My First Foot Encounter Ch. 02 – Fetish – Sex Story

Hi. Victoria here.

Rick happened again….as you can imagine.

After our first encounter, the tension at work was super high whenever I saw him. I was scared that coworkers would catch on to the vibe. Paranoid I guess. It was probably two weeks after he had fucked my feet that I actually ventured to his office, unsure if I was even welcome there.

He was charming. Totally pretended that nothing had ever happened. Incredible!!

This guy had fucked my feet, had cum all over them, and then I had gone to my dorm room and eaten ever molecule of his cum off my feet — and he was pretending nothing happened!! Which was great in a way. Such a relief!

So we went back to just being able to chat. And that’s the way it stayed. Until, maybe a month later I’m in his office and he asks me if I ever babysit.

Whoa!! This may be innocent but given what had happened… Plus I didn’t even know he had a kid – or kids. Would I be eager to babysit this coming Friday night?

I had met his wife at a command picnic – and she seemed ok – and Rick seemed to be kind of back to ordinary here in the office – so I said ok.

He and his wife lived on base, just five minutes or so from my dorm. He gave me his address and I agreed to be there at 7pm.

I showed up that evening wearing jeans, tee shirt, sneakers. NO bare feet this time. Margaret, his wife, introduced the kids, gave me her number, showed me around the place – all that stuff – which was unremarkable. They left, saying to expect them back around 10 or so.

The kids were easy. Went to bed well before 10, so when Rick and Margaret got back, I could report all was good, no problems, et cetera…

Again, I was dealing with Margaret (like at the picnic) – Rick lingered but wasn’t saying much. Margaret got her purse and opened her wallet to pay me and when she did, she opened it wide to where it was impossible NOT to notice a ton of cash in her wallet.

I blurted out “whoa that’s a lot of cheddar!!” Or something dumb like that. She handed me like $30 for the babysitting. Then she said, “well there’s more where that came from! As you can see!”

I replied, “Well, happy to babysit whenever you like.”. It really was an easy gig.

But Margaret said, “Oh we will for sure call you. But I meant other ways to earn it.”

Whoa!! What efficient “other way?” It’s not like I’m a fucking handyman or whatever.

I must have looked confused I guess, so she said, “Can I show you something?”

I said ok.

It was at this point that I became aware that Rick was no longer in the room. Margaret pulled out her phone and moved to stand by me to show me something on it.

It was pictures. Of me.

She had numerous images of me at the picnic I told you about in my first story. Pictures of me talking to numerous people in the command. Like maybe 10 of them. Some were even frontal – with my face – but with someone else – usually Rick – in the foreground and me in the background chatting with whoever.

My mind was racing…why???

Then there were two pics from a little behind me but to the side — of my feet. I looked at her and she interpreted the “why??” expression on my face.

Margaret said, “Victoria, I know about you and Rick in his office.”

I fucking wondered I would FAINT!!!!!!!!!!!! My mouth went dry and my face flushed with heat. I had no idea how to respond. She was staring hard at me…saying nothing. Which made it worse.

Margaret finally spoke, her voice gentle, soothing even: “Sweetie, I’m not mad at you. But I need to ask you a question and I need you to be honest.”. My eyes were downcast as I mumbled, “ok.”

Margaret then asked me, “Did you like it?”

I looked up at her, momentarily not tracking, but then I understood – did I like the encounter with Rick in his office? I gulped, and I think tears were welling up, when I stammered a quiet, “yes.”

She said, “Ok, let’s sit down. Sit next to me. She sat down on the couch.

“You know, you do have very pretty feet.”

“Thank you.” I responded.

And then I blurted out, “look I am VERY sorry…”

She stopped me….”Victoria, I love my husband and I want to keep him. Which means I’m understanding of his thing for feet.”


She then said, “So back to all that cash…”

“Um, I’m not a whore” I said, not with indignation or whatever – just a flat statement.

“No. You aren’t. You’re just a young woman which pretty feet who ran into a good looking guy who would risk his career for them. He’s a brilliant guy, but a dumbass when it comes to… you.”

She continued, “So…I just want to…what’s the word…incentivize you a bit.”

I responded, “this is very overwhelming…I have like zero idea what to say.”

Margaret said, “let me explain our relationship – Rick and me.”

“Look at these pictures I took of you at the picnic. You probably wondered I was unaware that Rick was staring at your feet while you and I chatted.”


She kept flipping between the pictures of me.

“Well, I knew.”

“That’s pretty clear now.”

“So obviously I took the pictures for him, right?”

“Um yeah, you are in on it, but I had no idea.”

“Victoria, what do you think we did with these pictures?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, I wont make you guess. Would you be surprised to hear that we got home and went straight into the bedroom?”


“I gave him my phone so he could look at you.”

“Oh wow.”

“He pulled out his cock while looking at you. You remember his cock?”


“I sucked his cock while he looked at you.”

“Oh my god.”

“He talked about how hot he was for you as I sucked him. It made me wet Victoria.”

“Holy shit. Again – look, I’m sorry, but I don’t know what to say.” But I realized I was getting wet myself at this point.

“You don’t have to explain yourself or say anything. Just answer me…would you follow me into the bedroom?”

I probably should have run to my car and left but….. I said i would. So Margaret took my hand and led me to their bedroom. Rick was there, nude, on the bed. My legs felt like rubber. My head felt like I was in some low-grade trance. Margaret was in charge it turned out. Rick did as he was told. Looking back later, when I was in my dorm room, I wondered about the exact details of their relationship. But that was later. Back in the present – Margaret told me to take off my shoes.

I obeyed.

She guided me to the bed and sat me down mere inches from Rick’s cock. There was precum all over his cockhead and a huge pool of it on his flat belly. Margaret put her index finger in the pool of precum and then…she painted my lips with it. She took more of it and knelt before me and painted my red toenails.

She then had me swing my legs up on the bed parallel to Rick and told me to put my toes to his lips. I obeyed.

Then she said to Rick, “Go ahead and suck darling.”. Rick did NOT have to be told twice and he hungrily sucked. He moaned. Over and over. Like, continuously. Margaret then took Rick’s cockhead into her mouth. He moaned again. Kept moaning loudly in unconstrained ecstasy. Rick was in foot-guy heaven. Honestly at this point, I was disappointed she didn’t order ME to suck him off. I had masturbated in my room like a gazillion times, fantasizing about getting his perfect dick in my mouth. But Margaret was apparently just using me for my feet. To satisfy her husband. Wow!

She had sucked him off while he looked at photos of me and now they no longer needed pics. Now they had me in person.

I was fascinated, alternatively watching Rick worship me, and then admiring Margaret suck cock. She appeared to love sucking cock as much as I do, and that’s a LOT.

Rick had begun licking my soles and the balls of my feet. Between being sucked off and his licking my feet and sucking my toes, his moaning increased. He wasn’t going to last much longer.

Margaret stopped blowing him. His wet dick twitched in the air.

Margaret grabbed her phone and started recording us. That seemed to drive him further up the wall. He pumped my whole foot in and out of his mouth. I loved seeing him do that. And to this day, watching a man suck my foot – so like the way I suck cock – just drives me crazy.

Margaret spoke to him.

“Show Victoria. Show her how far you can shoot.”

And he did. Which was amazing because she wasn’t even touching him. He just exploded with no touch! I didn’t even know that was possible. But it was for Rick somehow. Huge jets of cum shooting way into the air. Some hit sitting off to the side. Some hit him on his chin. The stuff was everywhere.

And then it was over.

I finally looked at Margaret. She was standing next to the bed with her pretty manicured hand down her stretch jeans, breathing hard, fingering herself.

She was looking at ME as she came and her knees buckled. She collapsed on the floor. Pretty much nobody moved for a couple minutes.

Then she stood and said, “Put your shoes on dear, and come with me.” Again, I obeyed. Rick hadn’t said a single word back in the bedroom. Nothing. We went to the living room and she very firmly handed me more cash.

“Thank you Victoria. You are just lovely. We love you. Please say yes when we ask you to babysit next time. Ok?”

“Yeah ok.” Although I wasn’t sure I would.

I left and went back to my room, my mind spinning, so many thoughts. Mostly I was ok. Sitting there, I noticed a thick, long jet of cum on the front side of my jeans below my knee.

I ate it, savoring Rick’s taste again, alone in my dorm room, fingering myself to orgasm.

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