New Man of the House (Cuckold)

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Tim put the key in the lock, opened the door and entered the front hall.
Slowly he closed the door behind himself and looked around, probably for the
last time. His eyes travelled over the front hall, the stairs to the second
floor, and the oriental rugs. With more than a bit of bitterness Tim wondered
about all the hard work and money he had put into this house. Now, this was
the last day before his divorce agreement became final, the last day he could
get into the house without a hassle from his soon-to-be ex wife or her

Tim had come to pick up the last of his possessions, some financial records
that were stored in the basement. Lois, his ex wife, was at work at the
hospital, and she knew he was coming over to the house that day. It was better
for both of them that she was not at home. The divorce had gotten nasty near
the end. Lois had hired a sharp lawyer – she had gotten their home, plus the
two small appartment buildings that Tim had bought and renovated with much
hard work and shrewd financing. Tim would be starting all over again at the
age of 33.

“Well, not exactly starting all over again,” Tim wondered to himself with a
slight smile. Not for nothing was he an accountant – Tim had managed to hide
plenty of cash and some property through good planning and some smart
bookkeeping. Also, he still had his successful accounting practice, his
health, and he was looking forward to his new begin.

Tim headed for the cellar door to get the boxes of records. He stopped
abruptly at the deep voice which said, “Who the hell are you?” Tim looked up
to see a man leaning in the kitchen doorway, staring at Tim.

Recovering from his shock, Tim said, “Who are you? What are you doing in my
house?” Tim looked at the man, whom he did not recognize. The man filled the
doorway, and was wearing only gym shorts, and stood there with his arms
crossed in an arrogant lean against the door frame.

“Your house?” said the man with a sarcastic grin, “I think you’re in the
wrong house….I live here.” The stranger stood up straight and looked down at
Tim, who stepped back involuntarily at the man’s challenge.

Tim looked up at the stranger. The man was very tall and powerfully built,
slightly balding, perhaps 5 or 6 years older than Tim. Tim’s quick glance took
in the man’s massive, veined forearms that were crossed over a powerful bare
chest. Tim felt the familiar sense of intimidation and inadequacy that had
all the time haunted him when he compared himself to bigger men. “L…look, my name
is Tim McCrue,” said Tim regaining his composure, “this is my house, or half
mine, until tomorrow…’re trespassing on my property.”

The stranger said, “Nice to meet you Tim, I’m Leo, I’m Lois’ new man, and
she told me I could move in…in fact I’ve been here for two weeks now.” And
Leo put out his big hand to shake with Tim. “You don’t have a issue with
that do you?” asked Leo in a careless manner.

Tim did have a issue with that, but his sense of anger was lessened as
they shook hands and Tim felt Leo’s gigantic hand close around his own small
hand and practically crush it as they shook. “You’ve been living here for two
weeks?” asked Tim, not pleased to be meeting his replacement, mortified that
Lois had replaced him so soon.

“Yeah,” answered Leo confidently, “been living here about two weeks, but
I’ve been banging Lois for 6 months now. You got a nice set up here, real
nice…I think I’m gonna like it real fine. I’m feelin right at home.” Leo
shrugged his broad powerful shoulders and his big pectorals flexed
involuntarily as he said this, as if he were settling in very comfortably.

Tim saw red. He could see the deal right away…he knew how Lois worked.
This big jerk Leo was gonna sponge off of Lois, really off of Tim’s hard
work and planning, while Lois worked and “kept” Leo. Wasn’t it obvious – here
it was 10 AM and the guy was hanging around the house..obviously he had no
regular work. But what really steamed up Tim was the fact that Leo was a slap
in the face to Tim. Leo was certainly no Tim: Tim was less than average
height, 5’7″, athletic but slightly built at 138lbs, neatly groomed. Leo was
tall – 6’4″ or so, and heavily muscled, an easy 250lbs or so, very masculine
looking, longish hair, stubbly 2 day beard al la Sylvester Stallone etc. Lois
could not have picked anyone who would better bring out all of Tim’s
insecurities. Leo was of the same sort of guys who had in high college and
school made Tim feel both anxiety and admiration.

“Hey buddy,” said Leo glancing down at his own gym shorts, “sorry I’m kind
of dressed informally…I was just about to begin my workout in the cellar.”

“You workout down the cellar?” asked Tim.

“Yeah,” said Leo, “I set up a home gym there last week…I like to stay
in shape for Lois.”

Tim’s mind quickly pictured very petite, sexy Lois with this massive guy
and he forced the wondered out of his mind. He knew he had to get his records
and get out, but he didn’t like feeling as if he were an intruder in his own
home. “Look Leo,” said Tim, “I’ve just come for a few boxes of records and
that’s the last you’ll see of me around here. They’re down the cellar.” Tim
turned and went down the cellar stairs with Leo following behind. Tim went to
the corner of the cellar where he had neatly stacked the boxes some months
before, and as he did, his eyes took in all the benches, free weights, and
mirrors that Leo had installed.

Tim looked around where the boxes should be, but they were not there.
“Um…ah…I had three boxes here, boxes of records…Lois knew I was coming
back to get them,” said Tim uncertainly as he looked around the cellar.

“Oh those, yeah, probably those are the boxes I shitcanned last week to
make room,” said Leo without concern.

“What!!” yelled Tim, reddening quickly, “you dumb bastard, those were
essential records, you had no right…. .” But before Tim could finish the
sentence Leo had grabbed the front of Tim’s oxford shirt in both his massive
hands and was lifting Tim off the floor like a child. The collar of Tims shirt
closed tight around Tim’s slim neck and Tim involuntarily grabbed Leo’s thick
veiny wrists in his hands to take the pressure of his own weight off the
shirt. “Hey!” squealed Tim as Leo shook him like a doll.

“Who you calling a ‘dumb bastard’, you little wimp,” growled Leo as he
lifted Tim higher, almost bumping him into the cellar ceiling.

“Hey put me down!!” cried Tim, “you had no right to touch my boxes!”

The bigger man laughed and said, “Yeah, and what are you going to do about
it?” And Leo shook Tim again to show off his strength. Tim was swept by a
feeling of helplessness and frustration, but also a bit of excitement as he
Leo’s power. As Leo shook Tim, there was a ripping sound as the seams of Tim’s
shirt ripped aside and Tim fell to the floor, his costly oxford shirt in

Leo ripped the remnants of the shirt off of Tim, and collared him around the
neck with one of his massive hands. He led Tim over to the mirror and they stood
there, looking at the reflection.

What Leo saw was a man who looked like a boy next to Leo’s powerful,
muscular physique – a trim, athletic boy, lightly muscled, smooth and defined,
small boned, the top of his head barely up to Leo’s shoulder.

What Tim saw was a man who was a veritable giant compared to Tim – Tim
stared in the mirror at Leo’s bulging pectorals, Leo’s thick veiny biceps,
Leo’s gigantic veined forearms, Leo’s tree trunk thighs, Leo’s massive calves, and
Leo’s big taut dark nipples. And Tim wondered involuntarily of his own small
boyish nipples. Tim felt completely intimidated by Leo’s super masculine
presence. Leo said, “Guess I can see why Lois dumped you, Timmy boy…..she
wanted a real man.”

The way Leo said that gave Tim a shiver of fear and jealousy…Tim knew
that Leo was referring to more than his physique. Then Leo said, “Tim boy,
lets you and me have a man-to-man talk, you know, no point in being enemies,
we gotta settle this in a sensible way, right?” And Leo, his big hand still on
Tim’s shoulder and neck, guided Tim over to one of the benches.

Tim relaxed a bit, hearing Leo’s conciliatory tone, and he felt a sincere
desire to make peace with Leo, not to upset the big man. Then Leo said, “Well,
maybe I lied, maybe you and me will have a man-to-boy talk, and guess who is
the man?” Before Tim could answer, Leo grabbed Tim under the arms and lifted
Tim up onto the weight bench with apparent ease. Now at least they were eye-
to-eye as Tim stood nervously on the padded bench. “Now Tim boy,” said Leo in
his ‘sincere’ voice, “let me give you some advice if you want to hang onto any
bitch….you gotta begin thinking big and put on some muscle, like THIS.” And
Leo raised his right arm and flexed it slowly, bringing up his massive thick
bicep into a gigantic head.

Tim stared with awe and fear at Leo’s arm..Leo’s bicep looked nearly as
big around as Tim’s slim 28″ waist. Tim had looked at lots of pictures of guys
in bodybuilding magazines, but he had never been so close to such a big,
threatening man. “Go ahead, boy, feel it,” commanded Leo with a voice that
didn’t allow for any argument. Tim felt a need to satisfy Leo, if only for his
own survival. Tim put both his small hands on Leo’s massive bicep and felt its
size and hardness.

“Christ, that’s awesome,” whispered Tim, before he even knew he was going
to say it. And he continued to run his hands over Leo’s arm as Leo held his

“You like that, huh?” said Leo proudly, expanding his big chiseled
pectorals and feeling quite powerful. “Bet a little guy like you likes a big
man like me, huh? Maybe that’s why Lois wondered you weren’t very passionate
about her….maybe women aren’t your bag… .”

“What the hell are you talking about !”shouted Tim angrily, blushing
deeply. But the mere suggestion by Leo had unleashed a tide of conflicting
feelings in Tim. Sure, he wasn’t the most passionate guy, but not every guy
is, and besides, Lois was a pretty demanding little bitch. But Tim could not
deny that he was feeling a sense of both fear and excitement at Leo’s teasing,
and it wasn’t a bad sensation. With a jolt of embarrassment, Tim realized he
was still caressing Leo’s gigantic bicep.

Without a word Leo wrapped his big right arm around Tim’s slim waist and
lifted Tim off the bench against his powerful chest. Leo walked over to the
mirror so Tim could see them both, and the sight of himself in the big man’s
grip was terrifying. Tim tried to push away, his hands against Leo’s big rocky
shoulders. “Hey put me down!” shouted Tim, as he felt Leo’s massive arm tighten
slowly around him.

Leo laughed deeply and said, “Yeah, maybe a little guy like you really is
into big masculine men..maybe that was your trouble with Lois.” And Leo
crushed Tim against his bulging right pectoral. Tim tried to push away, and
was mortified to realize that his entire chest barely covered the width of
Leo’s big right pectoral. Tim was swept by a feeling that he realized was
sexual in a way…a feeling of vulnerability and helplessness, a feeling of
wanting to please this big man……

Leo, perhaps reading Tim’s mind, slowly put Tim down on the floor, still
holding him firmly under the arms with his massive hands. Leo bent over Tim,
bringing his big grinning lips down to Tim’s mouth. Tim tried to push away but
was held firmly, and Tim knew with a flash of desperation that he was totally
in Leo’s power. Leo’s big lips covered Tims small mouth as he kissed him
roughly while Tim still struggled to get free. The roughness of Leo’s stubbly
face hurt Tim’s smooth-shaven face, but that also brought home to Tim the
sense of Leo’s overpowering masculinity and of Tim’s vulnerability. Tim,
struggling to push Leo away, gulped for air, and the next moment he felt Leo’s
big thick tongue force its way into his mouth. Like an electric shock, an
explosion of emotion ran through Tim, as he felt invaded, and he liked the
feeling! And the wondered hit him that he didn’t have to struggle to play the
masculine role…. a struggle that was constant for him in his relationship
with Lois….he all the time was self-conscious about his manliness with her, and it
had been a strain, a constant strain….but now….he could give in to his
need to be passive, to relax, let Leo be the aggressor, and God knows, wondered
Tim to himself, Leo had what it took to be the aggressor.

And Tim began to relax as Leo’s big tongue explored Tim’s small mouth.
Tim’s hands no longer pushed in defiance against Leo’s giant arms and
shoulders. Tim realized that instead he was caressing and admiring Leo’s massive
muscles. Tim felt the size of Leo’s arms, his shoulders, Leo’s strong, thick
neck. Leo laughed slightly as he kissed Tim and felt the little man’s
resistance melt. Finally Leo stood up, still holding Tim firmly under the
arms, and looked down at Tim’s blushing face. “You’re a cute little guy,” he
said, admiring Tim’s good looks and Tim’s boyish create. Tim was about to say
something when he felt Leo’s big hand cup the back of his head and press Tim’s
face into Leo’s gigantic right pectoral. The big man rubbed Tim’s face around
against his hard pectoral muscle, as he flexed the pec to show off his power.
Tim had been pleased to hear the big man’s compliment, but this brought Tim
back to reality..the reality where Tim was nothing more than a toy for this
man’s pleasure…and Tim felt sensually wanted and comfortable with this
realization.Without planning it consciously, Tim brought his soft lips to
Leo’s massive dark nipple and took it in his mouth and tongued it reverently. The
center hardened, big and taut, as Tim licked it, and Tim couldn’t believe how
big it was…Leo was so masculine. “Good, I like that, ” said Leo, “you like
my big nipples?”

“Oh God, your nipples are so big….so masculine,” said Tim as he briefly
stopped his worship to look up at Leo. Leo smiled slightly and put Tim back to
work, enjoying the sight of Tim’s small mouth eagerly taking in Leo’s massive
erecting nipple. Leo growled deeply…Tim could almost feel the vibrations
deep in Leo’s groin, and then Leo moved Tim’s willing lips and tongue to his
other massive nipple.

“That’s a good little boy, you’re doing just fine,”said Leo, as he felt his
manhood start to get hard. “I can see that you’re a natural when it comes to
pleasin a big man like me….I’m going to let you feel all my big muscles.” Leo’s
big hands still held Tim under the arms, and Leo let his big rough thumbs discover
Tim’s small, pink nipples and began to massage them. Almost immediately Tim
let out a groan, the sensation causing his knees to shake. Lois had never done
it like that! Now the big man lifted Tim up to chest height and brought Tim’s
small pink nipple next his own massive dark macho nipple. The comparison was
terrifying and exciting for Tim – the erect center of Leo’s big nipple was
bigger than Tim’s entire nipple. Leo let the two nipples rub together and
said, “Take a look little boy, look how big a man I am.” And he growled

Tim was filled with the desire to please this massive aggresssive man, and
blurted out, ” Oh god, sir, you’re so big, so brutal, I’ll do anything you

Leo laughed and said, “You don’t have to tell me that little boy….you’re
totally in my control.” Slowly Leo put Tim down as Tim’s hands caressed the
big man’s massive biceps and forearms. Leo took Tim’s small white-collar hand in
his own massive rough workman’s hand and started to lead Tim to the doorway. Tim,
scared more than excited for a moment, tried to hang back. Leo closed his hand
into a massive fist and rubbed it against Tim’s bare smooth stomach. The threat
of the size and power of Leo’s fist terrified Tim…Tim put both his hands on
the massive fist and felt the big knuckles and veins…Leo’s fist stretched the
width of Tim’s small, flat tummy. Tim lifted the big man’s brutal massive fist to
his mouth and kissed it and licked it subserviently, acknowledging the man’s
power. Leo picked Tim up in the bend of one massive arm and carried him towards
the door, like a warrior carrying his prey.

“Wh…what are you going to do with me?” asked Tim in a weak voice.

“What am I going to do?” laughed Leo, “I’m gonna do whatever I please,
got any issue with that?”

Leo’s answer, his tone of voice, his confidence, exited and scared Tim,
but he knew he was Leo’s toy and could do nothing…and he liked the feeling
so far. “No sir,” said Tim, “no problem.”

Leo carried Tim up to the second floor, and into Tim’s former bedroom. The
irony was not lost on Tim, who had never expected to see the master bedroom
again. Now here he was back again, except this time he was not the man of the
house. If he faced reality, he was now the little girl being carried into her
master’s bedroom, and the master was so big and masculine and demanding. Leo
lifted Tim up on the bed so that Tim stood facing Leo. “Now little boy, you
and I are going to get naked… I know you wanna see my big muscles in their full
glory, and I wanna have your little naked bod to play with,” said Leo. Leo
unbuckled Tim’s belt and unzipped the fly and took down Tim’s slacks. Tim
kicked off his loafers and stepped out of his slacks, and Leo ran his massive
hands up and down Tim’s slim, smooth athletic legs. “Mmmm, very nice, very
nice,” said Leo, mentally comparing Tim’s boyish legs to his own massive muscular
legs. Leo knew his gigantic calves were much bigger around than Tim’s thighs.
The feel of Leo’s massive rough hands caressing Tim’s legs excited Tim quickly,
and Tim felt his cock beginning to rise. Leo saw the bulge in Tim’s white
jockeys and said, “Well now, what do we have here,” and he pulled Tim’s
underpants down slowly over Tim’s hips and legs.

Tim, now entirely nude, stood on the bed, and felt Leo’s big hands on his
body, exploring, as Leo said, “Man oh man, what a nice little bod you got
Timmy boy, just the right size for me to play with,” and Tim watched as Leo
put his gigantic arm between Tim’s slim thighs and instinctively Tim tightened
his thighs around Leo’s bulging bicep. Leo growled and lifted Tim off the bed
and spun around to face the closet mirror, and said, “There little man, how do
you like riding a big man’s bicep, huh?” and Leo laughed deeply.

Tim felt a wild surge of erotic fear and pleasure as he glanced in the
mirror and saw them both before Leo turned further a deposited Tim back on the
bed. “Oh, god, shit, I can’t believe what a giant you are!” gasped Tim, with
admiration and fear that was genuine. The big man growled with pleasure and
closed his massive hands around Tim’s waist and lowered Tim to the floor.

Leo’s massive chiseled pectorals rose and fell as he breathed heavily, looking
down at Tim. Leo put his big hand in Tim’s crotch and felt Tim’s balls and
cock. Tim felt a shock of desire and felt an orgasm coming, and looked down to
see his erection looking so small in Leo’s massive hand. “You got a nice little
cock,” said Leo, his big thick fingers rolling Tim’s penis like a pencil, “you
gotta a nice bod,” and Tim was surprised to realize that he liked the big
man’s compliments…that he felt good about his body as an object of
excitement for Leo. “Yeah,” continued Leo, “you got a nice little cock…would
you like to see a man’s cock?”

The wondered of seeing Leo’s manhood excited Tim – he could only guess how
big and sexy the man was. “Y..yes,” whispered Tim nervously, “I’d love to see
your….your….your penis!”

Leo laughed cruelly, “My penis! No, you tell me you want to see my big
bull cock, and you call me sir!!” Leo grabbed Tim’s head and rubbed Tim’s face
against one of his big pectorals to remind Tim of his awesome power.

“Oh please sir,” moaned Tim, “I want to see your big bull cock… I want
to please are so big…. .” Leo took one of Tim’s hands and placed
it on the crotch of his bulging gym shorts and rubbed Tim’s hand up the
length of the big hard bulge.

“Feel my power,” growled Leo as he held Tim’s hand to the growing bulge.
Leo was feeling as big and horney and masterful as he had ever….the
experience of sexually dominating another man was better than he had ever
imagined. Leo felt himself growing, his massive muscles hardening and flexing, he
felt as if he could crush Tim with one hand….quickly Leo pulled down his gym
shorts and let his big cock spring free. Tim caught only a glance of Leo’s
partly erect monster before Leo grabbed him under the arms and lifted Tim like
a toy above his head and strode over to the full length mirror. Leo growled
like an animal and lowered Tim, then raised him, as the big man admired his
own massive physique in the mirror, and saw how small and helpless Tim looked.
Tim watched the big man’s gigantic body, nude, brutal, muscles rippling, as Leo
toyed with Tim, and Leo’s erection grew each time Leo lifted Tim to the
ceiling. Tim felt the incredible need to please Leo, to satisfy the big man,
to worship Leo’s awesome masculinity. And Tim realized that the strength of
this passion was more than anything he had ever felt with Lois.

Slowly, easily, Leo lowered Tim down towards the floor, but stopped at the
point where Tim’s small erection hung next to his own massive erect manhood, and
he said, “Look little boy, now you know why Lois is mine…now you’re seeing a
man’s cock!” Tim felt Leo’s massive cock jab into his tender balls, and looked
down….he couldn’t believe how long and thick Leo’s cock was. Tim’s small
boyish erection was barely half the length of Leo’s monster, and like a pencil
next to Leo’s blood engorged thick rod. Leo’s cock was as big around as Tim’s
arm. Tears came to Tim’s eyes as he gazed in humiliation at the sight….in
desire…..and Tim ejaculated at the sight of his erection laying across the
massive angry ram-head of Leo’s brutal tool. Tim’s hot semen dripped over Leo’s
massive cockhead and the big man lowered Tim the rest of the way to the floor.
“Now we gotta clean up that mess, don’t we, boy?” said Leo.

“Yessir, please, yes sir,” said Tim, looking at Leo’s giant manhood from
floor level. Tim put his hands on the massive shaft and felt its heat, its size,
as Leo growled with pleasure. Tim suddenly felt that he was happy to be so
small, so boyish, so helpless next to Leo, that he was merely a toy for the
big man’s cock. “Oh god sir, what a man you are…I love your huge bull cock,”
and Tim stroked the gigantic rod and felt the massive heavy hairy balls which hung
below. Tim bent down and began to kiss and lick the massive head, cleaning off
his own semen, letting his soft tongue roam around the huge mushroom top.
It seemed too big to take in his mouth, but Tim wanted it, wanted to show his
obedience to Leo’s massive genitals, so he stretched his lips and took as much as
he could, and felt Leo’s strong hand on the back of his head, urging him to
take more.

“That’s it boy,” growled Leo, “feel my power, feel my size..I am a
giant…” and Leo gazed down with the eyes of a conqueror as he watched his
massive erection stretch Tim’s mouth. Leo began to thrust his pelvis slowly,
rythmically, his big powerful ass and hips swinging his big cock from side to
side, practically tossing Tim around like a doll. Leo felt a tidal wave of
semen building, felt the incredible desire to thrust, to ram, with his tool,
and he exploded in Tim’s mouth. Tim choked and gasped and pulled off, and Leo
held Tim in front of his cock as he pumped stream after stream over Tim’s
face, shoulders, chest.

“Oh my god, sir, you are so potent!” sputtered Tim, tasting the salty
strong taste of Leo’s sexual power.

Leo laughed, flexed his big biceps, and looked down at Tim. “You haven’t
seen anything yet,” and he collared Tim with a big hand and lead him to the
masterbath. Leo picked up Tim and carried him into the shower; Tim spent the
next 15 minutes soaping and massaging Leo’s big muscles as the big man gave
Tim orders. Then Leo picked Tim up and said, “Now little man, how would you
like to ride my cock?” and Tim could feel one of Leo’s big fingers playing
between his small neat butt cheeks. Fear swept Tim as he wondered of the size
of Leo’s massive erection, and Tim bent his face to one of Leo’s big hard
pectorals and nuzzled and licked the massive taut nipple.

“Please, sir, ” begged Tim, ” you are so big….I’m not ready for that
yet…but I do want to have your massive manhood in me ..I want to be impaled on
your giant cock…I am your toy…..but can we wait?”

Leo laughed cruelly, feeling his cock erecting again as Tim begged for
time…shit he loved to feel his power over this man…as much, he knew, as
Tim loved to feel his obedience and worship for Leo’s absolute power. Leo
decided to point in rushing the little man..he’d have him soon
enough. Meanwhile…..

Leo carried Tim to the bedroom and tossed Tim on the bed, nude. Leo
stretched out his big nude, man’s body on the bed and Tim snuggled up next to
him. Leo said, “Yeah, there’s plenty of nights and weekends when Lois is on
duty at the hospital…and I’ll be feeling like having something different for
a change…something like a little slave boy like you…,” and Leo ruffled
Tim’s hair and let his big hand cover both of Tim’s small smooth butt cheeks.
“Now, do I own you, little man?” asked Leo, and in reply Tim lifted his face
and licked and kissed one of Leo’s big macho nipples. “So see, you haven’t
really seen the last of this house after all….you’ll be back a lot, won’t
you?” asked Leo.

“Yes sir,anytime you want, just snap your fingers and I’ll be here to
serve your massive needs,” whispered Tim as he kissed one of Leo’s big biceps and
felt his total subservience to his wife’s new man. Leo snapped his fingers and
pointed down to his big erect cock, and obediently, happily, Tim crawled
between Leo’s big muscular thighs and began to worship his master.

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