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This has to be one of my favorite commissions ever. I feel so blessed to have worked on it.


Priya lied down on the bed, as the man before her pressed her into the mattress, with his hand firmly placed on her chest. He climbed on top of her, and she melted at the feeling of his silky, black skin, so much darker than her olive color, inherited from a long Indian lineage. She looked at the ceiling, arching her neck for the man to cover it in wet kisses. Her body was filled to the brim with desire, and she wondered how she ended up in this situation, with a man that wasn’t her husband.

Being a middle child among seven siblings, Priya found a way to gain attention and praise from her parents, by being a reserved, shy girl with excellent grades. A poster child of Indian society. Since she was proving to be so promising, they sent her to an all-girls boarding school, where she received the best education available to a high schooler, and her mannerisms were shaped into those of a modest Indian woman. Once she graduated from high school, her parents attempted to arrange a marriage for her. But Priya, who so far had never advocated for herself, spoke up for the first time. She didn’t want to get married right away. She wanted to keep studying. Become a successful, professional woman. This wasn’t what she told her parents though. After years of putting in effort to gain their favor, she knew the right things to tell them, to get what she wanted. She argued that going to college in America, would be a great opportunity to meet a wealthy man from a good family, someone from an important major like law, business or medicine, whom would end up having a good salary. She didn’t care about any of that though. She wanted to broaden her horizons, and have an enriching, mind opening experience. Her parents gave her their blessing to go study abroad. She had no idea what awaited for her in the new continent was all she hoped for, and so much more.

Once in America, male attention became overbearing. Many men fetishized her for her heritage. Country of origin aside, she had an exotic, beautiful face with full lips, and her modest, loose clothes still revealed the curves of her body, which made it evident she had a sexy body. Men seemed to feel entitled to her attention. They were rowdy, and disrespectful, specially with alcohol mixed in. So she started ignoring most of them. She did make one good male friend though.

Rishi didn’t come from India, but his parents did, and it showed. His dense beard and hair were kept short and tidy. He was a few inches taller than Priya, and while his body wasn’t above average in any way, he kept himself in good shape. He was a great study buddy. Despite being in different majors, they took some of the same classes, and Priya hovered towards the guy who knew how to explain complex concepts in simple terms, and had the neatest notes she had ever seen. He also took care of her, making sure she was safe in campus and at night, and always knew how to get her laughing. She was so comfortable in their friendship, it took her classmates pointing it out to make her notice Rishi was making advances on her. And his courtship was different. Kind. Classy. Priya found herself returning Rishi’s feelings, and she was so glad she listened to her friends. Rishi took her in a whirlwind of tender Love and Romance that she thought could only be found in books. Many nights were spent slow dancing in his apartment, star gazing at the park, or her taking a relaxing bath while Rishi fixed them a gourmet dinner.

After they graduated, Priya’s parents started planning their wedding. They didn’t mind too much. They wanted to get married after all. But all throughout this process, and during the several days long ceremony itself, Rishi could see her family squashed down her personality. Priya was very shy when they first met. But she knew she wanted help with her studies, and pushed through to get to him. As Rishi got to know her, he saw how Priya would always give her 120% whenever she wanted something. And when spending time together as boyfriend and girlfriend, he got to see Priya becoming more feisty, hard-headed, temperamental but quick to forgive… A wonderful spectrum of emotions that was toned down to compliant demureness when around her parents. Rishi was pained to see the woman he loved practically locked up in a cage. So as soon as the hype around the marriage died down, he grabbed Priya and made the move to America. Priya’s parents didn’t like this, but they also respected Rishi as the man of their new household. And as such, he was the one in charge of Priya now. Back in America, Rishi encouraged his Wife to open up. Fully express herself. She soon was back to speaking her mind, and laughed more often. She never stopped wearing her traditional Indian clothing, though.

That was, until she fell in Love with a dress she saw in a shop window. When trying it on, she saw the neckline turned to be quite low when enveloping her bountiful chest. She bought it anyway, thinking she could wear it at home in solitude, and admire herself. It didn’t take long for her husband to come back earlier than usual and catch her wearing her new clothes. She had feared Rishi wouldn’t approve of it, since he fell in Love with a more modest woman. But Rishi loved what he saw, and he just encouraged her to wear more clothes like that if it made her feel beautiful. He showered her in compliments, excited by how he got to see her breasts almost bare despite her being clothed. It tempted him to touch them whenever she was near.

Loving all the attention, Priya ventured into wearing more revealing outfits, and wearing them in public. Skirts that went right above the knee. Open backs. Spaghetti straps. Every time she conquered a new fashion fear, her husband was there to cheer her on and Shower her in praise. But she couldn’t help but notice her husband wasn’t the only one enjoying the view. Other men on the street were starting to ogle her, whisper her dirty stuff in passing, try to press their arms against her chest in public transport “on accident”. As someone who identified as a “feminist”, she knew all of that was sexual harassment. But she couldn’t help but to like it to some degree. To know most men who crossed paths with her wanted to ravage her, made her feel sexy and desired. At first she was ashamed of it. She felt like both a bad feminist, and a bad Wife. But then one day, her and Rishi were out, running errands, when her husband got distracted with something and stayed behind. As Priya kept walking, some guy across the street yelled at her. ‘Daaaamn baby, nice tits!’

She hid her face in her hand. Her husband was a few meters behind of her. There was no way this wouldn’t escalate. But when Rishi walked back up to her, he just waved at the man, and yelled back. ‘I know, she’s beautiful! She’s my Wife, can you believe that?’ The man scrambled to get inside a building, and pretend nothing had happened. Rishi seemed dumbfounded by this reaction, but he went on about his day. Once they were home, Priya was waiting for her husband to bring the situation up, but he didn’t. She spent the whole day waiting for a reprimand, or signs of jealousy. But Rishi was in a good mood. It was during their pillow talk that Priya asked him ‘Are you really okay with men yelling stuff like that at me?’

Rishi stared at the ceiling, thinking it over. ‘Hm… As long as you’re fine with it, I don’t mind. I agree with them. You’re gorgeous. And you do have nice tits.’ Priya nudged him playfully, but then fell asleep in his arms. After that, she allowed herself to enjoy attention from other men, knowing her husband still loved her, and was proud of her. She thought that would be the end of it, but she hadn’t counted on Dominique coming into her life.

Priya came home one day, to her husband wanting to discuss something with her. He had this childhood friend, Dominique, who had landed an awesome job opportunity in their city, but it required him to move right away. His friend called, and he promised he’d receive him with open arms in his house while the other looked for an apartment, as long as Priya was okay with it. She agreed, of course. If it was a friend of her husband, surely he couldn’t be that unpleasant of a person.

What she hadn’t been expecting, was the Hot stud that walked through the door when Dominique arrived. A tall, black man with a muscular build. He kept his hair shaved down to a buzzcut, and his thick lips revealed a pearly white smile. Priya had to make an effort to un-glue her eyes from the man. Before doing so, she noticed Dominique eyeing her up and down, as he hugged his friend for the first time in years. At first, Priya tried to be a gracious host, but not acknowledge Dominique too much. He was her husband’s friend after all, not hers. But his deep voice could get her attention, and keep it on him. Her breathing hitched any time Dom fetched something from a tall place for her, and she saw the muscles of his arms in motion, plus his pecs stretching his t-shirt.

She was growing attracted to this man, but she tried to push it down. She could swear she felt Dom’s eyes on her, following her around the house. But it had to be her own mind playing tricks on her, because she craved Dominique. But the man kept talking to her directly more and more often, requesting food and favors in a kind, but firm manner, unlike her husband who was always cooking for her, and trying to be of service. And he started touching her. A firm hand on the base of her back as he asked her to move. Tucking her hair behind her ear while they discussed a grocery list.

It was in one of these day-to-day situations, that Priya found herself way too drawn into Dominique. Three people were starting to be too much for a single bathroom that often everybody needed to use in order to get ready before work. Priya was trying to work out a system of turns, and what tasks could be done in the bedroom instead of the bathroom, when Dominique smirked at her. ‘We could save time if we both showered together.’ He stated. Priya was left without words. Her lips quivered as Dom placed a hand on her cheek, and he leaned in. What was about to follow seemed inevitable. But then, they heard a noise. They both looked to their right. Rishi looked at them like a deer in the headlights, after banging his foot into a chair. Priya’s eyes widened. Her husband would kick Dom to the curb. Their years-long friendship was done. But Rishi just raised his hands in an apologetic gesture, and tip toed away with a smile.

Priya couldn’t bring herself to start that conversation until later that night. She found her husband watering their garden. She approached him with a soft voice. ‘I’m sorry. I’ve been unfaithful to you.’

He raised his eyebrows. ‘You’ve slept together?’

‘No… We haven’t even…’ She sighed in frustration. ‘But I’ve been having thoughts about Dominique. And you’re my husband. So I’ve been unfaithful to you.’

Rishi pursed his lips. He remained in thought for a short while. ‘I noticed how you started acting different with him around. But it’s okay. I’m not blind. I know Dominique is very handsome. Definitely of a higher tier than me.’ Priya stepped towards him, trying to console him, but he looked down at her with a smile. ‘I can see how being desired by such a Hot person makes you feel like a hottie yourself. And I’m okay with it. Really. I just want to see you happy.’ His grin widened. ‘And if that happiness means bringing along another man, then so be it.’ Priya looked at him, dumbfounded. He gave her a side hug, as he continued watering the plants. When she came to her senses, she hugged him properly and placed a kiss on his lips.

Dominique had been openly flirting with her, and Priya liked it, which left her in quite the uncomfortable position, given she was a married woman. But now that her husband had showed her his approval, she had the courage to return the attention. Their casual flirting started to involve a lot more touching. She would delight in the feeling of his muscles beneath his clothes. His hands started to venture lower, getting a feel of her hips and butt. He would whisper all the things he wanted to do to her while she was stuck doing the dishes, and one day she actually abandoned what she was doing to turn around and pull him into a kiss.

Dom had a way with words, and he enjoyed running his hands over Priya’s body, making it seem like he’d go for the prize, but then go back to more chaste caresses. Priya was overtaken by desire. She was wet, and craved for this man to shove himself into her. She started unbuttoning his shirt, and Dom smiled, knowing he had won their flirty tug-o-war. He lifted Priya up, bridal style, and started his way upstairs. Priya’s heart was beating hard in her chest, and her nether parts were tingling. Never had a man left so clear that he was about to fuck her. She was swooned by how manly Dominique was. But as they got to the stairs, Priya saw her husband past Dom’s shoulder, hooked to his laptop.

‘Wait.’ She said. She looked up at Dom. ‘I want Rishi with us.’ Dom looked at her, as if waiting for an explanation. ‘Not in, like, a threesome. But I want him there.’

Dom turned to look at his friend. Rishi was staring at them from behind his computer. ‘Huh, I’d Love to watch. I mean… If Dom is okay with it.’

Both of them waited for the taller man’s response. He shrugged, and flashed a smile at Rishi. ‘If you want to watch your Wife get railed by another man, knock yourself out. I’m not stopping you.’ He continued going upstairs, and Rishi closed his laptop, leaving behind what he was doing, to go after them.

That’s how Priya found herself pinned under that gorgeous black man, who was sucking on her neck while he fondled her tits. Rishi had settled on a chair nearby, his hands in his pants, and was so silent it seemed like he wasn’t even there, but he watched, and his stare was intense. Things were already Hot and heavy before they even got to the bedroom. She could feel Dominique’s cock resting against her slit, and she wanted him to give that final push and thrust into her. Dom teased her, putting the faintest pressure there. ‘It seems like you want something. If so, go ahead and say it.’

They had talked it out and she knew everything was okay, but she couldn’t help but to look at her husband. Rishi was stroking his own dick, his eyes glazed over by lust. Dominique pinched one of her nipples, and grabbed her by the jaw, to force her to look at him. Embarrassed, Priya covered her face with her hands, and mumbled something. Dom took her arms and pinned them to the sides of her head, ordering her to repeat that, louder. She managed to blurt out ‘I- I want to feel you inside of me.’

‘Hm, there are better ways of putting it.’ He pressed his thumb against Priya’s luscious lower lip. ‘Until you don’t ask properly, you won’t be getting any.’ Priya was about to ask what he meant, but he pulled away, making her sit up in the process. With a foot on the ground and another on the bed, the black man’s huge cock and balls hung in front of Priya’s face. She looked at them, infatuated, and Dom took advantage of her open mouth to stick his prick inside. It took Priya some time to adjust to this, but she loved every moment. She had always been in control when giving a Blowjob. It was her first time having her hair grabbed, and her head pulled and pushed to settle into the rhythm her lover preferred. After a while he’d pull away completely, to give her the chance to breathe in, and then go back to fucking her mouth. He could see her breasts bouncing below her as she bobbed her head, so he told her ‘Bring your tits up here. Squeeze my dick between them, and go back to sucking my cock.’

Priya did as she was ordered, thinking this was the sluttiest thing she had ever done. This seemed taken straight out of a Porn movie. Despite how big her boobs were, there was still plenty of dick peaking out of them for her to lick and suck on. Dom rested his hand on her head, to remind her that he could always control the speed if he wanted. ‘Have you ever done this before?’ Priya shook her head to say no, her tongue flicking over the head of his cock from side to side. ‘Why not?’ She didn’t answer. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, turning her to look up at him. ‘I said, why not?’

‘My– My hubby’s dick is too short.’ She heard his husband whine. She turned to look at him, worried that she had humiliated him and now he felt bad. But Rishi was pumping his member harder than before. She moaned as Dominique took her tits in his mouth, sucking on her nipples and all over the side of her breasts, where they were more sensitive. His hand went to masturbate her, running his fingers over the opening of her Vagina to gather some of her fluids, so his fingers were wet and silky when touching her clit. Her fluids were dripping down Dom’s hand, and her flesh was pulsating with desire.

‘What do you want?’ Dom asked again, without stopping his movements.

‘Please… Please fuck me… Hngh!’

‘That’s better. But not good enough.’ He pushed her down, and pulled from her legs to turn her until her husband was in her direct line of vision. Rishi was pumping his dick, looking at the two of them as if he longed to be part of it, but not daring to ruin something so perfect. Dominique kept touching Priya, constantly sliding his fingers over her clit and into her entrance. ‘Look at it. Do you want to get fucked by Rishi’s dick? Because the way you’re asking, that’s all you’ll be getting. Is that enough for you?’ Priya observed how his husband’s hand barely moved in order to masturbate, because his member just wasn’t that long. Dominique touched her until she was squirming, on the edge of her climax, but he took his hand away and raised his voice. ‘I said: is that enough for you?!’

‘No, it’s not!’ She pleaded, whining because she had been so close, and Dom had stopped. She clung to the man’s arm. ‘Please… What I want is your thick black cock inside of me!’ That was exactly what he wanted to hear. He got on top of Priya, and thrusted until his balls were slapping against her butt. Rishi had a front row seat, to see Dominique’s shaft spreading Priya’s Pussy lips apart. Priya felt a need deep inside her to have something shoved up in there, and Dom was reaching just where that craving was pulsating from. She moaned louder than she ever had with Rishi. Feeling liberated by the dirty thing he just had told Dom, she even started saying ‘Yes! Yes! Yeeessss!!!’ as pleasure overtook her.

Dominique loved seeing her tits bouncing from the thrusts, but he wanted to see them shake even more. He got out of her and lied down, pulling Priya along until she sat back on his shaft. Priya squatted and started going up and down. She wasn’t used to that position, but she was giving it her all. Her moans were turning into screams as each time she hit back against Dom, her clit was pushed into his pubic mound, and the sensation was electric. Her boobs were also bouncing in the air, and each time they fell, it felt like Dominique was slapping her tits. Dom grabbed her by the hips and accompanied her movements, feeling his Orgasm drawing near, and her juices pouring down to his buttocks.

Rishi was the one to go first. He came with a sorry whimper, as he tried to keep quiet and not interrupt them. Priya felt so sexy, from being able to make her husband cum by just putting up a show for him, and him not even being the male protagonist. She followed soon, her Pussy clamping down on Dom’s member, as she screamed his name, and dug her fingernails into his chest. Then he collapsed on top of Dominique, and let him fuck her like a ragdoll. Dom felt the contractions of Priya’s cunt on his dick, and he thrusted faster through them, getting maximum stimulation. He came in several long spurts, his seed overflowing her Pussy.

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