Naked Wet Daughter (Hot Sex /w Dad)

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This is a long incest sex story between dad and daughter, with 11 chapters.

You can read all 11 chapters in this page.


Chapter 1

Teenaged Carol Ardmore stretched out nakedly on the air
mattress directly beneath the skylight, sighing with pleasure as
the bright noonday sun played over her young body.
She slipped one hand down to her crotch and began to finger
her horny little pussy. It had been a couple of days since she
had been fucked, and the knowledge that she was alone in the house
with her handsome father made her breathing grow faster. She felt
a hot tin-gling sensation deep in her cunt as it radiated out
through her entire body, filling the girl with a pounding desire
that she knew only a big cock could satisfy.
“Oh, God, I’m so horny!” Carol cried as she flipped herself
over onto her tummy so she could rub her pussy mound against the
air mattress while she continued to finger-fuck herself.
Carol’s father, Mike Ardmore, was watching his daughter from
only a couple of yards away. He had entered the sun room just in
time to see his sexy little girl flip herself over and he had seen
her hand busily playing with her pussy. The sight of his daughter
finger-fucking herself, completely naked, made hot aroused blood
rush to his cock. He rubbed his cock through his trousers,
licking his lips with anticipation as he continued to spy on his
“Oh, God, Daddy, I need your cock! I need your big cock in
my pussy!” Carol cried, unaware that her father could hear her
every lewd word.

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Mike grinned, glad now that he had encouraged his wife, Fran,
and their other kids, Barbara, Greg, and Jerry to drive into town
without him. He had originally planned to go with them for it was
to be a real family outing‹‹first, shopping, then a movie and
dinner at a nice restaurant in town.
But when Carol had begged off, saying that she had already
seen the movie and that she would rather work on her tan, Mike had
decided to stay behind too. The man knew that this was his
opportunity to fuck his youngest daughter, an opportunity he had
been waiting for, for a long time now.
He and Carol would be alone for hours yet, and now that he
had discovered that Carol was as horny for his cock as he was for
her pussy, there was no reason to fight his natural desires any
“Ohhhhh, it’s soooo good! Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me!” the
young girl wailed, her obscene cries bringing her father’s
attention back to the exciting sight of the teenager writhing in
orgasm on the air mattress, her fingers stabbing in and out of her
Mike rubbed his hard cock more urgently through his pants,
all the while staring lustfully at his sexy little girl. Carol
was lying on her tummy so that her round, firm ass and long,
slender legs were displayed to her father, making his prick grow
even harder.
Suddenly, as the last spasm of her orgasm passed through her,
Carol sighed happily and turned over, gasping with shock and
excite-ment when she saw her father staring at her, his hand
stroking his crotch.
“Daddy!” she cried, breathing hard. “How long have you been
“Just for a few minutes, baby. But long enough to see you
getting yourself off. What a sight!” he said with a grin.
“Why don’t you join me, Daddy?” the teenager asked, grinning
back at her father. “This sun is heavenly!”
“That’s not all that’s heavenly, baby,” Mike muttered as he
crossed the room toward the sexy young girl and sat down in a

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“Want me to make us a drink, Daddy? I’m really parched,”
Carol said, gesturing toward the bar across the room.
Mike nodded and started to offer to make the drinks himself
but then he realized that this was his chance to watch his naked
daughter in motion.
As Carol rose from the mattress, her father watched her huge
tits swaying gently. They stood high and firm, high and hard and
lily-white, creamy from the sun lotions she had rubbed on them
earlier. She picked up her towel and softly wiped off the lotion,
running the towel deep under her mounds of tit-flesh and gently
over the nips, which seemed to harden before her father’s widened
Then, she used the towel to wipe off the rest of her naked
body, extending one leg at a time before her and running up it
with an easy stroke. Then, with a suggestive, circular movement,
she wiped off her flat belly.
It was as exciting as a strip tease to her father and his
cock was now straining hard against his pants. As the girl turned
and began to move toward the bar, he slammed his hand to his
crotch and began to rub his prick once again.
As Carol mixed the drinks, she watched her father, grinning
to herself. She had seen her daddy’s hard-on and it turned her on
with a savage force that took her breath away. She knew that it
was going to happen at long last. She knew that she and her
father were going to fuck.
Carol gave her father his drink and, as she bent toward him,
the man stroked one finger along her naked thigh. She wiggled,
moving closer to him, and his hand caressed her fluffy golden
“You’re sure one sexy little bitch, baby,” he groaned.
“You really think so, Daddy?” Carol asked, wriggling her body
“You know it, baby!” Mike said, draining half his glass as
his daughter did the same with her own drink. “Want to sit on my
“Ohhhh, Daddy, I’ve got all this creamy goo all over me!” she
giggled as her father reached for her.
“I’d like to splash my own goo all over you, you sexy little
cunt!” Mike growled, reaching for his little girl again as she
managed to wriggle out of his grasp.
“Ooooh, Daddy, you’ve got such a big hard-on!” Carol cried
“Yeah, and it’s your sexy little body that gave it to me,
Carol,” Mike said.
“Mmmm, I’d love to feel your cum all over me. God, you’re so
hard!” Carol moaned, moving toward her father, no longer able to
play games with him. She wanted him too badly for that.
Mike reached out again, grabbing the young girl by the hips
as he rose from his chair. Carol reached out, too, and stroked
her hand up the bulge of his pants.
“Wow! A full-blown hard-on! Let me see it!” Carol cried.
Licking her lips excitedly, the teenager bent to her knees.
With a lust-filled expression on her young, beautiful face, she
boldly reached forward and unzipped her daddy’s fly, feeling
inside eagerly. Her father’s tremendously thick cock lurched out
into her small soft hand and she squealed with delight.
Mike began to undress, eagerly assisted by his willing
daughter, and Carol kept her eyes lewdly fixed on his
thick-shafted prick.
When he was completely naked, as she was, the young girl
closed one hand around the hard, pulsating cockshaft and rubbed it
down, turning them both on all the more. Growing hornier and
hornier, Carol jacked her father off harder. His prick lengthened
and grew rock-hard in her hand.
Drool oozed from the corners of her mouth as she watched her
daddy’s prickmeat growing in her hand and she continued to stroke
and rub it.
“Ohhh, Daddy, your big cock makes me feel sooo horny!” she
“And you’re turning me on so much that I can hardly stand it,
you horny little cunt! Suck it, Carol! Suck your daddy’s cock!”
Mike demanded as he grabbed her head and thrust his cock into her
With a grateful moan, Carol embraced the red-hot head of her
father’s prick with her mouth, her lips descending over the
throbbing prick. Her lust-filled eyes thanked him silently as she
took more and more of his prick, licking it and loving it with her
The young girl opened and closed her mouth about the man’s
prick, up and down its hard length, sending jolts of erotic
pleasure through his loins.
While she sloshed her tongue all over her father’s cock, she
moved her head up and down. At the same time the man thrust his
prick in and out of her mouth, expertly fucking his daughter’s
“Ohhhh, yeah, baby, that’s it! That’s great! Suck me off!
You’re doing great!” Mike groaned, running his hands through her
thick, golden hair as she continued to suck his cockmeat.
Carol moaned. She loved the way her daddy’s cock felt as it
pulsed lewdly against the walls of her mouth. Her face was lust-
contorted and she began to suck his cock harder.
She was moving her mouth rapidly up and down the full length
of Mike’s cock as she sucked him hard, each time burying her nose
in his prick hairs. He didn’t have to fuck her mouth anymore.
She was doing just fine on her own. So he concentrated on his
little girl’s tits, scooping up the huge mounds with both hands
and stroking them with hard, demanding fingers.
Her nipples were swollen and hard. Mike groaned with lust as
he moved his fingertips across them, feeling them pulse against
his fingers. Meanwhile, the girl’s cock-stuffed face moved
expertly up and down as she gave her daddy the best, most exciting
blowjob of his life.
She swished her wet tongue over the man’s hairy balls,
leaving them sprinkled with her warm saliva. Slowly, she trailed
her tongue back up his prick, feeling her father’s cockmeat
throbbing lewdly against her tongue. She saw the huge cockhead
swollen and large before her lust-filled eyes and she moaned with
even more excitement, the sounds muffled by the prick that
completely filled her hungry mouth.
Seeing his daughter’s excitement as her mouth came nearer to
his cockhead, Mike held his cock steady for her as it tried to bob
out of her grasp. He watched excitedly as the girl’s beautiful,
soft lips stretched out over its broad, shining surface, taking it
all in, inch by inch.

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Then it was as if something wild broke loose in the teenager.
She was tired of teasing her father and herself. With a savage
force that surprised both of the incestuous lovers, Carol began to
juicily run her mouth up and down his hot, hard pole, slurping
loudly, her eyes bright with desire.
Her mouth was so wet with saliva and pre-cum now that it rode
over her father’s big cock easily. Her cheeks sucked in on each
of her backward pulls and she seemed intent on sucking the cum
from his balls.
As her mouth plunged downward, Carol tried to swallow her
daddy’s entire prick. But his mammoth cock filled her mouth so
fully it nearly choked her. After a while, exhausted by such
strenuous sucking, she eased up. She sucked her father’s cock as
erotically as ever but now she used a rhythmic mouth-fucking tempo
that concentrated on the huge head of the man’s prick.
Carol was between Mike’s legs, facing him as she sucked him
off. She rested on her knees, her little pussy parted before his
gaze. It was running with cunt-sauce. Eyeing it, catching
flashes of pink cunt-flesh when she spread it wide, Mike felt his
cock expand and thicken in the wet cavern of her mouth.
Each time she spread her pussylips apart with a movement of
her thighs, unveiling her naked cuntflesh, Mike shoved his cock
into her face. And, in response, the girl licked his prick
The man’s self-control was slipping. Moving his hips, he
pumped his big, swollen prick hard in and out of her mouth. He
fucked her face so forcefully that she groaned with pain and
Carol sucked her daddy’s prick harder and harder and he
fucked it in and out of her face faster and faster. Both fuckers
thrilled to the obscene movements of the girl’s lips rapidly
sliding up and down his hard cockmeat. Her saliva ran down his
cockstaff thickly now. Carol was so aroused that her tits looked
as if they would burst any moment, the nips hard and taut.
Mike’s gaze was riveted to the girl’s cunt. He groaned with
excitement each time the bloated cuntlips opened, revealing more
of her inner pussyflesh to him. Suddenly, the man could control
himself no longer. He jerked his cock out of her mouth and,
putting his rough hands on her soft shoulders, forced her
“Daddy!” Carol cried out in surprise and excitement as she
realized what was about to happen.
The girl was lying before him on her back and Mike quickly
spread her legs far apart. He skimmed his eager hands up her legs
until his head was just above her belly button.
Bending, he pressed his wet tongue to her little cunthole and
licked it thoroughly, making the girl wriggle with desire.
“Ohhh, Daddy, I love that!” she said.
“That’s just the beginning, baby,” he mumbled.
He slowly, teasingly ran his tongue out of her navel and
slicked it down toward her horny little cunt. Her legs flew up
and wrapped around his body, pushing him downward. He eased his
face into her cuntmound and licked out.
“Oohhhhh, yesssss!” she hissed between clenched teeth.
With his lips spread wide, Mike touched more wet cuntflesh,
burrowing into her pussy with a hot, sexual fervor. Whimpering
sounds of lust and pleasure came from the teenagers as her father
moved his tongue around her pussylabes. Her pussylips were wet
and tasty.
He poked his tongue hard into her pussyhole now, finding her
clit and feeling it harden. He strummed it lewdly with his tongue
and her legs tightened around him like a vise as her body shook
all over with excitement and desire.
This was a dream come true for the young girl and she knew
that it was only the beginning. She had often dreamed about her
father eating her pussy and now he was doing just that. But, best
of all, was the knowledge that very soon now he would be fucking
her and she trembled with excitement at the idea.
“Fuck me, Daddy, fuck meeee! I can’t stand to wait any
longer!” she cried.
Mike raised his pussyjuice-smeared face from his daughter’s
cunt and grinned down at her. She unwrapped her legs and he drew
back. Carol saw that her daddy’s cock was rock-hard and jerking
eagerly and she moaned with desire.
“Hurry, Daddy, pleeeease!” she cried.
“You got it, baby! I’m gonna fuck the holy shit out of you,
you sexy little cunt!” Mike cried as he thrust the full length of
his cock into her wet cunt with a single swift fucking motion.
She closed her legs around his hips and groaned. As he
pumped into her, Carol bucked up and her cunt closed, wet and hot,
around the hard cock inside her. Her cunt snapped and clutched at
the man’s cock and her body writhed lewdly on the floor. Her eyes
closed in pleasure as her father rammed more cockmeat into her,
cock that had waited a long time for such relief.
As he thrust into her, he grabbed her thighs for support and
she cried out her excitement. Her entire body accepted and
welcomed his hard-driving prick.
Carol’s naked ass rode smoothly against the floor in response
to her father’s pounding prick. A fine sheen of sexual sweat
broke out over her huge tits, bobbing before the man’s lust-glazed
eyes. He was fucking her harder than ever now and the girl’s
mouth hung open slackly, drool forming at the corners.
The tight walls of her pussy closed around and sucked up the
hard-on that rode into them. As the man whipped his cock in and
out of his daughter’s pussy, her nostrils flared and her eyes
caught fire, burning with lust.
She bucked upward, matching each of his downward fuck-strokes
with an upward thrust of her own crotch. Her body broke into an
uncontrollable tremor as he tore into her with renewed fury,
sending his prick up her spongy, wet cunt. She screamed out in
pain and pleasure, feeling as though he were tearing her flesh

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Their bodies were a blur of motion now and her sharp
fingernails raked across his broad back, drawing blood. Still, he
continued to thrust his hot, hard, thick cockmeat up into her.
He drove harder into her wildly aroused cunt, pumping his
hard, thick prick up her gushing cunthole while she dug into his
back with her claw-like nails. Her father’s prick seemed to be
burrowing out a newer and much deeper fuck-channel. Her pussy was
so hot now that it seemed to be shooting out flames of lust that
lapped at the man’s cock.
“God, Daddy, it feels sooooo fuckin’ good! Keep it up,
please keep it up, I love it!” the girl wailed.
Mike plunged even deeper into his daughter’s cunt, stuffing
her completely full of thick, hard meat, sending it into the
hottest depths of her churning cunt. The naked mounds of her big
tits trembled as he pistoned his long cockrod into her.
With steady, bruising blows, Mike hammered his horny prick
into his little girl’s pussy. He gorged her with every hard,
full, thick inch of his cock and somehow she managed to take it
all, time after time.
His cock was now greased from its bloated red head to its
swollen balls with the juice from the girl’s cunt and the pre-cum
that continually seeped from his twitching cum-slit.
Hot, licking grasps of her pussy-flesh raced up and down the
full length of his prick as he drove it up into her. All the heat
of her cunt seemed to focus on her daddy’s cock and rush up it as
she wantonly wriggled and writhed beneath him.
“Ohhhh, baby, your little pussy’s so hot and wet … I’ve
never fucked such a sexy chick in all my life!” Mike cried, the
veins of his neck standing out in bold relief as he fucked her
harder and harder.
Her father’s expert fucking movements turned the young girl
on even more and she fucked back harder, using her cunt muscles to
squeeze the thick prick that continued to fuck into her. Now, her
entire body was flying up to meet the demands of her daddy’s thick
Plunge after plunge, his cock remained stiff, now growing raw
from the friction of the girl’s pussywalls.
“Ohhhh, Daddy, let me be on top! I want to fuck you!” Carol
suddenly cried, hornier than ever.
With her father’s eager help, the teenager quickly climbed on
top of him with her tits firm and her cunt wet and her body
trembling with fuck-lust.
She poised her crotch over the big cock and, spreading her
pussylips wide open with one hand, she used her other hand to ram
the hard meat into her pussy. She descended over the cock with a
loud smack, grinning at him as his cock drove into her to the
hilt, filling her again with throbbing, thick meat.
“Ohhhh, Daddy, I like fucking you!” she cried.
“And I love it, baby! Go for it, Carol, do it! Fuck your
daddy’s cock! Fuck it hard, Carol!” Mike groaned, half out of his
mind with the need to come.
She trembled and moaned continually as she stayed in
position, feeling the cock pulse against her insides as she swayed
slightly on top of her father’s crotch.
Mike reached up and gripped her flying tits, clutching them
in the sweaty palms of both hands and kneading the firm tit-flesh
as his daughter moaned with pleasure.
She pistoned herself up and down on her father’s cock,
fucking him wildly as he played with her tits. She thrust her
pussy up and down his cockshaft with a force so violent that the
man was sure she would break loose and land on her ass.
His prick filled her body on each of its thrusts as she flung
her ripe body down on his hardened prick. His cock disappeared
completely into her so that her pussyhairs were meshed hard
against his prickhairs with each downward thrust.
“Aiiieeeee!” she screamed as she came.
Her bouncing body lost its rhythm and her pussy gushed out a
load of juice which spilled out onto the man’s crotch, thrilling
him so that he came too.
He fired a hot spray of cum into her pussy even as she bathed
his big prick with her own juice. Sticky hot liquids filled her
cunt and flowed up and down his cock, cum mingled with pussyjuice.


Chapter 2

While Mike and his daughter, Carol, were busily fucking each
other, Fran, the mother of the household, was in the movie theater
with the other kids, Barbara, Greg, and Jerry.
Greg and Barbara had wanted to sit way up in front so Fran
had remained in the back of the theater with her youngest son,
Jerry. They were sitting in the very last row and there was no
one around them, no one to see Fran sucking her son off.
“Ohhh, Mom, that’s sooo good! Suck my cock, Mom!” Jerry
moaned quietly. Fran moaned in response as she sucked her young
boy’s big throbbing prick.
The young boy reached down and rubbed his mother’s hard-
nippled tits as she continued to suck him off.
“Suck it, Mom, suck it! I love it the way you’re sucking my
cock! Make me come, Mom! I want to blow my wad right in your
mouth!” the youngster cried in a hoarse whisper, writhing about in
his seat in a frenzy of desire.
Slowly, expertly, the woman pulled back and began to lick her
son’s big prick. Every time her tongue lapped up his prick, his
ass twitched until his hips swung into motion and he was fucking
his mother in the mouth.
Harder and faster, Jerry fucked his mother’s hot, wet,
sucking mouth. His prick was as hard and stiff as a board now and
he longed to come, to shoot his entire load of cum into her mouth
and down her throat.
Fran groaned with excitement as Jerry fucked his bursting
cock deeper into her mouth and rotated his hips lewdly, fucking
her hot mouth with his pulsating prick. Now, the youngster was
all but leaping up from his theater seat, fucking his thick,
throbbing prick to the hilt, feeling his balls bumping lewdly
against his mother’s chin. His ass rotated in a wide circle, his
big cock reaming out her soft, sucking throat.
“Ohhhh, yeah, Mom! You really know how to suck cock! I’m
getting there, Mom, keep it up!” he cried in a half-whisper as he
felt his balls tightening up painfully.
Suddenly, Fran came. She felt her hot cuntjuices spilling
out from her tight little pussyhole, filling her entire pussy and
oozing out from between her swollen cuntlips, wetting and staining
her bikini panties.
She tightened her mouth-hold on her son’s prick as her
powerful orgasm thundered through her. A thousand multi-colored
flashes of color danced before her eyes as she panted to catch her
breath, never missing a beat in sucking her son off.
As Fran sucked hungrily on Jerry’s rigid, twitching prick,
the young boy continued to play with her big tits, rolling her
hardening nips between his fingers, pinching her turgid buds until
the woman cried out in pain and pleasure.
Fran sucked and licked, treating her little boy to the best
blow-job she had ever had the pleasure of giving. There was
something about the fact that it was his own mother who was
sucking him off that turned the boy on even more than he had ever
thought possible.
Fran tightened her hands around the base of Jerry’s cock as
she continued to suck him. She moved her mouth up and down his
prick, bobbing her head up and down as she sucked him as hard as
possible. And then she came again from the sheer thrill of giving
her own son a blow job.
She was fucking her own mouth with Jerry’s cock, slick with
his pre-cum, which tasted delicious to her. It made her impatient
for his jism. She couldn’t wait for him to shoot his wad right
into her sucking mouth. She trembled with anticipation at the
heady thought.
“Yeah, Mom, yeah! Suck my cock! Fuck your mouth with my big
cock!” the boy moaned softly.
The horny woman flared her nostrils to breathe around the
thickness of her son’s cock. Over and over, she sucked as hard as
she could, fucking the boy’s swollen prick in and out of her

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Finally, the boy’s hips lurched crazily and his cock jerked
hard in her hot, wet mouth.
“This is it, Mom! I’m gonna come!” Jerry cried, still
remembering to keep his voice down as his cock twitched and jerked
around in his mother’s mouth.
Suddenly, a huge, hot wad of cum shot from his bursting cock
and splashed into Fran’s mouth. It was quickly followed by
another until he was pumping gallons of jism into his mother’s
eagerly sucking mouth.
Fran’s cheeks puffed out with the heavy creamy load and she
swallowed hard and fast, managing to gulp down most of her son’s
cum. But, just seconds later, there was too much jism for her to
handle, and she was forced to let the rest of the boy’s load spill
from her lips. It dribbled obscenely down her chin and splashed
down onto Jerry’s crotch.
Suddenly, Jerry yanked the sweater away from his lap, fully
exposing his cum-coated prick and his mother’s head, which was
still fastened to his coming prick.
“Ohhhhh, commmiiinnnngggg!” he cried as loudly as he dared
and he yanked his prick from her drooling mouth.
His cock was still shooting its hot, thick load and it
splashed lewdly all over his mother’s face. The boy watched her
excitedly as Fran scooped up all traces of her son’s cum with her
eager hands and licked her fingers, moaning in ecstasy at the
delicious taste.
Meanwhile, way up in front of the theater, Greg was stroking
his sister’s big tits.
“Mmmm, Greg, that feels sooooo good,” Barbara moaned.
“Yeah, I like it too, Sis. But that’s not enough,” Greg
whispered in her ear.
“What do you mean?” the young girl asked breathlessly.
“Oh, God, Greg, do it! I want you to touch my cunt! I’m not
wearing any panties so you can get to my pussy easily!” Babs
giggled excitedly.
“Great! Let’s just remember to keep our voices down. There
isn’t anyone around for a few rows,” Greg murmured, looking around
him in the semi-darkness. “But, still … we gotta be careful.”
“Yeah, don’t worry, I won’t yell out or anything when I
come,” Barbara said, growing more and more aroused.
“Okay, Babs. Just kind of scoot down in your seat and raise
your skirt so I can fuck your pussy with my hand!” Greg said,
swallowing hard as he felt his cock growing hard.
“Ohhh, yeah, Greg, do it,” the girl squealed, remembering to
keep her voice low. “Finger-fuck my pussy! It’s soooo hot and
horny, it needs it really bad, Greg!”
In the darkened theater, with the movie screen providing the
only illumination, the two teenagers grew bolder. Giggling
excitedly, Barbara raised her skirt up around her waist and spread
her legs as far apart as her seat would allow, at the same time
scooting down as far as possible.
Greg licked his dry lips and ran his strong hands down over
the low swell of his sister’s trim tummy to the blonde triangle of
soft hair over her cunt. He paused, feeling her downy cunt-fur
tickle the palm of his hand. He fought to control the excitement
that rose in his young body.
His cock was stiffening more and more with desire. Moaning
lowly, he closed his fingers over the soft, furry cunt mound and
he felt a surge of hot blood to his loins.
“Mmmm, good, Greg, real good,” Barbara murmured, closing her
eyes with pleasure. The teasingly slow touch of her brother was
arousing her even more than if he had attacked her roughly with
his hands.
Slowly, tauntingly, using both hands, Greg spread the lips of
his sister’s cunt. With a trembling hand, he eased his stiffened
middle finger into her wet cunt.
“Ohhhh,” Barbara moaned, her beautiful face now contorted
with lust.
Greg bent over and, by the light from the movie screen, he
was able to look between his sister’s widely spread legs and watch
his finger fucking in and out of her hot, slick pussy. His finger
probed deeper and he felt her tight cunt growing wetter and
He moved his finger higher in her cunt and bothered against
her rigid clit. He caught his breath sharply with excitement,
just as Barbara did. Her pussy was growing wetter by the second
and now her clit was stiff and twitching.
Greg glanced at his sister’s face and the two youngsters
grinned at each other as he continued to stroke her clit. She
began to move her hips, the small nub of clit-flesh growing harder
and stiffer against the boy’s finger.
Their lust grew uncontrollable as Greg finger-fucked his
sister and she ground her hips against his hand. She arched her
back and raised her body up as though trying to get more of his
stiff finger inside her cunt. She let her brother know that she
was getting off on his finger-fucking as much as he was.
Their breathing grew shallow as Greg continued to stroke his
sister’s wet cunt. Her pussy was now flooded with thick, hot
pussyjuice and her fragrant, musky cunt aroma came to him strongly
there in the darkened theater.
“Ohhh, yesssss, Greg, yesss,” Babs moaned softly, loving the
feel of her brother’s finger in her hot, clasping pussy.
She clenched her tight pussy muscles around his finger,
hugging it against her pussy walls as if it were a prick. Then
she unclenched her pussy-muscles, allowing his finger to slip out
of her cunt again.
As Greg continued to finger-fuck Barbara’s pussy, she reached
over, quickly unzipped his fly. She grabbed his hardening cock.
She wriggled her hips and felt a new rush of heat in her cunt as
she began to pull and stroke her brother’s throbbing prick.
He fucked his finger in and out of her hot pussy, his
breathing ragged with fuck-lust now. Small groans of excitement
and pleasure escaped his mouth.
“Ohhhh, yeah, Greg, that feels soooo friggin’ good!” the
young girl whispered hoarsely, arching her back more so her
brother could fuck his finger even deeper into her slick, fiery

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She squirmed against the finger in her cunt, feeling her
orgasm building. She arched her back again as Greg’s finger sank
deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. She bucked her hips up and
back in a lewd, fucking motion.
She pulled harder and harder on his pulsing cock, feeling his
prick twitching in her hot, eager hands. She stroked the entire
length of his rigid cock from the base all the way up to the
shining bulbous prickhead where several drops of pearly pre-cum
oozed from the throbbing cum-slit.
Suddenly, she felt her brother’s finger pulling out of her
cunt and, as she began to groan in disappointment, she was
suddenly aware that he was now kneeling on the floor in front of
her. She gasped when she felt his face between her legs.
Moaning lowly with lewd excitement, Greg began to nuzzle the
girl’s pussymound, moving his wet lips around hotly. He knew that
he was arousing her every bit as much as he was turning himself
Greg closed his mouth over the girl’s pussy and began to suck
wildly. Barbara trembled as her brother’s tongue began to fuck in
and out of her young hot cunt. He slipped his hands beneath her
squirming ass, shoving her crotch up hard against his sucking
While her brother ate her cunt, Barbara continued to pull on
and stroke his big throbbing prick. She was pumping her hands up
and down on the rigid cockmeat now, moving her hands faster and
harder, trying to make him come.
The young boy arched his back, forcing more of his cock into
his sister’s hands. She moaned excitedly as he tongued her cunt
faster and deeper.
A few minutes later, Barbara stiffened, knowing that she was
about to come. She stroked Greg’s prick harder and faster until,
finally, his cock erupted, spilling hot wads of cum into her
eagerly embracing hands.
“Arrrgghhhh, commmiiinnnggg,” he groaned in a low tone as he
Barbara was thrilled to feel her brother coming right into
her hands. Her own orgasm washed over her powerfully and she felt
shudder after violent shudder wrack her young body as the boy’s
thick cum completely filled her hands.
As Greg continued to suck his sister’s orgasming pussy, Babs
brought her cum-smeared hands to her mouth. Closing her eyes in
ecstasy, she began to lick her fingers, moaning with obscene
excitement and incestuous pleasure.
Greg glanced up, raising his face from between his sister’s
legs. He saw the girl licking his cum from her fingers and he
groaned with lust. His prick twitched, shooting out another wad
of cum.
“Ohhhh, it tastes sooooo good, Greg!” Barbara cooed as she
felt the boy’s wad of jism strike her face. She quickly scooped
up the spilled jizz and ate the warm goo off her fingers.


Chapter 3

Late that night, after returning home with her kids and
having a terrific, exciting fuck-session with her husband, Mike,
Fran quietly made her way to Jerry’s bedroom.
For a moment, the mother stood in the doorway to her son’s
room and gazed fondly at him. Jerry slept in the nude, as did all
the other members of their family. Fran stroked her naked tits as
she looked at her little boy, feeling her incestuous desire



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