just took part in the Windy Valley Mine Fossil competition this morning and we won them.”

“Wow, I like women who can get down and dirty!” he said, grinning. “Hey, Drayton, where did you find these two? No offence, but they seem way too cool to be travelling with you.”

Finn didn’t respond to his rival’s ribbing, he just sighed and continued to eat his rice as he stared into the fire.

“Don’t worry about him, ladies. Drayton was a dweeb in EPPA and it looks like he’s going to be a dweeb out in the real world too. You two might want to think about trading travelling buddies. I’m sure we could all have a lot of fun together.”

A feral grin appeared on Poppy’s face as she looked over her shoulder at Trey. “You know, Trey, maybe you’re right. Maybe we are too cool for Finn. What do you think, Ember?”

Cottoning on quickly, Ember joined Poppy’s plan seamlessly “He could be right, Poppy. What say we go find ourselves a REAL man tonight?”

Finn looked up from the fire with hurt in his eyes until he saw Poppy wink at him from across the fire. He decided to see where this was going.

The girls put their things down and stood. Turning towards Trey, they looked at each other before making their way over to the log where Trey sat on his own before sitting either side of him.

Trey looked over at Finn like the cat that got the cream. “Sorry Drayton, I guess they found a real man after all.”

Poppy looked Trey over from his head to his toes, like he was a juicy steak that she was about to sink her teeth into. “Tell me, real man, do you think you can handle us both?” she snaked her hand onto his thigh and moved it up towards his crotch.

“I totally think he could, Poppy.” joined Ember. “I mean look at these big strong arms and solid muscles. I bet you had all the college girls wet just looking at them didn’t you, stud.”

“They’re still wet now, just thinking of me!” he boasted.

“Yeah, but they’re college girls, Em.” Poppy replied before leaning in close to Trey’s ear. “This stud needs a couple of sluts that know what they’re doing, isn’t that right… stud”

Fuck!” Trey moaned as he came in his pants.

Poppy smiled evilly and stood, before looking at Ember and laughing. “Oops, I guess a REAL man would be able to control himself better.” The two girls continued giggling to each other as they returned to their seats either side of Finn. Poppy placed her hand on Finn’s shoulder and kissed him fiercely on the lips as she sat. She motioned him to the tent and the pair gathered their things before retiring for the night.

Before closing up his tent, Finn looked out at a red faced Trey. “9am tomorrow, Trey. See you then.”


Ember tidied up her things and retired alone to her tent, she was about to fall asleep when she heard the tell tale signs of Poppy and Finn getting it on over the sound of Nuz playing his creepy-ass flute. A gasp here, a moan there, some rustling of fabric. They were definitely fucking. Ember was still turned on from their little display for that asshole, Trey, so hearing them going at it was torture.

She slid her hand into her shorts and started to play with herself to their sounds but it wasn’t enough to get her off tonight. Ember instead decided to get up and try and sneak a peak. She exited her tent as quietly as she could and crawled over to Finn’s tent. Thankfully the wind had died down enough that she could hear the wet sounds of Finn playing with her as she breathed heavily.

Ember sank to her knees and sank a hand back over her pussy, rubbing it as though it were her own receiving such intimate attention.

Fuck, Poppy, you’re so wet tonight. Teasing him really got you going huh?” Finn whispered.

“Uh huh.” she whispered back. “I love putting a dick… in it’s… place. Oh fuck!”

Ember’s breath hiked in her throat as she listened to Finn penetrate Poppy from less than a metre away. She could feel herself getting close, her own ministrations proving an effective replacement for physical intimacy, until something foreign suddenly touched her down there too. She jumped and turned to see Trey crouched behind her with a shit eating grin on his face. He raised a finger to his lips to tell her to stay quiet while he slowly dropped his trousers. Ember was about to kick him and jump back into her tent when Trey’s cock sprang up from it’s fabric prison revealing a better cock than she expected him to have. Even at half mast, he was still quite long and thick.

She hesitated just long enough for Trey to know that he had her where he wanted her. She seemed angry at herself as she grabbed hold of Trey’s shirt and dragged him all too willingly away from Finn’s tent.

Trey’s body hit the deck hard as she threw him to the ground. All pretence went out the window as she yanked her lycra shorts all the way off and, with no ceremony, simply straddled his waist and guided him into her wet snatch, sinking down to the hilt.

“Fuck!” he moaned before Ember slammed a hand down over his mouth, reminding him to be quiet. She could still hear Poppy moaning from the tent as she started to move her hips. Her eyes closed and she sat up as she began to work her hips backwards and forwards on his now fully erect piece. Her mind drifted off to other places as she picked up the pace, grinding herself on the almost still 18 year old beneath her.

Ember let her hands roam over herself, lightly touching and caressing her own skin, starting low before climbing higher to her chest. She ran her hands under her top, holding back a yelp as she pinched her own nipples. Her breathing hiked and she let out a gasp as Trey’s cock ran made contact with her g-spot just as she felt the delicious pain of her pinch.

She placed a hand on Trey’s chest and dug in her nails, eliciting a yelp from the almost prone sack of meat underneath her. Moving her hands down his arms to his hands, she pulled them off the mat and placed them under her top as she pulled it off over her head. Instruction not required, Trey started to firmly kneed her pert tits as she used his arms to steady her hip movements.

Trey finally found the stones to begin participating when Ember allowed him to fondle her. He started to subtly move his groin in time with her movements pushing in just a little further than before. Soon, as their pace increased, her grip on his arms tightened and he felt her walls clench a little around his cock. She was close. Tapping into his new found confidence, he moved his hands down to her hips and started to guide her, pulling him down onto his upwards thrusts. Her hands still grasped around his wrists, he felt her nails dig in to his skin as she got closer and closer.

Ember’s head shot back as she came, a silenced cry emanating from her open mouth. She slowed her movements and opened her eyes at the same childish grin she saw outside. Momentarily disgusted with herself, Ember lifted herself off of him and searched around in the dark tent for her clothes, finding her top and covering herself up. As much as she hated to admit it, he did feel good inside her, but Ember was revelling in the power she felt dominating this man, using him for her own selfish pleasures. “You can go now.” She said quietly.

His smile dropped instantly, thinking he had somehow put her under his spell through his magic, it seemed impossible to him that a woman he had just fucked would just turf him out like that before he had even cum himself. He looked down at his still hard cock and back to the supple redhead who was still searching for her bottoms shorts when an idea came to mind. Seeing her tight ass wiggling in front of him as she looked for her shorts, he decided to chance it. Rising to his knees, he grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her back towards him.

What he wondered would be imminent pleasure turned very quickly into imminent pain of a most horrific variety as Ember lifted one of her legs and donkey kicked him in the groin. His still hard cock almost broken in two by the swift, uncompromising kick.

Trey screamed in pain as Ember turned and punched him square in the nose with the palm of her hand. He hit the ground with a thud as Ember finally found her shorts, shimmied into them and marched away back to her tent. Finn’s head popped out of their tent as Ember reached hers.

“Everything alright?” He asked. “I thought I heard a scream?”

“Just the wind.” Ember smiled. “Nothing to worry about.”


Undisclosed Location

Doug Fir stumbled with each step as his legs seemingly needed time to relearn how to walk after god knows how long tied to that bed. Maggie had positioned herself under his arm as a crutch was was mostly pulling him along a dark corridor illuminated with the same red lights as in his cell.

“Come on Professor, we need to hurry!” She said, struggling with the strain of moving his much larger frame. “We need to get out of here before the night shift finish their handover in…” she checked her watch. “Three minutes.”

“I’m trying! I promise, but I’m struggling to feel my legs. I think they drugged me” he sputtered.

“They absolutely did drug you, but you need to block out the pain and keep moving. Here, through this door.” Maggie opened the door and the pair were suddenly bathed in the bright light, blinding them temporarily.

“Fuck!” Doug cursed as his hand covered his eyes. “What was that?”

“We’re in their offices now. Come on, not far now!”

Doug waited for his eyes to adjust to the light before daring to look up and take in his surroundings. Maggie was right, they seemed to be in a completely typical working office, separated into cubicles, each with it’s own desk and computer, each decorated with the little quirks of the person who worked there.

“What the fuck is this place?”

“Team Ether HQ. They use a paper sales company as a front for their operations so anyone coming in would just see another boring office. I infiltrated this place a few months ago, trying to work out what they were up to. Now I think we know.”

“Team Ether! This is all starting to make a lot more sense.”

Doug’s legs suddenly buckled underneath him, his weight bringing Maggie down with him. He cried out in pain but was quickly muffled by Maggie’s hand over his mouth.

“Shhh!” she hushed. “We need to keep going! Can you stand?”

“I think so.” He groaned under the strain as they both struggled to get him back upright. “How much further?”

“Twenty feet to the elevator.”

“Okay, lets go!”

The pair continued to hobble towards the atrium of the office, where a pair of gleaming steel elevators awaited their arrival. When they got within a few feet of the elevator doors, the sound of a pair of voices walking towards them from the other side of the office filled the air. Maggie froze and looked around. Seeing the door for a stairwell next to the lift, she pushes Doug sharply towards it.

“Meg’s driver has called ahead, she’ll be here shortly. She’s asked that we wake up the professor for round 2, the lucky bastard!” Said one of the voices.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind being interrogated by her! Though Admin Mel is still my favourite.” The second voice responded as they crossed the atrium.

“Like you have a chance with Mel!” The first voice scoffed.

“As much as you have with Meg!” the second rebuked.

The pair walked past the atrium towards the interrogation suite, not noticing the blue haired teenager watching them through the stairwell door. As soon as the coast was clear, she crept out of the stairwell to the lift and pressed the call button. She waited for the elevator to arrive before pulling Doug with her into the lift. Pressing the button for the parking structure, she waited for the doors to close before letting out what felt like her first breath in hours.

“Not far now, one hundred feet to the left of the lift and we should be good.”

“Okay, how long till the shift change”

Maggie looked down at her watch just as it beeped. She looked back up at Doug, not needing to answer his question.

The elevator dinged and the doors opened. They nervously exited the elevator, checking that the coast was clear. “Where’s your car?” asked Doug.

“No car, my motorbike is on the far end of this level.”

“Okay.” He said taking a deep breath. “Let’s g..”

An alarm blasted throughout the building.

“Times up. Lets go!” Maggie yelled over the sirens and tugged him forward.

“Okay, listen. In case things go south, you need to get a message to the Champion for me.” Doug said resolutely.

“The Champion? Where can I find him?”

“He’ll be at the summit of Mount Mystic, he’s always there at the minute.”

“What do you want me to tell him?”

“Tell him that they found the Eye. Tell him that the dark one will be needed sooner than we expected. He’ll know what to do from there.”

“You can tell him yourself.” Maggie told him firmly as they navigated through the parked cars. As they passed a large SUV, they saw a bright blue super bike parked up. “Nearly there, Professor. Nearly th…”

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