Obsessed with Her Feet: A Taboo Foot Fetish Tale

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As soon as I laid eyes on her, I couldn’t take my gaze away from her feet. They were perfect – slender and delicate with smooth, unblemished skin and perfectly painted toenails. I couldn’t withstand the urge to touch them, to feel their softness against my fingertips.

At first, I tried to hide my obsession. I would steal glances at her feet while pretending to be engrossed in conversation, or ask to give her a foot massage under the guise of being a good friend. But the more I tried to hide it, the stronger my desire grew.

One day, I gathered the courage to confess my obsession to her. To my surprise, she wasn’t repulsed or uncomfortable. In fact, she was intrigued. She told me that she had all the time enjoyed having her feet worshipped, but had never met someone who was as obsessed as I was.

From that moment on, we began exploring our mutual foot fetish. We would spend hours together, with me worshipping her feet, caressing them, massaging them, and kissing them all over. We tried everything, from foot worship to foot jobs, to indulging in our most erotic fantasies.

Our taboo relationship was a secret, hidden away from the prying eyes of society. But as we explored our fetish, we both knew that we were bonded by something deeper than just sexual desire. Our love for her feet was a passion, a shared obsession that brought us closer together than we ever wondered efficient.

Eventually, we decided to take our fetish public, attending fetish parties and indulging in our desires with other like-minded individuals. We found that there was a whole community out there for us to explore, a world where our obsession with feet was not only accepted but celebrated.

Today, we continue to indulge our foot fetish, to explore the depths of our passion with each other and with new partners. Our love for her feet will all the time be a taboo fetish, but we’ve learned to embrace our desires and live our lives to the fullest. After all, life is too short to deny ourselves the pleasures that make us truly happy.