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Once Shepard along with Samara and Grunt departed the Normandy in search of Morinth the rest of the crew were granted a brief few hours of shore leave, Free to explore Omega to their hearts content. Most chose to remain on board, incredibly wary of the dangers that lurked within the lawless station. Those that did leave did so in groups, watching each others backs. But one fully intended to go out on her own.

Miranda, for the first time since escaping the clutches of her father, felt almost serene. Not only had she managed to successfully rescue Oriana, she had finally been able to introduce herself to her younger Sister, able to finally meet the one person she cared about in the galaxy thanks to a gentle nudge from Shepard.

Despite the journey through the Omega Relay lurching ever closer, Miranda found herself desiring a brief respite from the on going mission. Something a little more… pleasurable. In spite of her cold exterior, Miranda was certainly a sexual being, she knew she was the absolute definition of the perfect woman and she desired to be reminded of it during the throes of coitus.

But such an arrangement was out of the question with any of the male members of the Normandy crew, she was a superior officer and prestige would never allow her to give a subordinate a chance to brag. Shepard, though desirable, had already reaffirmed his relationship with Liara T’Soni, even Miranda wasn’t egotistical enough to get herself on the bad side of the new Shadow Broker. iPartner Encounters became a tool of Miranda’s over the months leading up to Shepard’s ‘resurrection,’ allowing her to anonymously hook up with men across the galaxy without the risk of developing any attachments.

Hearing that Shepard and his team had left, Miranda felt herself struck by an overwhelming desire to be rutted by someone; anyone. She tapped a code into her office console and sealed the door, the change from green to red reassuring her that no-one would walk in on her. With only a few hours Free, she signed into her iPartner account and sent out a message that she was ready for a quickie on Omega. Usually she would be incredibly narrow minded when it came to the responses she received, her pickiness sometimes preventing an encounter altogether. But she didn’t have time to be selective.

Within minutes of sending the request her inbox was inundated by responses from various species from across the station. From the scrawniest Silarian to the most muscular of Krogan war lords, even Miranda found herself surprised by the number of responses given how prevalent prostitutes were in Aria’s illicit den.

Unable to cope with the frustration, her thighs rubbing against each other, Miranda ran her finger down the length of the magnetic clasp of her form fitting combat suit, exposing her upper body to the cool, recycled air of her office. As she began scrutinizing the replies, her hand slid across the surface of her toned stomach, until her gloved fingers reached the band of her lacey black panties. They dipped under the material, allowing Miran’s fingers to rub against her clitoris.

Most replies weren’t worth her time, being either too basic or so grammatically poor that Miranda couldn’t resist the urge to roll her eyes. A select few grabbed her attention. There were those that described in detail what they would like to do to her, their graphic descriptions sent her nimble fingers plunging into her Sex.

She stifled a moan as she fingered herself to her heart’s content. But one message drew her eyes above all the others. It gave its location as being on the same level of the Normandy, far closer than the other would-be lovers.

To: LawBringerSR2

From: LustRidden21

18:17 LR: See you’re looking for a quick fuck. If you look as sexy as your profile sounds then I’m fully prepared to screw you until you can’t walk. Don’t have much time, respond fast!

Miranda’s breathing became ragged as her fingers furiously plunged in and out of her wet Sex. Normally Miranda would use absolute due diligence to ensure her encounter was as safe as possible, her time at Cerberus had made her very aware of the dangers that human women faced in the galaxy, especially one as desirable as Miranda. But Shepard’s mission wouldn’t take long to complete, the window was closing and Miranda was too far gone.

Her imagination ran wild with vivid images of her would be lover sweeping her into his arms, his eyes staring into hers as he ran her ragged with unadulterated need, momentarily distracting her from the impending suicide mission. Her finger stirred around her dripping hole, working Miranda into a sexual frenzy as she thought out her reply. With her Free hand, she typed out a response and waited. The reply was almost instantaneous.

To: LawBringerSR2

From: LustRidden21

18:22 LR: Are you ready and willing?

18:23 LB: More than willing. Name the place.

18:24 LR: Patriarch Alley, Apartment #14. Not too far from Afterlife. Get there quick and make sure you’re ready for whatever I’m giving.

The user disconnected, leaving the raven haired beauty panting with barely hidden eagerness. Without much time left on the clock, Miranda pulled her slick fingers Free, moaning uncomfortably at the sudden empty sensation, and slid the upper part of her suit back into place. Still consumed by the seductive power of desire, she stuck out her tongue and licked her vaginal residue from her fingers, smirking as the taste flooded her taste buds.

With a roll of her shoulders, she unlocked her office door and swaggered through the crew deck towards the elevator. She tapped her foot impatiently as it ascended to the Combat Information Center, keeping her breathing as measured as she could. As the doors slid away Miranda headed towards the airlock, addressing Yeoman Chambers over her shoulder.

“I have business to attend to, Yeoman. Alert me once Shepard returns and only when he returns. Until then, Operative Taylor is in command,” Miranda ordered. As she made her way to the airlock, she knew fully that a number of pairs of eyes became fixated on her rear, so perfectly presented by her tight suit.

Using her omni-tool to navigate the chaotic mess that was the layout of Omega, Miranda quickly made her way towards the location she had been provided with. Numerous shady individuals attempted to accost her as she passed through the tight corners and crevices of the apartment district, each hoping she would be naive enough to follow them to whatever trap they had laid out for lost women. All it took was for her to produce her pistol for them to back away.

As she rounded the corner leading to the apartment she was struck by the repulsive scent of narcotics and old refuse material, likely the result of malfunctioning recyclers sending the fetid stench flowing into the living spaces. But it didn’t deter her in the least, she stepped over loose bits of litter until she finally reached the right door.

She knocked, expecting to be greeted by her iPartner match. Instead, the door opened away, granting her access to the cramped room, the only piece of furniture being a well used be pushed against the wall. Clearly, it was a room rented specifically for the encounter, akin to a cheap motel back on Earth. Her reasonable assumption was that her partner was running late, granting her access to the cramped Love nest to give her time to get ready. The room was lit only by a flickering set of red lights that wrapped around the edge of the ceiling, something Miranda assumed was a poor attempt at setting a sensual mood.

As she stepped inside it became clear that small bedroom and others like it were likely used by the local working girls, or the club girls unfortunate enough to have ended up on Omega as a place to bring their Johns back to. A naughty shiver caressed Miranda’s spine at the thought of being fucked on the same bed some unknown prostitute had been in with her client.

Miranda quickly divested herself of her tight combat suit, along with her black heeled boots, tucking them in one corner to hide the Cerberus logo from sight. Even a human on Omega would recognise the distinct yellow crest. Just clad in her After Dark Fashions lacey black lingerie, Miranda padded over to the bed. She swept her hands across the stained sheets and smoothed them out, then climbed on top, testing out a variety of provocative poses. She tried rolling onto her stomach with her legs crossed in the air behind her, she reclined on her side and propped her head up in her hand. Eventually, she settled for something a little more enticing, resting upright with her luscious breasts placed on full display.

Not too long after she adopted her preferred position, the opening sequence of the door sounded, admitting her quickie. The dark red lighting made it difficult for Miranda to make out the figure as he began to slip off his own clothing though she could pick up on his unusually lanky form. As he approached she spotted a peculiar number of angles across the silhouette of his body.

“LustRidden?” Miranda purred. “We don’t have much time before I have to get off this station, why don’t you join me on the bed? It’s a little more used than I was hoping, but I think you can find a way of making it up to me,” she dragged her hand across her alabaster thigh, coaxing the silhouette.

“Ahhh! Hu-man is Horny? Hu-man wants to be ravaged?” the unmistakable shrill voice of a Vorcha echoed throughout the small room.

Miranda lunged back, drawing the bedsheets up to cover her near naked form. “V-vorcha? But the profile showed you as being human? How could a Vorcha possess the intelligence to write that coherently?”

“iPartner profiles notoriously easy to fake,” the Vorcha bragged, stripping his armoured pants down as he stepped directly beneath the red light. Suddenly, his features became very prominent to the Cerberus agent. His razor-like teeth glinted, harsh shadows highlighted the coarse, textured skin the vicious aliens had become known for.

Miranda cursed herself for leaving her pistol amongst her piled up clothing as the Vorcha inched ever closer. She knew her enhanced physicality might have allowed her to dart across the room to retrieve it, but the Vorcha were a highly unpredictable species. Risking provoking him was a last resort if she needed it. “I don’t know what possessed you into thinking this little scam would work, but I would very much encourage you to go back to whatever damp alley you crawled out from. Unless you wish for me to put a hole through your jaw?”

“Ahhh, hu-man threats hold no water!” the Vorcha hissed. He lifted his head and began to sniff the air. “Female is aroused, Vorcha sense of smell never mistaken.”

Miranda scoffed, still holding the bed sheet in a tight knot against her breasts. “I was aroused, you primitive bastard, I wouldn’t be lying in a bed used by the hookers of Omega if I was in my right mind. Then you ambled in. I’m going,” Miranda released the sheets and prepared to push herself from the bed, but was quickly intercepted by the Vorcha.

“Hu-man lies, Veshk’s nose smells arousal still,” Veshk proclaimed, “hu-man still wants to be pleasured! Veshk always wanted to mate with attractive human female, but could never get enough credits to rent one of Aria’s girls! Too expensive!”

As Miranda knelt on the bed she could feel Veshk’s blood red eyes rake across her athletic body, from her narrow shoulders down to her supple thighs. Though her eyes were still struggling to adapt to the strange lighting she couldn’t mistake the motion of the Vorcha’s arm, his hand eagerly pumping his surprisingly large member as he stood mere feet from the beauty. She wanted to lash out at the Vorcha for suggesting such a thing, Miranda always strove to push the human agenda above all else, to secure humanity’s place in council space and far beyond. The Vorcha represented the lowest form of life, existing only to occupy their short lives with work as mercenaries and operating as feral cannon fodder. But she couldn’t deny the heat building in her loins, a primitive part of her mind needed release and didn’t care about the being that gave it to her.

“Hu-man is here anonymously! No-one will know of her bedding!” Veshk suggested, lifting his thick cock in the direction of Miranda’s full lips. “Veshk can keep secrets, just wants the pleasure of sexy human!”

As conflicted as she was, Miranda knew what Veshk said was right. She had gone out of her way to ensure that her profile could in no way be linked back to her, going as far as creating dummy accounts with burner omni-tools to create distance. There was also the reassuring reminder of the intelligence of the the Vorcha, or lack thereof. Even if he could remember her face, difficult given how poor the deep red lighting was, he had no other means of identifying her. Once the Normandy departed the hub she could leave it behind her, along with her pent up frustration.

With her final decision made, Miranda leaned forward on her knees and brought her lips to the cockhead. As Veshk continued to hold his cock in place, Miranda allowed herself to become accustomed to his size, opening her mouth to envelop the Hot appendage. The sexually charged Vorcha had other ideas, quickly losing any patience with Miranda’s attempt at foreplay.

“Ahhh! Hu-mans take too long, Blood Pack expecting me back soon,” Veshk slid his clawed fingers through Miranda’s black hair and settled at the back of her head. He forced her head towards his waist, pushing his member deeper and deeper into the unsuspecting throat of the Cerberus agent, he watched gleefully as her lips reluctantly settled at the base of his cock.

Miranda glared upwards at the proud looking Vorcha. It was a pure violation Miranda had never experienced before during the time she had her iPartner profile. However, she couldn’t rid herself of the strange feeling that overcame her as she felt her head being pulled back and forth, to let a creature she truly believed was beneath use her to satisfy his needs.

Miranda’s choking sounds were like music to Veshk’s noise receptors, not that he ever had an appreciation for any music. He let out a hissing groan as he felt her blissfully smooth throat caress his coarse cock, a sensation he could never find the equivalent of from the women of his species. There was no thought for Miranda’s well being as he manipulated her for his needs, no desire to show her any tenderness.

With her eyes blurred with tears, mascara streaming down her pale cheeks, Miranda couldn’t see the Vorcha’s fingers drop from her head to her chest. She could only choke out a surprised moan as she felt a sharp nail severe the straps of her bra, her panties weren’t too far behind. Miranda pushed herself away and collapsed back against the flattened pillows, brushing away the spit from her chin using her hand.

“Bastard! How dare you use me like some kind of cheap Omega street meat!” Miranda said furiously, beginning to feel as though she could unleash a biotic burst powerful enough to send the cocky Vorcha through the metal wall into the adjoining room. “After Dark Fashions lingerie doesn’t come cheap, you animal.”

“Fancy clothes, flimsy things to be torn off. Pretty human is soaking wet,” Veshk pointed towards Miranda’s Pussy, highlighting the glistening moisture that dripped across her petals.

“You presumptuous little sh- “

Veshk didn’t let her finish her scorching rebuke, he leapt on top of the bed and scurried over to the spot occupied by Miranda. He grabbed her wrists and crawled on top of her, widening his jaw as he pressed the tip of his penis against Miranda’s soaking Pussy. The moment he slid inside the short lived creature could swear he had never experienced a softer feeling, her warm canal felt glorious as it hugged his cock, pulling him deeper inside.

“See? Pretty human wants Vorcha cock!” Veshk grunted as he furiously bumped his bony hips against Miranda’s supple thighs, savouring the experience as though it were his last, something likely given his association with the Blood Pack.

She hated it, but Miranda knew he was right. Her fist pounded against the firm mattress as Veshk bucked in and out, animalistic need overriding him as he mated with a very desirable female. As she opened her eyes she was only reminded how very alien the Vorcha looked, his gnashing teeth allowed a copious amount of spittle to drip down onto her naked chest, the roughness of his skin dug into her with every clap that brought the two together.

“Just shut up and fuck me, Vorcha!” Miranda shouted in an uncharacteristically quivering voice. A thin layer of perspiration built up on her smooth skin, the sheen only seemed to entice Veshk further. “You wanted a human, you found one, now make it worth it!”

“Needy hu-man!” Veshk cackled as he latched his hands over Miranda’s shuddering breasts, pinching the flesh enough to cause Miranda to wince. The sheer force of his thrusting slid Miranda across the bed, forcing her against the torn up head board.

Miranda was acutely aware of the Vorcha’s intention to leave his mark on the room, to make sure she could never leave the feeling behind. Suddenly her back arched into a perfect curve and her head was thrown back, her Orgasm shook her to her very core. Not just physically, but mentally, a stark reminder that a Vorcha of all creatures had brought her to such a high.

Noticing her distraction, Veshk quickly pulled himself Free of her inviting Pussy and shuffled upwards. He rose to his knees inches away from her beautiful face and gripped his throbbing cock in a vice, pointing it directly at Miranda. A significant torrent of sperm soared down across Miranda’s face, coating her lips and cheeks in a semi-transparent green fluid. With his climax waning, Veshk rubbed the slit against Miranda’s shocked lips, making sure every droplet washed over her pale skin.

Veshk subsequently fell backwards, cackling madly as his most desired fantasy was fulfilled in the dingy little rent-a-room. He squirmed in delight as his actions replayed in rapid succession in his head, preventing from noticing as Miranda pushed herself away from the bed and over to the corner.

Miranda tugged the tight material of her combat suit on, wiggling her fingers into the gloves, made more difficult by the sweat covering her lithe body. She slid her feet and legs into the boots and reconnected the seams. Finally, she retrieved her pistol and returned to the bed, jumping up and placing the heel of her boot against Veshk’s chest, aiming the pistol at his head.

“Now listen, Vorcha, and listen well,” Miranda stated coldly, “you’re never to repeat what took place here. Understood? Not to the other Vorcha that inhabit this hell hole, not to any mercenaries. And if this encounter finds its way into one of the Shadow Broker’s dossiers I’ll know, then I’ll be back here quicker than a Varren in heat!”

“Understand! Understand!” Veshk replied frantically. But even in his frightened state, his eyes couldn’t help but gaze up in amusement. “But hu-man will have to wipe away Veshk’s seed, otherwise others will know pretty hu-man has mated with Vorcha!”

Miranda grimaced. She reached down and retrieved her sliced up lingerie and used it to wipe the cum from her face, then dashed the stained clothes at Veshka. Spotting a stray droplet of his cum, Miranda decided to do something that went against her every belief of human superiority over other races, especially the Vorcha; she licked her finged clean, shivering at the sour taste. With a hop down she approached the door without looking back, putting a teasing swing into her steps. “Keep the lingerie. It won’t do me any good now.”

With near perfect timing, Chambers pinged her omni-tool, reporting that Shepard and Samara had successfully taken down Morinth, though Miranda wasn’t quite sure if a mother snapping her daughter‘s neck could be categorised as a success. Confirming she was on her way back, Miranda quickened her pace, already planning to discreetly scour the extra-net for forums relating to human on Vorcha sexual encounters.

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