Mr Pumpkin Pt. 03 – Erotic Horror

The night passes, and she sleeps wrapped in his arms for the remainder of the night. Disturbing fragments of last night’s events, all mixed up with incoherent chards of horrific, vividly sexual and graphic dreams of infinite, agonizing orgasms, eternal moans of pleasure and despair, and long entangling, woodlike limbs grasping for her, flashed before her.

She wouldn’t exactly say she was well rested, but nevertheless, she had indeed been fucked like never before, or even though she would. Her body felt a tad sore, but she found herself in a shimmering state of complete satisfaction.

Eventually she decided to get up, and managed to unravel herself out of his grip without waking him up before making it out to the kitchen. She needed coffee now, strong black coffee to begin her day. She all the time wondered the coffee maker was making such a soothing sound, and the sheer smell of fresh coffee made her brain start to wake up.

She poured herself an extra large cup and sat down by the window facing the outside street. Ever so slowly, the city had started to come to life.

A lonely car passing by, with a frosty windshield and a tiny cloud of white smoke coming out of its exhaust.

A man wrapping his jacket around him as he crosses the street.

“It seems to be a cold day,” she wondered to herself as she kept drinking her coffee.

Everything seemed so weirdly typical, as if everything was just the way it used to be.

People outside going on with their daily, day-by-day company, the refrigerator started its cooling-all-your-groceries sound, the clock on the wall was tirelessly trying to hypnotize her, and a sex-crazed pumpkin man was laying passed out over her bed.

She giggled to herself. She was actually happy.

She really needed a shower.

On her way to the bathroom she stopped by the door to the bedroom. The pumpkin man was still sleeping, or whatever pumpkin men do when they are not pounding the brains out of innocent, unsuspecting and ill prepared damsels in distress.

That last part made her giggle. Perhaps she wasn’t all that innocent after all, ill prepared, yes for sure. But unsuspecting? Hardly. She admitted she had been hoping for something, but now she wasn’t sure about what.

The hot flow of water refreshingly washed over her naked body, rebooting the rest of her. She soaped herself thoroughly with a nice, flowery shower gel and she used way too much shampoo. She loved being completely covered by that rich, fragrant foam, before she let it all wash it away. The room filled up with a mist of hot steam, causing condensation on walls and mirrors. Yes she had more than one mirror.

As she stepped out of the shower, she virtually couldn’t see anything and it took several minutes before the steam cleared and her reflection stared back at her in the mirror.

She opened her towel and glanced at her body. She had all the time liked her breasts, at least as far back as she had any. She kept watching herself in the mirror as she grabbed them, lifted them, squeezed them together. Yes, she indeed enjoyed having them.

She began putting on makeup. Most of the time she didn’t use it, unless there was a special occasion. But if she now had become the queen for the pumpkin king, she might very well do it. Make herself gorgeous for him. Make herself presentable in his presence.

Suddenly she was interrupted by a loud, wrecking noise from inside the apartment, as if furniture had started swapping places, objects falling to the floor, and wailing grunts.

When she carefully opens the door, she sees Mr Pumpkin has fallen over a chair in the kitchen, and was lying motionless on the floor. However, not for long, as he soon got up again. His wobbly legs kept stumbling around the kitchen, constantly walking into things as if he couldn’t see where he was going.

Didn’t he? Was he in fact blind? She wondered to herself.

Disappointed, she realized that he in fact must be blind. She felt stupid. After all her efforts to look her best for him, he actually was blind. He wasn’t able to see her at all, so what difference would it make if she put on two pounds of makeup? She might as well have painted a clown face on herself and it wouldn’t have made a difference.

She shuddered at the wondered. Perhaps that wouldn’t be so misplaced after all. Clowns were in fact one of those things she hated the most–

She kept watching him stumble around, and after a while she started to feel sorry for him. He probably had woken up, all horny again and she was nowhere to be found. The wondered of him… Actually them, as she was most in on it too–

The wondered of the two of them tumbling around in bed, that hot, steamy morning after encore, that all day of passionate love making–

She corrected herself. Make no mistake, this was fucking. Wild, untamed, unbridled fucking. This was probably as far away from love making as she could possibly imagine.

Nevertheless, the wondered of his big, throbbing cock stretching her, the furious pounding, his grunts, was turning her on again.

She was just about to go out to him, lead him to the bedroom, and offer herself to him, for him to do with her whatever he pleased, when the bathroom door made a squeak.

The pumpkin swiftly turned around. He obviously could hear well enough.

She froze in panic, as he began to haste his way across the apartment, straight towards her. He grunted, his arms reached and grasped in front of him as he rapidly came closer and closer. She screamed in sheer horror as the door handle slipped out of her hand and she tried to make a run for it further into the obvious dead end of her bathroom.

His tall figure appeared in the door, his hands gripping around the door frames as he “stared” into the bathroom, sniffing for her scent, before he slowly approached her.

Her heart was pounding loud enough for him to hear it, she was horrified, yet she was horny as fuck. She was pressing her hands against her mouth so she wouldn’t make a sound, and she watched his enormous manhood waving, erect and willing for her, as he came closer and closer. It was hard and almost dripping out of excitement. She very well knew that he would catch her, eventually, she wouldn’t stand a chance. The situation that had unraveled was like something directly out of a horror movie, but she was pretty sure that all he wanted to do to her, was to fuck her, “fuck” her brains out… not “chew” on it.

She made an attempt to run for it, tried to force herself around him, but he was too fast and too strong for her, and she felt his hands grabbing around her shoulders, and down over her breasts. Her towel dropped to the floor as she tried to squirm her way out of his grip. His hands were caressing her all over, firmly squeezing her breasts, eagerly seeking its way in between her legs and grabbing around her aching, wet pussy.

Something about the bone chilling horror and intense sexual situation was turning her on more than ever. Was this her kink, really? Had she unknowingly had this fetish dwelling inside of her, just waiting to get out? Patiently waiting all those years for the perfect moment? Waiting for her to, one fateful night, create herself a monster, a sex-crazed, horny monster that would catch her and pound her brains out every chance it got.

Their wrestling ended her up pressed against the bathroom sink, with her face against the mirror and her breath condensated against it. His fingers kept exploring her and she was stuck, completely stuck. She closed her eyes and decided to just give in and let him please her with his big warm hands. She couldn’t help herself from moaning as he slid his fingers inside of her, the wetness of her on his fingers made him grunt. He liked it, he liked how wet she was, and she enjoyed how much he liked it.

She felt his hard cock stuck between her legs was getting harder and harder, as if it almost unfolded itself, and he was grinding it against her pussy, making it all wet and slippery. She prepared herself for what was about to come, but she wasn’t quite prepared for his intentions, as he retracted his cock out from between her legs, and let it slide up between her butt cheeks, and started pushing it against her unsuspecting rear entrance, her ass.

In panic she felt him pushing his cock against her, in a rocking motion.

“No, no, no, wait, wait, wait!” she yelled, she clenched her eyes, preparing herself for what was about to happen…

Nothing. She waited a couple of seconds before she started to breathe. To her sheer surprise he had actually stopped. She was still stuck, locked in his grip, but he had stopped.

His cock was still pressing firmly against her asshole, his hands were still wrapped around her breasts and pussy. His fingers were still pushed deep inside of her, and…

She was still, uncontrollably horny.

It wasn’t that she was a total stranger to… butt stuff. She had been trying everything from fingers and pens of numerous sizes. She even owned a real plug for that exact purpose, and she was well aware how it used to add to the sensation.

But she hadn’t been “fucked” her in her ass before.

Whenever she moved, stuck as she was, his cock was rubbing against her clenching, tight, virgin asshole, and his fingers slid inside her pussy. Every little move she made sent shivers and tingles swarming through her body. She swore she could make herself cum just by wiggling her hips against him like this.

She kept rocking herself, she moaned in pleasure, and eventually his intimidatingly enormous cock against her ass didn’t feel all that intimidating any more. In fact it had started to feel quite nice, and it tickled her curiosity. It made her think about stringing herself up on it, letting it fill her where she, in fact, never had been filled before.

Every time she relaxed her asshole a little, his cock slid in a bit further. She kept rocking herself against it, and she started to get more used to it. She had managed to free her arms and she reached around her ass, spreading herself for him, and slowly she felt the tip of his cock entering her.

She gasped as it was stretching her out, plowing its way inside. It wasn’t as much of a painful experience as it was up-filling and wildly exciting. This was indeed naughty. She had a enormous cock going up her ass for the first time. She stayed like that for a couple of seconds, letting herself adapt to this new sensation, letting it sink in, in a double sense.

This made her giggle and for every time she laughed her asshole clenched around his cock, making her twitch.

She resumed her wiggling against him, slowly, a little bit faster, trying to discover her own pace at it. Her lover was now in both her holes, his fingers in her pussy, his enormous cock in her ass. She felt weirdly proud about it, obviously not the sort of “proud” which you would run off to tell your parents about, but a feeling of achievement.

The longer she kept going, the better it felt, and her panting and moaning got more intense. She felt as if she was starting to get ready for him, ready for him to… take over.

“Go on.” She tried, but nothing happened.

“Fuck me!” She commanded him, and slowly she felt him starting to pick up from where he had left off. He slowly kept rocking his cock against her ass, his hands around her breasts kept squeezing her, and he resumed fingering her aching soaked pussy.

She gasped as she felt his cock plow its way deeper inside of her, stretching her tight ass further than she ever wondered was feasible. She clenched herself around it, forced herself to relax, accepting his hard shaft filling her. He grunted as he kept going deeper and deeper, she felt as if it was never gonna end, it felt like it was gonna fill her entire body.

For fuck’s sake, how big was this thing. She braced herself. She held on tightly to the bathroom sink and let out a low pitched, deep moan as he finally pushed the final inches of his cock inside her. Left her almost hanging, panting, still gasping for air.

He stayed like that for a while, let her take it in, again in a double meaning. Her trembling breaths against the bathroom mirror kept condensing it and the reflection was all foggy.

Her eyes had rolled back inside her skull. Now this was certainly something she Never had felt before in her life. She tried to remain still, relaxed, every time she moved, her ass clenched around his shaft, causing tension that was not all pleasurable.

She kept focussed on breathing.

His hand around her pussy was now caressing her, softly massaging her clit. She had to focus on not letting the stimulation make her clench and squeeze too hard around him.

For the first time he actually felt gentle, not that she was getting fooled by it, she knew better than that, and she knew that as soon as he started again, she’d better be ready for it.

She started to carefully circle her hips, making her feel how this huge thing kept moving inside her, and eventually her clenching slowly started to ease up.

As if he actually felt she was becoming more ready for him, he started to pull himself out. Yet another completely new feeling for her. She gasped for air as if she were going over a steep crest on a rollercoaster at full speed. He pulled out faster than he had entered her, but it still felt like it was taking forever. Once she felt the relieving sensation that it was almost all the way out, he reversed and started to push himself back inside.

She kept gasping for air. He went deeper and deeper, faster than before, but still not as fast as she knew he was capable of. The sheer wondered of that made her worried, but yet, she couldn’t stop herself from letting him continue. His hand firmly caressing her breast, his fingers inside her pussy, his thumb on her clit and his descent deep inside the unexplored realms of her ass, made her ache for more.

Again, he didn’t stop until he had his entire shaft inside her, before he started to pull it out. She was getting increasingly used to it now, and every move he made inside of her sent deep, chilling shivers through her spine. His fingers caressed– fucked her pussy harder, deeper. She felt like her juices were oozing out of her and over his fingers, and after a couple of “repetitions” she lost count of his cock going in and out of her ass.

She really started to enjoy it, and she moaned as he kept fucking both of her holes. She pushed herself back against him to the rhythm of his thrusts. This was turning her on more and more, and drove her closer and closer to what she feared was gonna be the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. She didn’t dare to urge him to either go harder or faster, but she felt she was getting increasingly ready for it. She moaned louder and louder, and she couldn’t care less if someone had heard her now.

She was getting fucked in the ass now, and it was gonna make her cum.

She was filling up with such an overwhelming feeling of delight and pleasure that she almost broke into tears, and she probably would once her orgasm had flushed over her.

The pumpkin increased the tempo, and fucked her harder and faster, she felt she was as ready for it as she ever would be, and she had an unattended explosive orgasm waiting just around the corner. She was trying to withstand it as long as she could, to enjoy this moment for as long as feasible, but as she finally felt it was gonna hit her no matter how she tried, she couldn’t wait any longer.

“Fuck me harder!” She urged him, and to her delight, he actually seemed to listen to her.

“Faster! Harder!” She kept urging him on, and he ran his shaft all harder and faster in and out of her clenching aching ass.

Their bodies clashed against each other so hard it made echoes in the bathroom, his hips against her butt cheeks, as hard as she ever had been spanked.

She could feel his cock starting to swell up inside her as he ferociously kept pounding her.

She was clinging herself around the bathroom sink, and she started to moan loudly. A long constant loud moan turning into a deep low pitched scream of uncontrolled pleasure as she felt his cum starting to pump out inside of her and her entire body clenched, pulsated and cramped around him as her orgasm came charging right against her, sweeping straight through her body, taking no prisoners.

In agonizing pleasure, her orgasm kept tormenting her without any sign of ever letting her go. Her entire body cramped, twitched and strained to the very verge of bursting.

She could hear her own screams and moans until she ran out of air, and trembling gasping for more, panting uncontrollably. She couldn’t exhale without squeezing out a sound.

She felt as the room was closing in around her, engulfing her. Completely exhausted, she collapsed over the sink and she started to feel the darkness surrounding her.

Fragmented memories of being carried, her apartment, his arms around her, flashes by.

And the next thing she remembers, is lying in her bed, entangled in arms folded around her.

“How long can this go on?” she asked herself, before she fell into yet another disturbing, haunting sleep.

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