OnlyFeet Pt. 01 – Fetish

OnlyFeet: Part 1

Note: Purely fictional story, all characters depicted are 18 and over.

I sat back on my couch and took a sip of my tea. Drinking tea was a fine art, truly. If you tried to take a sip too early, you’d get a scalded tongue for your efforts. If you waited too long, it was a disgusting lukewarm concoction that was beyond saving. However, there was that perfect Goldilocks zone of heat and drinkability that made it all worth it. The tea was perfect… my current predicament was not.

My sister sat opposite me, drinking her coffee. I had never been a coffee man, but she drank it religiously – one of her many vices. Even before she cleared her throat and parted her lips to speak, I knew what words would spill from her mouth. I had heard them many times before.

“Hey, Jalen, listen… I umm… I need some money again.”

At first glance, my sister Lyra was the model of independence. She’d moved out ages ago just after getting her first job, while my brother and I still mooched off our parents. She had her own apartment, a dog, a cat, a decent enough job – but the price of independence was steep. Economic frugality was never her strong suit, and a boatload of student loans hardly helped the matter. The past few months had been particularly hard as she had broken up with her boyfriend and the economy was gonna shit.

That was where I came in. I didn’t really need all that money from my job. I still lived with our parents, so my expenditures were practically nil. And she was my sister after all; I would at all times help her out if I could. Still, there was a limit to my generosity.

I gave her a hard look.

“Again?” I made no effort to keep the scorn from my voice.

She cast her gaze down and fiddled with a strand of her dark hair.

“I’m sorry! You know I hate begging for money like this, but I really need it. It’s not like you need it for anything right now…”

Her derision sent an angry frown on my face. I didn’t need the money? She deserved my money? She definitely wasn’t getting any with that attitude!

“I get it! But this is beginning to become a pattern – you need to put together a budget and cut your expenses! You managed all these years just fine until now.” I retorted. Part of my anger was directed at myself. I had allowed her to take money from me with nary a protest, and was annoyed at myself for being so weak. I had at all times found it hard to say no to her…

“I know, I know. Shit’s been tough lately for me though. I have been trying to figure out ways to make a little more money… filling out surveys and shit, and volunteering for compensated studies and such… It hasn’t been much though.”

“Jesus! ‘Compensated studies’, is that the stuff where they drug you and stick needles into you?!” I gasped exaggeratedly.

She rolled her eyes. “It’s nothing dangerous at all. It’s mostly just covid treatment plans and I’m usually in the control group. But like I said; it hasn’t helped much so I’ve been considering – something else.”

“What else? A better job? A smarter budget? Lottery tickets?”

“No.” She released a nervous breath, “I’ve actually been thinking of… of starting an OnlyFans.”

Utter disbelief stunned me into momentarily silence. I then started chuckling, “Nice one, but seriously – what’s your plan?”

She crossed her arms and frowned, “I’m serious you know. What, you think I’m not good enough for it?”

Now it was my turn to frown. I had the distinct impression that I had just entered a verbal minefield and chose my next words carefully, “That’s not the issue. I’m just surprised that someone like you would consider that.” She wasn’t a model, but Lyra was a fairly attractive woman. She had straight chestnut hair that fell just past her shoulders, and large brown eyes that had entranced many a male. She stood around 5′ 7″ and had a nice figure to boot – about D size boobs and a butt that stood out in tight clothing.

Her eyes narrowed. “Someone like me?”

I fumbled through my words in my haste to defuse the mine before it exploded, “Well – I – what I mean is that you have a lot of pride, and I wouldn’t think you would um… lower yourself and sell your body online.”

“Well what choice do I have? Even with the money I get from you guys I’m falling behind with rent, my boss won’t give me a raise, Milo’s been sick, Josh still won’t speak to me…” With each statement her voice grew louder and more agitated.

I held up a placating hand. “All right, I get it. But still – OnlyFans, really? Can you imagine if mom found out?” To say our mom was conservative would be the understatement of the century. She was the type to frown at elbows and knees showing in church; how would she react to her estranged daughter starting an OnlyFans?

Lyra shot me a piercing glare, “You better not fucking say anything or I swear to God I’ll…”

“What?” I chuckled, “You’ll throw your bra at me? You better get used to – “

I yelped at the oncoming missile thrown at my head. Not a bra, but a pillow. I continued to snicker. Oh, this would make for some truly great blackmail material if I ever got my hands on one of her videos. I frowned. Shit, would I really want to look at an Only Fans video of my sister? Suddenly the situation became a lot less funny.

I threw the pillow back and we started an impromptu pillow war. I would usually win these with ease thanks to my hand eye coordination from endless hours of video games, but now my mind was somewhere else entirely. I ducked to avoid a particularly vicious throw, and my eyes settled on my sister’s feet. Although I wouldn’t admit it with my dying breath, I always had a thing for Lyra’s feet. It started off when I was very young – one of my earliest memories was smelling my sister’s feet as she slept. She was the one that made me realize I had a foot fetish, and her feet were the ones I fantasized about the most to this day. I had many fond memories of jerking off to her stinky ped socks, worn flats, and even got the opportunity to smell her feet a few times. But now, I sensed a far greater opportunity before me.

As the pillow bombardment ceased, I started, “You know… all this actually reminds me of something.”

She paused mid-throw, pillow in hand, “What?”

Now it was time for the extreme bullshitting. “Well, I had this friend back in school, his name was Chris. We weren’t super close but we hung out a few times and talked. And… long story short, one day he found out his girlfriend had an OnlyFans.”

Lyra frowned. “Ok, so, how -“

“I’m getting there.” I cut her off.

“But when he went on the page, he realized all her videos were just foot vids.”

“Foot vids?”

“Yeah, literally just videos of her feet, obviously with some BS scenario or some shit. She wasn’t even naked in any of them. So originally, Chris was pissed as fuck that she had an OnlyFans but when he saw how much money she was getting just from showing her feet he was pretty cool with it.”

Lyra eyed me shrewdly, “So, what, you’re saying I should just show my feet instead of my tits or ass?”

I shrugged. “I’m just saying you would probably be more comfortable just showing your feet instead of – you know – your privates and shit. If it makes you money why not?” I struggled to keep my voice level as I concluded my fabricated story. Like all good lies, it had a kernel of truth. I had a friend, whose name wasn’t Chris, whose GF had an OnlyFans – except it wasn’t feet and he broke up with her over it.

She looked thoughtful. “I- I don’t know the first thing about making feet look sexy. I don’t even know if my feet are pretty, or…”

“They are.” I said instantly.

She gave me a strange look, “How do you know?”

I hastily backpedaled, “I mean, I’m sure they’re fine. You don’t have any warts or blisters, or flat feet or anything, right?”

“No, but… I haven’t got a pedicure in ages… And there’s probably a ton of dry skin on my heels…”

“Don’t overthink this,” I chuckled, “It’s not like the guys buying your videos are gonna be critically acclaimed connoisseurs of the female foot.”

She started laughing as well, and proceeded to plop her socked feet right on the table separating us. I felt a mild stirring in my loins from her assertiveness and the direction of the conversation.

“So, Connoisseur Jalen, what do you think?” She wiggled her toes as she giggled.

My eyebrows shot up as my dick continued its upward trajectory.

I put on a faux British accent and commented, “Hmmm, good shape, yes, decent proportions there… but you’re gonna have to take those socks off, madam.”

To my delight, she went along with my instructions and peeled off her mismatched pink and green socks that just barely covered her ankles. Her feet were size 8.5, which in my opinion were the perfect size – anything below 6 was almost childishly small, while 10 and above looked too close to male for my taste. She had nothing to worry about – her feet were gorgeous. They were nicely arched, with slightly darker patches around her balls and heels. The sole was a bed of soft, pale wrinkles just aching to be sniffed, and her toes marched down in descending order like beige marshmallows.

“…Well?” She asked.

I realized I had been staring like a fool and continued in the snobbish voice, “Yes, yes, I suppose that’ll do. Heels look a little dry, and those bare toenails somewhat bland…”

“What about the smell test, inspector?” She asked innocently.

I silently let out a whoop while my heartbeat soared. I leaned in and took an exaggerated sniff, and started coughing, “Eh hem, my, my… I’m afraid you’ve failed that particular test, madam. Tis a most odious mixture of pickle juice and vinegar…” Meanwhile the scent was pure bliss to my nostrils. It wasn’t particularly strong, and I ached to press my nose against her foot till I found the strongest source of that heavenly scent. Unfortunately, I had to withdraw my face quickly, as I didn’t want her to know I had a foot fetish.

She shook her head at my antics, and said in a normal voice, “But seriously – are they pretty, you think?”

I shrugged, and also reverted back to my normal voice as one hand subtly adjusted my erection, “Listen, I don’t have a foot fetish so I wouldn’t really know, but they seem fine to me. Either way, I think this,” I pointed to her feet, “Is a better alternative than… you know, the other stuff.”

She was silent for a while and eventually replied solemnly, “I think so too. I’m glad I talked to you about this. I would never have even considered… feet… could make money, but I’ll definitely give it a shot.”

I nodded. “Alright, sounds good to me. So, if you’re serious about this whole feet stuff,” she tentatively nodded, “then how about this. I’ll give you half the usual money right now, and I’ll use the other half to get some proper recording equipment and whatnot.”

She looked surprised, “Huh? I mean, I was just going to use my phone to do that.”

“If you’re serious about this you’re gonna need better quality than a grainy phone recording. Quality matters when you expect people to buy your stuff.”

Lyra looked at me suspiciously, “Since when do you know so much about this stuff?”

I rolled my eyes, “I’m not running an OnlyFans. It’s just common sense – you’re making videos, you could probably use something better than a phone. There’s no need to go overboard and buy some couple-thousand dollar shit, but a decent camera is a nice begin.”

She smiled tiredly. “You know… I’m glad you’re so OK about this stuff. I cannot even imagine talking to mom or dad about this.” She laughed awkwardly, “They’d probably try to get me exorcized or something. Listen… could you do me a favor and not tell them, or Dylan, about this?” Dylan was our older brother.

I acquiesced, “Yeah, of course.” I certainly did not want anyone knowing that I had just convinced my sister to start a foot fetish OnlyFans.


A few weeks had passed since my conversation with Lyra, and I was starting to get annoyed. The camera and recording accessories had arrived just a few days after our talk, but I had received no updates from my sister regarding her OnlyFans. I understood this was something pretty awkward to talk about, but I was the one who had given her the idea in the first place and bought her equipment to boot. I had a right to know if my… investment was paying off. If there was a video on the internet with my sis showing off her feet, I sure as hell wanted to see it.

Eventually I texted her and we agreed to meet at her place. I opened the door with no small amount of trepidation. On her good days, my sister could be called disorganized and lazy. On the bad – she was a complete slob. Luckily, it was only a minor disaster that awaited me as I eased open the front door. Bits of clothes were strewn about on the floor, and the musty scent of an unwashed room flooded my nostrils. I had seen far worse at her place. It was a fairly cheap studio apartment, but she had still been struggling to make the rent in the past couple of months.

“Hey Lyra!” I called out.

She greeted me from inside the kitchen, “Hey, what’s up?”

We sat down on a couch in the studio area and chatted for a bit. It was mostly mundane chatter about our work, family stuff, and some politics. She was wearing a black tank top which clashed nicely with her pale skin and showed off a fair bit of cleavage; along with a pair of old comfortable jeans I had often seen her in. Her feet were clad with simple white socks. Eventually I managed to steer the conversation to her OnlyFans.

“So… how’s the foot model career going?” I teased.

She scowled and muttered, “It’s not.”

I frowned, “Why, what happened?” I was eagerly (and financially) invested in her ‘foot model career’.

She shrugged, “I just… I don’t know. I cannot… bring myself to begin doing that stuff. I’ve been putting it off forever. Plus I don’t even know where to begin… I did try out that camera though – you were right, the quality is really good.”

“Hmmph.” I mused, “It sounds like you just need a kick in the butt.” I sighed dramatically, “It is my solemn duty as your brother to provide said kick. So – what are your plans for your first video?”

She looked at me blankly, “… Plans?”

“I see. OK then – let’s make plans then.”

“Jalen – you don’t have to do this. I know it’s probably awkward as fuck even talking about my – you know – OnlyFans.” She half whispered.

“I cannot say the prospect of a bunch of guys jerking off to your feet fills me with a particular sense of… joy. But it is what it is. I don’t and won’t judge you in the slightest for choosing to do this. Besides, it’s much easier to talk about since I don’t like feet at all.” I lied.

“Right.” She chuckled. “Remember when you were a little kid, and I used to make you smell my feet as punishment?”

I remembered. Vividly.

“Yeah, that was really nasty.” Even as a kid, I somehow knew it wasn’t normal to like feet and pretended to be disgusted by it.

“Anyways, back to planning – I guess we need to think of a plot for your first video.”

She laughed, “A plot? Are you serious? Come on, this isn’t Hollywood.”

“You’re right, it’s gonna be way better than that pile of shit. Seriously though – you cannot have porn without at least pretending to have plot.”

“I mean, I guess, but why cannot we just take a video of my feet or something and call it a day?”

I sighed. “Come on, don’t pretend like you never watched porn. Videos where the chick says nothing are boring as fuck. Although I suppose some guys are into the whole ‘ignore’ thing…Trust me, I’m a guy. I know what we like. The best videos are the ones with a ‘realistic’ plot because that makes it so much more immersive.”

“Damn, you must watch a lot of porn, huh? When are you gonna get a girlfriend?” She teased.

“Don’t change the subject.” I said, changing the subject. “I’m just trying to help you out. Your videos will be a lot better if you make up some stupid scenario. It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare. I could help if you want.”

“How could you possibly help in writing foot fetish scenarios?” She asked.

“I did some research.” I said smoothly. “There are some pretty common themes we can hijack.”

She laughed. “Wow, look at you. Research, plans… are you sure you don’t want to begin an OnlyFans instead?”

I shrugged off her jests, “That’s just the way I work. Alright, let’s see if we can come up with anything decent…”


After several hours of brainstorming and embarrassing ‘script writing’, we had something acceptable. The very thought of Lyra saying some of these things while showing off her feet had me semi-hard for much of the writing process. When she started practicing some of her lines I had nearly lost it.

“Come on, foot boy! Lick my feet you loser! Wow, are you really getting turned on by this?” She had then burst out laughing. “Wow, I cannot believe people actually do get horny from this. Crazy, huh?”

“Mmhmm, yeah.” I had said, as my cock threatened to tear through my pants.

It was surprisingly tiring work, and after digging in on some takeout we called it quits.

“Well, I didn’t expect I’d be spending the day writing porn with my brother.” We shared a chuckle.

“I’ll be honest, it was more fun than I expected.” I said. “If you ever need help with your… videos, you know who to ask.”

She smiled, “Yeah, it would be way more awkward if I was doing, like, actual OnlyFans stuff, but this is just feet. I still discover it difficult to believe that people will actually pay for feet, but hey, gotta try, right?”

“That’s the spirit!” I encouraged her, “Trust me, Chris said his girlfriend was making a ton of money from the foot stuff. Besides, even if it amounts to nothing… you cannot say you didn’t try.”


This time, I only had to wait a day for an update from my sister. She texted me and asked me to come over to talk about her first attempt at a video. It was progress at least. I wasn’t entirely sure what my endgame in this whole endeavor was, but I’d say seeing videos of my sister’s feet was a good start.

Thankfully, her place was noticeably neater. I supposed even Lazy Lyra (our family’s not so nice nickname for her) made an effort to clean up when necessary. She was dressed in her usual casual attire – a loose fitting shirt and some old jeans.

“Hey, how’s it going?” I greeted her as I plopped down onto my usual seat on the couch.

“Pretty good, all things considered.” She said as she sat down next to me. She placed her feet on the coffee table and my eyes immediately tracked her mismatched purple and green socks.

“So… made any progress on the foot front?” I asked.

She rustled her hair uncertainly, “Well, sort of. I’ll be honest, it took me a while before I was able to say some of those… lines… without cracking up. And getting the camera angle so it didn’t show my face was a pain in the ass. Here’s the best I got so far.” She fetched her laptop from the bed and put it on the table in front of us, loading up the video.

We started watching it together, which made me slightly uncomfortable. Normally, I enjoyed such videos alone in the bathroom with a box of tissues nearby – not next to my sister. It was pretty surreal, watching Lyra’s feet and voice on the screen in front of me. I had watched hundreds of similar videos on the internet, but something about hearing her and seeing those feet I knew all too well made me impossibly hard. My eyes remained glued to the screen as her toes wiggled and flexed. “Are you going to cum? Yeah, that’s it baby, blow your load all over these stinky soles.” The video Lyra said. I felt a warm strand of pre cum work its way down my shaft. This… was something else.

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