Patty’s Lace Ch. 15 – Fetish – Free Sex Story

Patty’s Lace

This is the story of Patty and her Adventures in the city. Be sure to check out the profile to read the foreword to her story, and a link to image albums of the outfits used during appointments kept.

Chapter 14, Thrifty Monday!

Waking up to gorgeous red half-slip she was wearing wrapped around his hard cock, Young stirred as Patty quietly climbed from the bed. Plugging in the pot, the elixir of life started to brew, as she found some cinnamon rolls in on top of the fridge. Going to the bath, she stepped out of the slip leaving it on the floor outside the bath door and started the Shower.

Hearing the bath door open, she fist-bumped with James as he reached into her Shower and started purring. He joined her after a few minutes in the Shower with of all things, a cinnamon roll, feeding her, taking a bite, and she finished it up, giggling. They played with and washed each other until as usual, the Hot water ran out.

Patty dried James and be-bopped out of the bath, to the armoire. Some full cuts went up her legs followed by a pretty Dreamtime mini half-slip that she sewed the gorgeous four-inch-wide lace to its bottom herself. Walking to the kitchen, she poured a cup as he joined her kissing her neck as his arms went around her waist.

She started pouring a cup for him and he whispered, “Just water, please.” She poured his coffee into her cup, rinsed his and filled it with water.

Patty’s phone chirped and she answered Cindy’s call, “Wake up, Sleepyhead, I’m on the way, see You in about thirty!” Is your buddy coming?

Patty asked Young if he was coming and he replied, “I’m sorry Sugar, I have to get some more sleep for my shift tonight, maybe next trip out?”

Looking up with pouty lips, Patty said, “Ok” then added, “Back in the Saddle, Cowboy!” and smiled answering Cindy with, “James can’t come, but Steve will be with us. I’ll call him, See You soon!”

Patty rang Steve’s number and he answered as she moved between the back of the couch and side window topless, in just her slip and panties. She saw him as he answered move into his living room, and they looked at each other as they chatted.

“Get ready, Cindy will be here in a few minutes for Thrifty Monday! You still coming, right?” Patty asked.

Steve answered laughing, “Sure! It looks like You may need to get ready though!”

Patty looked down then back up and her boobs jiggled as she shrugged her shoulders at him saying, “See You downstairs in a little bit!” and they clicked off.

She traded the Dreamtime slip for a lacy Lorraine mini half-slip and a floral print skirt went up her legs over the pretty slip that fell to about mid-thigh. Patty then put on a crop-top that had a vintage Wynn’s Friction Proofing Hot Rod logo with no brassiere under and tied it off as James adjusted the Golden Heart Belly Chain from Hadra. He sat in the chair playing with her feet as he put her lace topped socks on them and tied the All-Stars tight.

Patty grabbed a casual clutch, putting her money clip, cards, and essentials inside and headed for the door. Stopping when Young put his arms around her waist, Patty turned, and her arms went around his neck. They swayed in the open doorway for a few moments looking into each other’s eyes, as he said. “Have Fun and Good Luck with the Treasure Hunt!”

They kissed and Patty replied, “I wish You could come, but You Sleep Well, with Sweet Dreams, Cowboy!

James said, “My Dreams will be of You.” as she walked down the hall, then looked over her shoulder and blew him a kiss.

Now it was his turn to sit in the big bay window. He watched as she came out of the building, standing on the sidewalk, Steve came out of his building after a few moments and Patty kissed his cheek. They chatted looking up and down the street. After a couple of minutes Cindy’s Chevy Suburban rumbled up the street, did a three-point turn and pulled up to them.

Steve held the door open for Patty and she stepped into the front passenger side. Gently closing it, He stepped into the rear passenger side. As they pulled away and took off, James thought, “They are in Good Hands, as he climbed out of the window and back into the bed of slips.

As they rode toward Lisa’s House, proper introductions between Cindy and Steve were made and it wasn’t long until Cindy pulled up in the drive and blew the horn on the Suburban. After a few moments, Lisa stepped out looking fantastic in her long organic cotton rust color Boho Skirt with wrap top. She had on tan boots and when she walked there was just a little peek of formal slip lace from underneath.

Cindy said, “Let’s step out for a minute,” as she opened her door. Patty did the same from the front passenger seat as Steve exited the rear driver’s side.

Lisa bounced across the yard, yelling, “Hi S-Sissie” as her lavish lace fell from her skirt. Cindy gathered Lisa up in her arms for a hug while Patty leaned against the front of the Suburban with Steve out the door on the driver’s side noticing some Vassarette Signature lace peek out from under Cindy’s dress. Lisa bounced from Cindy’s into Patty’s arms with a “Sissie!” as Patty caught her.

They hugged and Patty said, “You look fabulous!” Lisa took a couple steps back and twirled then giggled, as Cindy said, “Let’s get going!”

Patty chimed in with, “Lisa, I’d like for You to meet a friend of mine, his name is Steve.” as Lisa approached him with a hand out. Patty said, “Steve, meet my Sister, Lisa!” It felt so good to Patty to be able to say those words.

Steve gently took Lisa’s hand and kissed it, saying, “Very Nice to meet You, Lisa,” She bounced around and into the front passenger seat of Cindy’s Suburban as Patty joined Steve in the backseat. Some of Patty’s Lace popped out as she slid in.

Skytower walked out on the porch in full uniform, cup of coffee in hand, and the Suburban unloaded. Cindy ran to Him and jumped in his arms, kissing his cheek. He spun her around and set her down gently. Patty walked up and he grabbed her, picking her up and spinning her as she giggled and kissed his cheek. Setting her down, he looked at the three sisters and asked, “Where are my Treasure Hunters going today?”

Patty spoke up saying, “Ohh we have a tour guide!” Steve walked up and the guys shook hands as Patty introduced them properly.

Sky said, “Hey, I recognize You! Are You the guy from the Aetós report?”

Steve replied, “Yes” relieved because it’s usually not a good thing when a cop recognizes you!

Skytower continued with, “Man, I really like Your Podcast” as Cindy and Patty snuggled with him, one on each side. “You really do News and Politics well!”

Lisa fidgeted around in her bag, producing her phone as Steve said, “Thanks!” She tugged Steve’s shirt and he moved by her as she prepared to shoot images of Her Man in Uniform with Cindy and Patty on each side of him, snuggled in close.

After shooting the images, Lisa handed the phone to Cindy and went to Sky snuggling in. “Big Smiles, Biiiigggg Smiles!” Cindy shouted while she snapped images of the trio, a few of them as Lisa looked up to Sky with admiration.

A little bit of chat, and a long, see You later, alligator kiss for Lisa and Sky, everybody loaded up as Cindy fired up the Suburban. Sky was shouting, Have Fun and waving as they backed out into the street.

Approaching Beverly Boulevard, Cindy asked, East or West?

Steve chimed in with, “I know a place on Melrose, called get this, Wasteland if it sounds interesting.”

“How ’bout it, gang?” Cindy asked.

Lisa bounced in her seat excitedly, clapping her hands, Patty punched Steve’s arm in the back seat saying, “I’ve been there, lotsa cool stuffs, Good Choice!”

“Ok, Wasteland it is” Cindy said as she put the address in her GPS and straight-ahead crossing Beverly Boulevard, they went! She also looked Steve’s way through the rearview mirror, a lot, smiling.

Heading west on Melrose they found a spot, and everybody piled out of the Suburban. Crossing the street and going inside, the group split up. Patty started thumbing the racks, looking for of course, Vintage Slips! Finding a few, she ended up with three lacy full slips and two half-slips, along with a couple of camisoles. Patty joined Lisa and Cindy as a lady was retrieving a tye-dye drawstring bag from a display case for Lisa. Handing the bag to her, Lisa looked up and smiled wide as Cindy said, “Thank You”

Nodding to both, the lady said, “Your Quite Welcome” then scurried away to help other customers as Lisa looked inside the bag as if it were a treasure chest.

Steve came around the corner with an armload of clothing and a Cool Fedora on his head. Patty turned and called him, “Indy” as he reached into her basket grabbing a lacy coral color vintage half-slip for a closer look. The ladies giggled at the Indy remark, as he said, “Nice” and dropped the slip back into the basket.

Lining up, they paid for their purchases and out to the Suburban they went. Cindy remarked, “Ladies and Gents, this is a good start, but we need to have this truck loaded and full, by sundown!” Everybody laughed as Lisa switched the contents of her purse into the new to her tye-dye bag.

“There is another place just down the street to check out, if You like,” Steve said and added, “Just a couple blocks away.”

“Great!” Cindy said, “We can leave the truck here!” plucking change into the meter.

Taking Patty’s arm on one side, and Cindy’s arm to his right, the group strolled down to and crossed Gardner with Lisa staying close to Cindy. As they went inside the store on the corner, they grabbed some oversized hand baskets and stayed pretty close as they explored the store for treasures.

Lisa found a nice casual long dress in the racks and took a couple steps back as she held the dress up for Patty to see.

A woman came around the corner, bumping her cart into Lisa, then looked at her with a scowl as she just about yelled, “What is the matter with You?”

Lisa turned and said, “I ap-ap-apologize, I’m sor-sorry.”

The woman looked Lisa up and down and started berating her making fun of her stutter and saying things like, “What are You? The female version of Forrest Gump?” as she laughed.

Patty grabbed Lisa, taking her into her arms, holding her tight and turning her from the vile woman’s continued attack as Lisa cried out. Looking over her shoulder Patty growled, “Go away, I’m warning You, Go Away!”

Cindy came flying around the corner glancing at Patty as she shielded Lisa from the repugnant woman’s verbal onslaught while she passed by them dropping her full hand basket and right into the woman’s face, saying, “Lookee here, bitch. I don’t know what your problem is, but You better fix it, right now or I’ll drop You where You stand.”

Cindy continued as she moved forward while the woman moved back leaving her cart. “Nobody, I mean Nobody makes My Sister cry, What the fuck, I mean, REALLY, What the Fuck!” The woman started to speak, but Cindy shut her down, pointing, “Just walk away, in that direction, while You can.” as Steve joined the group.

She did and showed back up with a manager after a couple of minutes as Patty and Cindy consoled Lisa and dried her eyes.

The manager told the group that it was time for them to leave and Steve stepped up, getting in his face. “So that’s it? You don’t want to hear both sides?”

The manager just crossed his arms over his chest and said, “I can call the police, if You would like to explain this to them.” Steve and the manager went into a staring contest until he heard a thump and looked over his shoulder.

Lisa’s foot was on the edge of her hand basket that she just knocked over, spilling the clothing and other items on the floor as she stared directly at the manager with a defiant, stern look on her face, not saying a word.

Patty was next, kicking her basket over as she put an arm around Lisa’s shoulders staring at the manager with a Fuck-Off look on her face. Cindy flipped her basket sending what she was planning to purchase into the floor and put an arm around Lisa staring at the manager with a Drop-Dead look.

Steve stood between the manager and despicable woman as the ladies passed behind him. Steve looked the manager straight in the eyes lifted his basket to chest level and dropped it at the manager’s feet as he said, “Fuck this dump, Fuck this dump, and Fuck You, Man. Then joined the ladies at the door.

The manager just looked at the clothing, small household goods, and deco scattered on the floor from the four oversized hand baskets, which was worth perhaps a thousand dollars, then into the woman’s basket with maybe twenty-five dollars of goods inside and said nothing as he turned and walked away.

The Suburban pulled onto the boulevard as Lisa said while looking down. “I Sor-Sor-Sorry, I’ve sp-spoiled everything.” The truck flew into a spot and screeched to a halt as Patty’s hand went to Lisa’s shoulder from the back.

Cindy turned to Lisa and said in a low, almost combative tone, “Get that outta Your head, Sister. You’ve spoiled nothing, now take that apology back.” Lisa looked at Cindy with tears in her beautiful eyes, as Cindy said again, “Take it back, Sister.” Lisa looked at Patty who nodded her head yes with a hand on Lisa’s shoulder

Lisa looked down and said in a hushed tone, “I take it back.” Cindy reached over and lifted Lisa’s chin then leaned toward her as she wiped away Lisa’s tears with a tissue. Looking into Lisa’s eyes, Cindy said, “You know we got each other’s six, right Sissie? Shut off the waterworks and let’s get some lunch.”

Looking away then back with a silly grin on her face Cindy said, “Besides, did You know elephants can roll through doughnuts if done at the right angle?”

Lisa burst out laughing through her tears and they went away, quickly as she said, “You kn-know I gots your s-s-six, Sissie.” They fist bumped and Cindy pulled the Suburban into gear as Lisa said, “Mmmmm Dou-Doughnuts! Now I Hun-Hungry!”

Cindy looked over with that silly grin saying, “Ha! Homer! as she pulled back out onto the boulevard.

Patty squeezed Lisa shoulder and settled back in her seat. Lisa turned and smiled as Steve chimed in with, “Hey, ya’ll like Cuban? I know a place over in Culver City on Venice that serves up a killer Cubano! My treat! I think there is a doughnut shop close too!” Steve said and winked at Lisa.

Cindy looked in the mirror at Steve, and said, “I Like Your Treat,” laughing as Lisa bounced in her seat excitedly clapping her hands.

Patty looked at Steve and said, “I guess it’s unanimous” as Cindy got the SUV turned around. Lisa stuck her tongue out as they passed by the store they were just kicked out of, and everybody laughed.

Pulling up in front of Versailles, everybody stretched their legs as they made their way to an outside table, since inside the restaurant was packed. A waitress came out front as they sat with menus and a pitcher of tea along with set-ups.

She was Gorgeous and may have been Cuban as Her and Steve spoke to each other in Spanish. She hugged Steve’s neck and kissed his cheek as he said, “Everybody, this is Hermosa” Switching back to Spanish he said, “Hermosa, esta es Patty, conoce a Lisa, y esta es Cindy!”

Hermosa held out her hand and all shook as they were introduced, then she said, “It’s good to meet You, Ladies and always good to see You, Steve. How is your show doing? I see more and more are tuning in! I’ll be right back to take your orders.” and she went back inside.

Patty punched Steve’s arm and all the ladies giggled as Steve shrugged his shoulders with a stupid grin on his face.

A couple of guys gave Steve a thumb’s up as they went inside, while his group of three Stunning Cali Girls giggled and they all chatted until Hermosa returned for the lunch orders.

Cindy was helping Lisa with the menu, so Patty started out, “I would like the Cubano, with chips. Steve says it’s Killer! Cindy was next ordering for Lisa and herself choosing Cubano. one with chips, one with fries. Lisa chimed in with, “Freedom Fr-Fr-Fries, Please!

Hermosa smiled at Lisa as she said, “Papas fritas de la libertad para ti, Lisa!” Then turned to Steve saying, “Tu almuerzo habitual Estaban, Cubano con patatas fritas?”

Steve smiled and said, ¡Parece cubano por todas partes! Tres con fichas, uno con,

“Papas fritas de la libertad!” Hermosa replied with a wide smile then said. “Traeré una jarra fresca de té, solo un momento.”

Cindy excused herself and Lisa and they went to take care of business. Patty asked Steve about the conversation in Spanish, and he said, “Oh, four sandwiches are on the way. Three with chips, one with Freedom Fries for Lisa! Hermosa will be out with a fresh pitcher of tea in a few minutes, and I’ll be right back”

Lisa returned to the table, by herself, giggling. Sitting by Patty, Lisa tapped her on the shoulder and nodded to the inside of the restaurant giggling as she said, “Your Friend wan-wants My Sissie!”

Patty looked inside the restaurant, finding Cindy leaned back against a post, with Steve’s hand above her head, leaning on the same post. Cindy looked down, then back up with a sparkling smile as Steve the Smooth Operator and Cindy chatted. After a few minutes Hermosa brought lunch then Cindy and Steve returned to the table, holding hands.

Hermosa placed the sandwiches saying, “¡Cubano con papas fritas para ti, Cindy! Disfrutar ¡Cubano con Papas Fritas de la Libertad para Ti, Lisa! Disfrutar ¡Cubano con papas fritas para ti, Patty! Disfrutar y Cubano con patatas fritas para ti, ¡Estaban! Disfrutar” then filled the glasses with tea. Hermosa left a small bell, with them, saying, “I’ll be back in a little bit, but if You need anything, just ring!” and disappeared back inside the busy restaurant.

Patty took a bite of her sandwich and said, “Mmmmmm, I can see why this place is so busy!” Lisa and Cindy nodded in agreement. They chatted, giggled, and laughed until the fights were on when Hermosa brought the check and a couple of bottles of Cuban Mojo Marinade.

All three ladies were trying to grab the ticket as Lisa squealed with delight. Steve finally wrestled it from them saying, “Remember, My Treat!” as he laughed.

Patty replied, “Ok, but I got the tip” as all three ladies slapped a twenty on the table, then giggled looking at each other.

Steve said, “You know that’s more than the ticket?”

Patty smiled at Steve and replied saying, “Well, Maybe, I can get Hermosa to teach me Spanish!” Then Cindy upped the ante saying, “Hmmmmm, Maybe I can get You to teach me Spanish, Guapo!” as she looked into Steve’s eyes. Lisa looked at the two rubbing her index fingers together and giggling. Steve smiled as everybody headed for the Suburban to go do more shopping!

Lisa held the Front Passenger Door of the Suburban open for Steve, closing it after he climbed in, then slipped in the back with Patty.

“Where to guys? What store to raid next?” Cindy asked.

“I didn’t do so great picking that last dump, so somebody else chose!” Steve said.

Patty piped up, “How about Buffalo Exchange, on Main over in Santa Monica?”

Lisa, bounced around clapping excitedly, saying, “Buffalo!”

Steve replied, “I’ve not been there, Sounds Good!”

Cindy spoke the address into her GPS and took off down Venice Boulevard under the 405 heading toward Lincoln. Then over to Ocean Park.

Cindy smiled as she looked in the rearview while turning onto Ocean Park finding Lisa and Patty playing Paper, Rock, Scissors. Patty didn’t know, but she was now one of Cindy’s Sisters too.

Turning onto Main, Cindy said, “This must be our Lucky Day”, as she pulled into the spot right in front of Buffalo Exchange.

Going inside, Lisa found the spinner full of Sunglasses. Her and Patty tried on just about every pair as Cindy and Steve wandered around the store.

Cindy walked around the corner to Lisa and Patty and started trying on sunglasses. They all giggled then laughed when Steve came around the corner. He had a Black Pimp Hat with a Leopard Band and a Feather from the 60’s or 70’s on his head.

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