Medieval Simp Lord Chronicles Pt. 01 – Fetish – Sex Story

*(WARNING: Read tags before reading. Contains mentions of shit.)*

5 a.m., I wake up, clean myself, drive to work, sit in traffic, work until 5 p.m., go home, do chores, exercise, go to bed at 10 p.m.

My name is William, 31 years old. Occupation: marketing adviser for a big brand. My salary was slightly above average, yet my work time was also slightly above average.

My life was the most typical of typical. A constant loop of daily routines, with deviations only happening once or twice a month. Such a monotonous life would, for some people, seem tragic and boring, and for other people it would be a blessing and secure.

Personally, I never regretted how my life ended up. This was what I had all the time wanted since I was a child. A ordinary life without the need for constant excitement or challenges.

That wasn’t to say I never fantasized of different lives, where I could live out my desires. I knew, though, that humans only live one time, and this was the safest way to live.

If I just stayed consistent on my routine, never deviating, I could follow this life track to the end, and pass away satisfied. Or that was how it was supposed to go…

*bang* *screech* *scream*

I was sitting in traffic on my usual trip to work. When I was crossing an intersection, I looked to my left and saw a big white truck rushing right towards me. Before I could even react, I heard the last three sounds of my life, and then everything went black.

Life is mysterious. A moment ago, I was a perfectly healthy full-time worker at a big brand. Now just another corpse on the street. Truly, you cannot expect life to go your way…

But this is weird. For some reason, even though everything was black, I was still able to think. I’m sure I died, since the truck was coming at me at over 80 km/h. Was this supposed to be the afterlife? I had all the time wondered that there was nothing after death, but I guess you never know unless you’ve tried it. Felt sort of weird to say that about this subject.

I tried moving a bit. I felt my legs move, my toes wriggle, my hips sway and my arms bend. I was never much of a sentimentalist when I was alive, but I couldn’t help being moved by this sudden discovery of life after death

I slowly opened my eyelids. Light struck my eyes, seemingly for the first time ever, and it felt blinding. Squinting, with a hand above my face to block some of the light, my eyes slowly started to become accustomed to the light in the room I was in.

The first thing I saw was a brown ceiling, with a chandelier hanging from it, the source of the earlier blinding light. As I scrutinized the rest of the room, I realized that the arrangement and assortment of things in the room very much resembled a medieval European setting.

Questions started popping up in my head, though I already had an idea of what was going on.

*knock knock*

A light knock sounded on the door, almost seeming scared of anyone inside hearing it. I decided to go with the flow and said, “Come in”.

The door was gently opened, and a mature woman walked into the room. She was probably between 50-60 years old, seeing as her black hair had started to grey and crow’s-feet encircled her eyes. Her face bore the marks of having been pretty in her youth. Her body was full, with both muscle and fat. Her bosom protruded in her clothes. Her wide hips swayed with every step, carrying similarly wide buttocks.

As I looked at the approximately 6′ tall woman standing by the door, I was first surprised by her old-fashioned appearance, and then I was surprised by her attire. A traditional maid’s outfit, with the heavy oversized black dress and a white apron in front.

As my mind was caught up in processing the situation, I didn’t notice how I had been rudely sizing up the maid’s body for a few seconds now.

The maid, however, didn’t seem offended, only frowning for a second before disappearing very quickly after.

“Master, your bath has been prepared and breakfast is ready to be served whenever you please,” the maid said, with a respectful voice.

Even though my mind was going haywire over the situation, I still managed to squeeze out a, “Thank you.”

The maid widened her eyes slightly by my response, appearing surprised at this presumed common response.

I noticed this change but decided to ignore it for now. I asked, “Excuse me, but what is the year and date today?”

The maid’s eyes widened a little more, displaying even more perplexity than before. Just as I began wondering if I had said something incorrect, the maid responded, “I-it’s 6th of October of the year 1376 today, Master. Harvest season will begin tomorrow, so you will soon be able to get the grain pastries you’ve been asking for all year.”

Even though the maid seemed confused, her response was detailed and clear-cut, fully displaying her professionalism.

Her response confirmed something in my mind. I was after all transported back to the Middle Ages, and this wasn’t the afterlife. I had read about such an occurrence back in my previous world, so I was 90% certain of my conjecture.

Starting to get a better grasp of the situation, I slowly calmed down my previously tense nerves. I looked at the puzzled maid before me, and excitement started building up inside me.

‘This is it. How I’ve dreamed of such an opportunity my whole life. My first life I spent seeking safety, yet I still ended up dying before even having a wife or a child. I don’t regret it, but this life will be different!’

My thoughts were going wild over this opportunity. In this life, I was gonna fulfill my fantasy of serving every woman I saw, down to their every need. I would become the slave to the women of the world, only living for my devotion to them. This fantasy of mine was finally showing signs of hope.

I felt my eyes heat up. Thinking about how I had toiled in my previous life; I felt infinite gratitude for this second chance.

Having made up my mind, I felt a weight lift from my shoulders. My eyes shining with ambition, I fervently stared at the maid before me, causing the maid to lower her gaze in trepidation.

First step to my plan, make every maid in this house dominate me and use me for all their desires!

Even though my excitement to execute my plan was clouding my mind, I still realized that before I could start, I had to gather some basic knowledge of this world or time I was transported to. With a now ordinary gaze, I looked at the maid and asked, “Sorry, but can you lead me to my study, once I’m done bathing?”

Once again, the maid was stunned by my question. She hurriedly bowed and replied politely, “Of course, Master; I will be waiting outside your room.”

Then she left the room with gentle and graceful movements. Her professionalism earned my respect, however her subservient replies made me feel frustrated. How I wish she would just harshly decline my request, spit in my face, and leave the room in anger. As my thoughts travelled down that path, I could feel excitement create in my stomach, and I hurriedly got into the bathroom to bathe and get ready. My servant life starts today!


My name is Olivia. I turned 56 years old in June this year.


Today was just another day as usual. When I woke up, I lit the candles beside my bed. It was autumn now, so it was still dark outside at waking hours.

I looked at the calendar on the bedside table. 6th of October. Just a week ago I was living a secure life in a house with a husband.

There had been cracks forming in our relationship, but I still never expected it when he left me for a younger woman, saying, “It is your own fault for never bearing a child.”

Without a husband, I couldn’t afford the house any longer, and yesterday I had to move into the maid dorms of the house I was currently serving.

As a veteran maid, I knew all the intricacies of the company. If you moved into the dorms of your Master, you were basically forced to consent to whichever treatment was shown to you thereafter. Young ignorant maids would often decide to stay at the dorms to save money, only to end up getting stripped of their freedom and suffer the abuse of their Masters.

I had toiled my whole life to never end up in such a situation, yet this time I didn’t have a choice.

As I went over to prepare my maid attire in the mirror, I stared at the old face in it. When I was younger, I was very gorgeous, if I should say so myself. A thin, small nose, sharp eyebrows and sensual pink lips, with a slim body. It didn’t pose a difficulty to discover a man who could take care of me.

Now however, I am old. The beauty of my younger days was almost traceless on my worn face, and the slim body I was once proud of had turned into muscle and fat, from the lack of free time and the stress of work, which had accumulated over the years.

On the positive side, this new appearance was likely to not awaken any interest from my Master. Even though that was tragic to say, at least it could save me from an even crueler fate.

After having prepared myself, I went to the bathroom to check if one of the other maids had prepared the Master bath. Seeing this was the case, I started to apprehensively make my way towards the Master bedroom. My current Master was Lord William. A second-generation scion of a wealthy family. His reputation was that of a lazy person without any goals in life other than indulging in his spontaneous desires.

He was an unpredictable person. In the years that I had been serving him, I’ve had to often apologize to nobles on his behalf for his behavior. He would never show an ounce of gratitude to any deed done for him and appeared shameless in any situation.

As these thoughts entered my head, I started getting angry, ‘Why do I have to serve someone so ungrateful and stingy?’ To be honest, I had all the time wanted to give him a piece of my mind, but that would also be the end of my career as a maid.

As the anger flared in my stomach, I started to feel a momentum in my steps as I was making my way over to the main bedroom.

It was only when I stood before the big door, that my footsteps halted, and fear started taking over the anger.

Since it was the Master’s house, it was impossible for him to not have heard of me moving into the maid dorms. With the Master’s unpredictable personality, I feared what he might do to me.

Clinging onto the hope that the Master was not interested in me because of my age, I raised my hand and gently knocked on the door of the main bedroom, while hoping no response would come from inside.

*knock knock*

“Come in,” a male voice sounded from the bedroom. I gently opened the door and entered the bedroom.

A few minutes later, I left the room in a similarly gentle fashion, only this time I wasn’t filled with fear but instead, confusion.

My heart was pounding and my head was racing. I knew the Master was eccentric, yet this was just too out of the typical.

The first thing that happened in the room was the master rudely sizing up my whole body, making my heart drop. As I performed my duty of informing the Master that his bath was ready, I was already lamenting the misfortune of the situation. There was a clear desire in the eyes which the Master directed at me. This dulled all my hope of escaping easily from moving into the dorms, which pushed me into despair, but also ironically made me slightly happy inside.

It had been a long time since anyone had shown desire in me.

I knew though that this happiness was purely carnal, without any logic. Nothing good was gonna happen from the Master’s desire.

As my mind was being consumed with fear, the Master said something that he had never said since I started working for him 4 years ago, “Thank you.”

These two simple words stunned me, only for the Master to continue asking me questions, overly polite throughout the entire encounter, even beginning his sentences with ‘sorry’ or ‘excuse me’, as if my standing was similar to his own, and he was requesting something I had the right to refuse.

Even as I was leaving the room and directed one last look at the Master to make sure it was the right bedroom I had entered, he was looking at me with respectful eyes, as if seeing off his superior.

I was flabbergasted over the situation as I stood in front of the bedroom waiting for the Master. After my heart slightly calmed down, I still couldn’t grasp the intentions behind the Master’s behavior.

‘This is too weird!’

Even though I could sigh in relief of the Master not making any cruel request, my mind was instead wondering if I was still dreaming.

A few minutes later, the door to the bedroom opened, and the Master walked out. You could discover a bunch of faults with his personality, but his appearance was something one would discover difficult to fault.

Suave facial features, with blue and intelligent eyes, a sharp jawline and unblemished face. His hair was short and chocolate brown, set in a sharp fringe to his right.

He was 6′ 3” inches, making him tall, even for a tall woman like me. His body was lean and youthful, which gave a sense of competence and energy.

As I was wondering why he left his room so fast, considering he would usually make me wait half an hour for him to prepare, he directed his eyes apologetically towards me, smiled and said, “Sorry for making you wait, please show me the way”.

I was stunned on the spot. For a while I didn’t know how to respond, and just stared at him.

It seemed he misunderstood my silence as me judging him for making me wait, and he started fidgeting on the spot, before lowering his gaze and saying meekly, “Sorry, I will be quicker next time.”

My mind felt like it was exploding. This was beyond politeness and instead closer to servitude. It was as if the roles were switched between us, and I was the Master and he was the servant.

Looking at Master fidgeting before me like a dog apologetic of displeasing his Master, I couldn’t help starting to feel pleasure at the sight, even though I still couldn’t wrap my head around his actions.

Getting pulled into the mood of the situation, my voice sounded a little bit more stern than usual, though not commanding, “Alright then, let us go.”

After saying that, I realized that what I had said basically meant that I acknowledged that he was wrong for making me wait and that I expected him to be faster next time.

I trembled slightly. ‘What if this was all some weird trial to test my loyalty to him, and this response of mine, reeking of superiority, just proved my disloyalty?’

As my mind spun with wild thoughts such as this one, I carefully raised my eyes to see Master’s response to my opinion.

The face that entered my eyes was unexpectedly colored in relief, as if being forgiven from a misdeed. Then, a determined look overtook the face, and he directed a respectful gaze towards me.

I hurriedly turned around and started walking towards the study. Seeing such a respectful expression directed towards me, something started awakening inside me. I felt myself wanting to just needlessly berate him, just to feel more of this sense of superiority.

I firmly controlled the excitement brewing in my gut. Even though I deeply wished to exert more superiority in this situation, I was still afraid that all this was just an act, trying to get me to mess up.

‘But what if it wasn’t…?’

I couldn’t help myself from having delirious thoughts such as that.

Soon, we reached Master’s study. I turned around and said, “Here is your study, Master. If there is nothing else you need, I will go to the dining room to prepare for breakfast.”

Once again, my polite tone returned. As I looked at Masters face, I noticed a fleeting hint of disappointment flash over his eyes, before responding, “Yes, there is nothing else. Thank you for showing me the way.”

Still unused to the polite way he was speaking, I turned away, and started walking towards the kitchen. I could feel two respectful eyes follow my body as it slowly walked down the corridor.

Soon I would turn the corner and be out of his sight. I had a feeling that as soon as I walked away, he would return to his usual ungrateful self. My feet slowed down. How I wish I could bask in this superiority forever.


With a heavy sigh, I turned the corner, being completely out of his line of sight. Regret filled me, how I wish I had the courage to abuse this moment of being the one in control more.

Wandering down the hallways of the villa, I realized I had discovered something in myself which previously never had the chance to be released. Unfortunately, I would have to repress this newly-discovered feeling once again…


As soon as the maid’s figure left my line of sight, I turned and entered the study. As soon as I entered the study, I couldn’t help but release a heavy breath. I realized that my pants felt a little tight around my crotch.

“I did not expect that.”

A few minutes ago, I had been frustrated at the maids’ subservient attitude, however when I left the room, the maid initially reacted coldly to my first show of remorse for making her wait. After apologizing more sincerely, she responded authoritatively and acknowledged my mistake. At that moment I nearly felt like throwing myself at her feet, yet I knew I had to be patient.

If I rushed things, it would feel more like I was controlling them into dominating me and not them doing it of their own volition. Then there would be no point to it all.

Yet this instance of exertion of power from the maid gave me hope, ‘Maybe I don’t really have to do much after all, and women will just naturally begin to dominate me?’

I was disappointed however, that as soon as we reached my study, the maid returned to her formerly polite attitude. Not knowing why she returned to this, I could only send her away for now.

In the end, however, I was still shown a moment of paradise, and it was enough to get me addicted. A stronger determination to be enslaved by women built inside me, as I started to survey the study I was standing in.

The room was quite large, being 10 meters long and 8 meter wide. The walls were covered by bookshelves filled to the brim with books. At the furthest end from the door was a large window with a desk and chair in front of it. Of course, all the furniture in the room had the traditional medieval feel to them, mostly made of dark and light wood.

Curiosity sprung up in me upon seeing the window, ‘I wonder what the world outside looks like.’

I went over to the window and looked outside. What met my eyes was the ordinary scene of a medieval town. Dirt roads, wooden houses, horse carts, people walking around in dirty or clean clothes. In the distance there was even a big stone castle, probably the residence of the ruler of this region.

My point of view was a few meters above the ground, making me realize I was on the second floor of the building.

Closing the curtains, I was ready to go through the books in the study to discover information about this world…

One hour passed and I put back the last book on the bookshelf.

Basic information on this world; the region where I was located at now, was called Linchroth, one of the 20 regions in the country of Roudan.

This information didn’t tell me much, besides the fact that it confirmed this not being the year 1376 on earth, but instead an entirely different world or dimension.

I also found out that the name of the person I was currently living with was also William. Apparently, my father had been a successful businessman, acquiring both wealth and authority, which he had all left with me when he passed away. Apparently, authority was ranked in the numbers one through seven, instead of titles here.

A nr. 1 authority level would be the king of a country, nr. 2 the king of a region and so on and so forth. My current level was apparently 4th, which meant I had basically no restrictions as long as it didn’t involve any of the people higher than the 4th authority level. The amount of people with such authority in my region could be counted on two hands. Therefore, I was basically able to do as I pleased, without ever getting disturbed.

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