Oz Beach Boy Butts Bikini Babe – Anal

NOTES: This is an entry in the Summer Lovin’ Story Contest 2023, so I’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to vote. This story features my recurring character Matt (a muscular, well-hung, 26-year-old sex addicted male exhibitionist) in his younger years enjoying a spot of beachside anal sex with a curvy bikini babe. This is a CFNM story featuring voluntary male nudity, female-of-male body worship, fellatio, cunnilingus and anal sex. This is a work of complete fiction. All characters are over eighteen. I am endeavouring to write a CFNM “Oz Beach Boy” story in every Literotica category. This (rear) entry: “Anal”.


It was a bright, hot, gorgeous summer’s day in Sydney, Australia. 29-year-old Angela Martens looked at her bikini-clad body in the mirror, and for the first time in nearly ten years, she actually liked what she saw.

Sure, Angela was far from slim by general societal standards, but her body was curvy and womanly, and that was enough for Angela right now. After two tough years of gym work, sensible eating, and a major reduction in her alcohol intake, Angela Martens had shed 75 kilos, and she’d never felt better.

Once heavy, uncomfortable and grossly overweight, summer had long been an ordeal for Angela. While for most people summer meant fun, outdoor activity, and swimming at the beach or pool, for 165-kilo Angela, summer spelled over-heating, chafing, perspiration, and almost unavoidable body odour. Summer was, without question, Angela’s most hated season.

Unhappy with her body, Angela would cover up in long sleeved shirts and ankle length skirts despite the stifling heat, which only made her litany of problems worse. While everyone else was footloose and fancy free in the summertime, Angela Martens was a big, lumpen, sweaty mess of discomfort. But now, post radical weight loss, Angela was ready to embrace summer with both — now far thinner — arms.

Angela looked into the full-length mirror in her bedroom and smiled. The multiple chins that had framed her face were gone, as was the puffiness in her cheeks, leaving what Angela modestly saw as a sweet-looking, almost pretty face.

Angela stood tall at 5″7, and her dark brown hair hung in loose curls down to her shoulders. Her now big, wide eyes were a rich, striking, luminous slate green. Her breasts were large, heavy and pillowy, accentuated by her modest, supportive bikini top, while her stomach was still soft and a little flabby.

Angela was working hard to get her tummy flatter and more toned, but it was proving challenging. Her stomach, however, was a far, far cry from the thick, rolling mess of fat and flab that it had previously been. Angela ran her hands over her soft, fleshy mid-section and smiled. It wasn’t too bad…she was doing okay.

Even more challenging, however, was Angela’s butt. Completely covered by her full-back (she wouldn’t even consider a g-string, not for one second), high-waisted bikini bottoms, Angela’s butt was big, fleshy, and highly mobile. It jiggled when she walked, and her pants always pulled tight and hard against it. Angela’s hips were equally big, giving her a true hourglass shape.

With a frown, Angela turned around, and looked over her shoulder at her butt in the mirror. It was big and round and loose and fleshy, wobbling even when she was barely moving. Biting down on her bottom lip, Angela pulled her bikini bottoms into her butt crack with both hands, and then grimaced at the pale, pock-marked, cellulite-specked flesh suddenly revealed beneath.

“The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin’,” Angela muttered to herself.

Angela grabbed a big, bare butt cheek with each hand, squeezed them vigorously, lifted them up, and then let them crash back down in a fleshy heap. Giggling to herself, Angela repeated the action three times, enjoying the way her cheeks wobbled and bounced like two big bowls of jelly.

“Fuckin’ fat-ass,” Angela muttered to herself.

When she was at her heaviest, Angela’s big, jiggling, bubble-butt had been a source of fascination for many of the men she’d had sex with during that time. Most of these casual sexual partners were “chubby chasers” Angela had picked up online, and a lot of them liked to take her from behind so they could really push up against her big, fleshy derriere, and feel the true fullness of her body.

A couple of guys had even begged Angela to let them fuck her in the butt, and she’d eventually agreed, as much out of curiosity as her own natural eagerness to please. Angela had actually enjoyed the feeling of supreme violation that anal sex brought with it a lot more than she thought she would, and the 29-year-old was now always more than happy to take a back-door delivery, so to speak.

Looking at her lower half in the mirror, Angela frowned. As the pretty brunette often told herself, she was still a work in progress. But Angela was at least now comfortable enough with her body to head out into the hot summer sun, and take a trip to the beach for a day of sunbathing, reading, and swimming.

And maybe even a bit of perving too…the relentlessly single Angela had her fingers crossed there might be some cute guys on the sand in their Speedos for her to look longingly at. Angela hadn’t had sex for over a year, so she’d take anything she could get…even if it was just eye-fucking a hot surfer dude in his cossies.

Angela was enjoying a few days off from her demanding job as a senior systems transit analyst, and she’d opted to head to a beach not far from her home in Sydney’s north. This particular beach had a large ocean pool nestled in the corner with some nice concrete platforms to sunbathe on, and it was usually relatively quiet. Angela wasn’t quite ready to flaunt her body on a busy beach on the weekend just yet.

With a smile, Angela pulled on a sundress, a large hat, sunglasses, and a pair of slides. She grabbed her beach bag and water bottle, and then headed out into the bright summer sunshine. The feeling of warmth was invigorating on Angela’s pale skin as she walked casually to her car, and then took the twenty-minute drive to the beach.

After parking in a side street, Angela passed houses, shops and cafes, and then walked across the beach toward the ocean pool. The feel of the hot, crunching sand between her toes was extremely pleasant, and Angela was quickly reminded of how much she had always enjoyed the beach in the summertime before she got so heavy and overweight that it became a sweat-drenched, stinky chore.

Angela hadn’t always been overweight. She excelled at sport and physical activity while at high school, and was a particularly good hockey player. But after a horrible, ugly, drawn-out relationship breakdown in her early twenties, which was quickly followed by the sad and mysterious disappearance of her beloved pet cat, Angela comforted herself with food and alcohol, and soon began to put on weight. A new, largely sedentary job didn’t help, and neither did Angela’s addiction to reality TV.

In the space of little more than a year, Angela Martens ballooned from a fit, healthy, happy young woman into a grossly overweight, booze-soaked, depressed, largely isolated emotional and physical wreck. Angela was in a deep, dark hole, but she slowly, surely clawed her way out of it.

At the heated but wholly well-meaning urging of her older sister, Angela finally put the brakes on her morbid, self-destructive behaviour. For two years, Angela battled the overbearing excess of her own body until she’d finally shaped it into something she could feel comfortable with. Angela Martens was now a happy, horny woman.

With the searing summer sun reflecting off the sand and blaring into her eyes despite her large hat and dark sunglasses, Angela trotted up a small set of concrete stairs, and then looked eagerly around the pool area.

There was a nice spot in the corner of the platform overlooking the beautifully rolling waves of the beach, and Angela dropped her bag there. Looking up at the clear blue sky, the pretty brunette then spread out her big beach towel.

A shiver of nervousness bolted up Angela’s spine as she looked around, and then prepared to remove her sundress and strip down to her bikini, revealing her body to the outside world for the first time in many years. Angela looked around nervously again, and was happy to see that there was still nobody nearby.

“It’s now or never,” Angela muttered to herself, and then pulled off her large hat and dropped it on the ground.

With a resolute sense of determination, Angela grabbed the hem of her sundress, lifted it up over her waist and stomach, and then pulled it right off over her big, heaving breasts and curly-haired head. Angela dropped the now fully removed dress onto the ground, and then quickly put her hat back on.

For the first time in years, Angela stood in the hot summer sun in nothing but a bikini, her womanly curves and pale flesh finally revealed to the outside world with, well, absolutely no fanfare whatsoever. Nobody laughed, nobody whistled, nobody catcalled or mocked her…nobody even noticed. Angela Martens was in a bikini in the outdoors, and it felt great.

Concerned about her pale, sensitive skin, Angela slathered sunscreen all over every exposed inch of her body, rubbing it into her flesh with vigour. After she was done, Angela sat down on her towel, looked up again at the gorgeous blue sky above her, and then pulled a half-read Liane Moriarty novel from her beach bag.

For thirty wondrously calm, quiet minutes soundtracked by rolling waves and distantly squawking seagulls circling in the sky, Angela read her book until something far more exciting than Ms. Moriarty’s beleaguered soccer mums took her fancy.

Looking sneakily over the top of her book, Angela noticed a young man trotting up the stairs from the beach and onto the concrete platform of the pool. She looked over at a towel and small bag lying on the ground not far from her, and Angela guessed that they must have been his. The pretty brunette instantly sucked in her stomach and straightened her back.

As the young man got closer, Angela soon realised how truly, staggeringly handsome he was. With chiselled features, long, sandy brown hair that hung way past his broad shoulders, and a tall, impressive frame, this young man literally looked like he’d walked out of a high-end men’s fashion magazine.

His wet hair falling sexily over his face, the young man was dressed in a short-sleeved wet-suit, which was unzipped to the waist, providing an alluring glimpse of his hairy, muscular torso beneath. He carried a pair of dripping wet goggles in his right hand and a pair of salt-slicked flippers in his left, and walked with a real sense of swagger and confidence, almost gliding along the platform toward Angela.

This striking young guy looked like a real “action man” in his wet-suit too, and Angela imagined him jumping out of helicopters, rescuing people from wild seas, parasailing, and chasing down dangerous terrorists. Mainly, however, this young guy was just fucking hot.

“Come to mama,” Angela muttered to herself. “Hubba, hubba, hubba.”

As he passed by Angela, the handsome young man gave the pretty brunette a gentle smile, and then walked over to his towel and bag. He dropped his goggles and flippers on the concrete platform, and then unzipped his wet-suit all the way down to his crotch.

Angela watched over the top of her book through her dark sunglasses as the young man peeled the wet-suit off his arms, and then wrenched it from his body, letting it dangle loosely from his waist as he dug around in his bag and pulled out a pair of aviator sunglasses, which he quickly slipped on.

With a cheeky smile, Angela drank in the sight of the young man’s now completely bare torso. Covered in thick swathes of masculine hair, his pectoral muscles were rock-hard and perfectly formed, while his abdomen was heavily ridged. His big biceps bulged as he moved, and his strong-looking forearms rippled with quiet power.

Standing over 6″ tall with broad shoulders and long legs, Angela guessed this very handsome young man to most likely be in his early twenties. He was quite the sight, and Angela watched in wonder as the strapping hunk pushed his long, wet hair off his face with both hands, making his biceps bulge even more impressively.

The young man then slid the wet-suit over his hips and down his legs, gracefully stepping out of it completely when it fell down onto the concrete platform at his feet. Like a long-haired Greek god or warrior of myth, the young man was now near-nude, clad in just a skimpy pair of black, bikini-style Speedos, which showed off his lean, muscled body in all its hunky, masculine glory.

With just a tiny modicum of guilt, Angela continued to horribly objectify the young man, gazing at how snugly his Speedos clung to his toned, beautifully shaped butt, and how the remnants of ocean water dripped through his mess of body hair and glistened in the hot summer sun.

The handsome young man also, Angela couldn’t help but notice, really filled out his Speedos, with a very, very impressive front-bulge indicating him to be very well endowed indeed. Angela certainly wouldn’t kick a man out of bed for having a little dick, but she did prefer a sexual partner to be packing something impressive downstairs; it was prettier to look at, and it felt better inside her too.

So gorgeously attractive and physically impressive, Angela was literally enthralled by this young man, and though she was well out of practice, the pretty brunette felt the desperate urge to make contact and get a little flirtatious with him. The fact that she was obviously older than him gave Angela the added bump of confidence she needed.

After looking around from her beach towel to check there was nobody approaching and that they wouldn’t be interrupted, Angela laid her book down on her towel, pushed her big breasts together, and then opened up her legs a little…not too much, but just on the right side of naughty.

“How’s the water?” Angela called out, and smiled warmly. “Cold?”

“Oh, it’s great,” the young man replied with clear surprise. “It’s so hot in the sun…it’s just magic getting in there. It’s really refreshing.”

“Have you been diving?” Angela asked.

“Yeah, I was just having a dive around the rocks offshore,” the young man replied. “There are some beautiful fish around. It’s a great spot for diving. Do you know the beach well? Do you live here?”

“Not too far away,” Angela replied. “About twenty minutes’ drive. What about you?”

“No, I live in Camperdown…I just came over for a change of scenery,” the young man said, paused, and then smiled cheekily, “and the scenery here is really good…really good.”

He might have been incredibly handsome and volubly sexy, but this stunning young man’s approach to flirting was a little unsubtle and over-eager, which was hardly surprising given his obvious youth. Still, it wasn’t even close to being a turn-off, and Angela opted to roll with it.

“It certainly is,” the pretty brunette said with a smile, and then opened her legs even further. “It certainly is. I’m Angela, by the way. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, I’m Matt,” the young man said with a warm smile. “It’s nice to meet you, Angela.”

With the summer sun shining bright above them and the waves crashing nearby, Angela and Matt chatted and laughed for a few minutes, talking about the other beaches and attractions in the area, with the more local Angela offering a few friendly tips about where to go and what to do.

Through the whole conversation, Angela stared openly at Matt’s amazing body, her eyes raking up and down his frame, taking in the contours of his muscles and the bulging veins that coursed and threaded under his deeply tanned skin.

Angela’s eyes also returned constantly to the massive bulge in Matt’s Speedos, and the amazing promise that it held. It was as if his penis was literally fighting to get out. The pretty brunette was sweating with excitement, and in the throes of complete and utter lust. Angela was also certain that Matt had actually caught her looking at his crotch a couple of times.

But Angela had noticed Matt checking her out too, which sent warm shivers rattling up her spine. She’d noticed his eyes dropping a few times to check out her big tits, and she was sure he’d looked at her crotch too, probably hoping in vain to catch sight of a stray pube.

“I’m gonna go and check out the rocks over there,” Matt said during a slight lull in their friendly chatter. “It looks really cool.”

“Yeah, it’s lovely over there,” Angela said with a smile. “Enjoy, but be careful not to fall. It can be dangerous.”

“Thanks, Angela,” Matt said with a warm smile, and then dug around in his bag, eventually pulling out a bottle of tanning oil. “I’ll be careful, I promise. If I’m gone too long, send out a search party.”

“I’ll do that,” Angela said with a smile. “We can’t have you getting hurt or lost…you’ve barely got anything on!”

At this very naughty opinion, Matt looked right at Angela, and gave her an incredibly warm and exciting smile, his straight, white teeth on full, glorious display. It was almost like an inviting look of approval, letting her know that he liked her naughtiness.

Clad in just his skimpy Speedos and sunglasses, with his towel over his shoulder and clutching his bottle of tanning oil, near-nude Matt walked gracefully up a set of concrete stairs at the end of the pool, and then made his way over to the sprawling, deserted rocky expanse that stretched out to the ocean behind the pool.

People often took photos at the start of the rocky area, but the further you walked, the fewer people were around, and you would soon discover yourself alone amongst the enormous rock formations, some of which created nice spots for quiet, secluded sunbathing.

It was a slightly remote spot, and Angela couldn’t see anyone else around. As she eventually watched Matt disappear amongst the rocks, Angela thought desperately at what the handsome, amusingly flirtatious young man was up to.

With the obvious sexual chemistry bubbling away between them, Angela was absolutely certain that Matt wasn’t running away from her, but rather wanted her to follow him…she was certain of it. The pretty brunette decided to wait a few minutes, and then track the young hunk onto the rocky expanse.

Angela stared out at the rolling waves of the ocean from the pool’s concrete sunbathing platform, and enjoyed the feel of the hot sun on her shoulders and back. She looked down at her bikini-clad body, and smiled softly. Enough time had elapsed since Matt walked off onto the rocks…Angela was ready to go and discover the young hunk.

The pretty brunette walked up the stairs at the end of the pool, and felt her butt wobbling as she moved, its soft flesh luridly bouncing away under her bikini bottoms, almost twerking. Angela paused at the start of the large rocky expanse, and then walked carefully toward the ocean off in the distance.

Barefoot, Angela carefully climbed over large rocks, and moved between lower, flat ones until she was relatively far from the ocean pool and its concrete sunbathing platforms. Angela kept moving further and further along the rocks, her skin beginning to heat up as thick beads of sweat rolled down her face and onto her neck. Her large hat kept the summer sun out of her face, but Angela was still over-heated.

Her breasts and butt jiggling, Angela hauled herself up over a large rock, and then carefully scaled down its other side. She looked up, scanned the rocks around her, and was then greeted by one of the most extraordinary sights she’d ever seen.

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