Pan-tasy Island Ch. 02 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

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Pan-tasy Island 2: Billions, Axe, Wendy and Chucks Rhodes

This series of stories is about the Peter Pan myth. In each story the female protagonist is named Wendy, but it will be a different Wendy.

Wendy here, I am married to Captain Hook and I work for Peter Pan. No, I am not Wendy Darling. I am Wendy Rhodes. My husband is Chuck, the Attorney General, and I am a psychologist for Bobby Axelrod, the billionaire hedge fund manager. Am I hung up on the Peter Pan myth? As a girl, I saw the play about ten times including Broadway and summer stock. I saw the movie about twenty times in theaters and on television. I even read several books of and about the story. So, no.

Why is Chuck, Captain Hook. He is spending his life trying to kill the crocodile that took his hand; that is my boss, Bobby. Why does he think that Axe is the crocodile? He believes that Bobby wants to sleep with me or already has. Worse, he believes that I want to sleep with Axe. He is right, but I also want to sleep with Harrison Ford, and I have not slept with either. Why is my boss, Peter Pan. Because there is nothing he enjoys more than fighting the pirate.

You know I am an excellent psychologist, because Axe pays me more than a quarter million per year to keep his crew on their game. So why haven’t I done the simple thing, and told my husband that going after my boss is hurting our marriage. Even if Bobby is a criminal, my husband prosecuting him is a conflict of interest, recuse yourself. I should tell Axe, “My husband, the Attorney General, is going after you. Don’t do anything actionable until he gets bored, and looks elsewhere.” Of course I told them that, but telling the truth to obsessed men is futile.

So for me Manhattan is Peter Pan’s island, never never land. First, Chuck, my husband. He is crazy. I make more money than him, but he has a more prestigious position, is well paid, and has better fringe advantages than Axe provides. With both our salaries, we can even afford to live in Manhattan. He has become verbally abusive. He asks me how sex is with Bobby. When I deny infidelity, he tries other colleagues. He even asks about sex with Taylor. Before Taylor was hired, we had an hour session, and I still do not know what their sexual equipment is. Bobby, just as crazy, is gonna get involved with cryptocurrency. Most people use it to avoid the law. You don’t want to deal with it when the law is looking over your shoulder. He says that he doesn’t like it either, but he will eventually sell it short, and make more billions. Why would a billionaire risk jail; like I said, obsessive.

I am gonna end my marriage. I will get rid of Captain Hook. If I cheat in front of his nose, Chuck will opt for a quiet divorce, since he is a public official. My first choice for cheating would be Harrison Ford, but that damn Aly McBeal keeps him on a short leash. He probably prefers anorexic thin anyway. That’s not me. So I am stuck with Axe. I am just kidding. While I am great with other people’s relationships, I married Chuck. I am obviously not great with my own. I am not gonna screw up my work. Axe is off the table. Anyway, besides fighting pirates, Axe is a kind of Peter Pan with his family. Then I realized it. There was another choice, another Chuck.

Chuck Rhodes, sr., my husband’s father, and almost as rich as Axe, all the time was surprised that his son could do as well as me for a wife. It was more a negative comment of my husband than a positive one for me. But he will be delighted to be my bed partner.

I found an evening when my husband would return from his office before ten o’clock. That was harder than you might think. I met my husband in a see through negligee, and pulled him into the bedroom.

“I have never had two men at once. Senior has been warming me up, join us.”

Chuck jr. almost flew back to the living room. I consummated my congress with Senior. Junior heard every moan. The divorce went according to my plan. I give Senior the girlfriend experience about twice a week, good restaurant, necking in the car, sex in the bedroom, sometimes on the couch. Neither of us is jealous, or wants to be exclusive. Chuck senior is also an investor in Industrial Light and Magic. Maybe he can sneak Harrison away from Calista, for me, for a night.

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