Peter Goes Gay Sub for Daddy Ch. 06 – Fetish

Part 6 Noah’s Girl: A New Development

Daddy was so satisfied with my contributions to success with the Dixons that the next day he sent a text expressing thanks. I was, of course, of two minds on this project. I had helped recruit a new sex slave for my master, which necessarily meant I’d have even less access to him, but I was also proud to have pleased him. The front desk let me know there was a package for me: a small gift-wrapped box he left for me.

It was sort of heavy for its size. I opened it excitedly back in my apartment. It was a gorgeous chrome buttplug with a jeweled end with the words “Daddy’s Li’l Whore” etched on sparkly ruby-colored glass. As soon as I got it open, I eagerly pushed it into my hungry hole and wondered of how lucky I was.

But, after that, I had no communication from Daddy for about a week. It was a day Carlos was coming over for training, and I was horny as hell from the lack of attention. While I had been able to make myself cum on my own with the lovely new plug. I was hungry for real cock. I was worried I would not be able to withstand.

About an hour before I expected Carlos, I got a text from Daddy giving me a special reward for obedience and good behavior. He gave me permission to have Carlos fuck me, plus a special treat he did not specify. But I would have to agree to “pay” for it after; I was more than happy with the arrangement. I had not been disciplined in any real sense in weeks (a few moderate slaps during the Dixon’s session were all). I yearned to feel him to strike me, and it would be guiltless.

Carlos arrived earlier than usual; we ran through our routine quickly, with me eyeing him like a kid candy store. I could hardly wait to finish our workout, so I could have my reward. I kept rubbing my no longer quite so skinny derriere on him whenever I could, and grazed his cock when it came near. When we were done, I could wait no more, and I kissed him deeply and let him kiss be back hard.

We both went into my bathroom and showered while we made out like young lovers. I kneeled in the bathtub unable to wait to suck his gorgeous cock. He pissed, and I just continued sucking his lovely cock. I had come to expect, even enjoy, the pissing, but I love the taste of Carlos’s piss; much like his cum, its saltiness has hint of sweetness. We finished showering and dried ourselves. Carlos carried me to the living room and placed me on the oversized ottoman. He threw my legs over my head and began to rim my asshole, while I held my ankles near my ears.

I was in this compromised position, when I heard a clatter at my front door; I looked over to see it swing open, and the maintenance guy, who had seen me after the Dixon’s, came ambling in. He held the door behind him for two other guys also dressed like workmen. He double-locked the door behind him and brought his entourage to where I lay on the ottoman my legs akimbo behind my shoulder, my hole opening up to Carlos’s attentions.

“Hey, little faggot! Nice to see you again.” Said the maintenance guy, who said his name was Phil.

He was a relatively big, red-faced white guy, with red hair, not as muscle-bound as Noah, with more of a middle-age paunch. His friends, Tomas and Wayne, were all smaller. Tomas was like Carlos a thin wiry muscular Latino man, who was about 5’9″; he was mid-thirties and from the wedding ring on his finger, married.

Wayne was a dark-complexioned young black man with a medium build, handsome rugged face, not fat, but a kind of a lumpy body. He looked like he spent more time at the bar than the gym. He had a beard like a hipster and the affect to match. “Yo, rad, man…” he enthused gawking at my exposed condition.

I had a moment of absolute and irrational panic as saw them. The embarrassment of being discovered in such a state, by strangers who leered at me intently, was overwhelming for a second. I expected my “surprise” would be something like this, but it was hard not to feel suddenly vulnerable as these guys suddenly occupied my space.

They surrounded our position on the ottoman, pinching and poking at me in various ways while simultaneously ripping off their clothes. I shifted from panic to anticipation, as I watched them take their pants off and their cocks come into view. Tomas’s was probably the smallest, it was still well-above average, but just about eight or so inches, but quite girthy, Wayne had the biggest, but Phil was close, at least ten inches with a fat red helmet head.

Phil might have been a tad longer, but slimmer, but he had a thick foreskin, which I loved. The thick foreskin had forced the head of his cock to develop into a conical shape, pointy at the end and widening rapidly down the shaft. Wayne’s was much fatter and only slightly shorter. He had a distinctly “helmet-head” that looked delicious to me, anticipating it in my ass.

They each grabbed a limb and they ferried me from the ottoman onto a plastic drop-cloth they had spread on the floor in the space between my living room and dining areas. They knelt me and surrounded me. I meekly placed my hands behind my back and opened my mouth for them already knowing what came next. I was so eager for it to start; I went from one to the next licking their cocks lightly to get them started.

I held Phil’s foreskin-covered head between my lips looking closely at the veiny red monster, as he began his stream, Wayne came next over my right shoulder and I leaned back to try to get them both in me. Tomas, who was in front of me aimed at my face and managed to get some in my mouth. Carlos had just pissed and didn’t start until the rest were almost done; he just dribbled a little. He was still dribbling, when I reach out with my chin and put his head in my mouth and swallowed as much as I could.

Phil and Wayne tugged on my arms behind my back and made me jerk their cocks, while I swallowed Carlos’s fat juicy cock as it began to harden in mouth. Tomas was reaching down and tweaking my big nipples and smacking my face around. Phil suddenly yanked my mouth off Carlos’s cock and moved me onto his own. Carlos’s cock was sweet and while it had that very masculine odor, there was fresh clean scent behind it. Phil’s was salty and rank, even his pre-cum had a bitter salty taste.

I wanted to go back to the much better tasting Carlos, but Phil held me close by the neck. He was spearing my throat with long thinner cock and choking me at the same time. A combination I was loving. I took him all the way down using my hard-won cocksucking skills, and gagging myself on it.

Carlos brought his cock closer to me and pushed his way in nudging Phil out. Wayne took Carlos’s position with my hand on his cock, and Tomas kept up the pressure on my neck trying to get back into position. Phil moved behind me now, feeling up my developing bottom. He was about to discover my hole, and I poked out my ass to help him find it.

He also found my gold-plated dick cage and jingled it around. My new tighter cage was restricting my little peenie again, and I felt its constriction as it prevented my useless peenie from getting erect. I found the pressure and the twinge of pain reassuring; it helped remind me of my sub place.

It seemed Tomas and Carlos had come to an agreement and were alternating turns in my mouth, without struggle; one would drive down my throat a few times and give way to the other repeatedly. I used my right hand to massage Wayne’s delicious looking cock and the other to try to give Phil better access to my hole. He soon had a long thin finger up there, and I squirmed on it hoping for more. The pressure on my still tight sphincter was delightful, but I wanted more of everything.

When Tomas pulled out of my mouth and Carlos was about to go in, I gave Carlos a sign I was ready for more. He got my meaning and went into the hall bath and came back with a towel. He interrupted the other guys and stood me up and dried all the piss off me. Then, led me to the bedroom by the neck. Carlos was not exactly a Dom, though he could kind of fake it. He was trying his best, and I was enjoying it, but Tomas suddenly took over the role.

I was glad he did because Tomas was really good at it. He had me get the thick choke collar he spied on my dresser and put it on me; then, he tied a rope to the two bedposts at the foot of my bed. He tied the collar in the middle so I was bent over nearly in half, while the top of my body hung from the collar. I was just shy of choking and my mouth was a perfect height for any of the men kneeling on my bed to comfortably throat fuck me, my ass was at a perfect height to be fucked from behind.

Having arranged me this way, Tomas took it to be his right to be first in my ass, and so positioned himself to do just that. He did not go gently in, but just rammed his above average cock deep into me in one sharp stabbing motion. It hurt like hell; I had not had a real cock since the gangbang and was unprepared. I didn’t mind the pain, though Tomas’s cock being slightly smaller helped; but I loved that burning pain of being fucked nearly dry.

Wayne climbed on the bed and fed me his magnificent cock to stop me from screaming. I welcomed it gladly happy to be spit-roasted and with the promise of more. I let myself get lost to it and was content. I was mentally thanking my Master for affording such a wonderful experience, already anticipating his discipline to follow.

Phil joined Wayne in front of me and they began to take turns driving their big cocks down my throat, while Tomas pounded my little ass. Carlos found a little knotted flogger and struck my mid-back with it. The pain drew me out of the comfy sub cocoon I had been building, and I nearly choked on Wayne’s cock.

“Ughhh, mmm, mmm” I grunted through the cock in my mouth.

He struck me again, but I was more ready this time, and I leaned down to better open myself to the cocks assaulting me, choking myself a little bit more. I was gladly letting all three cocks have as much access as possible Phil and Wayne switched, and I screamed for Tomas to fuck me harder. And Phil stuffed my mouth full of cock. I twirled my tongue around the foreskin whenever I could, perversely loving it, though, frankly, it was a bit rancid in there.

Carlos struck me again, I did the same, but then he and Tomas switched, and I was impaled on Carlos’s fabulous cock. He is much bigger than Tomas and the effects were instantaneous. I was going to cum from this, and it would be soon. Tomas took up the flogger and struck me high on my back and around to my chest; the lash just licked my nipple on the other side. That sent me over the edge, and I began to quiver into my first orgasm of the afternoon.

My new gold cage filled with the clear semen and dripped, as I quivered and moaned like a bitch, while they ass-fucked, throat-fucked and flogged me. I couldn’t be pleased with my special reward. I loved my Daddy for giving me this. It felt so good I couldn’t wait to be to pay him back for it. I had forgotten my petty jealousies and all was right with the world.

When I had finally settled from my deep orgasm, the boys did a musical chairs turn were they rotated one position to the right. Tomas’s cock went from my ass to my mouth; Wayne’s cock went right up my ass, Phil took up the flogger, while Carlos waited for his turn in mouth.

They all seem to get into a rhythm and they were alternating with more frequency. A few times I lost track of who was fucking where and who was striking me. After a while Tomas and Carlos decided they wanted to fuck my ass together. I was thrilled when I heard this, having done it before. I couldn’t wait to try it again.

“You want two cocks in your nasty sissy hole, faggot!?”

“Ymm, pwthth!” I moaned around Wayne’s fat cockhead.

I was thrilled by this prospect and eagerly waited, as they prepared, still worshiping Wayne’s big cock.

Tomas brought over a small stepstool, used to reach the top of the closet, and positioned himself on it and under me. He pulled my bottom down until he had implanted his cock in my hole. The pulling caused me to choke as I had to readjust to the new position. Wayne’s fat cock was down my throat at the time, and I had difficulty keeping him there.

Once we all settled in, I went back to sucking on Wayne; Phil was flogging me and Carlos began to push his delicious cock into my already stuffed hole. He spit a few times down my crack, and I felt the wetness as Tomas pushed his cock into me. But I wanted that second cock in me. I was so hungry for that fullness and the smuttiness, the perverseness of it. I lavished oral attention on Wayne’s cock to distract from the anticipation I felt for what was happening behind me.

Suddenly, a big pressure; a push; a sharp piercing pain; and Carlos was passed my sphincter, then inside past the tip of Tomas’s shorter cock. He was soon relentlessly tapping on my prostate; that and the full feeling and the thought of how depraved it was to be full of two cocks, three guys I didn’t even know were using and abusing my holes, fucking me and pissing on me and flogging me. And… I just loved it. I was cumming uncontrollably. I threw myself forward choking myself on the collar and Wayne’s fat cock.

I was out of body again. Observing the debauched scene, as if from above: envisioning how deliciously Carlos’s big cock was sawing into my ass, made tight by Tomas’s smaller cock being in there. I could only feel myself shake and tremble from cumming so hard. I was finally brought out of my spell when Phil struck me with flogger in my mid-back.

Carlos was breathing hard and pistoning in and out of me while Tomas kept his cock motionless inside me. I could tell Phil would cum soon, and I wanted to feel it spurt and spray my insides with his spunk, but he pulled out jumped on the bed, pushed Wayne out of the way and came down my throat. I hoped he would save some for me to taste, but he was too eager. I held him down my throat for as long as he wanted; I could feel his spasms diminish as his cock slowly stopped spurting.

As soon as I finished cleaning off his cock, I hoped Wayne would be replace him in my ass. That cock was amazing, I could only imagine if I could get him and Phil in my ass at the same time. With this vaguely in mind, I was grinding down on Tomas’s cock, using my ass muscles to tighten my gaping hole to make him cum quickly and be replaced by Phil and Wayne.

It worked, but it took me nearly choking myself from exertion. Tomas was trying to outlast me, so I had to work hard at it. When he finally came, I gave him no real choice but to cum deep up my ass like I wanted.

He seemed disappointed as he wriggle up from the stool, but I had him bring his cock to my mouth for attention. He liked that, as Wayne took up his spot on the stool and I settled him into my gaping cunt. Remarkably despite how distended my ass had been I could feel every bump and vein on that marvelous big black cock as I sat myself down on it and awaited Phil’s big red monster to join him.

Tomas’s cum made my ass extra slippery, when Phil pushed his long cock in alongside Wayne’s, it should have been more painful, but I was so loose and slippery back there that he just slipped on in. I could hear a series of farting sounds as my ass accommodated these two big cocks. The sounds again made me feel so dirty that my little clitty pushed hard against its tight restraints. I was grateful for the cage, preventing the embarrassment of getting hard before these real manly men, as if a sissy whore like me could compete.

It also kept my focus on my true erogenous zone, my asshole and reminded me of my submissive position. In the past, had been embarrassed by my tiny penis, and its unrigid tendencies. The cage reminded me of its uselessness. And I reveled in how miniscule it had become and how it was forbidden from hardening. I wasn’t a real man, like the guys fucking and abusing me now. No one wanted to see my teeny clitty get hard, least of all me.

I was skewered once again by two big cocks in my ass, and I was still choking myself with the collar. I was so delighted, but thought it all seemed like “feast or famine.” Either I had a bunch of cocks, or I was starving for them. I imagine this was part of Noah’s plan to keep unbalanced. But I was so aroused that I was on the verge of cumming the whole time, just so exhausted to muster the energy to cum again. Phil was the next to cum, and I loved that it had turned out that way.

Now, Wayne, who had been happy to thrusts slow and steady while Phil banged away in there, began to drive in and out me with more intention. Tomas had been disappointed that I made him cum before he wanted to; he watched the other two assfuck me with a deep focus. He now came over and shoved four coned fingers in my mouth and made me suck on them. Then, soon removed them covered in my slobber and moved toward my ass.

He pushed his hand up against Wayne’s fat cock in my ass and wriggled it in there alongside. As exhausted as I had been, they began to establish a rhythm which started me on my final orgasm of the night. It was obvious to me that Wayne too would not last long at the rate they were fucking me my, now, super tight hole.

I was right. As I began to melt into my final orgasm, it seemed to suddenly excite them both and they just fucked into me at top speed, while Tomas kept strong pressure on my shoulders making me choke. I could only distantly feel the oozing warmth of Wayne’s seed filling my hole and making me all slick down there again.

When they finished, first Tomas reached around and made me suck on his cum-covered fingers, then Wayne twisted from under me and out of the stool and got on the bed to offer me his wonderful cock. I loved the taste of his cum and lapped on his cock until it got too much for him and he withdrew to the guest bath to clean up.

I was left hanging by my collar, musing on my wonderful afternoon gangbang. I just love the sensation of being used and abused by manly men like that, then humiliated further by being left like this. I felt simultaneously appreciated and discarded. I could just hang there enjoying the feeling, still shivering from my amazing orgasms.

All the other guys left, hooting and bragging about how they had just destroyed my nasty faggot cunt. Carlos came over and whispered in my ear.

“What a nasty fucking whore you are, Petey. You ready to pay for getting fucked so good!?”

“Oooh, yesss!”

He pecked my cheek and pulled out his cell. As he walked out, I heard him say, “Yep, she’s all ready…!”

Carlos’s tone was ominous, but I knew beforehand that I would have to “pay” for my pleasure, and I was happy to. I was thrilled to be punished by my Daddy, without having to feel the terrible guilt as before, or the fear that might lose him for disloyalty. I hung there happily awaiting my fate. Wondering what discipline Daddy would impart on me.

A Surprise…

I stood bent over, hanging from the collar at the foot of my bed waiting for my Master to exact payment for my afternoon of mind-blowing indulgence. My body pulsed with a mixture of ache, satisfaction, and anticipation. I could hardly wait for Daddy to come in so I could repay him for the kindness of allowing me to feel so good with those men.

I could feel the effects of the flogger down my back. They had struck me moderately, not marking me; it was like an appetizer to what I hoped Daddy would do to me, so I could be satisfied I had paid him back for his wonderful gift. My gaping hole gasped and spasmed with the impression those two big cocks last in my ass left. I wished someone had plugged me up before leaving. Before leaving, Carlos had turned off the lights, the shades in the room were drawn and the room was pitch black.

I hung there for what seemed a long time. I was so desperate for my Daddy to come to beat me and make me feel even better for what I had done earlier as he would reassert his ownership of my body.

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