My Pleasureful Shrinking Adventure – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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It was a warm summer night but cold enough that you wouldn’t sweat.

The occasional breeze made my nipples erect. Anyone that would walk by would see them exposed through my shirt.

This place I was heading to was fairly isolated in the woods. I was planning to masturbate there with a dildo I had in my bag.

From time to time I passed a house, but the frequency got bigger the closer I got to the woods.

And then just before I entered the woods, I was thinking about going back. I hesitated but was starting to head back home.

Suddenly someone was touching my hands! I tried to struggle for a bit but stopped after realising that this person might be able to fulfil my fantasy.

He moved me inside his home, threw me on his bed, fixed my feet and hands in place with a rope and bound each to a corner of the bed.

“What are you planning to do with me?”

“Well, that depends on how much you like it.”

He began to take off his clothes.

I took a glance starting from his hairy chest.

In a quick move, he closed the space towards me and began to rip off my clothes.

He began to position his penis near my entrance. His member already leaked pre-cum. He began to spread it around my entrance.

“Heh! Will this small dick of yours even be able to stick its head through my entrance?”

I thought mocking his size would turn him off, but instead, it began to grow, even if it was still below-average sized.

He began his advance by starting in an upwards position on my entrance in an attempt to tease me.

I closed my eyes in anticipation.

And then, he went inside me. His penis however was not big enough to please me.

He continued to move his penis up and down inside my Pussy, too small to even touch my walls.

Out of expectation, his dick grew in size. Was he reaching his full potential?

But then it became bigger, bigger and bigger. It was beginning to touch my inner walls.

I opened my eyes in surprise, revealing that he got bigger… and the room.

No, I was getting smaller.

“What are you doing with me?”

“You said you didn’t like the size of my dick? Weren’t you wishing for it to be bigger?”

“Yes… but no.”

It caught me off-guard. This situation turned me on.

I was starting to get even smaller. To the point that when his dick took a slight peek outside, it seemed like it was about to be bigger than my forearm.

And then, the shrinking of my body stopped. His penis, however, was starting to stretch my Vagina. He moved even faster, faster and faster. And―

I came. My whole body was shaking up because of the powerful Orgasm.

Meanwhile, I began to become exhausted, he however intensified his advance. He was hitting even deeper. On his third deep thrust, he hit my g-spot.

The most violent Orgasm I ever experienced shocked my body and senses so intensely that I almost passed out. At the same time, he came. His fluid began to fill up my entire Pussy in a way I’ve never experienced before.

He pulled out.

“That was the best Sex I’ve ever had.”

“Well, should we go for round two?”

As I was preparing myself mentally for another round, he instead decided to look around the bed. He picked up the bag that fell when I shrank.

“Oh, there’s a dildo inside. You are very naughty, aren’t you?”

I was getting kind of embarrassed. It was my favourite dildo that was just barely able to hit my g-spot.

“I have the perfect device for you.”

Instead of getting the device he went to me and fed me a pill.

Within seconds everything became foggy. I did not feel the sensation of cum dripping out of my Pussy anymore.

And then, I blacked out.

When I woke up I found myself shrunk even more, sliding up and down on a dildo on a wall outside. I was fixated on it and the device lifted me so high up that when it dragged me down it was letting the dildo only enter the very front of my entrance, keeping me on edge.

But what was making me hornier was the fact that he put me on the wall outside his home, so anyone could see me.

The dildo kept going and going, moving up and down, up and down…

After a while, I didn’t care who get to fuck me. Just anyone. Stopping the edging. Getting me to climax.

But nobody ever came by.

So after the sun had begun to set, I heard a door open behind me. He was about to take me back.

But then I heard him slowly walking back. I moved my head to the right and saw someone approaching.

“Urgh… what is this? Some sort of fucked up Fetish of letting others see a doll moving on a dildo?”

She placed me inside her bag, with the device still intact and closed the bag.

After a while, I heard her taking out her keys and opening her home. She opened her bag and placed me on a shelf. She took a glance without noticing that I was alive and not a doll.

“It’s still ongoing. I’ll let it run out of battery.”

A few hours went by and I was simply exhausted. I couldn’t bear it any longer to be this much on edge.

Eventually, she got back and realized that I was a human being. She tried to unbound me, but by accident brushed her finger on my entrance.

I came with an explosion. Her finger was full of my sticky fluids.

“Ew… So you’re really alive? Poor thing.”

I was relieved. It seemed like I was finally able to take a break.

Instead, she removed the dildo and kept me fixated on the rest of the device. She fed me some honey and then lubricated me.

She took me and the device and placed it next to her bed on a chest of drawers. She took off her clothes and began to finger herself. As she got hornier, she placed me in front of her Pussy. She widened her entrance with some of her fingers and began using me as a makeshift dildo.

The lubricant made me slide easily into her hole. My nipples brushed against her walls. As they were sensitive, it didn’t was long until I came. It was a brief Orgasm, as I was still exhausted.

Her movement began to increase in speed rapidly, until she pushed me for a final time inside, making her walls grasp me in midst of her intense Orgasm. The wall pushed against my Pussy in such a way that it hit the g-spot from outside, making me cum once again.

And then, I was pushed out alongside a bit of her fluid, making me swim in a small pool of it.

“This was the best dildo I’ve ever had. I’ll be making good use of you.”

She placed me in one of her boxes. It seemed like the end of my shrinking adventure still was far away.

Her movement began to increase in speed rapidly, until she pushed me for a final time inside, making her walls grasp me in midst of her intense Orgasm. The wall pushed against my Pussy in such a way that it hit the g-spot from outside, making me cum once again.

And then, I was pushed out alongside a bit of her fluid, making me swim in a small pool of it.

“This was the best dildo I’ve ever had. I’ll be making good use of you.”

After that, she put me back into the box and I fell asleep.

Hours later I was awakened by the sound of her keys opening the door to her home.

As the box was used for storing things, it was warm enough to sleep in it. Not that I had any choice.

So after she went into the kitchen, she went inside the room where I was and turned on the television.

I was waiting and waiting but the television kept on changing from show to show. The fact that her treating me like some object turned me on embarrassed me slightly.

I was getting hungry to the point that my stomach made an audible sound in vengeance.

Caused by the sound I became even more embarrassed. Then I realized that the television was turned off.

Footsteps were approaching. I wondered if she was using me as a dildo again.

Instead, when she opened the box, I could see her holding a cotton swab in her hand.

She grasped me with her left hand and began in a slow repeating motion to turn around the cotton swab on top of my right nipple. Being this small made me sensitive enough for a finger touching it, but the cotton swab was an even deadlier mix to get me close to a climax.

With her forefinger, still turning the cotton swap, she reached to my entrance and stimulated it.

I let out my first audible moan in surprise. When she noticed it she increased her speed.

I came in loads of buckets.

She however continued turning the cotton swap and touching my Pussy at an ever-increasing speed.

I was about to come again but then she stopped.

“No! Don’t stop now!”

“I get to decide when I stop, not you!”

The forceful response made me come to an Orgasm.

“So you’re a masochist, huh?”

“No… Maybe? More importantly, I’m hungry!”

It seemed like this time she was accepting my demand.

It seemed really like she would… but instead, she pulled down her pants, put the swab cotton with a drill motion in her Vagina and then returned it directly to my mouth.

“This will get you through today.”

She was offering me her fluids.

“Lick on it as if it were a dick!”

As I was still very hungry I began to lick it. It tasted somewhat sweet. She probably drank some sugary drink.

When I thought she went for a second round she instead moved closer to me and began licking around my entrance. The teasing was almost enough to make me cum again, but it was still slightly missing something.

But then she entered with a small bit of her tongue into my hole and started to rub my nipples.

I was about to cum, but then I noticed how her tongue was getting smaller.

No, I was just getting bigger.

At the same moment when I noticed myself growing in size, I began to cum hard.

Unexpectedly, she stopped licking me.

“You’re getting bigger, aren’t you?”

She, however, doesn’t seem concerned.

Instead, she began to put one finger in. Then forcefully put her second finger in alongside, barely making it fit by stretching me.

She tried to finger my g-spot. However, she had trouble finding it. She tried fingering it again but didn’t find it in a while. It seemed like she would never find―

She found it. My body was building up a massive Orgasm. But instead of letting me go, she continued to rapidly press the button to trigger an extraordinary Orgasm.

I was beyond exhausted. To the point that I almost got unconscious.

“No, no, no. You can’t become unconscious. You’re going to stay in my Love nest.”

Was I hearing her right?

She put me inside her Love nest. I tried to get out of it, but she put a bandage over it. On top of the bondage, she was also very wet, making me unable to leave as the bandage stickied even stronger. As far as I’m concerned, this was an opportunity to get rid of my hunger.

I heard her pulling up her pants and moving towards the outside.

It seems like this shrinking adventure will go on for a long time.