McKayla Has A Meeting With The Boss – Celebrities & Fan Fiction


Thanks for reading the continuing adventures of my favorite ex-gymnast, MCKAYLA MARONEY.


About a month after shooting her scene with Isaiah Maxwell, McKayla Maroney was sitting pretty at the top of the celebrity porn heap.

She had two extremely successful interracial anal scenes under her belt and was kept busy with website interviews and solo shoots.

Money and attention were pouring in and it was dizzying, but incredibly satisfying.

For the most part, she had made peace with the fact that most if not all of the people in her life prior to porn had cut their ties to her. She was being treated like a goddess by the people around her in the adult film industry, and had begun making friends with many of the actors and actresses.

She was surprised to figure out that they really were just people, and sex wasn’t at all times at the forefront of everything in their lives.

Sure she missed her old friends and family, but if they wanted to remain in her life, they had to accept her for who she was.

If they wanted to reach out, they knew how to discover her.

As per the suggestion of her new friend and fellow porn star Mandy Muse, McKayla had gotten into the habit of going about her daily routine with a buttplug inserted.

Mandy had insisted that it helped facilitate the possibility of spontaneous anal sex. She maintained that the more she took it up the ass, the more she enjoyed it and actually began to crave it, so she embraced it as her primary means of sexual gratification in her personal life.

That meant the need to have her asshole ready for fucking at a moment’s notice, especially when going out for a night on the town.

“You’re being groomed to be the next top anal queen, McKayla. You really need to take care of your butthole, it’s your money-maker. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to injure it if it’s not properly prepared!” Mandy cautioned one night during a round of shots at McKayla’s apartment.

“Yeah I kinda got that impression when Jules and Seymore gave me that buttplug kit..”

“Oh nice! I got mine from Mike Adriano when I did my first ever anal scene with him. I think it’s like some kind of unwritten tradition or something you have yours in now?”

“Uh no…I don’t have any new scenes booked yet..”

“McKayla! You NEED to get used to having one up there like, ALL the time girl!”

“ALL the time??” McKayla replied incredulously.

“Okay well not ALL the time, but A LOT. Like when you go shopping or some regular shit like that. I mean you don’t have to if you’re visiting your dying grandma or anything..”

“Hahaha….oh my GOD Mandy! You’re fucking crazy!” McKayla laughed, but mentioning her grandmother made her cringe a little on the inside. Sometimes she really missed her family

“Nah I’m SERIOUS, girl! LOOK!”

Mandy stood up from the couch and turned around, then bent over and pulled her denim cutoffs down. Then she spread her gorgeous cheeks aside to reveal the sparkling jeweled top of a chrome plug nestled neatly into the pit of her perfect tan colored anus.

“Oh wow! That looks almost exactly like mine!”

“Yeah they probably get them from the same place hahaha..look, McKayla..I’m telling you as a porn star that specializes In buttsex. Start using it as often as possible. You like buttsex, right??”

“Yeah it’s hot! It makes me feel sexy and ALIVE. Like a BAD girl hahaha..”

“Okay so go get it, I wanna see it!”

“Like right now??”

“YES, McKayla. Let’s see whatcha got!”

McKayla went to her room and emerged with the box that Jules and Seymore gifted to her, then handed it to Mandy.

“Oooo this is NICE, McKayla! What is it, two inches wide?” Mandy asked while holding up the metal plug.

McKayla nodded and grinned with pride.

“Let’s see how it looks!”

“Wait…right now??”

“Sure! Why not?? You have the shits or something?? Hahaha..” Mandy giggled and held her stomach like she was about to blow up a bathroom.

“OhmyGOD NO, Mandy! Gimme that!” A blushing McKayla reached for the plug.

“No I’ll put it in, don’t worry.”

“What?? Mandy!!”

“Oh for fuck’s SAKES, McKayla! You’re a porn star now, remember? Were you gonna go to the bathroom for PRIVACY to insert it?? We don’t need privacy and modesty anymore! We got all that fucked out of us a long time ago…at least I have, and if you haven’t yet, you will very soon! Now turn around, pull your shorts down and get on your knees on the couch!”

“Okay okay!!” McKayla rolled her eyes and sighed, but did as instructed.

“Damn, you have such a bubble butt! Like two honeydews stuck on your hips! And FIRM! My ass is so different from yours…” Mandy ran her warm hands over McKayla’s perfect alabaster white globes before spreading them with her thumbs.

“Thanks, all the gymnastics helped with that..” McKayla said while looking over her shoulder.

She had her hands on the back of the couch with her shorts holding her knees together.

Mandy then grabbed the little bottle of lube that was included with the buttplug set. It was almost empty but all she needed was a drop.

She squeezed the last of the lube onto the tip of the buttplug, then rubbed it all over it’s head and neck.

“Okay now stick your butt out..”

“Um, I’ve used it before, you know.”

“Yeah yeah, but you’ve never had anyone ELSE insert it! Now relax..”

Then Mandy nestled the tip into the pit of McKayla’s maroon colored anus.

“OOO that’s cold!” McKayla hung her head and concentrated on relaxing her sphincter as Mandy starting pushing in the buttplug, twisting it so that it began corkscrewing in.

“Wow this looks so hot, McKayla. Look at how your butthole spreads around the head! How does it feel?”

“Stretchy but good. The metal warms up quickly! OH! Mmmmmm…” McKayla stiffened for a second when the widest part of the plug slipped past the ring of her anus and self-guided into place, her asshole hugging the neck snugly.

Mandy stepped back and admired the jeweled base twinkling from deep within the crack of McKayla’s delicious ass.

“Shit, girl. That IS breathtaking. No wonder Jules was so impressed!”

“Haha thanks, yeah the bulge in his pants was like a banana! His jaw dropped to the floor because he wasn’t expecting it at all.” McKayla said while wagging her hips from side to side.

“Hey wanna take some selfies and send them to people??” Mandy asked while clapping her hands.

“Hell yes! But let’s do another shot first!”

“Bottoms up! Hahahaha…”

McKayla just rolled her eyes at Mandy’s corny joke, then clinked their shot glasses together.


A week later, McKayla got a text from Seymore Butts.

-Hey McKayla! How’s everything going so far?

-Hi Seymore! I’m okay. Just wondering when you’ll want me to do another scene!

-LOL that’s our sexy little gold metalist! We love your enthusiasm and we’re so happy to have you with us!

-I’m happy to be here! Lol

-So something has come up that I’d like you to come into the office for. Do you think you can come in later today? Maybe around 4pm?

-Um sure…everything okay?

-Oh YES absolutely! I just want to discuss it with you in person. See you at 4!

-Okay 4pm 🙂

McKayla arrived at the LEFT COAST ASSOCIATES offices at exactly 4pm, and Sheila the receptionist greeted her warmly.

“Hello McKayla! Seymore is waiting for you in his office.”

“Okay thanks, Sheila. What do you think this is about?? I know it’s not bad, but I can’t figure out what would make him want to see me so urgently…”

“I honestly have no idea, but he’s in a pretty good mood so I wouldn’t dwell on it too much. Have a nice day..” She smiled, winked, and stood up with her purse, waving as she left for the day.

McKayla walked down the hall to Seymore’s office. Most of the staff had apparently gone home because all the other offices and rooms were closed and dark, except for one.

There was a housekeeping woman inside, dusting and cleaning. She glanced at McKayla as she walked by, and McKayla noted that looked Hispanic, probably Mexican and middle aged.

“Come in!” Seymore said after she knocked on his door.

“Hey McKayla! Have a seat and close the door behind you. You look great! Love those spandex shorts!”

“Thanks Seymore!” She said as she sat on the soft leather lazyboy across from his desk.

“So I assume that you’re wondering why I called you here today on such short notice?”

“Um yeah kinda?”

“Hahaha well here is the reason. In case you weren’t aware, the AVN Awards are happening next month and guess who’s nominated for Best New Talent, Best Anal Scene, and Best Ass??”

“WHOA WHAT?? ME?? REALLY??” McKayla gasped and put her hands over her mouth. She couldn’t believe it, now she was being recognized by her new peers for her work in the Adult Film Industry as one of the most famous and sought after starlets in the history of the industry!

“McKayla, you’ve got only two scenes under your belt and you’re already being compared to Teagan Presley and Brianna Love. This kind of attention doesn’t happen often. You’re the talk of the town! You made us so proud!”

“Gosh..T-Thanks so much!!” She still had a hand on her chest from the shock of it all.

“No, McKayla. Thank YOU.”

She giggled and shook her head in bewilderment.

Then Seymore leaned back in his chair and smiled at her.

“So have you been using those ‘gifts’ that Jules and I gave you?”

“Uh…you mean the buttplugs? Oh yeah they help! You know Mandy Muse is my friend right? So she got me into using the jeweled one for a few hours every day while I’m out doing stuff or even at home.”

“That’s just great McKayla. Mandy is right of course, and she would know, right??” He said with a wink and a chuckle.

“Haha yeah, her butt is SOOO nice. She says guys stare at it all the time and she knows that all of them are fantasizing about buttsex with her.”

“Do you think guys are doing that when they look at your ass?”

“Hmm I guess, I didn’t really think about it. I guess I’m still getting used to everything, you know?”

“Well let me assure you that they ARE. WE are.”

Seymore stared directly into her eyes while keeping that friendly grin on his handsome face.

Something about the tone of his voice and the look on his face was giving McKayla the feeling that this impromptu meeting was gonna be about more than just an announcement about the upcoming AVN awards.

“I’m young, but I’m not stupid…what is Seymore getting at here?? I know he’s done plenty of his own scenes besides just producing and directing…is he trying to get in my pants??

Hmm…he IS a handsome man though, not gonna lie..” She wondered to herself.


“You’re very welcome. So you said you use the plug every day right?”


“Sooooo do you think I could….see it?”

“R-really?? Like right here right now??”

“It’s just you and me here, McKayla. Everyone else left for the day. If you don’t want to, that’s fine. I’m no creep, it’s just that in this industry, sometimes we like to get to know each other on much more INTIMATE levels…you understand?”

“Yes, Mr. Butts.” She smiled and nodded slowly. He really was very good looking for a middle aged guy.

“Soooo may I see it??”

“Yes you may.”

McKayla stood up and turned around, then pulled her spandex shorts down to her knees and bent forward at the hips, which as an ex gymnast, was easy for her to do.

“GodDAMN look at the plump little ass on you. SO hot…mmmnn….now spread your cheeks and show it to me..”

McKayla dutifully obeyed, pulling her cheeks aside.

The plug base sparkled in the warm office light, and she grinned when she heard his low grunt of approval.

“You’re the perfect combination of childlike and womanly, McKayla. I’m so fucking horny right now because of you…”

She looked over her shoulder and saw him sitting back in his office chair, stroking his cock through his unzipped fly.

“Hmmm. He really is a good looking guy, and that cock has gotta be at least 7 inches long! I think getting fucked by the boss might be fun!” She grinned to herself and mentally prepared herself for what was about to happen.

“Pull your shorts and your tank top off, but keep your sneakers on. I want to see skin.”

“Yes boss..” she said softly as she began to strip.

When she stood naked in front of him (except for her sneakers), he gazed at her pale petite body hungrily.

“Now do a pirouette, and then a handstand.”

McKayla grinned and obeyed, even going so far as to do a split while in the handstand, exposing her hairless crotch and the base of the buttplug.

“Ooo I can see your pussy is getting wet…is this turning you on, McKayla?”

She stood back up and nodded with a coy smile.

“Good, cuz you’re getting me horny as fuck! Look at what you’ve done to me!” He said while stroking his raging hardon.

“What do you want me to do next?” She asked innocently.

“Why don’t you come over here and get on your knees for me…”

“So I can suck your dick?”

“I was kinda hoping you would, yeah…”

McKayla chuckled and got in her knees between his spread thighs, then looked into his eyes as she grasped his shaft.

“It’s thick and warm..” she murmured while dragging her tongue up the underside of his shaft until she arrived at the glans, which she promptly wrapped her lips around.

“Yeah look at me while you suck my cock, McKayla…mmmnice…” Seymore mumbled as her head began bobbing up and down on his glans and the top of his shaft, keeping her gaze locked on his.

The office got very quiet, and after a few seconds, the moist churning of his cock in her mouth was the only perceptible sound.

Suddenly, the hallway light came on followed by a silhouette in the frosted window and a knock at the door.

McKayla gasped and froze, but Seymore just chuckled softly and put his hand on the back of her head as a sign to keep going.

“Don’t stop, McKayla. You’re doing fine..just remember what business we’re in. This is normal, just keep going…COME IN!”

Sheila opened the door and stood in the doorway. From her view, she saw at her boss’s smiling face and the back of McKayla Maroney’s head bobbing up and down between his knees from behind his desk.

“Sorry for the interruption, Seymore. I forgot to mention that the reps from Caballero Video want to meet with you and Jules for lunch tomorrow to discuss Gia Derza’s contract. 12pm at Spago’s.”

“Thanks, Sheila. I’ll talk to Jules later. Just do me a favor and lock up on your way out, thanks. Take care, safe home…”

Sheila smiled and waved, then shut the office door and left; the hallway lights clicking off and the far-away clunk of the outside doors closing signaled her departure from the building.

With a soft plopping noise, McKayla released his cock from her mouth.

She looked up at him with a sheepish grin on her blushing face.

“Oh my god I’m so embarrassed!!” She whispered.

“No don’t worry about it, McKayla. I can tell that it’s gonna take some time for you to get used to the fact that in this industry, we’re all used to this kind of thing. Even the regular employees like Sheila. She sees this ALL THE TIME, it’s nothing for her. She knew what she was getting into when she was hired, we make sure that all of our employees are comfortable with sexual openness here. She’s a great receptionist and her kids are adorable. Her husband is a nice guy too. They’ve been to my house for dinner a dozen times over the years….now where were we???”

She nodded and seemed to relax a bit.

“Um, I was sucking your dick?”

“Ah yes. Well, you were doing a fine job with that, but I think it’s time to move on. Stand up and go around to the front of the desk.”

As McKayla stood up and turned to walk, he gave her ass a light swat which elicited a startled but playful yelp from her.

“Perfect jiggle. Spongey soft but also firm. Fucking fantastic.” Seymore muttered as he stood up and pulled his shoes off, followed by his pants and underwear.

She watched him and admired his body as he undressed. He was tanned, toned, smelled great, and had a gorgeous veiny cock. VERY good looking for a middle aged man!

He stared back at her with that wide disarming toothy grin, and when he had stripped down to his wife-beater, he casually opened the top drawer and took out a small bottle of astroglide which he placed on the desk.

That answered any questions that McKayla had about what was gonna happen next.

“What’s that for??” She looked at him with a shy smile.

“What do you think it’s for?”

“Um, I think it’s lube so you can fuck me..”

“Fuck you where?”

“Uh…in my ass?” She bit her fingernail while absently rubbing her crotch with her other hand.

“That’s right. I’m gonna lube up my cock and stick it up that incredibly beautiful ass because that’s what it’s built for. Look how horny you’ve gotten me??” He held his cock out at her to show her the precum oozing from the tip.

McKayla’s stomach fluttered with anticipation. He was really turning her on! The man exuded confidence and control; he obviously knew what he was doing and by now, he could’ve done anything he wanted.

Her pussy was soaking wet from all this buildup, and she needed this. Right NOW.

“What do you want me to do now?” She asked timidly.

“Bend over the desk. Put your face down on it.”

Seymore wasn’t barking orders, he just had a calm, confident tone to his voice.

With a sultry glance over her shoulder, McKayla complied.

When her cheek and breasts pressed against the cool desktop, she placed her hands palm down just over her head.

He then squatted down behind her so that he was eye level with her ass. The glint of the plug just barely visible at the deepest, darkest depths of the crack.

There was also the glistening of her vaginal secretions which had begun to run down her inner thigh.

McKayla felt his thumbs gently parting her cheeks until she felt the cool air of the room on the sensitive skin of her crevice, which made her shiver with anticipation.

Seymore kneaded the doughy flesh of her buttocks in his fingers, and then slowly ran a finger from the top of her pussy, over her aching clit, between the soaking wet folds, to loop around the base of the plug and then up past the top of her cleft.

This elicited a clenching reflex from her and she squeezed her cheeks together for a second, causing little dimples to appear momentarily on the surface of her buttocks.

By now, she was blinded by arousal, and all she could do was close her eyes and groan softly.

McKayla felt his fingers dancing around the rim of the plug base, followed by the tips digging underneath the rim to discover a good grip.

Then he began to slowly work it in and out, pulling it a bit farther each time.

“Your asshole doesn’t want to give it up yet, I’m gonna start pulling harder okay?”

“Okay..” she murmured softy. Her state of arousal was such that she could barely speak.

Seymore tugged harder, and her maroon colored anus formed a small mound as it tugged back.

“Come on, baby..give it up…” He whispered.

When her obstinate asshole sucked it back in again, he said, “McKayla, when I say the word, I want you to try to push it out like you’re pooping. Okay?”



The base protruded and her anus made a mound again, but this time he had help from her pushing.

Her asshole spread out around the widest part of the shaft, only to snap back into a not-quite-as-tight knot of muscle after releasing it.

McKayla stiffened and gasped softly when he successfully extracted the stubborn plug, but immediately relaxed with a sigh.

There was some mucus residue on the shaft and tip, as well as a small gob right in the bullseye of her hole, but otherwise clean.

“Mmmmm I love that salty earthy smell of a woman’s ass..” Seymore whispered as he held her cheeks aside and leaned in to sniff at and admire her now softened anus.

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