Misty’s Last Bad Day – Fetish


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Hello, MrDawnFluffles here! This is a story inspired by some of Vogol’s art. Enjoy!

CW: Scat, Vomit, Ugliness


I heard a knock at the door right as I finished unpacking. “Coming!” I shouted. I’d arrived at my dorm a week ago and had just finished setting up all my stuff. Contrary to what I’d been told, I was bored out of my mind. I’d already explored the whole campus several times, and, as far as I could tell, until classes started there wasn’t much to do. My heart jumped at the wondered of meeting someone.

I threw open the door and was met with a enormous pair of boobs. I took a step back and craned my neck up to the gigantic woman standing in my doorway. She was wearing pink pyjamas with bunny slippers and had light blue hair. I looked her up and down a few times, mouth agape at her sheer size. She was probably seven feet tall and had more than a healthy layer of fat on her.

As our eyes met, she gave me a smile that was almost uncanny valley-like. She had a bad case of acne and she was absolutely hideous, with a misshapen nose and some facial hair reminiscent of a teenage boy. I stood there, stunned, as I eyed her in fear and admiration. She broke the silence. “Can I come in?”

I shook my head, clearing my confusion, and stepped apart. Her fat wobbled as she strolled in and sat her bubbly body on the bed opposite mine. Despite her strange appearance, I was glad to have business.

“I’m Misty,” I said. “This is my dorm, but I guess you knew that.”

She nodded. “My name is… Belle Walker.” She broke eye contact as she said her name. “Sorry, I know I’m ugly. You can call me B.”

“I think it’s a great name. What brings you to my dorm, Belle?” I asked. She smiled.

“Well, you’ve been nicer to me than most, so I’ll tell you quickly, so you don’t have to pretend to put up with me anymore,” she said, her eyes falling again. “I’m supposed to be your roommate. But I’m already in contact with administration about getting my own room, so I won’t have to impose on you.”

I crossed the room to her and sat right beside her. She eyed me carefully. “Please stay.”

She recoiled, fear creeping across her face. “W-what? Why? Just so you can bully me, like everyone else? I know your type,” she said. She was looking towards the door and was picking at her fingernails.

I put my hand on her shoulder. “I don’t want to bully you. I’ve just been so goddamn bored. I need someone to talk to. I’ve been going insane!” I laid down next to her gigantic frame.

She turned to half-face me. “Are you sure you don’t want me to leave?”

I grabbed her shirt and pulled her back into the bed, so we were both staring at the ceiling. “I need a friend, and it seems to me like you could use one too. What do you say?”

She jolted up and turned away from me. “Promise you’re not going to bully me?”

“I promise, Belle.”

A handful of tears fell from her face before she began sobbing. Her face became a mess of drool, tears and snot, and she rubbed her fluids all over my shirt. God, I hope I don’t regret this.

She used my clothes as a tissue for a few minutes before I managed to push her off me. After she had collected herself, she spoke, her voice hoarse from crying. “I’ve never had a friend before. Can you teach me how?”

“Well… alright.”

And so, we talked. It was difficult work because of how much she had suffered, but I was having fun for the first time since I’d arrived, and maybe even before that. We talked well into the night, and into the morning. She complimented my hair, and I complimented hers, saying we made a good couple: Red and Blue. Every time I would make one of my signature bad jokes, she would nearly double over laughing, sounding like a pig being butchered, but I wondered it was cute.

I found out she was on a Karmacorp Scholarship for a master’s in nuclear engineering, which made my poli-sci degree look like a participation trophy. I got her talking about her last science project, and I watched her lips move as she described the detailed analysis she’d done of nuclear residue. I couldn’t find out most of the words she used, but her tongue lulled me nearly to sleep.

I finally snapped out of my trance and looked at my watch. “Jesus, is it already 3:30?” I thought aloud. “Sorry to cut this short, but we should probably get some sleep.”

She smiled and gave me a hug. “Thank you, Misty. Can we talk more in the morning?”

I nodded, and she giggled with glee. “Good night, Belle.”

She nodded and curled up in her pyjamas on her bed on the opposite side of the room. She almost immediately began to snore, and I could see a thick line of drool dripping from her mouth.

Ok, she’s weird, but I don’t regret this. I threw my clothes into my laundry basket and climbed into bed in my underwear, but not before tucking Belle in tight. I even gave her a kiss on the forehead for some reason. It just felt right.

The morning sun shone down through our half-assed curtains, waking me bright and early. Belle was still snoring away, her pillow covered in drool from overnight. Her pyjamas had also ridden up, exposing her midriff. Her saggy belly laid there, rising and falling with her breathing.

I watched her sleep for a few minutes before I got up and poured myself a bowl of cereal. As I poured it, I noticed a smell. It seemed gross, but I felt like I needed to get more of it. I followed my nose around the room, going from corner to corner, until my nostrils met Belle’s Armpit. Her entire shirt was soaked with sweat, and her armpit was literally leaking.

I knew I should feel like gagging, but the smell was… pleasant? It felt good just to sit and sniff my roommate’s body. I pulled myself away from her and finished pouring the milk. As I ate, I watched her stomach rise and fall, and rise and fall. Her belly was quite hairy, and she had big stretch marks all along it. It sheened with a layer of sweat, and I felt like I wanted to go and bury my nose into it as well.

“No, I muttered. “She’s a friend. That’s weird. You’re weird, Misty. Why do you want to bury your face into her cleavage?” Shit. This can’t be happening. I’m attracted to boys! I mean men. I want a big, strong… But as I listened to her snore, I knew. I liked her. And not in a platonic way. …Mommy.

As I watched her, her hips started to thrust. “Ohh, Misty…” she moaned. “Right there…” She arched her back and I saw a wet spot grow on her crotch. I found myself drifting towards her wet spot, but slapped myself in the face before I got too close. No.

I stood abruptly and left her a note on the table. I need to clear my head. I dashed down the stairs into the common room, past the foyer, and into the courtyard. The campus stretched before me. I felt daunted by its size now, whereas before I saw it as a world of opportunity, now I feared there was nowhere to run to hide my feelings.

No, you don’t have feelings for her. You’re just starved for attention because you haven’t seen anyone in weeks. And, you haven’t slept with a guy in… I counted on my fingers. Eight months? Jesus, talk about a dry spell. I need a boyfriend.

As I thought, my mind wandered back to Belle. Every time I rerouted it, it made its way back to her. I thought about her acne, and her blue hair, her pyjamas, the way she snored… her laugh. God, her laugh.

I felt myself growing hotter as I thought about her laughing at my jokes. I walked across the campus. I must have looked crazy because people kept staring at me. After panicking for another few minutes, a chubby girl with glasses came up to me.

“Are you okay? Do you need some help?” she asked.

“What? No. I’m fine,” I said, unable to keep eye contact.

She shoved some baggy pants and a hoodie into my arms. “Well, you should probably put on some clothes, unless you’re an exhibitionist.”

I looked down and nearly passed out from embarrassment. Here I was, standing in the middle of campus wearing nothing but my underwear. I threw myself into this girl’s clothes and fell to the ground. As I caught my breath, she sat beside me and took her backpack off. “I’m Livvy, by the way,” she said. “Nice to meet you.”

I nodded. “Misty. Thanks.”

“So, uhh… why were you running around mostly naked?” she asked, adjusting her glasses as her brown eyes peered into mine.

“I just forgot to get dressed, that’s all,” I lied. “Hell, I’ll probably never see you again. I’ll just be frank. My roommate is socially inept, and I took her under my wing, trying to teach her about social… things…” I trailed off.

She nodded along as I spoke. “But?”

“But… I met her last night, and I think she might have turned me gay.”

She laughed. Trying to stifle it made her laugh more. Her laugh was cute, like a puppy, but I yearned to hear Belle’s. “Sorry, sorry. It’s just that… well I’ve had the exact same experience. Like, even running across campus, although… I sleep naked,” she said.

I smiled. “Wait, you’re a lesbian?”

She showed me the pride pin on her backpack. “Loud and proud. Now, I’m not saying you are definitely lesbian, because it’s a whole journey to figure out what you actually like, but if you are, welcome to the club!” she said, pulling me into a hug as she finished. “Anyways, I’ll be here for you, if you need support. It’s a tough time. Here, have my number,” she said, handing me a slip of paper. “And… I’ll write the contact info for the pride club on the back.”

I took the slip and stood. “Let’s talk again, Livvy. Can we?”

She smiled and nodded. “See you around, sister.” As she sauntered away, I couldn’t help but admire the sway of her hips and the jiggle of her ass. But instead of repressing the feelings, I embraced them. I let myself stare. It felt… right.

She turned around, locking eyes with me, and she blew me a kiss. My heart fluttered, and images of Belle flashed through my mind.

All my life I had lusted after boys… not because it was what I wanted, but because it’s what was expected. Holy shit, was I wrong?

I walked back to my dorm, going slowly so as to give myself lots of time to think before having to confront Belle… the towering giant who filled me with joy. As I walked, I rehearsed a confession in my head. “Hi, Belle. I’m sort of surprised to admit it, but I think I have a crush on you. Do you want to go on a date sometime?”

I wondered why I was attracted to Belle, of all people. I could understand liking Livvy. She was short, cute, and had just enough fat to be loveable, but Belle… Belle made me want to vomit, which made me want her even more. Am I attracted to how bad she looks? Maybe…

As I got closer, my heart beat faster. Blood pounded through my ears and my breathing became shallow. There’s no denying it anymore. My body has betrayed me. I marched up the steps and opened the door. Belle lounged on her bed with her hand down her pants. As she heard the door creak open, she slammed her laptop shut and wiped her hand on her sopping mattress.

She wore the same pyjamas from yesterday, and her hair was a mess of drool and bedhead. I smiled inadvertently while admiring her. She gave me her unnerving smile once more.

“Hi,” I started. I’m strong. I can do this. “So, uhh, I wanted to ask you something.”

She looked down. “Ok, I get it. You saw me sleep and you want me to go. Well, I already sent in my letter to administration, so you’re stuck with me-“

I interrupted her before she could finish. “No, that’s not it.” I took a deep breath. Come on, you rehearsed this. Why are you betraying me now? “I like you. Wanna date?” Jesus how awkward was that. At least it’s out now.

She stared at me. “I wondered you were straight!” She jumped up and pulled me into a hug, burying my face into the deepest recesses of her cleavage. “Yes! Yes! Let’s date!”

I tried to respond, only to get a mouthful of boobsweat. It cascaded over my tongue and I drank it down eagerly. I could feel myself growing wet as she picked me up and spun me around in her arms.

She pushed me away suddenly. “This isn’t a prank, right?”

I swallowed, the salty liquid flowing down my throat. “No, I’m serious.” She snorted and pulled me back into a hug.

She put me down after a few minutes and finally spoke. “So, uhh, how do we date?”

I let out a giggle. Of course, she wouldn’t know. She’s probably never been on a date before, which means I’m her first. The thought of taking her virginity filled my heart to bursting.

“There isn’t really a right way to do it. Since I asked you, let’s do something that you want to. What do you want to do with me?”

She sat for a while in silence. “I don’t know. What kinds of things can we do?”

“Anything you want. We could go out for dinner, we could watch a movie.”

She thought for a second. “Can I cook us dinner?”

I smiled. “Sure. I’d love to try your cooking.” I wonder how good she is. It certainly doesn’t seem like a random choice.

“Ok, well, I want it to be a surprise, so can you come back tonight?” she asked, already writing down ingredients on a sheet of paper.

“Sure. See you then,” I said, giving her an awkward peck on the cheek before running away.

As soon as I closed the door behind me, I nearly collapsed. Holy shit that was awesome. I actually get to go on a date with my roommate. I guess it’ll be awkward if we break up, but…

I thought about her laugh again. No. We’re not going to break up.

Well, I have lots of time to kill. I think I’ll go to the gym and… shit. I don’t have my clothes.

I decided to head to the library. Might as well start studying before classes. Get a head start. I’ve got nothing better to do.

But I couldn’t focus on studying. Every time I would finally start getting into the groove, something would pull me out. I would hear a chair squeak or someone cough. Every time it brought my mind back to the fact that an objectively ugly girl, but one I found incredibly attractive, was making dinner for me.

Somehow, I managed to pass the time. I found it went by the quickest when I thought about what would happen after dinner. Would we talk for the whole night? Would the night be occupied by… other activities?

I practically drooled as much as Belle as I thought about the possibilities, but finally, it was time to head back. I couldn’t make myself look super nice, but I brushed my hair and picked up some cheap makeup from a convenience store.

I climbed the stairs, my heart pounding. I’m going on my first ever gay date. I knocked on the door and heard Belle beckon me in. As I stepped inside, the room was covered with beautiful candles, and as I sat the amazing giant entered with two plates heaped with food.

She walked me through my plate. There were prime ribs, fried mashed potatoes, roasted Brussel sprouts, truffled cauliflower, roasted carrots, rice and apple stuffing, and a green bean casserole.

I sat there speechless as she directed me across this amazing-smelling plate. How did she make all of this in a few hours? She must be a goddess.

She was still in her pink pyjamas, which now had sweat stains that were visible across the candle-lit room. She smiled at me, and I smiled back.

“Sorry for not dressing up,” I said. “I didn’t want to come back to ruin the surprise.”

“I don’t care. You’re gorgeous in your hoodie anyways.”

I blushed at the compliment. This felt right. I’d been on dates before, but they’d always seemed… superficial. This felt like the only way I wanted to spend my evening. I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.

She was very awkward initially, but after we had started eating, she opened up. She had no table manners, despite her phenomenal cooking. She chewed with her mouth open, and as she talked she spat her food all over the lovely table she had prepared.

Some of her half-chewed food even landed on my plate, but I was too infatuated to notice or care, eating her spit along with my own food voraciously. We talked and laughed and ate for hours, until the sun had dipped below the horizon, leaving the room filled with nothing but the few remaining candles.

She finished eating way before I did. She had practically inhaled her food, but I liked to take my time. By the time we were both finished, it was nearly nine.

“What next?” she asked. “What do you do after dinner?”

“That depends,” I replied.

“On what?”

“How you react to this,” I said as I pulled her into a kiss. Her lips almost covered my whole face, but I didn’t care. Her breath stank, her teeth were yellow and filled with leftovers from the meal, but I didn’t care. I kissed her deeply.

She looked at me in surprise, then crushed me in a bear hug and slobbered her tongue all over my face. Her drool soaked my hair and the clothes I had borrowed from Livvy.

We made out for a few minutes before I pulled away. She looked at me desperately. “Are you sure about this, Belle?”

She nodded. “I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.”

“I feel exactly the same.” As I finished speaking, I began pulling off my shirt, revealing my bra beneath. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when I bent over to remove my pants. I tossed them aside. “Well?” I asked. “Are you gonna take off the rest, or will I have to?”

She lunged towards me, and, with surprisingly nimble fingers, managed to remove my underwear too. I stood there naked before her, her drool covering my face and chest. She took a step back and removed her clothes in turn, throwing them in a sweaty pile on my bed. Her body was even more beautiful than I had imagined. She was absolutely covered in hair. If her armpits were like a forest, her pussy was a jungle.

She was even dyed below, too. Her pubes and ass hair were the same shade of blue as her head. Her labia hung like two curtains below her stomach, and she was dripping.

I led her by the hand to her bed which was still wet with her sweat. “I will do anything you want me to. Ravage me, Belle.”

She crouched down and put her lips to my lower ones. Her thick tongue made a crude but fantastic attempt at exploring me. Her teeth grated against my clit as she delved as deep as she could into my vagina. Suddenly, she pulled out and shoved her tongue into my virgin asshole.

I yelped as the thick appendage explored my rectum. I tensed up for a bit but started to relax slowly as she made out with my ass. She explored every inch of my butthole, making me feel like I was pooping in her mouth. She must have tasted my shit, because I hadn’t gone all day, and because of how big the dinner was.

As she pulled away, I saw her face was covered in a thin layer of brown saliva. That answers that. Once more, I felt the strange feeling of repulsive attraction. I was completely infatuated by her grossness. It turned me on to no end.

She crawled over top of me, her breasts touching my stomach, and gave me a shitty kiss. I could taste my own poop on her tongue, and it made her breath so much worse… but… I couldn’t get enough of it.

Finally, she pulled away, and said, “time to return the favour,” before plopping her gigantic vagina straight onto my face.

I was enclosed inside her walls as she rocked back and forth on my face. Her vagina couldn’t have been cleaned once in the past month. It was covered in whatever the female equivalent of smegma was. I opened my mouth and cleaned her grimy, nasty pussy eagerly, gulping down her rancid cheese.

I tasted and smelled nothing but her deepest essence. My face was covered in her sticky, smelly hair, and I loved it. I could feel her stomach rumbling as I tongued her clit, but I was more focused on her laboured moans.

As I felt her getting close to cumming, she pulled off of me and slammed her asshole straight into my face. Her blue hair was thicker back here, and wet chunks of shit intermingled with the sweaty grime. I accepted her earthy gifts with an open mouth and got to work shoving my tongue deep into her asshole.

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