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Recommend reading Neighborhood Play, Chapters 1-4, first.


My crazy sexual weekend in May finally ended, and now in July, the summer before my junior year in school was half over. The neighborhood gang was busy working summer jobs, hanging out, playing baseball, gonna movies and partying. But the sex parties seemed to be over, and no one was talking about them anymore. And I had to admit to myself, since I wasn’t dating, I was a bit disappointed.

Linus and Charlie had taken jobs at a summer camp in New England and Schroeder was on tour with a regionally-known rock band, playing backup keyboards. I had begun hanging out with Violet a bit, both of us using fake IDs to get into the bars. It was a Friday night after work and I walked a block down to her house, where she and Franklin were sitting on the front steps sipping on beers.

“Where is your mom, Vi?” I asked, wondering why they were so comfortable drinking at home. Violet’s dad had passed away when she was 12.

“She’s at my aunt’s house for the weekend,” she said. “Want a beer?”

“Sure,” I said, as she went inside to get it.

“How are you, Lucy?” asked Franklin.

“Really good,” I said. “How about you? How’s your engineering internship going?

“It’s okay,” he said. “I was hoping to learn more. Seems like they give me more grunt work than real projects. I’m gonna say something about it on Monday.”

“Here’s your beer, Luc,” Violet said as she sat down between us.

We drank three more beers as it got dark and chatted about our last baseball game. “You guys want to come in and watch a movie?” Violet asked. “Sure,” we both said as we collected our empties and went into the house. Violet flipped on the TV and found the latest James Bond movie. We all sat on the couch, Violet made some popcorn, and we kicked back for two hours of espionage, stunts, and evil masterminds, Violet sitting in the middle.

About halfway through the movie, I got up and went to the bathroom. After peeing and washing my hands, I stood in front of the mirror. 5’3″, thin, toned, with bright white skin, I was looking pretty damn hot this summer. I was wearing jean shorts and a red blouse, flip flops, and had recently cut my dark brown hair shorter, just off of my shoulders. I was getting horny looking at myself and reached down slowly with two fingers and outlined my pussy. They were never gonna see it coming, but I was gonna try to seduce Franklin and Violet. I opened the door and marched into the living room, but stopped abruptly.

Franklin and Violet were making out, with Franklin’s hands all over Violet’s upper thighs. They slowly pulled aside, their hands still on each other, and Violet looked over at me. Her mouth was half open, obviously a bit drunk. She slowly looked me up and down. “Come join us, Lucy,” she said.

Violet, who I had never found all that attractive, was suddenly looking pretty fetching. And Franklin … well, he was just plain hot.

Violet was about 5’9″, 175, muscular, with wide shoulders and nice curves. She had brown hair in her trademark ponytail, alabaster skin like mine, a big, but athletic ass, and perfect C size tits. She had gone absolutely lesbo wild at our first summer party, and it was one of my enduring images of that crazy night. But tonight, she clearly had her sights set not just on me, but on Franklin, the only Black guy in our neighborhood gang.

I quickly kicked off my sandals, and climbed up on the couch on my knees, next to her. I took her head in both hands and slid my soft tongue into her pretty mouth. After a minute or so, I pulled away and did the same with Franklin, while Violet watched intently. After kissing Franklin, all eyes were on me, and so it was decided — I was the boss.

I slid into a sitting position, reached down and unbuttoned my shorts, and in one motion, slid my jeans and my underwear over my thighs, past my knees, then my calves, and finally over my bare feet.

“Go down on me,” I said. “Both of you. But get naked first.”

They couldn’t comply fast enough. Franklin stripped Violet’s short purple dress off of her, while Violet practically ripped his clothes off. Then they both went to their knees; each took one of my legs over a shoulder and went for my pussy with their tongues.

Violet got there first, lapping my pussy lips with the flat of her tongue, while Franklin slid his tongue in her ear, which only made her double down on her pussy licking.

“Of fuck, Vi!” I moaned. “Finger fuck me!

Violet wasted no time sliding two fingers up my snizz, soon enough finger banging me faster than she was licking me. Franklin now took his hardening cock in one hand, moved it over Violet’s ass crack a few times, before burying it up her moist snatch.

“God damn, fuck me.” she moaned, into my now sopping wet hole.

Now I could see Franklin driving his big black shaft up Violet’s eager pussy from behind, his hands on her waist, his thighs loudly slapping into her big hard white ass. Driving me over the edge, I came — HARD, right into Violet’s open mouth, keeping my scream to myself, my legs shaking and the bottoms of my feet involuntarily spanking Violet’s ass as I climaxed.

“Your fucking little feet drive me wild,” she said as she pulled her head from between my legs.

Now she had the four toes of my left foot in her mouth, sucking them hard. This only increased the intensity of my orgasm, watching her massage the high arch of my foot as she sucked.

Franklin, clearly turned on by the crazy scene, pulled his now rock-hard member out of Violet, jerked his cock several times, and unloaded a big thick load of cream all over my right foot, which now rested on Violet’s ass.

Now she dropped my left foot and buried her face back up my creamy pussy, licking every bit of girl-jizz from my open hole. She stood up, moved over me and kissed me deep, the taste of my own cum coating my mouth, lips and tongue.

“Fuck, Lucy, ever since I watched you get DP’d that night, I have wanted you so bad,” she said.

Really? I wondered to myself. She seemed pretty content having sex with 3 that night, so I was surprised to hear that she was also checking me out.

In addition, I was having a revelation of my own. I really liked small sexy feet. And not just Sally’s, 3’s and 4’s. I liked MY feet. I liked watching my friends suck and lick them, cream on them and just touch them.

As if she was reading my mind, Violet said, “Your little size 6 white feet are the perfect shape. I’ve been jerking off at night just thinking about them, Lucy.”

“Well here,” I said. “Help me clean this one off.”

I raised my leg and brought my foot to my mouth, which she took it in her hand. The two of us then proceeded to lovingly lick Franklin’s cream off the top of it, taking short breaks to french kiss his salty cum between our mouths.

“Yeah, baby,” I moaned, “You can have my feet anytime.”

“Anytime?” she asked coyly.

Before I could respond, she crawled up on the couch, facing me, her back to the armrest, taking my foot and spinning me to the side, facing her. Now she took my foot and placed it right up to her pussy.

Grabbing my big toe, she said, “Fuck me, baby,” while sliding it up into her gaping hole.

The act of it made us throw our heads back simultaneously, both letting out deep moans. I looked down and watched as I began to actively toe-fuck my friend.

Now I wanted the same. There was nothing really sexy about VI’s feet, but I was still super horny, so I put HER toe inside of ME. Her mouth opened in surprise and now she was now banging my cunt with her big toe. Both in total toe-sex ecstasy, I leaned forward and began to suck on her big tits.

“Oooh,” she moaned. “Suck my titties, baby! as we continued to kick our feet out, toe-fucking each other.

Now I laid back as she pulled away, our toes dropping out of each other.

“I bought something we can use, Luc,” she said. “What?” I asked, still panting.

She jumped off the couch, her naked body glistening with sweat, pulled open a drawer under the TV and held out a 12-inch double sided dildo, much like the one Patty had used on Violet and 3 two months ago.

“I’ve been saving this for you.”

“Of, fuck, let’s do it,” I said, going straight to the floor, into doggy style.

Violet followed me to the floor, doggy style as well, moving her big ass right up against mine.

“Help us out will you Franklin?” she said. “There’s some lube in that drawer, too.”

Franklin, who must have thought he had died and gone to heaven, slathered the big toy up with lube, then took turns feeding the double dong up into our wet holes.

Now we were slamming backwards onto the stiff, rippled, fake cock. Every few seconds I arched my back, twerked from side to side, grinding my pussy on it, driving it deeper and savoring the feeling of Violet’s ass cheeks against mine.

“What is happening in my house?” a loud voice now yelled out above the sexual and 007 din.

The other end of the cock fell out of Violet as she scrambled to her feet, leaving me on my hands and knees, my sweaty back arched, the dildo hanging out of my dripping pussy.

I looked back, and to my horror, there stood Violet’s mom, both hands covering her mouth.

“Oh my god, Mrs. Gray!” I said.

“No one move!” she said in an uncharacteristically deep voice.

Violet had gotten her sturdy build and light completion from her Irish father. Giana Gray was Italian, 5’4″, slight, 110 pounds, with long black curly hair and curves for miles. The boys in our gang referred to her as the neighborhood milf. She was a great mom to Violet and as far as any of us knew, a very quiet, conservative person. Tonight, she was wearing a long, flowered dress, her gorgeous hair cascading over her back and shoulders — her tanned, soft, small facial features looking stunning even though she was angry.

She took a moment to breathe.

“You are all adults,” she said, “and what you are doing is private,” she reasoned. “But it seems with the amount of sweating you are doing, you could use the air conditioning on,” she said as she flicked on the wall control next to her.

“Violet,” she said, “it looks as if you have left Lucy hanging,” she posited, as she walked over to her naked daughter, took her hand and led her back over to me, still on my hands and knees on the floor. “Help them, Franklin,” she said.

Within seconds, my heart now racing, partially out of fear and partially because I was still turned on, Violet was back down behind me, with Franklin feeding the dildo back into Vi’s pussy. I now closed my eyes as we began furiously humping back on the cock again, this time with an audience.

After a few minutes, I heard Mrs. Gray next to me.

“Give it to me, Franklin.”

I looked to my right. Giana was right next to me, also doggy style, her yellow print dress bunched around her waist, otherwise totally naked. I looked back just as Franklin went to his knees, burying his giant cock inside of her from behind, his hands on her tiny waist.

“Oh my god,” she purred, looking straight into my eyes. Now our back-stroking matched the exact same rhythm. She was gorgeous, and watching her tanned little powerhouse of a body getting fucked by her daughter’s friend was really turning me on.

She caught me watching her, but I didn’t care.

As if she were reading my mind, she moved her face toward mine and our lips met. At first in a short kiss, and then, after figuring out our rapid body movements, her tongue slipped between my lips, exploring my eager mouth.

After all of this summer’s sexual firsts, this was the hottest one of all. With Giana Gray deep kissing me while she was getting fucked, and Vi’s ass banging mine, it took everything I had in me not to cum all over that double-headed dildo.

“Fuck yeah!” Franklin yelled out. I looked back as he pulled out of Mrs. Gray and shot a second, big creamy load all over her light brown, sexy ass and all over her pussy lips.

But the electric way in which she continued to kiss me, made it clear she was still horny.

I pulled away from her — with Violet still slamming our asses together — I looked at Giana, and pointed in front of me, my wrist twirling. Giana crawled in front of me, flipped over onto her back, spread her legs and scooted her ass up within reach of me.

Never so excited to lick pussy, I wrapped my hands and arms around her muscular thighs, and buried my tongue straight up her snatch, still coated with Franklin’s sperm.

Her head immediately snapped back, her curly hair flying back off of her gorgeous face, revealing her small perfect tits. I cleaned out her 42-year-old pussy with my tongue and then went for her clit, which was growing bigger and more prominent by the minute.

“Lucy, you have done this before,” she moaned, running her hands through my hair, our eyes locked together.

Her right leg was bent, and I could feel the heel of her foot under my chin as I licked. Violet had now crawled around to us, the dildo dropping to the floor, allowing me to concentrate on Giana. Violet was now sitting right next to us, watching as I licked her mom.

Now they were looking at each other, as Vi reached down and began playing with herself.

“That’s right, baby, watch Lucy get mommy off,” she said, her breathing growing more rapid.

Now I decided to go in for the kill. I raised my head up, pulled Giana’s foot from under me and licked her sexy little toes. This was clearly a new thing for her, as she was now ready to cum. As she reached for her clit, I dropped her foot and buried my face in her cunt. She grabbed both of my arms and began bucking her hips, releasing a creamy fluid in my mouth, simultaneously emitting a blood-curdling scream.

“Oh Lucy, fuck!!”

I pulled away from her, and Vi and I watched in awe as her mother’s amazing body continued to orgasmically convulse.

I looked at Vi. “I’m so fucking horny,” she said.

I reached over, pushed her onto her back, scrambled around to her other side, threw one leg over her head, and planted my pussy on her face as she wrapped her arms around my thighs and ass cheeks. Now I lowered my face and took her nasty little cunt in my mouth, licking fast as I shook my head back and forth, our hips humping into each other’s mouths.

Violet came first, releasing almost the same creamy discharge as her mom, which I promptly licked out of her wide-open gash. Now I was rocking on her face and began releasing a gusher of clear fluid all over her.

The streams came in waves. Now I got up on one foot, pointed it, and aimed it right at Vi’s face. And Violet wanted all of it. She opened her mouth wide as I furiously rubbed my clit, my intermittent gigantic splashes of squirt covering her face, hair, shoulders, big tits and my foot. Before I was done, Violet raised up, opened her mouth wide and as I grabbed her hair, she directly took my last cum shots.

Now Giana was sitting upright, watching the waterworks that was my pussy. Her mouth was wide open, literally awestruck.

“Lucy, you must join us more often,” she said, as I collapsed backward onto the floor. “You, are a sexual superhero!”

I lay there looking straight up at the ceiling, contemplating the amount of fluids that had passed between the four of us in the past 30 minutes.

“I’m Aquawoman,” I said.

Violet looked at me and giggled.

“You’re a DIRTY Aquawoman,” Franklin said, smiling.

“Yes I am,” I said.

“You kids had better stay overnight,” Giana said to Franklin and me. “You can clean up; and in the morning I will make you some breakfast.”

Why did I think this party wasn’t over?

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