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“No… no, no, no, NO!” Robin blurted out, before continuing, “Absolutely not. Not again. Last time was bad enough. And that was a mission. But this…”

Robin had a bad feeling this was where things were going when her girlfriend insisted on her coming over after college, so they could get dressed for their night out with Eddie and Steve. But, despite everything she’d done to her lately during sex, Robin hadn’t wondered that Nancy Wheeler could be this cruel. Cruel enough to try and put her in, that thing again. As if the last time hadn’t been bad enough.

Although, that had been worse, because this was before the brunette had decided to make a move on her, or even figured out the redhead was a lesbian. So Nancy had spent so, so long dolling her up, casually giving the poor lesbo all these little touches, which had no idea was torturing her. Although maybe this was worse, because this time her girl knew this was torture for her.

There a long pause, then Nancy gently pushed, “Please?”

“No!” Robin insisted, covering her face quickly, “Not this time. You’re not going to look at me with those big doe eyes, and talk me into doing whatever you want. You won’t!”

“But Robin… it would make me so, happy.” Nancy said in a calm voice, which was somehow far more effective than yelling, “Don’t you want to make me happy?”

“Of course I do, but…” Robin whined.

“And you said you’d do anything for me.” Nancy pointed out.

“Yeah, but there has to be a limit.” Robin argued.

Which actually cause Nancy to smile a bit, and raised an eyebrow as she questioned, “And looking smart is your limit?”

“Is that what we’re call this?” Robin grumbled, looking down at the outfit she had been forced to wear to that insane asylum, just lying on Nancy’s bed, tormenting her.

“Yes.” Nancy chuckled, before apologizing, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I’m just trying to get my head around the idea that sticking my finger up your ass wasn’t going too far, but this is.”

Which of course made Robin blush, before she protested, “That was different. And you know it.”

“Yeah, it is.” Nancy grinned, stepping forward as she teased, “One, is you just wearing a skirt. The other-“

“It’s not just a skirt!” Robin complained, then grumbled, “It’s a torture device. And so is all that other shit.”

“Sometimes, a little pain can be worth it in the end.” Nancy smiled suggestively.

“Not to me.” Robin grumbled, trying and failing not to think about Nancy Wheeler teasing her to the point of insanity, before making it worth it, “Look, I just don’t want to wear it. Please be okay with that? Please?”

“But don’t you want to look good on our double date?” Nancy grinned.

I told you, it’s not a double date.” Robin whined, before quickly adding, “And do you know what Steve and Eddie will think if they see me wearing that thing?”

“That you’re mine?” Nancy said lustfully, before adding, “And that you would do anything for me?”

“Yeah…” Robin blushed, “And is that the message we should be sending to your ex-boyfriend, and my best friend?”

“I’m pretty sure we give off that vibe every time we’re out together.” Nancy said dryly, then adding cheerfully, “This will just help enhanced that, and lay the groundwork for telling Steve the truth.”

“You say that like it’s easy.” Robin grumbled, before again trying to put her foot down, “Look, I’m not wearing it. Ever. And there’s nothing you can say to make me.”

Which they both instantly knew was a big mistake on Robin’s part, as Nancy simply grinned and told her while stepping forward again, “Well, we can spend the rest of the time waiting for the boys arguing about this, or… I can finger you, while you’re wearing that skirt. See if I can make you cum before they get here. And given the last time I fucked you… I give you about five minutes. If you’re good.”

Which in turn, had Robin whimpering in defeat, then after a long pause whining, “Fine! But no redoing my make-up this time.”


“Ha ha ha ha, oh my God, Buckley, what are you wearing?” Eddie burst out laughing.

Poor Robin blushed furiously, and lowered her head. She wouldn’t care as much, if she had been allowed to cum, but no, Nancy just had to insist on taking her time, which very much included doing Robin’s make-up. It was foolish to believe she could convince her otherwise. And if that wasn’t enough, Nancy gleefully made it as torturous as possible, by giving Robin lots of little touches, which she knew drove her crazy.

Hell, she wasn’t even subtle about it, at one point just straight up sitting in her lap while doing her make-up. So by the time they got to the fingering, Robin could easily cum quickly, but clearly that wasn’t Nancy’s plan. No, she just wanted to leave her flustered and horny, her panties already ruined by the time they met up with the boys, making the inevitable laughter even more cutting.

“Her undercover outfit. The one Nancy picked out for her.” Steve helpfully explained, chuckling as he looked up and down, “Doesn’t she look… nice?”

“I know, right?” Nancy beamed, ignoring Steve’s sarcasm as she risked wrapping her arms around Robin’s arm, and staring at her adoringly, “Look at her, all ready for a night out.”

“A night of sitting in the dark.” Robin grumbled.

“Well, then no one has to see you, right?” Steve half teased, half comforted. He then frowned in confusion, “But seriously, I wondered you hated that thing?”

“I do!” Robin whined, pulling her arm away from Nancy before anyone saw, “But you, of all people, should know how hard it is to say no to Nancy Wheeler.”

“Good point.” Steve admitted, while still looking at Robin suspiciously.

“So, we doing this, or what?” Eddie pushed.

“Absolutely.” Robin said, avoiding Steve’s gaze.

“Okay then…” Steve grinned, before giving a mock bow, “Ladies, your chariot awaits.”

“Dingus.” Robin groaned, trying to sound annoyed, but enabled to keep the fondness out of her voice.


That chariot was of course Steve’s precious car, and Eddie insisted he had previously called shotgun, leaving Robin to travel in the back with Nancy. Which honestly, would have been her first choice anyway, given that while she was mad at the frustrating tease, she was also helplessly in love with her, and just wanted to be near her all the time.

Besides, she was very confident that before the end of the night, Nancy Wheeler really was going to make her cum. Fuck, Robin was so wound up from everything that had just happen to her, she was convinced that it wouldn’t take much. Like even just a smile from that beautiful face, or even the other girl taking her hand in her own.

Both those things happened over the course of the drive to the cinema, which was so wonderful that Robin didn’t even care about the risk. Besides, Eddie and Steve were busy arguing about music, and barely paid attention to them. And apparently Nancy was just fine with that, as she seemed to only have eyes for Robin. Something which thankfully only happen publicly when no one was paying any attention to them.

Well, more accurately, it only happened for more than a few seconds. And this was a lot more than that, the useless lesbian unable to resist staring back, as she became lost in those doe eyes. Then all of a sudden, the brunette’s hand moved to her thigh, and gently stroked her there, making the redhead wonder if she really was going to get to cum during that car ride. Little did she know, it was just a preview of what was about to happen…


They were watching something called, Top Gun. It was packed with action, noise and it was easily the most homoerotic thing that Robin had ever seen. Like, she wished she was brave enough to stare at Nancy in public the way these boys did with each other. Hell, sometimes she just couldn’t help it, but even then, it wasn’t nearly as lingering as this. Which made her try and keep a close eye on Eddie and especially Steve.

Because all the shirtless scenes of dudes weren’t doing anything for her, but surely, if ever a movie could awaken something inside a man, it was this one. Like seriously, when they got a copy of this movie for the video store, they were going to have to open a Gay Porn section, featuring nothing but this movie.

But, it was hard to stay focused on Steve, even when he was sitting next to her, when Nancy Wheeler was sitting on the other side of her. Hell, Robin had seen a lot of movies lately, without really watching any of them, given she was too busy staring at her first ever girlfriend. And often making out with that girlfriend, quickly followed by other things.

Which would be unadvisable now, but Robin was more than content with holding Nancy’s hand in the safety of the darkness, safe in the knowledge that if anyone saw, they would probably just dismiss it as being friends. Although she might be in trouble if anyone saw her staring at another girl the way the boys on screen were staring at their so-called ‘rivals’, but in the darkness of the cinema, she just couldn’t resist risking it.

Amazingly, she wasn’t alone, given that Nancy not only stared back, but also, she placed her hand on Robin’s thigh, and started stroking it. Sadly, that did mean an end to the hand-holding, but it was a very welcome escalation of the way things were going, making Robin hopeful that they were about to excuse themselves for a very long bathroom break.

Which admittedly, would be another risk, but in that moment, it definitely felt worth it. Instead, that wicked hand started sliding up and down her thigh, getting closer and closer to where the redhead wanted it the most. At the same time, this was maybe a risk too far, something she tried to tell the brunette when she grabbed her hand, and looked at her pleadingly.

There was long pause, then Nancy leaned in, and whispered into her ear, “Trust me.”

Which of course had Robin whimpering softly, briefly glancing at Steve and Eddie, who were thankfully completely engrossed in the film, and then ultimately let go of Nancy’s hand. Something which had the brunette grinning wickedly, before completing her journey to the redhead’s pussy.

Luckily, the loud soundtrack drowned out the loud gasp that escaped Robin’s mouth, especially as Nancy wasted no time in pushing her girlfriend’s panties aside, and even pushing a finger into that welcoming cunt. Thankfully she did this nice and slowly, otherwise there was no noise from the film which could have drowned out a happy sound from a lesbian being fingered by another girl.

Nancy once again felt bad about her actions. Not nearly enough to stop them, although this time, it was pretty close. After all, this was the biggest risk they had taken so far, and if they were discovered by the wrong people, they would be social outcasts. And poor Robin would likely have it the worst, given she would be blamed for corrupting sweet little Nancy Wheeler.

And even if it was just Steve or Eddie… God, she wouldn’t want her ex to find out this way. So this was a bad idea, that she should never have insisted on. And it was still within her power to stop it. Just pull her hand out of Robin’s skirt, and go back to watching the gay porn. Or better yet, drag her girl into the nearest bathroom, and finish what she started.

But again, for better or for worse, she just couldn’t resist torturing Robin Buckley. Even when it meant risking their lives to do it. Although to be fair, at least she didn’t take her time. No, at any moment, there might be the first ever quiet scene in this movie, and they would be exposed. Also, there was no telling how much longer it was, given how her only thoughts had been Robin, Robin, Robin.

So, after a few long minutes of pumping that finger in and out of that welcoming cunt, she just as slowly introduced as second into it, before moving to increase the pace. Not quite going all out, as she wanted too, and she didn’t want to give her girl too much too soon. But it was definitely enough to build her up to that climax she knew her lesbian had been craving.

Throughout this, Nancy had done her best to lean back, and just face forwards, to make it less obvious what she was doing. She’d even positioned herself so Robin was on the right to her, to make it easier for her to reach underneath the skirt, and those panties, with her right hand. Glancing around, it seemed to be working, as everyone else was enthralled by the movie.

Meanwhile, Nancy was 100% focused on that wet pussy quivering around her fingers, and the occasional sound which escaped from the other girl’s lips. Thankfully, it was most likely those would be mistaken for enjoyment of the movie. Hell, she was tempted to really go for it whenever there was yet another shirtless scene, just to see if she could make her girl cry out loudly, and thus made someone, anyone, to think that Robin Buckley was straight. An idea, she now found quite funny.

On some level, Nancy had to admit those shirtless scenes were not unappealing to her, the way they were probably with Robin, especially with Tom Cruise, who had been a crush of hers for quite a while. Because, apparently, her type was people who were strictly not completely straight. But again, it was only a passing distraction, next to her all-consuming lust for the girl sitting next to her.

Especially when she was so very responsive to her. Oh yes, it was so very easy to fuck Robin Buckley to the edge of orgasm, and then push her over that edge, by simply increasing the pace, and using her thumb to rub her clit. Something which of course, Nancy just had to watch with a wicked smile on her face.

Of course, when Robin was about to go over that edge, Nancy leaned forward and whispered, “Cum for me!”

Robin actually whimpered in relief when she heard those words. She was trying to be a good girl, and only cum when she had permission. Something Nancy had very clearly stated was her preference. But in moments like this, when she was wound up and ready to go from the start, it was just so hard.

And given that they were doing this more publicly than ever before, it was a very good thing that Nancy Wheeler could make Robin Buckley cum so effortlessly. Hell, there were times where the hopeless lesbian felt like all it would take was a smile from her first ever girlfriend, and she would cream her panties. Regardless of where they were, and who they were surrounded by.

To be fair, on this occasion, Nancy hadn’t just been teasing Robin for hours. No, right before they came out, which was probably about an hour ago, the submissive lesbian had been finger fucked to the edge of climax by the most beautiful girl in the world, only to be left unsatisfied. She should’ve known this was the plan of her wicked minded top.

To make her cum surrounded by people, who were blissfully unaware of the lesbian sex happening in the middle of them. Which also helped Robin cum hard and fast. And God, Nancy didn’t pull her hand away at the first opportunity. No, the brunette fucked the redhead through that orgasm, slowly bringing her down from her high, and then shamelessly bringing those fingers up to her own lips, and sucking them clean.

Proving she was shameless, prissy little Nancy Wheeler even let out a soft moan of satisfaction from tasting Robin Buckley’s girl cum and pussy cream. She also briefly closed her eyes to savour that flavour, and what she had just achieved, before opening again, and giving Robin a smug look. Fuck, if it was anyone else, Robin would want to slap that smug expression off that unfairly pretty face.

But it wasn’t someone else. It was Nancy fucking Wheeler, and more than anything at the moment, Robin wanted to dropped to her knees in the middle of that crowded cinema, and return the favour tenfold. Return it by eating the pussy of the girl she had once wrongly dismissed as a priss.

In reality, she could never be so bold, but for a moment, Robin allowed herself the pleasure of fantasizing about it. Of the lights coming up, and instead of leaving in disgust, people actually cheered her for once. Like, literally encouraged her to make Nancy Wheeler cum in her mouth, and all over her face. Maybe she would even high-five Steve, while not removing her mouth from that heavenly treat.

Everyone would know exactly what she was, and not hate her for it. No, they would be jealous, because she got to worship the perfection which was Nancy freaking Wheeler, and they didn’t. Which was a thought which made her smile, although not as widely as when the brunette finished cleaning her finger, and then grabbed the redhead’s hand, before leaning forward to give her an order.

“Bathroom!” Nancy tried to make it sound like a question, when they both knew it was a command.

“God yes.” Robin replied eagerly.


Nancy was honestly proud of herself for making it all the way to the bathroom, without pulling Robin into a kiss. God, this felt like the longest they had gone without kissing, and although on some level she knew that just wasn’t true, in one way, it was. Namely, that normally when they were fooling around, they were free to kiss each other as much as they wanted.

More importantly, Nancy was free to kiss Robin as much as she wanted. Because it was definitely her who was mostly initiating. Partly because her girl was a natural bottom, but also, somehow this gorgeous creature still couldn’t get over that Nancy wanted her. Something which was becoming annoying, given how often Nancy proved she wanted her.

Like, when they finally got into the bathroom, and the first thing Nancy did was push Robin up against the nearest wall, and almost literally try shoving her tongue down her throat. She didn’t even bother to check whether they were alone. Well sure, there was no one in sight, but someone could easily be using one of the stalls.

Something she half expected her paranoid girlfriend to scold her for, but for better or for worse, the redhead just melted into the kiss. Which had the brunette grinning wickedly, but she was also quick to act. Namely, Nancy guided carefully them around the bathroom, so she could push them into one of the stalls, all without stopping the passionate kissing of Robin Buckley.

For a moment there, it seemed like nothing would stop that, until Nancy inevitably pressed her knee between Robin’s legs, causing Robin to break the kiss and whine, “Nancy!”

This caused an evil grin to cross Nancy’s face, then she pressed her lips up against Robin’s ear and did her best impression of a gossiping teen, while pressing her knee deep into that crotch, “Did you hear about Robin Buckley? She let her girlfriend finger her in the middle of a crowded cinema. She even came, too. God, what a slut. I’d heard some girls did that.

Allowed their boyfriends to do it. Some in exchange for sucking his cock. But to actually let another girl do that? Oh God, what a dirty little whore. Absolutely shameless. And poor sweet Nancy Wheeler was sitting right next to her. Oh, I hope she didn’t see anything. It would probably scar that poor, innocent girl for life.”

“Nancy…” Robin whimpered softly a few times, trying to interrupt, but Nancy just wasn’t letting her.

“Yes?” Nancy finally pulled back, and smiled sweetly.

It took a long few seconds for Robin to refocus, then she snapped, “Shut up, and let me eat you.”

“Robin!” Nancy scolded, although it was hard to keep a grin off her face, “Is that any way to talk to me?”

“Well…” Robin began, before being cut off.

“I mean, you could at least say please.” Nancy quipped, before looking at Robin expectantly.

Robin rolled her eyes, but ultimately grumbled, “Please?”

“Good girl…” Nancy purred, leaning in, as if for another kiss, “Mmmmmmmm, good little slut.”

“Your slut.” Robin chimed in, hoping it would help get her what she wanted.

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