Phil and Lola Ch. 01 – Intro – Fetish

As I am driving towards my home my head feels like it is spinning. Carly follows me in her own car. Are we really gonna do the stuff I am thinking about? What will Lola say when I tell her afterwards?

But first, this situation requires a bit of context. I am Phillip and my girlfriend’s name is Lola. We are both 35 years old and we are together for longer than a decade.

We both work for the same business on equal managerial positions and we have very strong bond together. We argue like all the couples do, but our foundation goes way deeper than what those little fights can mean.

Anyway, Lola of course knows about what a weirdo I am. In short – while other men prefer hot naked women, I get aroused by women in clothes, who can not help it and lose control over their toilet needs.

Where others go crazy from seeing lingerie, I love lingerie over a peed puffy diaper. And when men fantasize about being dominated with a whip, I am thinking about situations when I somewhat shamefully wet my jeans in front of a sexy lady like Lola.

That you don’t find out it? Welcome to the club, me neither. However the NEED for this stuff is real. So some years ago I stopped wondering why this excites me, and just accepted it as part of myself.

None of these interests work for Lola on her own. She also never tried any of it before we two started together. But she accepts that part of me and she quickly found a way how to turn that into her benefit.

No other woman in the world knows me so well and therefore no other woman can give me what I need in the same way Lola can. She does not hesitate to pee her pants or wear and use a diaper for me. She can pretty well manage scenarios in which it’s me who does that.

When I get horny, that on the other hand is the thing that turns HER on – when she is the one that gets me going like no other woman could or can. It is impossible to describe how she enjoys such a position.

And this brings us to Carly. She also works in the same business and she is a member of Lola’s team.

As I mentioned, when things get spicy Lola loves to turn me on with the extra tools she has available. So once she started like this –

“You remember Carly, the skinny blonde from my team? That one that always giggles about something?”

“Yes, of course.” I replied.

“Carly is actually pretty open to us about her small bladder.”

With that she started massaging my currently totally flaccid dick. Unluckily it is not that simple to get me up and running like it is with a majority of other men.

“What do you mean?” I asked calmly, but my attention reached level 100 immediately.

“Well, today she refused to have coffee with us before leaving for her commute home, because she said she would definitely pee in her pants on the way after that coffee.”

I imagined petite Carly sitting in the puddle of pee in the carseat. Oh my.

“At least twice in past month she spoke about how she woke up in the night and nearly did not make it to the bathroom in time. And how her boyfriend will go mad at her if she would wet the bed.”

I was just silent, totally lost in imagination.

“After every trip she takes with her boyfriend she speaks about how she needed to pee in the car and was worried her accident would spoil the trip. Actually last time she said she will wear baby diapers for their next trip and she giggled about it like crazy.”

My cock was absolutely rock-hard solid as Lola was stroking it the whole time she was speaking.

“Why didn’t you tell me any of it sooner?” I asked her and pulled down her pants in single motion. I threw her down on the couch, Lola spread her legs and revealed her perfect and also very wet pussy to me.

“I guess it just did not occur to me to mention it?”

“What?” I asked and lifted her up a bit, so I could smack her ass twice. She hissed as that sudden sting touched her backside.

“But when she mentioned the diapers, I started asking myself if there might be something more to it. That she might like it.”

I slowly inserted my dick into her and she moaned loudly. I did not waste any time and started to fuck her. I had to be careful though because I was aroused as hell and few unwise too-fast too-intense movements could prematurely end our fun.

She twisted slightly under me.

“You are a pervert. I can walk around here naked to no avail. But when I start talking about silly girls who pee in their pants and diapers, then you would cum inside me immediately like a teenager.”

I turned her around and started to pound her from behind. I massaged her wonderful ass in the process and focused deeply on not cumming right there. Meanwhile she purred and moaned like a pro.

“I might do a little pee as well, if you keep hitting on me like this.”

I cursed her. That sentence alone almost made me come. Quickly I pulled my dick out of her and turned her on her back.

“Why?” she asked with an upset tone.

I jammed my hand between her legs and started massaging her clit.

“Actually it is you, who’s the pervert here,” I told her and she just smiled.

“Because you are getting-off from what it does to me, when you tell me stories about girls who pee in their pants. Who need diapers for road trips.”

She was getting more and more focused. I knew from previous experience I was absolutely playing the right chord there.

“And in the same time you imagine, how I witness Carly’s little accident, how I innocently offer her help – and how things get out of hands.”

Lola screamed loudly and orgasmed strongly. I let her chill for ten seconds and then my fingers went back in action.

“And you picture what I would do to her, with her pissed panties down at her ankles.”

Another shout and second orgasm arrived immediately. She was also stroking my dick with her hand that whole time. Another ten seconds of rest and back to work – we need to get at least one more.

“Because inside of your wicked mind you like the idea, that I cannot help myself. That when there is a girl who wet her jeans, I won’t be able to resist…”

She was stroking my dick so furiously that I am almost orgasmed myself. Her third climax came and she was shaking vigorously. I love nothing more than when I can make her come this strong.

After short while she recovered from her concentration. I could see how good she felt both physically and mentally in that moment.

She took my dick in her hand and wrapped her mouth around it. After thirty seconds of brilliant blowjob she paused and met my eyes –

“Hurry up, or I will pee myself before you are done,” and she clenched her thighs suggesting she really needs to go.

That was a cheat, but what could I do, she knows me. It did not even take ten more seconds and I was shooting my load in her mouth.

She cleared my dick with her tongue.

“When did you jerk-off last time? There was a plenty, I have to say.”

I just shrugged.

“I save my loads just for you,” I replied.

“Sure. Anyway, can I go pee now?”

I didn’t say a word and slowly positioned myself on my back. She rolled her eyes up, but said – “Okay.”

She hovered over me and after few seconds of concentration dribbled some pee into my belly button. It was a small thing, but very special thing for us.

“Do you want more of it?”

“Nah,” I replied, “you better save that service for some other day.”

Afterwards we both went to do our things. And surprisingly I don’t think we talked about Carly in this way any time after.

Some weeks passed and due to few (un)lucky events a situation occurred, when I needed Carly’s help on one of our projects. We arranged a one-on-one meeting that by chance took place in the end of a workday… to be continued.

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