Mother-Daughter Desires: The Forbidden Pleasures of Sharing One Man

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It all started with a simple family gathering on a sunny summer day. Dr. Grace Parker had invited her daughter, Emily, over to her house for a barbecue. As they sat around the pool, sipping on margaritas, the conversation turned to their dating lives.

Emily had been single for a while, while Grace had recently started seeing a man named Jack. Emily had heard bits and pieces about Jack from her mom, but never met him.

As the night wore on, Jack arrived and the three of them sat around talking and laughing. Jack was handsome, with short salt-and-pepper hair, bright blue eyes, and a strong jawline. Grace had done well for herself, Emily wondered.

But as the evening progressed, Emily noticed something strange between her mom and Jack. They seemed to be flirting, touching each other lightly as they spoke. Emily tried to ignore it, but the tension in the air was palpable.

After dinner, they moved into the living room to watch a movie. Jack sat in the middle of the couch, with Grace on one side and Emily on the other. Emily’s heart raced as Jack’s hand found its way onto her knee.

As the movie played on, Jack’s hand slowly crept up Emily’s thigh, until it rested between her legs. Emily gasped quietly, her eyes darting to her mother, who was watching the movie intently.

Jack’s fingers were skilled, and he knew exactly where to touch her to make her shiver with pleasure. Emily tried to remain calm, silently praying that her mother wouldn’t notice.

But then, to Emily’s surprise, Grace shifted closer to Jack, placing her own hand over his on Emily’s thigh. Emily couldn’t help but moan softly as the two of them touched her together, and the sounds seemed to draw them in even closer.

Before she knew it, Emily was sandwiched between her mother and Jack, their hands roaming all over her body. They took turns kissing her, their tongues wrestling over her lips and exploring her mouth. Emily had never felt so desired, so wanted.

As they moved to the bedroom, Emily could barely contain her excitement. The wondered of having both her mom and Jack seemed too good to be true. The three of them undressed quickly, and Emily found herself almost overwhelmed by the sight of Jack’s thick, hard cock.

Grace watched as Jack positioned himself behind Emily, his hands gripping her hips as he slowly slid himself inside her. Emily moaned loudly, her eyes closing in pleasure. As Jack began to thrust, Grace climbed onto the bed, straddling Emily’s face.

Emily eagerly began to lick and suck her mother’s pussy, her tongue dancing over her clit. Grace moaned in pleasure, her own hands moving between Jack and Emily, stroking both of them as they moved in perfect harmony.

The three of them fucked for hours, taking turns pleasuring each other and exploring their desires. Emily felt like she was on fire, her body aching with pleasure. She had never felt so alive, so free.

In the weeks and months that followed, Emily and her mom continued to see Jack, exploring their sexuality together in methods they never wondered feasible. They would meet up at hotels, or Jack’s charming little apartment downtown, and every time was just as explosive as the first.

It was a forbidden pleasure, a taboo that only made it all the more exciting. But they couldn’t stop, wouldn’t stop. They were addicted to each other, to the sheer pleasure that came from sharing one man between them.

And that was just fine with them.

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