My Big Sis – Part 2 – Family Sex

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Part 2

This was more than I could have ever dreamed! For months now I had lusted after and fantasized about my older sister, Monica. Now, the combination of my parents’ vacation and a violent thunder storm was making these fantasies come true. Now, don’t ever let anyone tell you that a fantasy come true is not as good as the fantasy. I know different.


Monica and I continued kissing. Our tongues were battling for pleasure. I moved my hand fully over her breast and cupped this perfect mound. I could feel her nipple harden through the thin material of her blouse. I pinched it to full erection between my thumb and forefinger. Monica moaned into my mouth, and my voice joined in. Monica’s nipples weren’t the only things getting erect. From the moment we shared the first kiss, my cock sprang to life and was threatening to ruin a perfectly good pair of jeans. This became more critical when I felt Monica’s hand move up the inside of my thigh and over the bulge in my crotch. She gripped my rigid shaft and stroked it through the denim fabric. It took every ounce of control to keep from cumming right then. But I wanted this to last.

Breaking the kiss, I pulled back and began to unbutton her blouse. Yes, I’d seen her breasts encased in a bra many times over the past few months, but this was different. Now, I had permission, I had encouragement. And I had never been this close. I slowly undid each button on her blouse, kissing down Monica’s neck and across her chest. I slid my hands inside her shirt and felt the lacy material of her bra. Now, believe me, I’d all the time loved my sister. But as these events were unfolding, I was falling “in love” with her. As I made love to her breasts, Monica continued to lightly stroke cock. She moved her hand up and opened my belt and unsnapped the top of my jeans. I lifted my ass up and helped her pull them off, along with my briefs. Finally released from its’ confinement, my rigid tool stood up proudly. Monica gasped,

“Oh, Michael, it’s beautiful. I always knew it would be!”

“You mean…..?”

“Yes, darling. I’ve had thoughts about this ever since you started your little game in the morning!”

“I didn’t know you noticed!”

“I noticed as much as you did. I liked knowing that I could turn you on.”

“God, Mon, you have no idea how much you turn me on!”

“I’m getting the idea, stud! Do I always get you this hard?”

“Every time I see you.”

“What do you do, then?”

“Usually, I go back to my room and just imagine what it would be like to be with you like this.”

“Do you touch yourself? Do you cum thinking about me?”

“Yeah, babe, every time. How about you? What ddo you do with your thoughts?”

“The other night, after I went to bed, I started thinking about you. I imagined what it would feel like to have you touch my breasts. I got so wet and so hot I came right away. It was so good!”

As we talked, I had continued to stroke and fondle Monica’s breasts and she had begun to stroke the length of my shaft. I slid the blouse from her shoulders and reached in back to un-do her bra. At last, I had a view of my big sister’s breasts completely uncovered. They were as perfect as i had imagined. Even at their size, she really didn’t a bra for support. They stood up firm on her chest. The nipples were fully erect. Without any hesitation, I bent forward and took one in my mouth, sucking gently. Monica drew in a quick breath and pressed my head closer to her body. I opened my mouth wide and took in as much of her globe as I could. Monica moaned loudly.

“YEEESSSSS!!!! Oh, God, baby brother, suck it. Oh, jesus, yes, so good, so good!”

Her hand tightened her grip on my cock and stroked faster. Monica pulled my head up. This time she bent forward and planted a kiss on the tip and then licked around the head and along the underside of the shaft.

“Mon, if you keep that up, I’m going to cum!”

“Go ahead, darling. Cum for me. I want to see what you look like when you cum. Give it to me. I wanna make you cum all night long.”

This was more than I could take. With a loud moan, I let loose a stream of cum heavier than ever i had seen come from my cock. Monica continued to stroke me and aimed the head at her breasts. Stream after stream coated her gorgeous chest, running over her breasts and dripping off both nipples. I collapsed back on the couch. I really wondered I was gonna pass out. I had never cum so hard in my life. Looking up, I watched as Monica rubbed my cum into her flesh, teasing her nipples as she did. I pulled my self up and took this gorgeous young woman in my arms and we kissed again. Impossibly, this kiss was even more passionate. My hands again roamed across her breasts. I just couldn’t get enough.

But I knew Monica wanted and needed more. I put my hands on her shorts and pulled them down. If I was stunned by my first view of Monica’s breasts, the first look I got of her pussy was indescribable. It was full and dark, but not overly so. I lightly ran my hands up the inside of her thighs, until I reached the prize. Monica gasped when she felt my fingers on her pussy.

“Ummmm. God, that feels so good!”

“Lay back, Mon. It’s your turn.”

I slid my finger through her slit. I was amazed at how wet and hot she was. I felt her squirm under my touch. I guess all my reading had paid off. I seemed to be doing it right! I ran my finger up and found her clitoris, focusing my attention there.

“OOOOHHHH!!! Michael, oh baby. God, why did I wait so long! Oh, you bastard, make me cum. PLEASE!!!”

This encouragement was all I needed. I increased the pressure on her clit and stroked faster. Monica’s breathing came faster and more ragged. Her hips were bucking off the couch as she neared her climax. Suddenly, I felt her body tense and she let out a long, low growl.


My fall was now complete. Knowing that I could bring my sister this much pleasure gave me a deep feeling of satisfaction. I wanted to make her feel this way. I wanted to take her higher than anyone, before or after, could. As the spasms of her orgasm subsided, I laid down next to Monica and held her close, kissing her neck and stroking her magnificent breasts.

“I hope you’re OK with this, Mon.” I mean, you know what we’re doing.”

“Michael, we’re making love. There’s nothing wrong with any of this. No matter what anyone else says or thinks.”

“I love you, Monica. I’m in love with you.”

“Sweetheart, I feel the same way. Now, don’t you think we’d be more comfortable in my bed?”

“You read my mind, big sister!”


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