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This is a fictional story of time with Maya Jama.

Maya Jama — Love Island Sex

It was a cold and dark night, and I was watching TV. I was also scrolling through pictures of gorgeous woman on the internet when I came across the 28-year-old sexy figure of Maya Jama.

She’d been in the papers that day in a stunning bikini, all promotion for the TV show Love Island which was back on the screens in January.

My mind was drifting to the fact there was gonna be loads of new woman on that who we’ve never set our eyes on before, some would be annoyed, some will look stunning, and if there is one which does both, then OK.

The reality, I knew it would be important viewing for the episodes where Maya walks into the villa with long legs, breasts just held in, and her stunning smile. Sadly, TV watching was all I had to be close to this sexy chick, until I got one of those crazy calls.

My day job was as a sound technician, and it was a shock when I woke the next day to read an email, and then received a call to say an opportunity existed. The opportunity was to spend time in South Africa on the Love Island show. I couldn’t believe I was thinking about the show the night before, and here I am with the chance of some winter sun.

In my first week of filming, it was the usual stuff. Make sure the contestants have their microphones on correctly, and batteries are charged. I was working with a mature chap, but he couldn’t stand the prima donna nature of any of the contestants, but especially the woman. It was great news to me when I got asked to focus on the woman every day. It was tough work, but someone had to do it.

Every day, I was preparing microphones and often making sure they were hanging in the right place on ladies. The breasts, bums, and a whole lot more I saw, was fantastic. But, as each day passed, I remembered that first show. My first glimpse of Maya close-up. Wow, she was hot. Far better in real life than any pictures I’d ever seen of her.

On the first show, I’d managed to say hello to her and get eye-contact for a few seconds, but my colleague was more than happy to microphone Maya, and he didn’t need my help with that.

A week had passed, and I was loving the winter sun, and the fact I was getting paid. The job was easy, and I started to think about the next time Maya was gonna be back on the show. I just wanted to see her again and remind myself how gorgeous she can be. Disappointingly, she only needed to be on the show every few days, or every week, dependent on the format. However, what I did know, was she would be back at some point.

A few days passed, and Maya was back on set. Wow! She had this unbelievable dress on that

showed off every curve in its finest glory. I couldn’t get too close to her, as I was busy doing my job with the contestants, but my luck was changing.

I was surprised but loved it when the producer of the show went into panic about a major problem. This meant my boss was pulled away from set, and I was called to help Maya get ready for the show.

To walk towards Maya, she didn’t look at me at first, but before I started to attach the microphone to her person I spoke up. There wasn’t much dress to help me.

“Sorry Maya, I just need to put this in the back of your dress.”

Maya had probably heard those words a few times, but to see her naked back due to the dress she was wearing, I was left a gap of squeezing the tech inside the dress right at the bottom of her back, and just above her firm ass.

Maya spoke, “Hi.”

Maya asked, “What’s your name?”

I said nothing, Maya wasn’t looking at me, or I didn’t think she was. She had spotted me through a mirror.

Maya swivelled on her chair and repeated her question.

I replied, “Sorry. I didn’t know you were talking to me.”

Maya looked me in the eyes, licked her lips and didn’t say anything, as she stood up and walked away. I felt gutted. I’d lost my opportunity to talk to Maya.

As for the show, it had gone well. Maya looked stunning on camera, and the day came to an end. Maya left the set immediately, and I was left to pack up thinking what should have been.

With everything nearly completed for me, I was about to go back to my accommodation before the next day. These plans changed when a young lady approached me and passed me a message in an envelope. It had a big kiss on the front and nothing else. It seemed very odd, but it got a whole lot strange when I opened it.

It had the words of “JOIN ME NOW. MAYA x”

At the bottom of the card was an address.

If I was on set with some friends and spoken about my interest in Maya, I would have wondered it was a wind-up. However, I’d not made any friends in the short time I had been there.

My heart was racing, I was smiling, but there no-way was I getting little messages like this from Maya Jama. I’d not spoken to the woman. Maybe it was a big party that was happening at her house, which others were gonna? However, to ask others what they were doing that night, no one was doing anything, or going anywhere.

I wondered about what to do for about 5 minutes. I couldn’t believe I had a note with Maya’s address on, never mind inviting me to spend time with her. The choice was to spend the night alone or go to the address and see what she was after.

Not knowing the area, I didn’t have a clue where the address was and called a taxi to get me there. It took about 30 minutes, but enroute the driver had said it was a gorgeous house I was going too. I wasn’t too worried about the house, but I knew the woman I was off to see was special.

To arrive at the house, there were enormous security gate, and the driver could do no further. I got out and used the intercom. No one answered, but the gate buzzed and opened. It was a fair walk to the front door of this stunning home, but to get to the front door there was a handwritten note on it. The handwriting matched what I’d seen from Maya earlier.

It said, “Come inside and find me upstairs x.”

This felt mysterious, but I did what it said. Entering the house, I decided to lock the door behind me and made my way up the stairs which were in front of me. I couldn’t hear much, and it felt like no-one was at home.

The first room I came across was the bathroom. It looked like someone had been in there recently.

I then started to hear a hum, a very small humming noise, which was getting louder as I walked down the corridor to what turns out to be the bedroom. On pushing open the door, I knew straight away was in the right place and Maya was in.

In front of my eyes is the sight of Maya Jama. She’s laid down on the bed, legs slightly aside, with a black dildo ejected into her pussy. Enormous breasts pointing skywards and looking as sexy as fuck.

I spoke, “Hi Maya.”

You’d think you would startle someone at this point, but what I got was a casual look over at me. Here are two gorgeous eyes staring right at me, and a big smile.

In front of me was the sexy figure of Maya Jama, 100% naked and pumping her pussy with a dildo. What a mighty fine sight this is.

Maya moaned a little, “ooohhhhh, ooooohhhhh, it’s giving me pleasure.”

Maya spoke, “I better turn it off and get down to the real thing.”

If I was in any doubt about Maya’s attentions, it was clear what she wanted.

Maya added, “Why are you standing there, get over here and show me how you would do it to me?”

In walking over to Maya, she stood up on her knees on the bed. Her breasts are a fine pair, and but her long hair covered them partly, but certainly not enough to remind that this woman has unbelievable breasts. I went right up to her, and she put out in her hand to touch my chest.

Maya spoke, “I do like tall and dark men. You look very handsome, but you better fuck like a stud.”

Her hand had started to work its way over my arms and down my body to my hips, as I stood there looking at her beauty.

“Are you a strong and silent type?” Maya said.

I stopped staring and starting kissing. I leant down to her lips and planted a kiss on them, as my hand went behind her head. It was a long kiss as I took in the taste of this woman. The kiss was firm and making sure she knew I was a man who would take control.

“Wow, one hell of a kiss. You better get out of the clothes and join me.”

I took my T-shirt off, but this led to Maya starting to kiss my chest. Soft, but lots of kisses all over it, as I stroked her hair.

A hand of Maya’s had now found its way to my shorts, and she was not shy in putting a hand on my cock to see how good and hard it was. I was aroused, I wanted to fuck the hell of this women.

Maya’s hand continued to rub my cock through my shorts and was rubbing it harder and harder, as she continued to kiss my chest, and then my face. When kissing me, she grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me in closer as she started to snog me and stick her tongue down my throat.

I cannot believe I’m snogging Maya Jama. She’s naked and her kisses are warm and gentle.

The palm of her hand was now rubbing my cock more and more, and I could feel it growing in my pants, as Maya continued to snog my face off. I was in heaven. This woman could snog well and wasn’t shy in wanking me off.

Maya stopped kissing and spoke, “I need cock. I’m horny, I’m wet and I need you to fuck my brains out.”

She stopped rubbing me and pulled down my shorts. They fell to the floor, with my cock now peeking out the top of my boxes.

My pants were pulled off a moment later, as my cock sprung out in the direction of her naked breasts. I was rock hard and just gagging to bang the shit out of this beautiful woman.

Maya took my cock in her hand and started stroking it. Stroking it with her ample breasts’ centimetres away from it, but the head touched them from time to time.

How I wasn’t jumping on top of her, I don’t know, but it was a fine sight looking down at Maya. Seeing those tits and her hands on my body and cock.

“Come on big boy, that’s more than enough to make me cum all over it. Fuck the crap out of me. I want you inside me.”

With that Maya, laid back, she put her head on the pillow, pulled in her feet as her knees pointed upwards, then spread her feet legs wide. What this did was show me her wet pussy and how gorgeous it was. She moved her knees down and now her legs opened, which I took as a time to get my cock between her and fuck her brains out.

I got onto the bed and with my cock rock hard it was only going in one place.

“Stick it in me, I can take as much as you can give me. I want to feel you deep inside me.”

Looking down at Maya, I couldn’t believe I was about to do this. But in I went. She felt wet as I slid more and more cock inside her. At first, I just wanted to slide inside and feel her. There were no sexual motions, just a slide in and a feeling of joy as her pussy wrapped around it.

“Slam the fuck out of me. Just do it, just do it. Make me cum. Make me explode over your hard dick and make me your bitch.”

I was so turned on by Maya’s dirty talk and this made me even harder as I started thrusting inside her.

Slowly, then fast, I wanted to see what turned her on. It was clear she liked fast, as I could see and hear her moan louder as the cock went deeper inside her.

“Make me cum you bastard. Make me cum. Fuck me harder, fuck me harder.”

I was slamming the crap out of her pussy; the pace was relentless, and I was loving every single second. Maya’s tits were jiggling more and more, as I dipped my cock inside her again and again. Faster and faster. Deeper I went, the more Maya groaned.

“Ooooohhhh, oooooohhhhh, ooooooohhhhh, yessssssss, yesssssss, yessssssssss.”

I was gonna cum, the feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock and seeing those tits was blowing my mind, I need to smash the crap out of her pussy, and make her cum.

“OH FUCK, OH FUCK, YESSSSSSS. YESSSSSSS,” Maya was shouting now.

As Maya continued to enjoy, it just made me want to give more. I was loving it.

“I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING……………!” Maya screamed.

Her wet juices were exploding all over my cock, and this sent me into ecstasy as I could take no more of the pace I was going at.

With a large breath from me and the explosion of my eyes from my head, I shot my load. My creamy juices had shot into Maya Jama’s pussy, and it felt amazing.

Both our hot sticky juices were everywhere between our legs. It was a hell of a feeling, as juices dripped from Maya’s pussy.

Maya spoke, “You stud, you were so fucking hard in there for so long, I thought you were going to shoot your load out of my ass.”

I collapsed onto the bed next to her and looked into her eyes as she continued to speak to me.

“You better recover. I know guys work hard to live out the dream of fucking me silly. But for a fuck the shit out of me, way, you were one of the best. I love sex and when I saw you that first day, I knew I had to have you.”

I was surprised with what Maya had said, I remember fancying her instantly when I saw her, but to think she felt the same was amazing.

I asked, “What do you like? Or do you like me to take control?”

Without even hesitating Maya, appeared to list absolutely everything you would possibly ever think of wanting to do. My decision wouldn’t be easy, but I need not think too much, as Maya focused on the fact that she wanted to dominant me.

Maya had decided she’d had enough rest, as I lay flat on the bed thinking amazing thoughts. She started by coming to my face and started kissing me. Slow, but pleasurable kisses on my lips at first.

As she did this, her breasts were dangling down and falling into my chest. Those babies hanging into me feel so good.

The kisses continue and sometimes she has her eyes closed, other times, her gorgeous eyes are looking straight at me. If she could read my mind, she would know I was loving it.

I’ve placed a hand on her bum, as the kissing has moved from my lips to my neck and ears. She pauses on my ears and sucks on them gently. As her face is more to the side, I’ve got a fuller very of her body climbing on top of me, as her legs are now split and wrapped over me.

Her wet juices around her pussy are now smothering my stomach, and I can now get both of my hands on her bum. I squeeze her buttocks lightly and then a little harder as she continues to kiss and suck my ears and neck.

I spoke, “I love this, Maya. This is a lot more sensual than before.”

Maya replied, “I’m not all slam the fuck out of me you know. I like to show others this side of me. I do like making love; but I do like a good hard fuck too. I just like variety.”

“Keep enjoying. I’m going to kiss you all over and take you in my mouth if I can get you hard again?”

Just hearing the words made me hard, but I was thinking keeping working it, Maya. I want to feel your tonsils if I’m off in there!

The gentle and sensual nature of Maya was excellent. She continued to kiss me and had worked up and down my arms a couple of times. She also didn’t mind sucking my nipples. She let out the odd moan of pleasure in delivering this love, and I felt she was getting off on being in control.

Maya had now shuffled her body further down my body and her knees were now near my feet, as she leaned over and pushed her tits into my now ever increasing cock.

Maya spoke, “I love it when guys have their cock between my tits.”

With that, she started to move her breasts up and down my cock. She used her own hands to push and squeeze her tits through my cock. Maya went up and down a dozen or so more times, as my cock got harder and harder. I got glimpses of the head of my penis, as it appeared through Maya’s mighty fine breasts.

“Oh Maya, you are making me hard. I love your tits; I could have a titwank in them everyday if you let me?”

Maya looked up at me and flashed her amazing smile, as she then looked back down, as she pushed her tits back down through my cock, so I could see my penis head again.

My cock was fully erect by the time Maya sat herself up a little and started to use her tongue to lick my penis from top to bottom. She has put her right hand around it to hold it firmly. The sensation she was providing with her tongue was awesome.

My own face had now gone from watching her closely to burying itself back on the pillow as I enjoyed every single moment of these actions. She was using her hand now to pull my cock a little more, to make sure the head was more on show as she flicked her tongue over the top. She was licking me like a lolly, and I loved it.

My hands remained around Maya’s bum and hips, as the licking moved to sucking. I was loving her body, there so much to feel and touch.

Maya’s mouth has now opened as she now starts to suck down on my cock. She licks at the top from time to time, but then licks me closer to my balls, then gobbles my cock into her mouth.

Those lips are now wrapped around me a whole lot more, as she feeds my cock more and more into my mouth. Maya’s right hand continues to grip me when her mouth isn’t holding me up. When I’m fully in her mouth, her hands drop to my balls as she grabs and plays with them a little.

Like the fact lollies don’t last for very long in warm conditions, Maya could read my terrible poker face and could listen to my enjoyment of pleasure. I cannot believe I’m about to cum in her mouth.

In reaching out to touch her hair, I believe Maya took this as a sign, that I was ready to blow my load. The words may have helped too. They weren’t subtle, but they were very true!

“Oh my god, I’m going to blow.”

Maya continued to swoll my cock in her mouth and lick it as my own momentum on the bed has turned into a slight rocking action of, I’m fucking your mouth.


The words encouraged her to hold my cock deep down in her throat and flick her tongue just that little more.


Maya gripped my cock around her mouth even more, as I finally could take no more.

“YESSSS, FUCKING YESSSS.” I shouted, as my juices flowed out into her warm mouth.

Maya opened her mouth a little wider as some, but not all of my spunk fell out onto my balls and around her chin. This didn’t deter her, as she continued to lick and suck my cock a little more, as she swolled cum and tried to clean up the huge mess I’ve made.

I continued to shoot small loads of spunk down her, as she persisted in licking and sucking.

“Oh Maya, I’ve never cum like that before. You’re one hell of a cock sucker.”

Maya looked up at me and grinned with cum around her face. It’s a sight I never expected to see, but despite the mess, she still looks gorgeous.

Those tits are hanging down as she now sits up again and I can’t believe my luck that this has just happened.

“Enjoy hey. I loved your dick in my mouth. I’ve never had so much cum explode inside me. You are a pleasure to suck.”

Am I really hearing these words from this woman, she’s enjoying my cock and the moment we’ve just had? Wow, oh bloody wow.

Maya spoke, “I love sucking cock, it makes me so horny. If there were 20 cocks in front of me, I would take on the challenge of making every single guy explode cum all over me.”

“You’re just saying that.” I responded with.

“Seriously, I get so frustrated with my sex life. I want sex always, but I cannot just get it. I cannot be going out picking up guys every night. Last year I got with 3 guys who didn’t have a clue who I was. All they saw in a club was a sexy woman who was eager to let each of them into every single one of my holes, as many times as they would like.”

“You’re not being serious?” I responded with.

“True, as you are here tonight. Like what I said to you when you arrived, I wanted them to treat me as their bitch. I had 3 cocks in me most of the night. Typically, one in my pussy, one in my ass and one in my mouth. They kept changing positions. The issue was they only had little 6-inch dicks, nothing like yours, and it didn’t blow my mind!”

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