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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Rhea Ripley or Charlotte Flair or any other former or current WWE women. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


Rhea Ripley was so confident going into her match with Charlotte Flair, that she hadn’t even considered the possibility of her losing. Why would she, when she was the one who had actually been defeating and breaking in fresh competition, while Charlotte had it easy on the main roster, with nothing but completely broken Anal bitches surrounding her?

It had been literally years since The Queen had faced a true challenge. Sure, she had won the Rumble, but again, she wasn’t really faced with any true competition. No one like The Nightmare. So Rhea was confident she had this. Besides, a lack of confidence would lead to her downfall, so she hadn’t listened to the warnings of Toni and her other bitches, gone straight to the Alpha female of the WWE, and challenged her.

Which was a decision she found herself regretting when she found herself locked in the figure-eight, unable to get out of it. Up until that point, she really thought she was going to win, but the exhaustion and pain were just too much, and the proud Alpha female of NXT tapped out. Oh God, she slammed her hand down on the canvas in submission, surrendering to the Alpha female of the WWE.

Surrendering herself to The Queen. Oh God, Charlotte Flair literally owned her arse for the night, and could do whatever she wanted with it. Which was truly a nightmare for The Nightmare, one that Rhea wallowed in for a few long minutes, as she lay on the canvas clutching her legs in pain, while Charlotte stood over her proudly, holding her newly won NXT women’s championship.

For better or for worse, Rhea eventually had to crawl out of the ring and make her way to the back, so Wrestlemania could continue. At which point, she would have the chance to head for the exits, or head for the women’s locker room. The former was really tempting, given what humiliation was waiting for her in that locker room, but leaving would be forfeiting her chance for revenge, and she really wanted revenge on that bitch Charlotte Flair.

So, for better or for worse, she made her way to the back as quickly as she could on injured legs, fully prepared to take her punishment, which would only motivated her to get her revenge. However, once she actually got through the curtain, she found Charlotte waiting for her.

“Nice work, Rhea. I haven’t had a match like that in quite a while.” Charlotte beamed wickedly, before quickly adding, “But don’t feel too bad about your loss. In the end, the result was inevitable.”

“Fuck off, Charlotte.” Rhea snapped, nervously looking at the other people around.

“Awww, Rhea… that’s no way to talk to your Queen.” Charlotte scolded playfully, before closing the distance between them, grabbing hold of Rhea’s Ass and growling into her ear, “And you will be punished for it.”

“Charlotte! Not here…” Rhea whined, again glancing at the ring crew, and her boss, only a few feet away.

“Please, everyone knows that I’m fucking your Ass tonight.” Charlotte scoffed dismissively, before adding, “But, as I’m in such a good mood, I’m willing to do it in my hotel room. But you better show, because if you don’t, I’ll hunt you down, and make you wish that I just butt fucked you in the middle of the grandest stage of them all. Understand?”

“Yes.” Rhea nodded.

“Answer properly!” Charlotte pushed, emphasizing her words by smacking Rhea’s Ass.

“Ah fuck!” Rhea swore, then while blushing she grumbled, “Yes, my Queen.”

“I suppose that will do, for now.” Charlotte huffed, before grinning, “See you soon.”

With one final smack to Rhea’s arse, the arrogant blonde turned her back on her, and sauntered away, leaving the other blonde to stand there a blushing mess, and even rubbing her backside. Throughout that conversation Charlotte had been gleefully groping Rhea’s behind, and although it was barely visible to others, given the angle, everyone else had to hear the smack, especially as Charlotte had put a decent amount of force into it.

However, no one gave them a second look, suggesting this wasn’t the first time that The Queen had thrown her weight around in front of them. On the bright side, this meant that Rhea wouldn’t be fined or fired for public indecency, but it also meant she had no excuse not to do as she was told.


She also didn’t have the excuse of not knowing where to go, as Charlotte was nice enough to leave the hotel room key on top of Rhea’s bag, and even texted her the exact address. Things which proved that Charlotte had unsurprisingly had this planned, probably even before the match was announced. Which certainly wasn’t uncommon, but it was humiliating to be on the receiving end.

Especially given what it meant for her. But again, Rhea had no choice but to obey, if she wanted revenge. So she followed the instructions, and eventually found herself in front of the hotel door in question, working up the courage to knock on it. Something which took an embarrassingly long time.

It was also an embarrassingly long time before she could stomach going to the locker room, and getting changed. She didn’t want to see the looks on the other girl’s faces, reminding her of her defeat. Some of them even complaining that they weren’t going to see what happened to her. Thankfully, the only one who stuck around was her beloved Toni Storm, who tried to reassure her, and offer words of encouragement.

However, Rhea hadn’t wanted to hear it, and before poor Toni could even open her mouth, she had yelled at her to get out. Which of course, Rhea was now feeling bad about, and promised that she would make it up to her girl later. But for now, she just had to survive the rest of the night.

“Well, are you coming in, or not?” Charlotte questioned impatiently from inside.

With a groan, Rhea used her key to unlock it, walk through, and then bitterly told the other woman, “Yes, my Queen.”

“Then come all the way in here, and locked the door, slave.” Charlotte beamed wickedly, adding the last word softly, so no one outside would hear.

Rhea glared at the bitch, but did as she was told, and then reluctantly admitted, “Nice place.”

“I know, right?” Charlotte beamed, “What can I say, it pays to be The Queen.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Your Daddy is rich.” Rhea quipped, enjoying the annoyed look on Charlotte’s face, before quickly adding, “Look, can we get this over with? I want to try and get back to my girl Toni. You know, the blonde with the big fat arse? Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, I want to go practice for when I do beat you.”

There was a brief pause, as Charlotte just glared at this uppity bitch for a few long seconds, before closing the distance between them and smirking, “First of all, we both know all of this is down to me, and me only. After all, I’ve spent years putting delusional bottoms like you in their place, and winning championships in the process. And clearly been well paid for it. Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, I’ve been well paid by winning championships from inferior women, and turning them into what they were always meant to be. My submissive lesbian bitches. In the end, you’ll be no different. I guarantee that. But first, I hope you can give me a fight. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, it’s been a while since anyone could resist me, so I’ll hope you’ll at least try. It’ll be more fun that way. For me.”

“Oh, don’t worry, bitch.” Rhea growled, getting even more into Charlotte’s face, “I’ll give you more than a fight.”

“We’ll see.” Charlotte said dismissively, before she turned around, and ordered, “But for now, follow me. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, follow me to my bedroom, so we can really get this party started. Oh, and I suggest you answer properly. Because I think you can imagine what happens to you, if you don’t.”

There was a brief pause, and then Rhea grumbled, “Yes, my Queen.”

“Good girl.” Charlotte chuckled condescendingly as she made her way through the luxurious hotel room suite, and then once she reached the bedroom, she sat down on the bed, and ordered, “Now, you know what happens next. Oh yes, mmmmmmmmm, this is the part where you strip. And make sure to go nice and slowly. Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, I want to admire my prize.”

Another brief pause, then Rhea again grumbled, “Yes, my Queen.”

Of course, Rhea only half obeyed this command. Well, maybe two thirds, given that she certainly took off her clothes, and she did so slowly, given that she was in no hurry to do this. However, she didn’t put nearly the same effort into it that Toni, or any of the other eager little bottoms, did. And she made sure to keep a scowl on her face.

Unfortunately, this was only so effective, given that she knew from experience that such a thing could be enjoyable in it’s own right. It was the best that she could do in that moment, but sure enough, Charlotte seemed deeply amused, before standing up to remove the robe she was wearing, revealing that she was wearing nothing underneath.

When both women were naked, Charlotte sat back down, patted her knee, and ordered, “Now, bend over my knee.”

Yet another pause, this one long, and then Rhea pleaded, “Can’t we just skip to the bumming?”

Another brief pause, then Charlotte questioned, “Are you saying that you want to be Ass fucked?”

“No.” Rhea said quickly, before pointing out, “But if I have too, I want to get it over with.”

“Then either ask me to do it, nicely, or bend over my knee.” Charlotte pushed.

This time, there was barely a pause before Rhea moved closer, and groaned, “Fuck you, Charlotte.”

“No Rhea, I’m going to be the one fucking you. And it will never, ever be the other way around.” Charlotte said smugly, as Rhea bent over her knee, presenting her with that big, meaty Ass of hers. Something which The Queen admired for a few long seconds, before smacking those cheeks roughly, and growling, “And I think you mean, yes, my Queen.”

“Yes, my Queen.” Rhea whimpered.

It was quite a while before the spanking actually started, though, and it was hard to say whether that was a good thing, or a bad thing for Rhea Ripley. Sure, she was in no hurry to feel it, but in a way, the anticipation was worse. Especially as she was forced to wait in that humiliating position for so very long. And not just waiting. No, Charlotte insisted on reaching down, grabbing Rhea’s arse and giving it a squeeze.

She then fondled it for what felt like hours, like the Alpha female of NXT was nothing but a piece of meat. Nothing but a pathetic bottom, like Toni Storm. Which was almost unbearably humiliating. And yet, it would have nothing on what came next. Oh God, the sooner they got to the spanking, the sooner they would get to the arse fucking. And worse, this would ensure that The Nightmare was emotionally and physically drained when the time came.

Charlotte always took her time with a spanking, given it was better to reinforce her dominance, and humiliate her pray. And because it was just fun. But it was especially enjoyable, when the Ass she was spanking was big and juicy, just like this one. Oh yes, for all her powerful muscles and height, Rhea Ripley had a big fat booty, which also jiggled beautifully with every blow.

And oh, it was heaven to touch. So soft and squishy, and yet somehow firm and toned. It reminded her of one of her favourite pieces of Ass ever, that belonging to Becky Lynch. Something which Charlotte was very much enjoying, given no matter how much of a success ‘The Man’ was, she would always be The Queen’s bitch. Just like everyone else.

There was no doubt in Charlotte’s mind that Rhea would be no different. And they were off to a wonderful start with that, given that in there one big match so far, when everything was on the line, the other powerful blonde had tapped like a bitch. Yes, it was after one of the best fights that she’d had in a long time, but the result was the same.

Namely, her challenger forced to bow down to The Queen. In more ways than one, Charlotte thought with a wicked grin. Oh yes, the incredibly powerful Rhea Ripley was now bending over her knee, helpless to stop the new NXT women’s champion from doing whatever she wanted to that big beautiful booty of hers.

Something which Charlotte became completely lost in for what felt like an eternity. Oh yes, she became so very lost in squeezing and fondling that big fat butt, almost forgetting to smack it occasionally in the process. Or at least, she probably would have, if the result wasn’t so beautiful.

Namely, when she raised her hand, bought it crashing down hard upon Rhea’s Ass, and then pulled that hand away, so she could enjoy the view of those meaty cheeks jiggling for her. Although, that was nothing compared to what they did when Charlotte really kicked things up a notch. Because as fun as the gentle teasing was, inevitably The Queen gave The Nightmare everything she had, and really enjoyed the results.

Admittedly, she missed the fondling. Then again, she would go back to that soon enough. In the meantime, she phased that out, and had a lot of fun starting to pick up the force of her strikes. Initially, she continued pausing in between them, so she could continue getting the best look at those big fat butt cheeks jiggling for her.

But again, inevitably she moved on to a real booty beating, in the name of truly putting Rhea Ripley in her place. And again, just because it was so much fun. Oh yes, Charlotte brutalized that big fat bottom, quickly making it turn from the bright pink it had been during the early stages of the spanking, to a bright red, and then finally a dark and angry red. At which point, she finally got some sounds off of her new bitch. Something which impressively, she hadn’t gotten so far.

Rhea had been desperately trying to keep her mouth shut, as to not give Charlotte the satisfaction of hearing her cry out for her. Deep down she knew it was probably inevitable, but at the very least she could make the bitch work for it. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be the last time. But she tried not to think about that during the spanking, as it was just upsetting.

No, instead she tried to focus on getting through this, and giving the infamous Charlotte Flair everything she was currently receiving. Something she was able to focus on throughout most of the spanking, but then, the moment that she had been dreading came. The moment that the mighty Charlotte Flair started giving her everything she had.

Despite the consolation prize of managing to stay quiet so far, Rhea was truly devastated by the fact that she was forced to cry out in pain. She was no stranger to it, and really, this should be no big deal, but it was just continuously force to her most private area, and therefore was the kind of pain which was able to overwhelm her.

Especially as she was then left crying out for a few long minutes, which kind of felt like an eternity under the circumstances. And even when it stopped completely, Charlotte just had to go back to the greedy butt groping, which in a way was worse. Even if it did massage some of the pain away. Then of course, came the moment that she had truly been dreading.

“Bend over.” Charlotte ordered softly, before clarifying, “Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, bend over the edge of the bed. Give me that Ass. Or, as you would say, arse. Oooooooooooooh yessssssssssss, bend over, and give me your arse. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, it’s time for The Nightmare to give her Anal cherry to The Queen. Just like every wannabe top who tries to challenge me.”

“Yes, my Queen.” Rhea whimpered, when she had the chance.

Poor Rhea really didn’t want to give Charlotte the satisfaction of saying that, but she also really didn’t want another spanking. Or even just one spank. Besides, the bitch could probably force it out of her in this vulnerable state, so she might as well just save her strength to the greater fight to come.

One which involves the strap-on dildo, that The Queen insisted on attaching to herself, where Rhea could see it, The Nightmare unable to look away from that weapon of Ass destruction being attached, and lubed up, in preparation for her poor little arse hole. Two things she almost hoped would be bought together immediately, but for better or for worse, the other blonde unsurprisingly had other plans.

These plans were of course to get behind her, and start rimming her. On the bright side, this was something very familiar to Rhea, given it was something that she made her bitches do for her all the time. Hell, her precious Toni Storm had done this to her this morning, so for a few long seconds, she could pretend she was back in bed with her girlfriend, and everything else was just, ironically, a nightmare.

Unfortunately, that relaxed her a bit too much, to the point that she was moaning loudly and happily during the rim job, which put a wicked smirk on Charlotte’s face, which in turn reminded Rhea of what was happening here. And more importantly, exactly what was about to happen, as punishment for her tapping out like a bitch.

Charlotte took much longer than necessary admiring her prize. Both the delicious fat Ass waiting for her to fuck it, and the delicious look on Rhea’s face. Partly to make sure her defeated opponent suffered as much humiliation as possible, but mostly, because the victorious Queen loved everything about this, and intended to savour it.

Hell, even when she kneeled down behind the other blonde, grabbed two handfuls of those meaty cheeks, and pull them apart, she couldn’t help admiring Rhea’s butt hole, before finally licking it. And even then, she started just above the younger girl’s Pussy and then slowly slid her tongue upwards, over her main target, and right up the full length of that ‘arse’ crack.

She then repeated this process a few times, before gradually shortening her licks, making the muscular now former Alpha female whimper pathetically. God, it was so delicious. As was the taste of butt. This was arguably a submissive thing, that The Queen should be miles above. But with so many insanely Hot asses around, she just couldn’t help herself.

And didn’t want too. Why would she, when asses like this one tasted just as good as they looked? Plus, it made it so much easier when turning her rivals into her butt sluts. Hell, it had Rhea moaning, whimpering, and crying out in pure pleasure already. Which was such a good sign, and again, so delicious, that Charlotte was chuckling with wicked delight into that soon to be slutty little fuck hole.

It had been a long time since Charlotte had dealt with anything except a slutty little Ass, so it was almost surprising that she was unable to shove her tongue inside it. At least for now. Soon Rhea Ripley would be no different than the rest, but it was really fun being reminded just how tight this hole was every time she tried to push her tongue into it.

Which was a lot. Not because she thought she could get any further, but because this got wonderful cries of humiliation out of Rhea. It was also just fun. Although she still spent a decent amount of time just swirling her tongue around that back door, and even just giving it a traditional licking. Then, after who knows how long, she replaced her tongue with a finger.

“Ah fuck!” Charlotte cried out, as that finger was able to push past Rhea’s weakened defences. Rhea softly whimpered something similar, the main differences being, it wasn’t as joyful, and it wasn’t followed up by a wicked chuckle of, “Wow, it’s easy to forget just how tight a virgin Ass is. Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, it’s easy for me to forget, when I’m surrounded by Anal sluts. And soon, you will be no different Rhea. I promise you that. Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssss, you won’t. So let’s both savour this moment, shall we? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, savour your last few minutes of being this tight. The last precious moments you still have your Anal cherry! Ha ha ha ha, ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

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