My Wife Mandy loses a bet – Free Sex Story

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It had been almost six months since Mandy and I had played strip pool with our friend Nick. He had started seeing a girl, and she definitely was not the type to even consider getting involved in anything like that. Of course, either would Mandy unless she had been drinking. Anyway, Nick called us up one day and said that his girl would be out of town for a week so he was having a little get together with old friends that he didn’t really get to hang out with when she was around. He asked if we would be able to make it. We didn’t have any reason not to, so I said we would be there.

We got to his place around 9 pm and everyone else had already shown up. There were around 50 or 60 people there. I was your typical college house party. Around 2 am, most everyone had cleared out. Three of our friends from high school, Clay, Dave, and Demetrious, were still there, as well as Nick’s cousin Glen and his cousin’s girlfriend Joy. We all sat around playing different drinking games for some time.

Eventually we started playing a game called I’ve never. The idea behind the game is to say “I,ve never” and some act, usually sexual, and all those who have done that act must to take a drink. There were a lot of cheers from the guys when Mandy drank when Clay said “I’ve never been in a threesome.” Demetrious, we call him Meat, broke out with, “I’ve never sucked black cock.” Meat, obviously, is black. Either girl drank so meat wiped his crank out and said “It’s time to fix that.” Meat has always been very loud and a bit obnoxious, but that’s what makes him so easy to hang out with. You never know what the guy is going to do or say so its always interesting. Joy just shook her head in disbelief and Mandy said, “I haven’t had nearly enough to drink to even think about something like that Meat.” He quicky blurted out, “Mandy needs a couple more shots.” We played for a while longer getting a lot of I’ve never done it in this place or I’ve never done this position type stuff when Nick broke out with one about having Sex with someone of the same Sex. Not one person took a drink.

At this point, I suggested we change the game. Joy asked what I had in Mind, I said “lets play Truth or Dare.” Surprisingly enough everyone agreed. Joy started the game with a truth question for Mandy. She asked if she had ever swallowed before. Mandy answered yes. Mandy dared me to take my crank out. Once I had it out it was my turn and I had what I wanted. I dared Mandy and Joy to 69. Mandy pretty much said hell no, so I asked, “Why not?” Joy said,” Why should we do that, none of you would even think for half a second about even kissing a guy, but you always try to get the girls to do this shit?” Nick was quick to respond, “So if two of us were to kiss, you guys would 69” Mandy and Joy looked at each other in agreement and than Mandy, said, “Yea, if two of you kiss we will 69. There’s no way in hell that two guys will ever kiss so why not, it’s got to be on the lips though.” Before Dave even knew what hit him, Nick gave him a quick peck on the lips and said, “Alright, now you guys have to 69. “ Both girls complained that he had not given Dave a real kiss, but Nick just argued that it was their own fault for not specifying that it had to be a full open mouth kiss. Mandy conceded with, “Fine….Assholes” Joy wanted to know if they had to be naked for it and we all said in unison, “Hell Yes.”

Both girls got undressed, then Joy lay on The futon and Mandy climbed over her. Mandy asked how long they had to do it so we said ten minutes. Joy slowly started working her tongue over Mandy’s clit as Mandy lowered herself into position and slid her tongue into Joy’s slit. After about 5 minutes of working each other‘s clits , Joy began to quiver and moan with an Orgasm. As soon as she stopped moaning, she got between Mandy’s legs and started giving her solo action. It wasn’t long and Mandy was shaking and gripping the bars on the futon with her own Orgasm.

After the 69, Joy decided it was time to go since she had class early the next morning . Her and Mandy got dressed and Joy headed out the door. We decided to go down to bottom floor and play darts. We created our own game, where everyone threw a dart and the person who go closest to bullseye didn’t have to drink but everyone else did. The guys had mixed in a few shot so Mandy was getting pretty Sloppy Drunk by now. Nick and I decided to go sit on the pattio outside the game room. It was pitch black out so everyone inside could not see us but we could definitely see and hear them. A few rounds later, Meat said “if I get closer than you, you suck my cock.” I leaned in and said, “Hey hun, don’t do anything I wouldn’t want you to do.” and gave her a wink. A couple rounds later I herd Meat say it again, but I could tell he was trying not to let me hear. Funny thing about being drunk is that it seems to mess with a persons volume control. This time I just quietly watched from outside to see what would happen. Mandy asked, “What if I beat you?’ “Well,” Meat said, “I’ll stop asking you to suck my dick.” “Sounds like a deal.” Mandy slurred. After everyone else had thrown, Meat tossed his and hit the outer border, not even hitting a number. Mandy was quick to start mocking him, and giving him shit saying, “Well, looks like no blow job for you.” Meat stopped her before she could throw. “Alright, your so confident, if you beat me, none of us will mention anything sexual again and we’ll even pay you 50 bucks. If you lose, not only do you have to suck my cock, but you have to give us all a strip tease.” “Your on,” Mandy said. Mandy throw and stuck it in the wall above the board. All the guys started laughing and cheering.

Mandy found Nicks CD’s and threw in Stranglehold. She slowly started moving her body to the music. She started moving her hands over her body an then slowly pulled her dress over her head, leaving her in her sheer bra and little blue thong. She turned around and released the clasps from the back of her bra and let it slid off her body. She turned back toward everyone with her breasts cupped and slowly slid her hands off her breasts teasing her nipples as she moved her hands away. She then turned around and slid her thong off her Ass and began to bounce her Ass and let the thong hit the floor. I cound tell Meat and Glen had their cranks out and were stroking them. One by one, Mandy startled them and gave them a short lap dance, doing Meat last. After Meats lap dance, she tuned, knelt between his knees and attempted to swallow his crank. Meat’s dick would rival any of those you see in the gangbang squad movies you find all over the web. Mandy had him almost three quarters down when her grabbed the back of her head and started to throat funk her. I could hear her gag as he shoved his cock up to the base into her mouth, all almost 11 inches of it. I could see that Glen and Clay were disrobed and had taken up spots on either side of her. Dave was undressing, he’s very reserved, so he always seems to be the last to do anything. Glen and Clay were massaging Mandy’s Tits while Dave started to play with her clit. Mandy grabbed the two cocks next to her and started stroking them while she continued to suck Meat. She pulled Meat’s meat from her mouth and turned and started sucking Dave’s cock, still pumping Glen and Clay with her hands. She kept switching dicks to suck and stroke going in a circle until she had her mouth back at Meat. Nick and I had entered the room at this point and as she started to put Meat back in her mouth, Nick and I stepped in in place of Glen and Clay. Before she could get Meat’s prick out of her mouth to say something to me, I grabbed her head and pushed back onto Meat, causing him to slide down her throat and start to gag a little. As his dick left her mouth, a long thick string of saliva flowed down her chin and between her tits. She grabbed Nick’s cock and swallowed mine. For a few minutes, she went back and forth giving us head.

Nick got on the floor and Mandy grabbed his cock and lowered herself onto his prick. As soon as she was on him, I Slid My dick into her Ass and we started fucking her. The other guys took turns face fucking her and playing with her tits until we pulled out of her. Meat then lay on the ground and Amanda went to straddle him. Meat said “ohh no you don’t,” and turned her around and pulled her down so his giant prick impaled her little Ass hole. She winced for a few seconds and then started moving on his cock. Glen straddled her and slid his crank into her Pussy. Again the rest of us took turns sliding our dicks into her mouth. After fucking her for a good while, she got up and kneeled over the arm of the couch. Dave put his cock in her cunt and started pumping away. We all took ot turn in her mouth again. Dave started to moan and pulled his crank out and guided Mandy to kneel in front of him. He sprayed her face with four good streams jizz. She grabbed Glen and Meat and started stroking while She sucked my cock, Meat pulled her Ass up and slid his emense prick into her Ass again. She quickly had us all ready to cum. She got on her knees in the middle of all of us and we all started shooting massive streams of cum over her face and tits. A thick pearly mess of cum coated her face and tits. Mandy rubbed the cum into her tits and said, “I think I better Shower before I go to class.”