Mother-Daughter Desires: Sharing Him Between Us

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I must confess, I have at all times had a secret desire for my own daughter. It was something that I had at all times fought against, telling myself that it was immoral and wrong. But every time I looked at her, I could feel my body reacting, yearning for her touch.

It was only a few weeks ago when we took a family vacation to a cabin in the woods. The nights were colder up there, and I found myself curling up under the blankets with my daughter, Emily, to keep warm. We were so close that I couldn’t help but feel her soft breath against my skin as we slept.

But then, one night, we both awakened to the sound of soft moans and the creaking of the bed. At first, we wondered that it was our imaginations, but as the sounds grew louder, we realized that it was coming from our parent’s room.

I felt embarrassed and immediately wanted to turn away, but Emily’s eyes were focused carefully on the spectacle before us. It was our father, and he was with our mother, making love in front of us. I had never seen anything so erotic and raw before.

As the two of them finished, our father glanced over at us. But instead of feeling embarrassed or ashamed, he smiled at us. We could see that he was excited, and he wanted us to join them.

In my heart, I knew that this was wrong, and I tried to pull away. But my daughter’s eyes were glued to the scene and her hand had found its way into my own. We were both enthralled by the sight and unable to look away.

It was then that our father moved towards us, and as he came close, we could feel the heat of his body against our own. He kissed us gently, his hands exploring our bodies.

At first, we were hesitant, but then we allowed ourselves to be caressed and penetrated by him. It was only afterward that we both realized the true extent of our desires.

For the rest of the vacation, we made love together, the three of us, exploring each other’s bodies in methods that we had never imagined. It was as if a new world had opened up to us, filled with pleasures that we had never experienced before.

Since then, I know that my daughter and I distribute more than just biology; we distribute a love for our father and the desires that we have awakened within each other. It is a forbidden love, one that we have kept secret from the rest of the world, but one that fills us with more pleasure than we have ever known.

Sometimes I discover myself feeling guilty for what we have done, but then I feel Emily’s warm embrace, and I know that we can’t help what we feel. For now, we will continue to distribute him, the man who has brought us so much happiness and pleasure.

Our love for each other is not a perversion or a sin, but a gorgeous expression of the passion and desire that we all distribute.

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