Our Asshole Worship Ritual – Anal

My husband worships my asshole, in every way.

This was something I made clear to him before we married: you will give my ass your most special attention.

A lot of our sex now revolves around him fucking my ass with his tongue. I’ve all the time held the view that there is no greater intimacy in a marriage than allowing your husband to insert his tongue deeply inside of your tight asshole. Luckily, my husband shares this belief.

Last night, I texted my husband that I needed his tongue when he got home.

“Be in position when I get there,” he responded. I knew exactly what to do.

After a shower, I crawled on to the end of the bed, and got on all fours. I lowered my elbows down, so my face was on the bed and my ass was in the air. Finally, I spread my knees wide, fully exposing my pussy and ass. This is the position my husband decided he preferred me to be in, when I wanted my ass eaten. Our sex life is very ceremonial, which is a kink for the both of us.

I hear my husband enter the house, and walk in to our room. He sees I’m presenting my ass to him, in the agreed upon position.

“Oh my god…” I hear him whisper.

“Hi, daddy. I missed you.”

He walks over behind me and wastes no time kneeling behind my ass. He rubs his hands over each of my ass cheeks.

“Baby, daddy is going to eat you so deeply tonight. Let’s push that beautiful asshole open…”

With light pressure on both of my asscheeks from daddy, he separates me, and I do what I’m told.

“Push push push, baby….that’s a good girl. You’re open for me now.”

I pushed my knees open wider, giving my husband the best efficient access to my asshole.

“I’m going to put my tongue inside you now, sweetheart…” he leans in to me.

Neither my husband or I are big on teasing; we both love the feeling of getting deep right away.

I feel his wet, firm tongue slide incredibly deeply inside of my asshole. I moan out gutterally at the way it feels. He leaves his tongue in deep, and circles it around my anal canal. I rock back in to his mouth, spreading my legs wider to allow him deeper entry. My husband moans, enjoying his ability to go deeper.

Slowly, he removes his tongue, but not for long. I know he’s about to start my favorite part of our ritual. Even though I know what’s about to happen, my husband knows it turns me on immensely when he talks me through every step.

“Baby, I’m going to put my tongue back inside you. I’m going to kiss your asshole. But I want you to ask me for what you really want…..”

I moan out with pleasure.

Daddy, French Kiss me. French Kiss my beautiful, delicate asshole. Tongue kiss me like you did on our wedding day, but use my butthole as my mouth. French kiss my asshole, daddy….deeply…..”

Daddy wasted no time. Immediately, he began the most sensual thing a husband can do to his wife. He began to makeout with my asshole.

When I tell you I know without a doubt what the best feeling in the world is: it’s having your husband French kiss your asshole.

I rocked my hips in to him, as he sensually tongue kissed my open ass. Planting kisses on my pucker in between tongue thrusts. Gently sucking my hole. Circling his tongue deep inside of my anal cavity. It was an incredibly intimate and beautuful moment.

“Baby, where is my tongue?” my husband asked between kisses.

“It’s deep inside my butthole…..” I moaned through a shaking voice. I know switching the language to butthole drove my husband wild.

“That’s right, baby. Daddy is french kissing his wife’s gorgeous butthole…” he whispered.

“I’m going to cum, daddy…..I’m going to cum in your mouth….” I grabbed his hand for support.

“Cum, sweetheart. My mouth is ready to eat your cum…I’m going to suck it out of you…”

His mouth moved to my pussy hole, and suctioned on.

“Oh fuck, FUCK…..” I managed through shakes. “Fuck daddy, I’m coming….oh my god, here it comes. FUUUUUUUUUCK, daddy…..suck it. SUCK ME. SUCK MY FUCKING CUM – IT’S YOURS. Daddy SUCK ME!!!!!!!”

I came so hard in to his willing, waiting mouth. I continued to rock my pussy back in to him.

“Suck it, honey. Suck your wife’s pussy out…”

My husband flipped me to my back, pushed my knees aside and to my chest. The position used when birthing a baby, which he loves seeing me in. This position also makes it easier for him to suck my pussy out.

I held my husband’s head to my cunt as he sucked me, sensually. He probed his tongue inside me to make sure he got every drop.

He sat back a little admiring me in the birthing position.

“Someday you’ll be in this position again, sweetheart….pushing out a baby we made out of love. Pushing out the result of me pounding your gorgeous cunt so hard that I cum deeply inside of you. Impregnating you. Making my beautiful wife a mommy…” he whispered. “I’ll coach you through every push. Just like I coach you when I’m fucking you. When I’m sucking you out…” he whispered again, moving closer to my asshole. “When I’m……french kissing this gorgeous butthole…..”

With that, my husband pushed my knees back up to my chest again, probing his tongue deeper in to my asshole than he’s ever gotten. He proceeded to tongue fuck me anally, without mercy. Soon I was upsidedown, knees on the bed behind my head. My husband and I fuck primally, and alway have. The wondered of impregnating me sent him over the edge, causing him to lust for the taste of my hole again.

I held my ass cheeks open as wide as efficient, while my husband split me open with his tongue. When he’s this ravenous, I know he wants me to be extra submissive to him. He can hardly help from cumming immediately when I say filthy things to him.

“Pound my tight shithole with your fucking tongue, baby….pound it. Your tongue feels like a hard cock in my ass, stetching me out. Tongue fuck your wife’s shithole, baby…tongue it deep. My butthole belongs to you. It belongs to my husband. My anal canal, my tight hole, my little pucker….all yours, baby. This is your asshole. Taste your wife’s gorgeous shithole, daddy…” I moaned, as my husband continued tongue fucking me deep and hard.

I went on, knowing my vocalization of submission was pushing him to the edge.

“The night we got married…do you remember what you did to me, baby? You peeled off my wedding dress. You told me you’d fuck a baby in to me someday. And then you worshipped my asshole for hours. You sucked my asshole like you were starving, telling me every part of my body belonged to you now. Establishing that YOU were in charge. And I like that, daddy. I love being a whore for you….”

That did it. Calling myself his whore works everytime.

“Put your cock in my ass, daddy. Please. Ass fuck me, daddy…..” I begged.

He sat back to reveal his swollen penis. My husband has an absolute MONSTER cock; I know I’m the luckiest girl in the world. But admittedly, anal sex with him can be painful for this reason. I love it, though. I love the feeling of knowing his cock is deep inside me, in a place where it shouldn’t be.

“I’m not going to be gentle, baby. I can’t be. My dick needs to be inside your butthole…” he panted, as he spread my ass cheeks open and lined up the head of his penis with my waiting hole.

“Don’t be gentle, daddy. Ass fuck me hard with your horse cock. Cum deep in my guts…..” I begged, as I held my knees wide and to my chest, preparing for his entry.

And then, my husband pushed his massive cock inside me so deeply that I screamed.

“Baby…..oh fuck. Oh my fucking god, baby. Your asshole sucked my cock in. I’m so deep in this ass right now….” he moaned.

I was too full of pleasure to speak right away. My husband pumped his cock in and out of my asshole. Instinctively, I pulled him in to my mouth. We french kissed deeply, as he continued to fuck me anally.

“I love you baby…..” I whispered between kisses. “You’re SO deep in my ass…fuck…fuck my asshole, baby….”

“I’m so in love with you, sweetheart….” my husband said, as he plunged his tongue deeper in to my open throat. “Stay wide open for me, baby. I need to be able to ass fuck you deeper. God damnit, I love ass fucking my wife’s shithole….fuck, baby. Take daddy’s cock. TAKE IT like whore. Take this cock DEEPER in to that beautiful asshole…..”

And somehow, he DID get deeper. He was ass fucking me deeper than we’d ever accomplished.

We continued that way for awhile, the moment becoming less primally intense but more wet and sensual. We’d tongue kiss, and then he’d ask me where his cock was.

“In my tight asshole….” or, “deep in my shithole….” I’d say breathlessly, as we french kissed. “My husband’s cock is butt fucking me deep and hard…”

My husband instructed me to look to the side of our room, where a mirror was positioned. I watched him pump my asshole.

“Look at how beautiful that is, baby. A man ass fucking his wife….kissing her….tongueing her…..” he whispered. And he was right. It was incredibly gorgeous. Our marrige bed had been beautifully blessed nearly every night in one way or another, for the entire year since our wedding.

I locked eyes with him again as I tongue kissed him deep.

“Cum in my asshole, daddy…” I requested. “Fill your wife’s butthole with your seed. Act like you’re giving me a baby. Fill my guts with your cum…..”

My husband held me close and kissed me deeply.

“I’m going to cum in my wife’s gorgeous, tight asshole. In MY asshole. I’m going to pump my giant cock deeply in to your butt, and I’m going to explode….” he said through gritted teeth.

A few more deep, hard pumps, and I could see his muscles tense. I knew it was time.

“Daddy….oh fuck, daddy. Give me every drop of your cum. DRAIN your huge balls in my bowels, daddy. Fill your little wife’s asshole with creamy cum. Daddy, please. PLEASE. FILL ME. FILL MY ASSHOLE DADDY!!!” I screamed.

And then, the release. My husband’s balls contracted, and his beautiful penis unloaded his delicious semen deep in to my waiting bowels. It was an incredibly primal, intimate moment between man and wife.

“Daddy…thank you….thank you for your beautiful cock. Thank you for your strong tongue. Thank you for your delicious cum…..” I whispered graciously as I tongue kissed him.

“Baby…thank you for letting me take your asshole in every way possible,” he said, returning my kisses. “I’m grateful that I get to suck it. I love to French kiss it. And, I love to pound my huge cock in to it…..” he breathed.

“It’s yours, daddy. My asshole will forever be yours…” I whispered, as we both collapsed in to each other and continued to tongue each other’s mouths until morning.

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