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Steph’ knelt in front of the settee. “Jesus! You never get enough do ya?”

I stood in front of her and guided my glistening plum towards her pretty mouth and she sucked greedily on it, cupping my balls as she did so and fellating me like the dirty slut she is!

“No, not really?” I said as I watched her expertly suck my cock, “Besides, I think that you’d like it, anyway?”

Steph’ pulled my cock out of her mouth, dribbles of saliva mixed with my precum latticed her chin.

She sighed! “What if Chris comes home unexpectedly?” Chris was her husband and I suspect that he knew I was banging his missus but he turned a blind eye to it?

“In case you’ve forgotten, Chris is going to be away for the next couple of days? Stop making excuses, Steph’ – you don’t want me to do it, that’s all!”

Steph’ continued wanking me and slowly shook her head. “It’s just that you’ve already fucked me four times today! How many more times?”

I shrugged. In all honesty, I could fuck her another four times and although my spunk would get thinner, I’d never get tired!

Steph’ resumed sucking on my cock and fingering her clitoris at the same time, but she still hadn’t said ‘no’ to me…which meant that she was probably thinking about it?

Steph’ stopped sucking my cock and pulled it out her mouth. “Okay then, Larry…but be gentle…use plenty of lube!” I smiled down at her, “Get over that settee then darling…I’ll get the lube from my car!”

Steph’ looked puzzled, “Your car? What the fuck, Larry?”

“Oh, Steph’! I kept it in there just in case you changed your mind, that’s all!”

Steph’ shook her head and smiled. “Just go get it, Larry…before I change my mind!”

I rushed out to my car and got the tub of petroleum jelly from the glove box before scuttling back inside!

I rushed back into the house and Steph was now on her knees in front of the settee and leaning over it, draped across the cushions, arms folded in front of her. “Come on then, you dirty bastard! Chris has never asked to do this, he…”

“That’s because he’s a fuckin’ faggot…”

I freed my throbbing cock from my jeans and unscrewing the lid of the lube, I quickly delved my fingers inside and daubed a fair sized blob of it on my cock and quickly coated my thick, throbbing shaft with it. Leaning forward, I plastered a big glob of gel between Steph’s arse cheeks and knelt down behind her and aimed my meaty cock at the cheeks of her arse!

“Steady on. you dirty fucker!” Steph’ said to me over her shoulder and licked her lips. ” I gently slid my cock between her buttocks and she gasped as I pressed my plum against her puckered hole!

Steph’ breathed rapidly as I slid my plum hard against her sphincter and through clenched jaws she growled, “C’mon then, ya dirty fucker…get it up there then!” I didn’t need any encouragement and the top of my well lubricated knob began to bully its way into her back passage; I could feel the warmth of her arse as my glistening plum slowly disappeared into her rectum!

“Yeah…nng…yeah…that’s it…give me more…smack my arse…!” It was then that I realised that she was actually enjoying having a cock up her bum! Surely, Chris had wanted to sodomise her at some point?

I pushed harder and more of my shaft slowly went into her arse and she cried out as the purple circle of my plum disappeared into her secret hole! Steph’ squealed with joy as more of my shaft disappeared in her ring and I continued pushing, pushing, pushing until she was impaled on the full length of my throbbing meat!

I smacked first one of her arse cheeks and then the other as I looked down and saw the entirety of of cock in her arse; nine and a half inches of joy was deep in her shitter and she was loving it! Smack, smack! Her buttocks glowed red as I spanked her!

“You filthy whore…” I growled, “…you fuckin’ Love it, don’t ya, ya slut?”

Steph’ nodded rapidly, breathing heavily as I thrust my hips for good measure!

“Oh yeah, Master…bugger me…bugger me hard…I Love it…oh God…!”

I began to slowly withdraw my shaft before pushing it back up her arse, “Oh yeah…fuck yeah…harder Master, harder…!” The dirty bitch was loving it, being butt-fucked! “Thought you didn’t wanna…you fuckin’ bitch?” Steph’, hyperventilating now, gasped,

“I was…makin’ you…wait, you dirty bastard…I know that you’re fucking other women from down the pub…I’ve heard them talkin’ in the toilets sometimes! I know that that Hailey loves it up her arse…you dirty fucker!”

It was quite true. I was fucking a few of the women in the local. Hailey was really broad minded and as kinky as fuck! Sharon was more ‘vanilla’, but was always up for it, Lorraine wouldn’t suck my cock, but boy, could she fuck and Marie was a complete slut! Marie’s Husband and I had Dp’d her and spit-roasted her several times!

With Steph’, it had been New Year’s Eve. Everyone was kissing and hugging at the stroke of midnight and Steph had walked towards me, “Happy New Year, Larry!” she had said and then hugged me and kissed me. It was then that I had slipped my tongue into her mouth as we briefly kissed!

Steph had pulled back quickly and gasped, a puzzled expression on her face! “Soon, Steph’, soon!” I had whispered in her ear, but not before she had succinctly reached down and squeezed the growing bulge in my groin!

A little later on, I had slipped her a scrap of beermat with my mobile number on and gone on to dance with Lorraine. As Lorraine and I slowly clenched on the dance floor, I would occasionally see Steph’ who was dancing with her Husband and I would nod slowly and she would smile back.

A couple of days later, I received a call from her and she had asked me if I was serious? I laughed and said that I never joked about Sex and we had arranged to meet later that day, when Chris, her Husband, was at work. I had picked her up from an agreed spot and she was very nervous. “I can’t believe I’m doing this!” she had said.

“That’s okay, baby – you’re only human! Besides, we’ll have a lot of fun!” I had replied and dropped my hand onto her knee. By the time we had reached my house at the other side of town, I had got my index and middle finger in her cunt and was slowly frigging her as she enjoyed being finger-fucked in the passenger seat of my car!

Pulling up on the driveway, I had turned to her and said, “There, there…I told you it would be fun didn’t I? Besides, there’s still so much to come…or should that be, ‘cum’?” Flushed and breathing rapidly, Steph’ had nodded and said, “Oh Larry, fuck yes please…I want you!” Then she had reached down and slowly squeezed my cock through my trousers, “I want this, you Horny bastard!” I nodded and smiled, my fingers still sliding in and out of her twat!

We had dashed into my house and tumbled on the bed, scrabbling at one another’s clothes and before long, Steph’ had freed my stiff cock and was wanking me as I pulled her panties to one side and jabbed my knob against her fuck-hole, which was stubbly and made me want her even more! She looked into my eyes as I suddenly plunged my angry cock into her Love tunnel and gasped breathlessly, “Oh fuck! Yesss…yesss…!”

I began to fuck her, ramming my cock all the way up her until my knob battered against her cervix before withdrawing my angry shaft and repeating the process. “Oh fuck, Larry…that’s wonderful…mmm…oh yeah!” I could hear my prick slurping in and out of her twat and it turned me on even more, so I began to fuck her faster!

“Ooh Larry…that’s fuckin’ wonderful…but…but I’m not…on the pill…!” I grunted, “Fuckin’ hell Steph’…I want to fill you full of spunk…oh you fuckin’ bitch…!”

“I…I want you to get me pregnant, Larry…I want your spunk…just…not…yet!”

I gritted my teeth and using great willpower, I pulled out as the first ribbon of warm spunk blasted from my bulbous knob before splurging on Steph’s abs! Steph’ peered down, open mouthed as thick, warm sperm splattered on her braless tits too!

A jet of sperm blasted onto her chin and the next one spurted into her pretty mouth as I emptied the load from my balls onto the sexy bitch underneath me! I have always been what is known as a ‘heavy cummer’ and never was it so true as I ejaculated!

Steph’ was busily scooping the warm semen onto her fingertips and dripping it into her mouth, savouring the salty taste as it trickled down her throat! “Mmm…oh boy…there’s a few babies in all this! Bet you’d get me pregnant a dozen times over what with all this spunk, Larry?”

It was true; even though she hadn’t sucked my cock, her lipstick had run and blobs of sperm of different sizes were splattered all over her tits, tummy and chin!

Rivulets of sperm slowly trickled down her neck and face as breathlessly, she leaned up on one elbow and purred, “I want you to fuck me properly, Larry, hmm? I’m going to tell Chris that I’m having bad periods and go back on the pill…I just hope that I ain’t up the stick because of all this?”

She giggled and gestured to her tits and tummy and the semen that now trickled down her magnificent tits and pooled on her tummy!

Within a few days of ‘quickies’, we had established that we both enjoyed kink. Steph’s eye had lit up when I told her that I liked latex! She had told me that she liked the idea of BDSM – if I were to agree to be her ‘Master’? The following week, she had bought latex gloves, a tight fitting mask, latex stockings and high-heels that she would leave at my house for us to use during our fuck sessions!

She had also bought a black leather riding crop and some handcuffs, too! Best of all, she had bought me an intricate cock-ring and had instructed me that I must wear it all times; even when she wasn’t around when I fucked other girls from the bar!

The thick, copper ring went snugly under my balls and joined to one on the base of my shaft and a little chain was fastened to it that and ran to another ring which sat snugly under the purple circle of my plum!

I thought of Steph’ when I fucked the other girls and rumour soon started that I was kinky? Suddenly, my other friend’s Wife, Sally started to take an interest in me and a couple of times I caught her staring at me and when I looked at her, she would just smile and blush. Her friend, Kelly, looked at me a little too long, too?

I guess that I was lucky; I’d get to fuck a different woman most days and they all seemed to know about each other? By the end of the week, my sperm would be thin and so I would regenerate over the weekend and whoever ended up on the end of my cock the following Monday would be assured of a monster load!

Gripping Steph’s hips, I pushed my cock as far as it would possibly go into her anus and she cried out, “Oh yeah…oh Larry…give it me!” I grunted and smacked her arse again! Now I knew why the chain was on the cock-ring!

The further up her arse I pushed my cock, the more her ring was stretched by the links of chain going in!

The faster I fucked her arse, the greater the sensation – now it all made sense! Steph’ was moaning softly and I reached underneath her and began to finger the hard bud of her clit.

“So…” I growled in her ear, “…why haven’t you asked Chris to smash your arse? All men want to fuck a woman’s arse…do we ever!”

Steph’, sweating and panting lifted her head briefly from the settee cushions. “I fuckin’ well did, didn’t I? But he reckons that if you’ll do a woman, then you’ll do a man!” I snarled, “It don’t fuckin’ well work like that…and you know it!” Steph’, her blonde fringe matted with sweat, nodded feverishly, her eyes rolling in her head.

“I know baby…I know…but I’ve always wanted to try it…with the right man!” I thrust my hips one more time and then slowly continued to sodomise her and looking down, I watched in awe as my fat pole, glistening and lubricated, poked its way in and out of her shitter!

The length of blue veined meat pistoned in and out of her pucker as I sped up my thrusts and reaching underneath, I began rubbing her clit as I buggered her! Steph’ began to moan and once again, my balls began to tingle! I planted my feet firmly on the floor, moved my hands from gripping her hips tightly to holding onto her shoulders from behind. Now she’d fucking well have it!

I gripped her blonde hair in one fist as I hammered her up her arse – and she was loving it!

“Oh yeah…give it me…you filthy bastard…fuck me!”

“You fuckin’ slut…you dirty bitch…fuckin’ prick tease!” I growled as I pumped my shaft in and out of her sphincter as the tingling in my balls intensified and my scalp started to tighten!

“This…is…gonna…be a big load…ya fuckin’ whore…!”

“Shoot it…in my mouth, Larry…need to taste it…!”

I had already emptied four loads into her mouth in the past couple of hours and I knew she had a belly-full of spunk, but I knew that this would be a bigger load than the last one; I was so excited to be finally buggering her and the more turned on I was, the bigger the load!

I pulled my cock out of her arse and stood up, wanking as she quickly spun round and opened her mouth, ready to receive my load! And what a load it was and I knew it would deplete my balls totally!

A huge gout of ivory coloured spunk blasted from the end of my knob as Steph’ gripped my balls; squeezing them hard, her long tongue extended in anticipation of my gift!

Cum spurted into her gaping maw and she squealed excitedly as she swallowed the warm sperm but was hit in the face by my second jet of sperm that blasted from my knob! Again and again, Hot sperm erupted from my rampant cock and onto Steph’s upturned face!

Steph’ tried to swallow all the spunk, but she couldn’t keep up and as much of the slimy goo splattered on her pretty face as went in her mouth. By the time I had finished emptying my balls, her face looked like she had dipped it into a bucket of wallpaper paste!

“Wow, Larry! That was a monster load of spunk…maybe I should come off the pill because I’d be sure to get pregnant if you shot that amount of spunk up me?”

She was gently licking the slime off my cock and balls and I had my back to the window so I didn’t see someone peering in! Suddenly, there was a tap on the window and horrified, Steph looked at me as I spun my head round to see Hailey outside looking in and smiling at us, giving us the thumbs up! Steph’, still on her knees, peered round, her spunky face visible to Hailey who pointed to the back door.

“Oh fuck! I suppose we’d better let her in now that she’s seen everything?”

I looked at Hailey outside and smiled, “Yeah, she’ll probably want fucking, too, but I don’t know if I’ve got any left in the tank?” Steph’, her face a slimy mess and her eyeshadow running down her cheeks, said, “Well, Larry…we might have to see about that, won’t we?”

She stood on tiptoes and kissed me lightly on the lips before running to the back door and opening it and Hailey walked in, smiling!

“Hello, Steph’ – hello Larry!” I wasn’t aware that the pair knew about each other? “Well, I can see that you pair have been, erm, busy! In fact, I was watching you fucking for a few minutes before you spunked off Larry – impressive, I must say!” Hailey smiled a knowing smile and I knew then that she would want fucking, too!

Hailey sat down on the settee and Steph sat down gingerly next to her. She ran the palm of her hand down her face, wiping off the slimy semen that was still fresh. She held her palm up in front of Hailey, “Mistress?” she enquired? ‘Mistress?’ Just what the fuck was going on?

Hailey laughed softly and holding Steph’s wrist, her tongue darted out and she began to lick the sperm off Steph’s hand! Hailey’s pink tongue bobbed out and she slowly lapped the goo off Steph’s fingers!

“Mmm…yummy – as always, eh Larry?” Purred Hailey, staring at me and raising one eyebrow. So, Steph knew that I’d been fucking Hailey on a regular basis? Steph threw her head back and laughed. “It’s okay, Larry! Us girls can keep a secret, you know?”

She turned back to Hailey, and with her other hand, she slowly slid it up Hailey’s thigh and her fingertips must have brushed against the material of the skimpy panties that Hailey wore underneath her pale, yellow Summer dress because Hailey gave a soft moan and closing her eyes, nodded.

From the movements of her hand, I could tell that Steph’ was finger-fucking Hailey, who groaned and softly gasped, “Yes, little bitch…yes…!” Steph’ smiled and spoke softly, “Oh wonderful, Mistress…your hole is so lovely and tight!” Then Hailey gently lowered Steph’s hand and leaning forward, she kissed Steph’ full on the mouth and the pair began to kiss passionately as Steph’ fingered her!

Hailey lay back on the settee, moaning as Steph’ kissed her neck and finger-banged her at the same time. I sat down and stared in amazement at the unfolding spectacle before me! They had done this before? I suspected that both of them had played away before, especially Steph’ because she was a complete slut, but Hailey? Yes, I knew that she was kinky, but still…

Steph turned to me, “C’mon Larry, kneel down in front…you’ll have batter view then, eh?” I nodded and dropped to knees between Hailey’s ankles as Steph’ resumed her fingering, but faster now!

“Ooh…little bitch…I’m gonna…I’m gonna…!” gasped Hailey, breathlessly, her head thrashing from side to side as Steph’ leaned back and watched her as she approached her Orgasm! “That’s it, Mistress, that’s it! There’s a good girl…yeah…cum for me…!” Steph’ was ramming her fingers in and out of Hailey’s cunt, squelching and slurping her digits in and out of Hailey’s twat!

Steph’s look of concentration turned to one of satisfaction and she smiled broadly as Hailey suddenly arched her back and began to mewl, her eyes rolled back in her head as Steph’ finger fucked her faster than ever and I watched in fascination as Hailey’s Orgasm smashed into her!

“F…fuckin’ bitch…oh fuck…!” she cried out as a jet of clear piss squirted from her already moist gash and sprayed onto my face and chest! Steph’ laughed because she knew that I loved being pissed on as all the time, Hailey continued to buck, heave and piss, moaning loudly as she came! I never knew that she was a gusher, even though I had fucked her lots of times and made her Orgasm too? Then again, I had never known that her and Steph’ were lovers, either?

Hailey’s bucking and heaving slowed down, even though she gasped and breathed heavily; all the time, Steph whispered into her ear, “Good Mistress!” or, “That’s a good girl, Mistress!”

My cock stood to attention and I hadn’t even wanked it; a bead of precum formed on the slit in the end of my knob and slowly began to trickle down my shaft as I looked at Hailey and Steph’ who now smiled at me knowingly? Then, Steph’s phone rang.

“Hello? Oh yes darling…I understand…” it was her husband, Chris. “Mmm…of course baby, of course…I want it too…nice and deep!” Steph’ rolled her eyes and Hailey stifled a giggle! I had shot about five loads inside his Wife and now he wanted to fuck her when he got home? Poor Steph’!

“About an hour, yeah?” Steph’ rolled her eyes again and Hailey looked directly at me and smiled. “Okay, baby…it’ll be nice and wet for your cock, don’t worry…byee!” Steph’ ended the conversation. “Fuck! He’ll be back in about an hour…I thought he’d be working late? You pair are gonna have to make yourselves scarce, I’m afraid!”

Hailey and I looked at each other and then Hailey spoke up. “That’s okay. If lover boy here…” she nodded to me, “…can keep his cock in his pants and save up some spunk, we can meet up at his house in a few days time – yeah?” Steph’ clapped her hands together! “Oh, goody!” Hailey kissed her long and deep and then Steph’ pulled back and looked at me.

“You can sodomise me again, too Larry! How about that…I quite like it!” Hailey burst out laughing! “You mean that he can fuck your arse, right Steph? Get with it!” I nodded, smiling. “Okay, tell him you’ve gone to stop at your Mom’s or something…” I said to Steph’ and then to Hailey, “Tell Mike that you’re…oh I dunno…!” Hailey laughed, “I’ll come up with some bullshit, besides, he’ll do as he’s fuckin’ well told! Just you save up that delicious spunk for me and Steph’, okay?”

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