Physical Exam Pt. 08 – Thank You – Fetish


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Author’s note: This is a corrected repost of the previous version of this story. There had been an error in the names in a previous version.

Kimberly walked across campus to the library where she had agreed to meet Jack. She found him already waiting by the statue of the mascot as they had arranged.

“Hi.” Jack said a bit nervously as Kimberly approached. Swallowing her nerves Kimberly replied “Hi there. Thank you so much for agreeing to help me.”

Jack smiled nervously “I’m happy to help. Shall we find a table to sit at?”

Kimberly nodded “Follow me.” and started to lead the way to the back corner of the bottom floor of the library. Jack glanced around “I’ve never been down here before. There’s no one else here.” Kimberly smiled “Exactly. I love studying down here. It’s so perfectly quiet.”

Kimberly picked out a table in the very back, partially hidden behind a bookshelf, took her jacket off, put it on the back of her chair, and got her chemistry book out. “Ok, we’re on chapter 6, and I’m lost.”

Jack sat down next to her and started to explain the general idea of the chapter. Kimberly scooted her chair closer and leaned in next to Jack, causing him to blush a bit. “This part, right there — what does that equation really mean?” She said, pointing at the middle equation on the page.

Jack explained it and the following questions patiently for the next 30 minutes. During that time Kimberly leaned progressively closer to him until her head was almost on his shoulder.

Jack blushed and fidgeted a bit nervously as Kimberly got closer. Kimberly finally leaned and whispered “Thank you for being so helpful” in his ear and then kissed his lips.

Jack gasped in surprise and then fumbled to kiss her back, unsure of himself. Kimberly kissed him more passionately, moaning softly into the kiss, her hands lightly caressing his cheeks.

Jack pulled back a bit, blushing deeply and stammered “W-what are y-you doing?”

Kimberly giggled a bit “Saying thank — and kissing you silly” and then kissed him again, harder this time.

Jack moaned and returned the kiss, his lips clumsy in response to her Kimberly, his hands still lying on the table. Kimberly teased his lips with her tongue, eliciting another moan from Jack. She released his lips and kissed his neck playfully, whispering softly “Can we go back to your place so that I can really thank you?”

Jack stared at her wide-eyed in shock “M-my pl-place? Um. Sure, I mean, Yes!”

Kimberly giggled “Good, my room-mate is home. You have protection or do we need to stop at the drug store?”

Jack blushed even deeper and nodded, thinking of the condom from the clinic “I — I have some.”

They walked the 15 minutes across campus to Jacks’ apartment building making small talk about where they were from, their favorite classes, and whatever else came to mind. They arrived at the three story building, and Jack led them up the stairs to the third floor and to his apartment. He opened the door nervously “Um, sorry, it’s a bit of a mess. I wasn’t expecting visitors.”

Kimberly looked around a bit, suddenly nervous as well. Dirty dishes were on the counter, and some dirty clothes were tossed over the back of the couch in the studio apartment. Kimberly chuckled and gave Jack playful punch in the shoulder saying “Men and their messes.” She took off her coat and tossed it on the back of he couch next to the dirty clothes.

Kimberly smiled at him as Jack quickly took his jacket off, dropping it on top of hers. She giggled at his nervousness. “Been a while?” she asked.

Jack nodded. Kimberly said softly “It’s been a while for me too.” She stepped closer and kissed him, slipping her arms around him. He kissed her back, moaning softly as she quickly moved to pull his tshirt up over his head. He moaned again as her kisses trailed down his neck.

Kimberly moved her hands down and undid his belt quickly, thinking to herself “Is it really that small? Will I even notice that it’s small?” And then “What am I doing? This isn’t like me!” She pushed his pants down before she could second guess herself, her hands shaking a little from nerves.

Jack groaned slightly as she pulled his pants down. His mind was racing “Is this really happening? This doesn’t happen to me. What will she think when she sees how small I am?” Then he gasped loudly and his cheeks blushed crimson as his small, still somewhat soft dick was exposed — exposed to this gorgeous girl that he hardly knew.

Jack blushed even deeper as Kimberly paused, staring it. “I-is s-something wrong? He whispered?”

Kimberly stared at the tiny little thing for a brief moment longer, thinking to herself “It really is tiny….” Kimberly smiled up at him and whispered “It’s cute….” before she took it between her lips and started gentle suck at it.

Jack groaned deeply in surprise, amazed at the feeling of being inside a woman’s mouth for the first time ever. He ran his hands through her hair like he had seen people do in videos, another soft groan escaping his lips as he rapidly become fully hard.

Kimberly smiled a bit, felling him stiffen in her mouth. She hadn’t given many blowjobs, and she had certainly never taken a man completely in. She started to bob up and down on him, thinking “Hmm, he really is small…. I wonder what sex will be like.”

Jack moaned deeply and closed his eyes. He grabbed her and started to thrust into her mouth like in the porn videos he watched at night. Opening his eyes, he looked down and saw Kimberly looking up at him. She wasn’t gagging like the girls in the videos. She wasn’t moaning loudly. But he was in her mouth. He was getting his first blowjob.

Kimberly let him thrust awkwardly into her mouth for a few more minutes before pulling off of him and whispering “Let’s move to the bed — and don’t forget the condom.”

Jack hurriedly got the condom from the kitchen cabinet where he had left it and almost ran back to the bed, tripping over a chair. Kimberly chuckled, watching his little penis bounce around as he almost fell “A little eager, are we?”

Jack blushed and slowed down, walking over to her. She took the condom from him and rolled it over him, saying nothing about how much was left unused.

Kimberly stared at Jack as she pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor, exposing her breasts, her nipples hard, to him. She giggled as she heard Jack groan, loving the power she had over him. She slowly pulled her pants and underwear down, teasing him, watching him, giggling again as he moaned a little, his small dick bobbing a bit. She pushed him playfully onto the bed on his back, saying “Lie down little guy….”

Jack gasped “L-little guy?”

Kimberly climbed on top of him and took his hard cock in her hand. Lifting herself up she sank easily onto it and smiled as she heard Jack moan loudly. She started to slowly rock on him, wasting no time. Jack groaned and lifted his hands to her breast and grasped at them a bit too roughly. He tried to thrust up into her, but she didn’t let him, controlling the pace, rocking slowly on him.

Jack moaned softly “You feel so good — so amazing…”

Kimberly smiled down at him, thinking to herself “I can’t feel him all that much….”

Jack groaned loudly, trying to control himself, trying not to cum already. He couldn’t stop it. He couldn’t hold back. He grunted loudly and then came hard, thrusting himself up into her, his hands grabbing her breasts even harder.

Kimberly managed to mostly stifle a chuckle as he came. “That couldn’t have been more than a minute” she wondered to herself. She guided his hands off her breasts and lowered herself down onto him, cuddling with him.

Jack blushed crimson and stammered “I — ah — sorry that was so fast, i-it’s been a while…”

Kimberly put her finger on his lips, shushing him. “Shhhh, it’s ok — relax. Next time you’ll last longer.”

Jack looked surprised “Next time?” a bit of shock apparent in his voice.

Kimberly giggled “Well, yes, unless you didn’t enjoy that and don’t want a next time.”

“Of course! I mean, yes, that sounds good.” Jack tried not to sound too willing.

Kimberly looked at her watch and gave a sigh “Unfortunately I need to stop by the clinic before they close, I left one of my notebooks there that I need to study tonight. I need to get going.”

As Kimberly slipped off of him Jack said ‘Oh, clinic, right. Um, can I walk with you? I need to drop something off.”

Kimberly bit her lip to not laugh “Of course. You better take that off and get cleaned up a bit first though” she said, pointing to the condom hanging loosely on his tiny, soft dick.

Jack blushed and went into the bathroom after grabbing the specimen jar. He took the condom off and put it in the jar and looked down at himself as he cleaned up with a washcloth. He smiled a bit, but couldn’t help but be embarrassed at how quick he had been. And she hadn’t cum had she? He wasn’t even sure if he knew how to tell.

Jack came out of the bathroom and quickly put his pants back on, trying to hide his tiny penis as quickly as he could. Kimberly was already dressed and was putting her jacket on. He quickly dressed and put his jacket on, locking the door as he walked out with her.

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