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Pulling into the hotel parking lot, Brie Bella checked her phone again. Still nothing, not a single call or message. Not so much as an Instagram DM from her Sister explaining why she needed to be here. But catering to Nikki’s every whim was nothing new, it was more or less her reason for being. Such is life when your twin Sister is also your mistress.

Nicole always had her running around the country for one reason or another. Usually to fly to her luxurious home, often to dress up in some skimpy outfit and do basic household chores. But sometimes, especially when on the road, Nikki would demand her to fly out and check into the hotel with her. These were the best call-outs, beginning with little Brie being allowed to worship her older Sister‘s perfect body and ending the way any sub could only hope. Hours and hours of brutal but blissful buttfucking.

The text was the same: “Get your slutty Ass over here, whore!”, followed by a link to the hotel’s website. Of course, Brie immediately booked a flight without a second thought. But, she couldn’t help but wonder why her Sister was acting so strangely. Nicole had never gone completely silent after demanding a fly-out before; hourly updates were usually a requirement leading up to Brie’s arrival confirmation text. As any faithful sub would, Brie sent the updates anyway but still, nothing. Honestly, she was a bit worried.

Pushing any negative thoughts to the side, Brie took one last at her phone. She waited and waited for any sign of life, but her phone screen remained blank. Brie Bella had sent a lot of texts over the last twelve hours, but one thing she hadn’t tried was a good, old-fashioned phone call. Typically, Brie was never to call her mistress. “Bad etiquette,” Nikki would always say, usually following it up with, “If you were as busy as me, would you want a worthless Anal whore bothering you with phone calls?”

Everything about that statement made sense to her. Nikki had her texts on mute, leaving not so much as a single banner notification. That way, if the Fearless One didn’t care to acknowledge her sub’s message, she could simply ignore it. But a call? That would violate her entire screen, sidelining whatever the busy top might’ve been doing beforehand all for the sake of a conversion with a pathetic buttslut. Bad etiquette or not though, there wasn’t much of a choice. If for no other reason, Brie needed to at least get the room number.

Frantically swiping and tapping her iPhone screen, Brie scrambled to find her calling app, a function she hasn’t used since she purchased the phone months ago. She scrolled through her contacts until she found Nicole’s name, immediately dialing up her mistress. The phone rang…and rang… and rang. And after what felt like an hour of waiting, someone finally picked up on the other end.

“Hello? Brianna?” the voice on the other end clearly belonging to Nikki Bella asked, instantly bringing a cheerful smile to little Sister Brie’s face.

“Mistress Nicole? Thank God! I’ve- I’ve been trying to get a hold of you! You asked me to-“

“Brianna?” Nikki interrupted. “Hurry into the lobby and talk to the lady at the desk. Tell her… umm… tell her to give you a key to Carmella’s room.” Carmella? Brie’s smile briefly faded, the thought of sharing her mistress with that piece of NXTrash upsetting her.

“Are you there, Brianna?” Nikki called out, the message coming across as another peculiarity. Her Fearless Mistress almost always referred to her as “bitch”, “slut”, or “whore”, so hearing her birth name, not even “Brie”, come from her big Sister‘s mouth was a bit strange. But nothing she couldn’t adjust to. It carried with it a nice, almost intimate feeling.

“Yes Mistress Nicole, I’m still here. I’ll ask for a key to Carmella’s suite.”

“Okay, see you soon,” Nikki assured before abruptly ending their call. For whatever reason, the tone of voice sounded like she was in a hurry.

Brie tightly clutched her phone, pressing it to her heart as it fluttered. Even though she was bound to be sharing her mistress’ attention with that newbie cheerleader bitch, Brie was optimistic. She couldn’t help but feel like this was going to be a night she’d remember forever.

Brianna exited her rented vehicle and the cold wind began its assault, the sleeveless nature of her embroidered royal blue cocktail dress providing little to no resistance to the chilling air. Little sis had dressed to impress, as was usually the case when making a fly out to see her mistress. Nicole’s standards were high, and regardless of whether her attire ended up on a hotel room floor or not, dressing up was always a requirement. An expectation. “Everything about you reflects my abilities as a domme, including whatever slutty little outfit you pick out to entice me with,” Nicole would always say.

Dressing nicely was always the easy part. The real challenge was finding the perfect balance between “classy enough to go out in public in” and “trashy enough to arouse her Sister.” Brie was overly happy with her current choice, the skin-tight double strapped number hugging her body and accentuating her subtle curves to the nth degree. And naturally, the dress barely reached the lower part of her toned thighs, a fact that, when paired with her stiletto heels, created the perfect sophisticated/provocative hybrid look. More importantly, her look would serve as the perfect precursor for would Brie hoped would be a particularly brutal Ass fucking.

Two days is a long time for any sub to go without a butt stuffing and sadly, Brie’s plug just wasn’t cutting it. Of course, she was still wearing her plug now, her hungry little hole stretching around all five inches of the pink metal booty cork. Taking such a small amount of matter was child’s play; she needed more and, as she reached the lobby entrance, she couldn’t help but get overwhelmed by a volley of submissive thoughts.

Part of her was kind of hoping Nikki would be in a bad mood, leading to a stern punishment and, more importantly, several hours of Anal abuse. If she was lucky, or if Nicole was feeling particularly cruel depending on how you look at it, Brie would get the chance to take her mistress’ cock without an ounce of preparation beforehand. Merely a pipedream, but something that, as she entered the hotel, she began hoping for more and more, her taut and untouched Pussy moistening ever so slightly from the mere thought of it.

The hotel lobby was peculiar, to say the least. Scattered along the walls was tape residue amongst other things, all of which were evidence that very recently, something had been hung there. Most likely, some kind of welcoming for a special guest. Brie quickly brushed it off, opting to focus on the task at hand.

Approaching the desk, Brie took note of the two ladies, a larger, bustier blonde woman, and a young-looking petite brunette. The older woman was harshly berating the younger, making it very clear that the older was the boss, and the younger had made a very big mistake. The two were deep into their argument, completely oblivious to the gorgeous model-like creature that was waiting patiently for their service. After a few seconds, Brie opted to ring the bell to call them to attention.

The older woman, whose name plate read “Ashley: Manager”, turned to listen first. “Excuse me, ma’am,” Brie beckoned, continuing, “I’d like a key to the room rented by WWE superstar Carmella, please.” Upon hearing Money Mella’s name, the young brunette perked up. She looked over to the culprit, her expression changing as she puzzledly stared at Brie.

“Y-you again?” The girl asked, her manager looking down at her disapprovingly.

“Me? No, I’m afraid you’re mistaken. You must be thinking of my twin Sister Nicole.” Brie informed the girl sternly before reaffirming, “So, can I have that room key or what?”

The manager and receptionist quietly spoke amongst themselves, with the younger of the two heading into a back room before the older one finally answered, “Ma’am, I’m afraid each room only has two keys and, unfortunately, both for this specific room are already in use. But, it’s your lucky day! The woman who rented the room called down a little while ago to let us know she was expecting some company.” After some quick typing on her computer, the woman printed out a sheet, detailing the room and floor number, as well as the easiest route to get there. With that, Briannns was sent on her way.

Even with all the help she’d received from the nice desk lady, Brie still struggled to find her way, taking wrong turn after wrong turn in the process. But eventually, she did arrive, albeit a little later than expected, a fact Brie downplayed, hoping Nicole used it as fuel to show her asshole no mercy. Brie quickly fluffed her hair and checked her makeup before knocking on the door.

A familiar voice yelled out, “Come in!” from the other side. Familiar, but not familial. Brie knew her Sister‘s voice, it was almost exactly the same as hers. The distinctive New York accent that powered the voice behind the door wasn’t it. Nevertheless, Brie accepted the invitation, turning the knob of the unlocked door and pushing it open.

Upon opening the door, the smattering sound of flesh ricocheting off flesh became apparent. How Mella was able to invite her in whilst getting her tight little booty spanked by Mistress Nicole was beyond Brie, but she didn’t dwell on it too long, especially as the brief thought of taking the bitch’s place sent shivers down her spine.

The entrance room was small, yet lavish. There wasn’t a great deal of furniture adorning the room, just enough to make it look expensive. The most dazzling piece was a large white sofa, the distinct smell of its material informing Brie it was genuine leather, which sat in the furthest area of the room, facing the impressive television that was mounted on the wall opposite the entrance. To the left, a pair of fancy white curtains covered up a sliding glass door, which led to a balcony area. And all the while, as she crept closer, the sound of butt flesh being smacked grew louder.

After observing every inch of the living area, Brie finally noticed the lustrous blonde lump levitating just above the couch cushions. Carmella, the bitch who dared to invade on Brie’s alone time with her Sistress, casually sitting on the couch, not doing her job as a bottom. The less-bustier Bella had half a mind to unleash a little Brie Mode on the rookie, but ultimately decided that big Sis would handle things in the end.

Nicole probably wasn’t aware of what was happening. Or, maybe she brought a second bitch to use, even lower down the pecking order than Carmella. One that Nikki wouldn’t mind letting the Staten Island Princess have some fun with during her rest period. Surely, that had to be it. No bottom would even think about getting ideas above their station with Nikki in the area. Not with HER mistress, the former and soon-to-be alpha, now that she was back full-time.

Brie slowly crept toward the couch, anything more than the top of Mella’s head still invisible. “Stop right there!” Mella demanded, refusing to waste her valuable attention on the worthless bottom behind her.

The former Divas Champion furrowed her brows, wondering why the at-best switch would dare speak to her that way. Did she completely forget who her Sister was? Nevertheless, Brie continued to draw closer, leading The Princess of Staten Island to crack, “Seriously? You’re still coming?” After sucking her teeth, Mella continued, “You’re awfully hard-headed, Brie. But after all, you and your Sister ARE identical, so I really shouldn’t be surprised.”

Brie immediately scoffed, “You watch your mouth! Me and my Sistress may look the same, but we’re far from identical. Nicole is a butt-busting top, and the former alpha female and-“

“And what, Brie?” Carmella asked, still facing the tv. “She’ll fuck my Ass? I highly doubt that’s going to happen. In fact, I’m doubtful that your precious Sister will ever top anyone ever again!” Accompanying her words was a particularly brutal slap, the likes of which had the poor, pathetic sub in question letting out muffled moans in response.

Worriedly, Brie asked, “Wh-what do you mean?”

“Well…I wanted to make more of an occasion out of the big reveal but, if you insist on testin’ my patience then come on over.” Brie’s heart was pounding; surely it was all bluff, right? There wasn’t any chance that Nicole was here, waiting behind the couch, was there? B-cup Bella hated the fact that she even had to fathom that idea, let alone consider it. Yet, she was terrified of what may be lying behind the confines of those large couch cushions. Still, she pressed forward, and slowly but surely, what laid behind came into view.

Immediately, her eyes widened as her mouth dropped. The sight before her was something directly out of a nightmare. There she was! Her powerful mistress. Her Sister. Her Nicole, in the most pathetic, compromised state Brie had ever seen her in. Completely naked, her entire body on display save for a few select bits of skin covered by the red rope that tied her arms around her back and her legs together. A ball gag kept her mouth ajar, wrapping around her usually long and luscious, now disheveled brown hair. Naturally her butt was plugged, and adding to the humiliation was the phrase “Property of it’s Money Mistress”, scattered several times across her body in Sharpie. The finishing touch to poor Nikki’s horrific display? The former and longest-reigning Diva’s Champion in WWE history laid out on the newbie’s lap, her perfect Ass, which was branded “MINE”, two letters on each cheek in the same color pen, groped and caressed before another smack came crashing.

Finally turning to meet Brie’s gaze, Mella reminded, “Told ya so. Not too pretty a sight for ya is it?” Brie stayed completely silent, inadvertently giving The Money Mistress the headway to continue. “Ya know, it’s kinda sick, but I find her much prettier this way.”

“Ggggrrrnnkk gggruuuu,” Nikki gargled from behind her gag. Yet another rough spank followed, this

Kneeling down to meet her, Carmella asked, “What’s that, pet?”

Mella then removed the gag for what had to be the first time in several hours. After taking in a big breath of fresh air, Nikki reiterated, “Thank you for calling me pretty, my Money Mistress.” Her appreciation was rewarded with another vicious smack

“Aww, you’re very welcome, Nik!” Carmella assured before putting the gag back in place. “Yeah, I’d say you two are identical, alright. A pair of twins, both shameless bottoms, both incredibly hard headed. The only difference is, Nikki at least had something to fight for. What’re you fighting for, Brie?” As she waited for a response, Money Mella used her most accomplished pet’s butt to entertain herself. A lightning round of strikes, each one bringing the marks on her Ass to a darker shade of red. What was once a bright-pink pair of circles, one for each cheek, had become ruby red, the size of which had expanded to the majority of her round butt.

Brie was stumped; her only answer, if you could call it one, was to be Nikki’s sub. But that was clearly a lost cause. A fact that Carmella knew and, subsequently, rubbed in. “Face it, bitch, you have nothing to fight for! This bitch is broken beyond repair, you’re already broken, there’s really not much choice. The moment I broke your Sister, fucked her round, juicy Ass so good and so hard that she refused to live without my cock? Made it mine? You became mine! I’ve merely summoned you here to claim my earnings.”

Brie was an emotional wreck. For a few moments, she was in a state of complete shock; when it finally hit her, she broke into tears. Nicole had been her Sistress for years and, though the Anal poundings had never been as good as they were with Beth, they shared a familial bond, something that would last forever. Most importantly, she loved her life under Nicole, so much so that the mere thought of serving anyone else now was revolting.

“Yep, that cuuuuute little booty of yours already belongs to me,” Carmella continued to rant, smacking Nikki’s Ass in between each sentence. “That Ass, that Pussy, that adorable, almost punchable face. From head to toe Brie, you’re already mine. The sooner you embrace your bright new future, the sooner you can get to the part that all worthless bottoms like you adore.” Mella tried her best to goad the normally obedient Bella but, to no avail. Brie’s eyes remained glued to the floor, the only sign of life inside of her a wince everytime her new owner’s hand came in contact with her previous owner’s booty. Now she was the one refusing to look at Carmella, poor Brie refusing to meet eyes with her new mistress, something she quickly came to regret.

The Fabulous Diva, whose patience had already worn thin the moment Brie refused to submit immediately, jumped into action, tossing Nikki aside and rising to her feet. She darted over to her new pet, taking the insubordinate bitch by the throat, cutting off her circulation. Now caught in the Staten Island Princess’s deathly gaze, Brie had no choice but to meet her, eye to eye.

“Ya know, things could’ve been so easy. All you had to do was ACCEPT ME,” Carmella started, tightening her grip before continuing, “Do you have any idea how many worthless whores would KILL to be in your position?!” Her question didn’t register 100%, thanks in no small part to the lack of airflow to her brain. That, combined with the intense pressure crushing her windpipe, made answering incredibly hard. Through all of it, Nikki watched on, the horrific scene bringing a tear to her eye.

But, not because her twin Sister was literally having the life choked out of her. No, more so because ever since making that phone call, the only thing Nikki could think about was her and Brie sharing a top together. Finally, after so many years of needless delusion, they were on equal footing. The Bella Twins were back where they belonged, at the bottom of the food chain, the objects of a real woman’s pleasure. All she wanted was to share the Love of her Money Mistress with Brie, so why? Why was her little sis being so stubborn? Was accepting the fact that someone had conquered her Sistress that hard?

Apparently, she was a better top than she ever got credit for. Or maybe it meant that she was actually worse? Normally, a bottom would have to do anything their top demanded, regardless of the circumstances. Though Brie had never refused her, the giddly little butt bitch had always been quick to adhere, all while boasting a smile on her pretty face. What should’ve been so easy was pointlessly being made so difficult, a trait that, apparently, the twins shared. Finally, after struggling to breathe for well over a minute, helpless little Brie squeaked out, “-I’m….yours.” Just like that, she’d given up.

Quite suddenly, in fact. Carmella grinned, releasing her grip and allowing the pathetic bitch to drop to the floor as any hope for a challenge went out of the window. Less than ten minutes in and she’d won, just as planned. Not that her opponent was ever expected to put up a fight anyhow, but the victory still resonated.

Gasping for air, hands massaging her throat, Brie repeated, “I’m… yours, Mistress. There’s… no use in f-fighting.” A weak response, one that had the Fabulous Diva cackling like a madwoman. Once her maniacal spout had ended, she walked towards her newest bitch once more, this time kneeling down to meet her.

Mella reached out her hand and Brie instinctively jumped back, the aggressive choking still very much in her mind. Showing a calmer, more caring side, Carmella slowly pressed her hand forward, sinking into Brie’s silky dark-brown hair. Combing her fingers through those flowing locks, doing whatever she could to calm her newest bitch down.

“All of that could’ve been avoided, pet. Are you aware of that?” Carmella asked, digging her claws in deeper.