Night Alone – Fetish – – Free Sex Story

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All characters in sexual situations are 18 years of age and older.

“Okay! Have fun! See you later!” I say as I shut the door on my parents as they leave for date night. I couldn’t wait to have them gone, I’ve been waiting for this night all week.

Things have been heating up with Haley. I’m not sure if she’s ready to go full blown lesbian with me, but I think she’s warming up to the idea that there might be something more than friends between us. I’ve been subtly moving closer to her when we’ve been hanging out; letting my arm rest against hers when we “accidentally” touch, or letting our fingers touch when we sit side by side, and she hasn’t been pulling away. Tonight is the night I make my move. We’re gonna watch a scary movie, and I’m gonna play scared, cuddle up next to her, maybe hold her hand…

My heart was pounding in my chest as I picked up the phone to let her know the coast was clear.

“Hey,” Haley croaked through the phone. The sound of her voice made my knees a little weak, and I smiled involuntarily at the sound.

“Hey!” I replied cheerily, “You alright? Sounds like I woke you up.”

“Yeah, I’ve been meaning to call you, but I fell asleep. Listen, I’ve been feeling kinda under the weather, I think I oughtta stay home…”

“What?” I say, a little forcefully. “But, come on, we… my parents are gone, and…”

“I know, I’m sorry. We’ll get together soon!” Her voice sounded tentative, like, maybe she knew what I was planning, and wasn’t ready, or was too scared to try. Or maybe I’m just being paranoid.

The disappointment sinks in my chest as I hang up the phone. I sulk over to the TV and eject the VHS, putting it back in the case. I’m gonna have to bring it back to Blockbuster tomorrow. There’s three bucks I’m never gonna see again!

I get up to go to the bathroom, and I’m just about to undo the top button of my jeans when a wondered occurs to me. I stare at the toilet and bit the corner of my lip. Maybe the night isn’t entirely ruined…

I think back to just a few weeks ago, when I wet myself on a skiiing trip with my parents. I remember how good it felt to just let my bladder loose, right in my pants. The warmth of it spreading around my crotch, feeling it run down my legs, into my socks, around my butt, the warm relief I felt just letting go, the forbidden nature of doing in my pants…

I slowly button up my jeans. I have hours before my parents come home. If I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna make it good., I think to myself. I bet I can hold it for another 30 minutes or so, that will make it feel really good when I let go!

My heart is pounding even more at the wondered of what I was planning to do. Doubt was spreading over my mind; this was insane. It’s gonna be so messy, and how am I gonna explain my wet jeans to my parents?

But then I remembered that I could do the laundry myself! They would be none the wiser, and in fact would praise me for helping around the house. Could this work? Am I really gonna do this?

I started doing a little pee pee dance in the bathroom, and decided that if I am gonna hold it, I need to get out of the bathroom. The sight of the toilet is telling my brain that it’s time to pee. Distraction, I need a distraction!

I head back to the living room, and spot the movie still on the top of the TV. “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” It was a lame old movie, but the picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt and Haley Michelle Geller on the back of the box appealed to me.

I put it back in the VCR and sat on the couch, squirming a little against the building pressure in my bladder. I was scared right off the bat when the volume was on WAY too high, blasting my eardrums and nearly making me let loose right there on the couch! I scrambled for the remote and brought the volume back to a reasonable level, and settled in for some scares.

It was pretty awful, but it was fun watching a young Hot Haley Michelle Geller traipsing about.

About an hour in, I was really squirming. My legs rubbed back and forth against each other, trying desperately to hold back the building flood, which I only made worse by sipping a coke throughout the movie. My bladder was screaming for release, but at this point I was invested in the movie, and despite everything wanted to know how it was gonna end. Geller was wearing a revealing dress, walking through a room full of mannequins covered in plastic sheets. The soundtrack was complete silence as she made her way past the un-moving bodies. I bit my lip in anticipation, as I bobbed slightly, fighting back the pee that was begging to come out.

Suddenly, one of the mannequins leaps forward, accompanied by a loud scream and a sudden shrieking of the horror movie violins. I squeaked in surprise, and leaped in my seat. To my horror, I felt a small stream of pee leak out from between my legs, soaking into my panties. I gasped and clutched at my crotch, hoping to stem the flow, but once it had started, it couldn’t be stopped, not after holding it for so long.

I clenched and clenched, but spurt after spurt splashed in my panties, and I hobbled to the bathroom, holding my thighs together to keep from splattering on the floor. Opening the door, I made a mad dash to the tub, just as my bladder completely let loose, unleashing a flood in my panties, filling them and flowing over into my jeans. I watched in amazement as the dark spot in my jeans spread over my thighs, and down the inside of my legs, splashing down against my socks in the tub. I was peeing so hard, I could see it coming out the jeans a little bit, splashing the outside and streaming down my legs.

I moaned at the sensation of relief, idly bringing my hand between my legs to feel the rushing warm liquid splashing around my fingers. The touch felt so good… Still peeing, I started unbuttoning my jeans, and pulled them down a little to watch the stream, still pulsing in my panties, splashing around in my soaked pants.

I started touching myself then… feeling the pee splash around my fingers as I flicked them between my lips, rubbing over my clit, easily slipping around with the excess liquid. I had masturbated before, but never like this, and the sensation was almost too much to bear. I wondered of Haley, then; her crooked smile, the way her hair falls on her face, her small, supple breasts and her tight, slender tummy, leading down, down… The stream slowed to a trickle, and I started rubbing faster and faster, feeling my legs grow weak as the pleasure mounted… feeling the Orgasm rising in my belly, spreading all over my body, rocking my legs with wave upon wave of pleasure, until I finally sank to my knees, splashing down in the warm puddle I created. I moaned with the mingled sensations of pleasure and relief as my Orgasm peaked, and finally subsided.

I stayed a while, kneeling in my puddle of warm pee, shakily trying to catch my breath as my pants continued to soak. I don’t know why, but I decided to lay down, still fully clothed, and soak my shirt in the warm pee as well. I already was gonna do the laundry… I might as well make it worthwhile.

I lay on my back for a while in the afterglow, the puddle of pee cooling around me on my back and arms, legs and butt and in my hair. I stared at the ceiling for a while, coming down from the intense pleasure I felt, before eventually standing up and turning on the Shower, still fully clothed. As I pulled off my soaked jeans and shirt, I wondered to myself, maybe this night wasn’t a total waste after all.

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