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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of rough, reluctant, dubiously consensual, or non-consensual Sex or scenarios.


Note – I’m not particularly imaginative when it comes to names. Still a few more stories to publish in the next few weeks. Comments are greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

Marie had fucked up and she knew it. Her necklace lay scattered about the ground where she lay, looking up into the night. The dark sky seemed infinitely more oppressive in the dark alleyway she had found herself in. Surrounded by four strangers, she really only had herself to blame. If only she had not gotten drunk at the ball and lost her carriage. If only she had not thought this alley was a shortcut back. A fifth dark shadow approaches from between two of the men.

“Well what do we have here?” a voice, tinged with a slight brogue, asks softly.

“Looks like a lass got lost from one o’ them fancy operas,” a much rougher voice responds.

Lifting the cowl of his hood, the man who first spoke squats down to look at Marie, “And what’s your name, miss?”

“Monseigneur,” Marie responds, slightly less terrified of the soft-spoken man, “My name is Marie Leclerc.”

His brown-green eyes glint hungrily as his mouth curls into a sly grin, “daughter of Sebastien Leclerc?”

“Indeed, he should pay a high price for myself returned unharmed.”

“Well, us gentlemen here,” he gestures to the four other men, “should like to ensure your safety this night. As it is so dark, it might be prudent for you to come with us so that we can return you safely to your father.”

Seeing that his face brooked no argument, she nodded meekly. Taking his proffered hand, she allowed him to pull her to her feet. With two of his henchmen in front of them and two behind, they exit the alley, walking along the dark streets of Paris. The houses and shopfronts, normally so beautiful and inviting, loomed ominously above the six. After about an hour of walking, they come to a well-kept house on the outskirts of town. It stood two stories high with a thatch roof, wood stained so darkly it appeared to be off pitch in the darkness.

“This is our stop,” the unnamed man says.

After entering the house, Marie is immediately led by the same man to the second floor. Upon cresting the stairs, there is a hallway with three doors, two on the left and one on the right. Marie is led to the second door on the left.

“This is where you will be staying tonight,” the man said, opening the door and gesturing for Marie to enter.

There is almost nothing in the room, a window too small for even a child to fit through, a bed, and a chair. Marie walks in and sits on the chair while the man moves to leave.

“Wait!” she cries. “What shall I sleep in?”

“I assume you have underclothes,” he responds, about to shut the door.

Scandalized, Marie rallies, “And what might your name be?”

“You already gave me a name.”

And with that, he shuts the door and Marie hears a metallic click.

Morning came and went. Marie was given some brown, tasteless bread and cheese for breakfast while waiting for anything to happen. After some arguing downstairs, her door was unlocked, and the man entered.

“Monseigneur, is it time for me to go back to my father?” Marie rises from her chair.

“Unfortunately not, for in his words, “not likely, I’m finally rid of her,” since he had reported you dead after the carriage didn’t pick you up,” he responded, visibly upset. “The discovery of a dead woman whose head was chopped off corroborated his story.”

Sinking back down to sit, she places her head in her hands. She starts to cry softly, “I knew he didn’t Love me anymore after marrying that awful whore!”

Moving to open the door and leave, the man is suddenly stopped by Marie starting to wail. Sobbing openly, she stands from the chair, turns around, and violently kicks it to the floor.


Despite seeing this happen before his eyes, the man is quite startled. His surprise quickly gives way to anger. She had just damaged his property!

“Hey!” he yelled, walking up to her.

She yells again, lashing out once more at the chair.

He grabs her by the shoulder and spins her around, “Calm the fuck down!”

“Don’t you tell me to fucking calm down!” she yells, swinging her hand at his face.

Easily moving his hand up, he grabs her by her wrist and violently pulls her against him, “Don’t you dare hit me.”

Quickly realizing her predicament, she is immediately cowed. She may be slightly taller than this man, but he is far stronger than her. Shaken from her outburst, she is instead enraptured by the warmth that he emanates. It was as if he heated the space that he occupied with a comforting radiance. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she buries her shoulder in his neck and continues crying softly.

Shocked that his unwilling houseguest would hug him, he responds in kind, unsure of how to respond. They stand like that for a few minutes before Marie’s crying stops. She leans back slightly and looks into his confused brown and green eyes. Acutely aware of his warm, toned body, she moves forward and captures his lips in hers.

Responding immediately to the beautiful blonde woman, he kisses her back with vigor. Grasping her upper lip between his teeth, he bites down just hard enough for her to moan and press herself tighter against him. Running his hands down to her shapely Ass, he grasps it and lifts her. Getting the message, she wraps her legs around his hips and tangles her hands into his hair. With her wrapped around him, he moves his hands up her back and starts undoing the straps that hold her dress to her body.

Slowly but surely, moving down her back, he insistently tugs at the lace. Once he has finished untying the only fastening to her dress, he maneuvers them to the edge of her bed. Removing his lips from hers, he lets her fall onto the bed below her. He shucks his boots and lies down on top of her, legs still wrapped around him.

Bypassing her lips, he moves straight to her neck. First, he licks from her collarbone up to her jaw, dragging his tongue along her sensitive blood vessel. After a quick nip to her jaw, he licks back down her neck. Once he reaches about halfway down, his teeth close on her skin.

Immediately, she gasps aloud and practically moans, “Monseigneur.”

While he is lavishing attention on her neck, his hands reach up to her neckline, pulling her dress down her body. Eventually, he leans up, yanking her dress over her large, alluring breasts and down her soft, attractive stomach. He stops at her waistline, leaving the garment there. Not wasting any time, he pulls his shirt above his head and flings it to the side.

Bending back down, he takes a pert nipple into his mouth. Flicking his tongue around it, he truly starts to drive Marie wild. The ball of arousal that has been simmering in her stomach is only growing steadily. Lifting one hand to her other breast to ensure that they each receive attention, he is hardly idle there as his other hand starts a slow crawl up her legs. Pushing her dress up her legs, he deposits it at her waist, above her warm, dripping cunt. Her dress now exists solely as a glorified belt, bunched up around her waist and out of the way.

Giving her nipple a farewell bite, he starts kissing and licking down her stomach. Lifting his head above the offending belt, he starts kissing down to her soaking Pussy. Deciding to cut the teasing short, he delves in. Licking all the way up her labia, he flicks his tongue once against her clitoris, making her entire body shudder in need. Reaching a hand up to her Vagina, he plunges a finger into her cunt, more than ready to take it. Curling it inside of her, he presses it against a patch of rougher skin while his mouth latches onto her clit. Licking and sucking, he manipulates her with his skilled mouth.

The pleasure rolling off of his lips and into her core is matched by the finger moving inside of her. Swirling, tugging, and pressing, it assaults all the most sensitive points of her Vagina. The pleasure very quickly becomes overwhelming and one of her hands grasps at his head to ensure that he cannot stop the wonderful things that he is doing to her.

“Oh, monseigneur,” she moans.

Before she can even process it, the first wave of Orgasm washes over her. By the third, one of her hands is clutching his head in a white-knuckle grip while her other arm flails about wildly, unable to stem the flow of pleasure running amok in her body. Stopping just before she can reach her fourth Orgasm, he stands and removes his pants, his hard cock jutting out from between his legs.

Crawling back into the bed, he pulls her on top of him. After a few minutes of languidly making out, he softly pushes her down his body. Making sure to place little kisses down his body, she eagerly follows his guiding hand lower and lower. Predictably, he stops her at his cock. Led by the gentle urging of his hand grasping her hair, she licks him from base to tip, swirling her tongue quickly around the head. Opening her mouth, she wraps her lips around his cock and lets him push her lower. Focusing on breathing through her nose, she licks at his dick, making sure it is well lubricated.

As she descends further, his breathing becomes deeper and his hand tenses more, grasping more firmly at her head. She finally reaches his hips, cock buried all the way into her throat. Gagging slightly after a moment, she backs up to the tip, sucking strongly before catching her breath. She looks up at his eyes, hungry and full of lust, and kisses the tip of his dick before shoving it back into her throat. Bringing up a hand, she plays with his balls, gently rolling them between her fingers as she bobs her head up and down him. Suddenly hearing his grunt and moan, she moves back up to the head of his cock. Hollowing her cheeks out, she sucks strongly on his cock as he cums in her mouth, shuddering and fisting his hand in her hair. Swallowing, she continues sucking and licking gently as he comes down from his Orgasm.

Lifting her, he kisses her roughly, shoving his tongue down her throat. He flips them over so that he is on top of her. Once more moving down her body, he bites at her skin, leaving marks all down her chest and stomach. Reaching the apex of her thighs, he forcefully spreads her legs. Holding onto her right thigh, he sucks his right forefinger and middle finger into his mouth, lubricating them with his spit. Gently licking at her clit, he moves his right hand to her tight asshole. First inserting one finger, he moves it in and out, making sure to stretch her out. She sucks in a breath, at once shocked and enjoying what he is doing to her. When his finger catches against the rim of her Ass, she moans, unprepared for the pleasure once more assaulting her body. He inserts the second finger, stretching her in preparation. She continues to moan, squirming lightly on the bed from his ministrations. All of a sudden, he stops and moves up her body.

He reaches down and pulls her legs around his waist. She tightens her legs, pulling him down against her. He grasps his dick in one hand while he kisses her. Moving it between her soft Ass, he presses it against her lubricated hole. Making sure that he is properly lined up, he thrusts inside of her. They moan in unison, him from the tight Ass grasping at his cock and her from the pleasure-pain of being filled completely in her Ass. He waits inside of her for a short while, allowing her to get used to the feeling of being full. Once he feels that she is ready, he pulls out slightly, thrusting strongly back inside of her. Picking up the pace, he fucks her roughly. Unable to stand the pleasure, she grasps him even tighter with her legs and buries her head into his neck, biting down. He grunts at the pain but only proceeds to fuck her harder, using her like a worthless fuckdoll solely made for his pleasure. She cries out shortly in Orgasm, her Ass clamping down on his hard cock. The combination of the quick, rough fucking and the pleasurable pressure around his cock sends him spiraling over the edge. He bites down on her neck as he cums into her Ass, Hot semen shooting into her used body.

They stay wrapped around each other for a while before rolling around so that Marie can lie on his chest.

“That was wonderful, monseigneur.”

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