Nipples Poking Through Sweater Hole – Fetish


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When we were living in the New England and the weather was cold so I took benefit of it. On evening my wife asked me to go shopping with her so I told her yes under these conditions she would go braless with her small breasts and have to wear a sweater which would let me pull her long light brown nipples through the knitting holes of her white sweater. She agreed to my terms. So I went to my tool box and get two small O-rings to place on her nipples. I told her to get topless and got out nipple suckers and put a small amount of lotion on each nipple. I wanted to stretch them out about an inch long. I slid the O-rings over the nipple suckers then placed it on one her nipples making sure it had a good seal. I started twisting the nipple sucker and watched as her light brown nipple was sucked into the tube. Her nipple was clearly stretched out a full inch that is when I slide the O-ring off the tube and onto her nipple. I released the suction and pulled the tube off her long nipple. I repeated the process on her other nipple with the same result.

With the O-rings on both of her nipples I knew they would remain long and hard until the O-rings were removed. She then put on her sweater and I pulled her inch long light brown nipples through the sweater holes so they were visible and poke out about three quarter of an inch. So off to the mall we went for fun and games.

When we arrived I parked half way down the lot since it was cold I wanted the cold air to hit her nipples making them even harder. I told her no jacket since I didn’t want her to cover the view. Once we got into the mall we started to walk around I would look at the men’s faces to see if they noticed her nipples a few did. We came across a skate board shop and walked in that is when I left her side to wanting to watch the reactions on the young men in the store. They were quick to notice her nipples one even took out his cell phone acting like he was talking on it but I could see that he was filming her as they walked around. I knew someone was gonna enjoy jerking off tonight.

When we left the story we continue to walk around that is when my wife said she wanted something to eat. So off to the food court we went. I got a table while she got some Chinese food. When she was walking back a middle age gentleman stopped her and was telling her something that is when I noticed him trying to brush her nipples off her sweater. I guess he wondered it was food at first. Then he must have realized that they were he nipples poking through. To my surprise they both sat down at his table and were talking that is when I saw him gently begin pulling on her nipples between his thumb and finger. I was surprised that she was letting him play with them in public.

This went on for about seven minutes then she must have told him about me watching them. That is when I got up to join them. He was an older man and I told him not to stop on my profile. I told him that I was perfectly fine with him playing with her nipples. I asked him what he wondered about them. He told me that they were the longest nipples he had ever seen. I told her to lean forward so he could pinch them fully knowing that she would have an orgasm by the pain. I asked our new friend if he wanted to see her breasts? He said that he would love to if I didn’t mind. I asked him to follow us to our car. He got up and left the table and followed us to our car.

Once we got to the car I told them to sit in the back seat. My wife then removed her sweater exposing her small breasts and her O-rings on her nipples. She told him to squeeze her breast and suck on her nipple. She even told him to gently bite on them. She was so excited and pulled out his cock and started stroking it. She was talking dirty with him telling him to cum on her breasts. It didn’t take long before he told her that he was gonna cum. She got into position and he started shooting his creamy white cum onto her breasts. When he was done he thanked her and said he really needed that. I let him out of the car and she got up front for the drive home still topless. Once at home we had the best sex ever.

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