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Mass Erect Chapter 5: Regret and a Pledge

Ashley awakens on Shepard’s bed; she finds herself spooning against the Commander’s lean body. She watches Shepard’s sleeping face, noticing his smile. Ash traces her fingertips along Shepard’s board shoulder, down to his chiselled six-pack. She bites her lower lip, drinking at the sight of the Commander’s lean, muscular figure.

Unable to help herself, the Sergeant leans in to kiss Shepard but stops. She sees a blue hand come from behind Shepard and drape itself over his chest. During the night, Liara eventually slipped off from on top of the Commander to sleep better. Now she lies on the bed beside Shepard.

Ashley had utterly forgotten about Liara. The Sergeant freezes up in shock like a cold splash of water to the face. Everything that happened last night comes back to her. She remembers how the Doctor restrained Ashley from leaving with her biotics. She hated to admit it, but the Asira has some good tongue techniques for sucking and licking pussy.

It has been long since a woman brought the Ash to such mind-melting pleasure. The way Shepard had fucked her from the desk to the bed. Without losing a step or thrust, like some kind of fuckathon sporting event. Ashley brought a hand to her mouth; a trace of sperm remained at the corner of her mouth. She remembers the feel of Shepard’s cum splashing against her face. How warm, thick and salty. The Commander’s sperm tasted deliciously sweet, almost like he was marking her as his woman.

“Well, one of them,” Ashley wondered enthusiastically.

Ashley shakes her head at such thoughts. Before she could stop herself, the Sergeant licks up the Commander’s semen. Ashley savours the taste of Shepard’s sperm like a dessert. She remembers what happened after the creamy facial. Ashley and Liara got back on the bed sixty-nine each other as the Commander took turns fucking Ashley’s pussy and then Liara’s.

Shepard moved back and forth on the bed to plough the Sergeant’s and the Doctor’s tight vaginas. When Shepard fucked Ashley, she moaned, unable to concentrate on licking Liara’s pussy. The Doctor licked the Sergeant’s vagina lips and the Commander’s colossal cock. Liara paid close attention to Ashley’s clit.

Likewise, when Shepard entered Liara, the Doctor couldn’t maintain servicing Ashley. The two humans work together to pleasure Liara’s pussy. The Commander fucked the two women until they begged him to stop, to give their pussies a break.

Ashley couldn’t remember how the night ended as she and Liara drifted to sleep from sheer exhaustion from the number of orgasms they had. Ashley began to get a little hot under the collar; the memories made the Sergeant relive the moments of last night. Every incredible nerve-shattering orgasm. The taste of the Commander’s sperm and the Doctor’s…

Ashley stops her thoughts there and decides to retreat to the bathroom. To wash her body of sweat and fluids and hopefully clear her mind. Ash gets up gingerly, her legs a little wobbly. The Sergeant’s body aches in a good way from what she had been put through last night. She walks to the Commander’s private bathroom, almost dragging her feet from exhaustion. As Ashley enters and closes the door behind her, she checks herself in the mirror.

Ashley’s usually long straight black hair is a frizzy mess. Her tanned athletic body is covered in sweat and dry stains of sperm and pussy juices. Ash’s body feels sticky from the combination of love juices. Her face is particularly messy; guessing that Liara didn’t lick or suck all of it off. A strong possibility that the Doctor purposefully left it there. Dry stains of cum on her face, neck and leading down to her breasts. She turned on the basin tap, yet Ashley stopped getting any water. She didn’t want to wash it off for some reason. Some part of her feels proud and sexy to show off the messy remains of what transpired last night.


She lets out a satisfied moan as her sore pussy moistens. Ashley turns to check her back to see scratch marks over Ash’s athletic body and red hand marks on her round butt and big breasts. Ashley backtracks on herself. Realising how strange she must look, checking her ‘after-sex look’ in the mirror’s reflection.

“After great sex”, Ashley corrects herself with a big smile.

But Ash wipes the smile off her face. What would her family think? Having sex with her superior officer and an alien. The Sergeant had been raised in a deeply religious family. Her mother would disown Ashley if she ever found out.

“Oh, God! Tali!”

Ashley has almost forgotten about the Quarian engineer. She forgot that Tali had been watching them from her drone. Ashley wished she could forget bragging about how sweet Liara’s pussy tasted on Shepard’s cock. Giving commentary on describing the Commander’s shaft to an elephant’s trunk.

“Great, she must think I’m the biggest slut ever.”

Ashley worries that Tali recorded last night on her Omi-tool. The Sergeant’s face pales at the possibility of the video linking on the extranet. But Ashley pushes those feelings of anxiety away. She knows that Tali isn’t the type to do that, and Ashley trusts the engineer. The Sergeant and the engineer have fought with one another; that experience builds trust and a bond. A part of her hopes the Quarian did record it so that Ashley can watch it later.

The Sergeant shakes her head, wondering what is wrong with herself. Finally, she decides to wash those emotions away with a shower. Ashley enters the stall and turns the shower on. The shower uses small jets on each corner of the cubicle, spraying the water from all four directions. Ashley gets the proper water pressure and heat before moving into the jets’ centre, streaming H20 from four directions. The water cascades down her body as she washes clean, and the Sergeant becomes deep in wondered.

Ashley has been in battles before, leaving her physically and mentally exhausted. But no fight has left the Sergeant as drained as she is now. Yet despite Ashley’s weary state, she feels entirely sexually satisfied, the first in a long time.

Ashley’s military career has all the time been her main priority, followed closely by her commitments to her family. Hardly any time for the Sergeant to have any personal life. Ash had been able to squeeze in some time for a boyfriend or two. But both pale in comparison to Shepard.

The way the Commander fucks is like a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any lucky woman. She has never been fucked like that for so long and hard. But Ashley becomes concerned, wondering what sort of life this could lead.

“Come on, Williams. You’re a Gunnery Sergeant for the Alliance Navy. Not some slut for your Commanding officer. And yet…”

Ash’s thoughts are interrupted by Shepard entering the bathroom, completely naked. The Sergeant turns to face him. She almost tries vainly to cover herself up but stops. The glass of the stall is foggy from the warm vapour. Ashley can just barely make out Shepard’s sizeable muscular frame.

For some reason, she treats the Commander like a predator, keeping perfectly still. Part of her wishes Shepard will leave, but the other part wants Shepard to walk in and join Ashley in the shower.

Shepard grins at Ashley’s naked blurry form, his cock on the rise for more. But, then notices how still the Sergeant is in his presence. She probably expects the Commander to enter the shower stall. But Shepard decides to give Ash space and play mind games on her. He passes by the shower stall to use the toilet to relieve himself.

Ash feels disappointed when she sees Shepard walk to use the toilet. The Sergeant turns her back on the Commander and tries to concentrate on washing her body. However, Ashley looks back at Shepard, trying to get a peek at his monster cock being used.

Ashley can barely make out that thick and long shaft through the vapour fog. She notices Shepard’s erection as he passes and finds herself grinning. The Commander needs both hands to hold and aim his ‘weapon’ in the toilet bowl. The Sergeant can not help but stare as her body starts to react.

As Shepard pees, he notices Ashley many glances at him and smiles at her. She looks away in embarrassment.

“Can I help you, Sergeant?” He asks.

“No, sir.” She calls over the sound of the shower.

Ashley goes back to washing her body, but this time, she doesn’t face away from the Commander. The Sergeant suspects the game he is playing with her, so Ashley decides to play too.

When the Sergeant entered the shower, she noticed a loofah, shampoo and conditioner on a shelf attached to a wall. Ashely suspects the game Shepard is playing with her. So she decides to play too and up the ante.

Ashley reaches for both the loofah and conditioner. She squirts a considerable amount of conditioner on the loofah. The Sergeant removes the conditioner bottle and begins to wash her body using the loofah.

She faces Shepard and begins to wash slowly, sensually and deliberately. Ashley concentrates on her upper body first, especially her caramel-coloured E-size breasts. The conditioner makes the Sergeant’s body glisten while Ashley spreads the bubbly substance over her skin.

Shepard’s grin widens at the show Ashley puts on for his advantage. He can not withstand touching himself as Shepard fists his huge cock. She becomes distracted by his masturbation. Ashley suddenly turns around, and Shepard worries the show is over. But his worries vanish as quickly as they come. She moves backwards until her butt is pressing against the glass.

Shepard turns to get a better view, and his right leg hits the toilet seat. He hisses in pain while clutching his thigh. Ashley giggles at the Commander’s blunder that Shepard had become so distracted by her round butt on display.

Ashley bends forward a little and places the loofah between her shoulder blades. She squeezes the loofah until the soap drips out. Shepard watches the soap flow down like a river along the Sergeant’s spine until reaching her butt. The soap runs between the valley of that beautiful brown backside.

Ashley gives her ass a little rub against the glass, the contact making a squeaking noise. The Sergeant is glad to be facing away from the Commander so he can not see her panting wildly. Ashley’s pussy is wet with need. Need for Shepard’s cock to penetrate her again.

But another hole of Ashley pulses with need as well. The Sergeant has never had anal before but now wants the Commander to take her completely. That means all of Ashley’s holes for him and him alone. The very wondered of giving her anal virginity made the Sergeant moan aloud.

Ashley drops the loofah and brings her hands back. She pries her butt cheeks aside, giving Shepard the perfect view of the Sergeant’s asshole winking at him. Shepard licks his lips like a wolf seizing up on his prey. He takes a step forward, reaching for the door to the shower stall. Ashley waits with bated breath for the Commander’s arrival.

But before the Sergeant enters the shower and joins Ashley, the bathroom door opens. Liara is there; she doesn’t bother wearing clothes. Seeing both human soldiers naked in the bathroom makes the Doctor lick her lips. Seeing those two powerhouses of muscle makes Liara hungry for more sex. She is running her eyes from top to bottom, checking them out.

“Mmm, delicious”, Liara comments.

Shepard chuckles at Liara, loving this new attitude from the Doctor. Liara seemed so withdrawn before. But now she is so energetic and full of life. And now it seems willing for more. Liara notices Shepard about to enter the shower.

“Room for another?”

Liara’s question makes Ashley a little scared. Already she is nervous about the Doctor’s very presence. Like Ashley, Liara is exhausted from last night. Her lack of military training, compared to the Sergeant, made the Doctor a little slower to recover. But the extra time in bed helped her recover even a little bit.

Ashley shuts off the shower jets in a huff making a noise of irritation and dismay. She exits the shower and almost smashes the shower door, closing the door so hard.

Ashley brushes past Shepard, unable to withstand glancing down at his immense erection. The Sergeant hesitated for a split second before finding her resolve to walk away. Ashley stands before Liara with one arm leaning on the door frame. The Doctor is blocking Ashley’s exit.

“Don’t you dare use your biotics on me again!” Ashley exclaims.

The Sergeant looks pissed off and says that she might charge through Liara. The Doctor steps apart, and Ashley storms out.

“Ash?” Shepard calls after the Sergeant.

But Ashley doesn’t stop; she exits the room and presses the console button by the door. The bathroom door slides shut with a slight hissing noise. Liara looks at Shepard, her face revealing genuine sadness.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

Shepard stops her with a shake of his head.

“Don’t worry; she’ll come around, eventually.”

Liara smiles at Shepard’s beaming confidence.

“My, so confident, Commander, or is it arrogance?” She asks with raised eyebrows.

Shepard smiles back as he approaches the Doctor. Liara waits for the Commander’s next move while holding her breath, visibility excited. She squeals as Shepard effortlessly picks up the Doctor like she weighs nothing. He turns around and carries Liara to the bathroom basin.

Liara could feel the length of Commander’s giant shaft rubbing against her pussy lips and sliding between her blue butt cheeks. The Doctor moans at the touch of the huge tree trunk-like cock rubbing against her holes. While Shepard holds her up, Liara shifts her hips back and forth. Rubbing her wet pussy along the length of Commander’s thick and long ‘weapon’.

Shepard smiles at holding the animated Asair, his cock coated with how wet Liara’s vagina is. The Doctor hugs Shepard tightly, panting in his ear as she kisses and licks the side of his face.

“Take me, Commander! Make me yours!” She pleads between kisses and licking.

Unable to deny such a request, Shepard quickly gets Liara to sink, not wanting her to cum just yet. Very gently, the Commander places Liara on the counter by the sink. Sitting on the cold basin surface on her bottom makes Liara jump a little. She whimpers with need, feeling empty without sliding that thick cock against her pussy lips.

Liara quickly places her feet on the counter, giving the Commander a spectacular view of her wet pussy. Shepard licks his lips in hunger at the Asair’s pussy. He almost dives head first to get another taste of that tight Asair vagina. But he has other plans first.

Shepard moves closer and lays his shaft on Liara’s belly. She gasps at seeing that huge missile-like rock with the head almost touching her belly button. Liara is both intimidated and excited for that fearsome foot-long behemoth of manhood to penetrate her again.

“You sure you want this again, Doctor?”

Liara struggles but can finally look away from that giant shaft to look at the Commander and speak.

“I am yours, Commander. For all eternity!”

Shepard raises an eyebrow at this promise the Asair Doctor is pledging to him.

“Really? You’ll still be with me even when I’m old and grey,”

Shepard still grins, knowing he has Liara hooked but wanting to hear her answer. The Doctor looks the Shepard in the eye when she speaks next.

“Even fifty years from now, when your old and bedridden. I’ll still be by your side, sucking your massive cock and draining your big balls.

Shepard nods, satisfied by Liara’s answer. Then, he pushes just the helmet of his cock inside the folds of Asair’s vagina lips. That alone makes Liara’s loud moan echo within the bathroom.

Liara holds on to the basin for dear life as the Commander slowly pushes his hips forward. The Doctor could feel every ridge and vein of Shepard’s shaft as her pussy struggled to accommodate the massive intruder.

Shepard can feel Liara’s vagina walls clamp down hard around his shaft. This only slows his progress. The Commander is in paradise; the Asair’s vagina is incredibly hot and wet. Every quiver and tremble from the Doctor’s pussy feels like a ripple around his cock.

She holds her breath as inches of thick human cock tunnel inside her vagina. Liara’s whole blue body twitches as she cums, just as cocks head reaches the barrier of the entrance of her womb. Her cries of pleasure echo in the bathroom, travelling through the ventilation system. The Normandy engineers look up from their consoles, swearing they could hear a muffled female scream.

Once Liara’s mind returned from nirvana, she could feel the head of the Commander’s log-like cock still pressing against the mouth of her womb. Shepard had not moved, patiently waiting for Liara to be entirely away and conscious of what came next. Then, grabbing her by those blue hips, he thrusts his long shaft into the Doctor’s cervix. Inches of human cock ploughing through and ending up in Liara’s womb.

This time he doesn’t give Liara time to adjust. Shepard pushes and begins to thrust at a brutal pace. The Doctor holds the counter for dear life, her whole body shifting from each thrust. Liara’s large E-size blue breasts bobbed up and down hypnotically. The Asair squeals as her mind melts from the brutal fucking. Liara’s pain is only momentarily and is replaced by soul-shattering pleasure.

“By the Goddesses! He’s fucking me sooo hard! Most Asair go their whole lives searching for a mate that could bring such pleasure. And I’m able to discover one at such a young age!”

The Commander interrupts Liara’s thoughts as he leans down and kisses her. Kissing may be a delicate way of saying how Shepard is devouring her mouth and tongue. The brutal thrusting and kissing are too much for the Doctor. The combination of her pussy being plundered and her tongue coiling against the Commander’s is too much.

Liara’s screams of pleasure are muffled within Shepard’s mouth. She breathes through her nose to get enough oxygen. But the Commander pulls his head back, ending the kiss to speak to the Doctor.

“This pussy is all mine!”

It wasn’t a question nor a statement but a declaration. Liara only nods her head in response. Every thrust from the Commander’s cocks feels like it’s sucking air from the Doctor’s lungs. Making it hard for her to speak, Shepard won’t take a nod for an answer.

“Answer me, Doctor! Whose pussy is this?!”

“Yours! All yours! Where ever and whenever!”

Liara’s entire body glows blue, almost like signalling a binding contract. Liara’s pledge to the Commander makes her cum. Her eyes go black, and the Doctor’s entire blue body thrashes about just as a supernova-like climax knocks her out cold.

Liara’s eyes slowly reopen, and her body feels light like she’s flying. It takes a few moments for the Doctor to realise she is being lifted. Liara looks up and sees the Commander holding her. Liara feels small in Shepard’s big arms. She hums happily at being carried like a bride over the threshold while drifting off to sleep.

Shepard carries Liara out of the bathroom and gently lays her on the bed. The Doctor looks up at him with a breathtaking smile. At that moment, Liara knew that Shepard, Commander of the Normandy, is the only man for her. The Doctor has never been intimate with anybody in more than a century of living. The very idea of a romantic relationship Liara used to discover daunting.

But with Shepard, it is different. Liara sensed something peculiar almost right away upon meeting the human. When she was trapped in the Prothean biotic bubble trap and how the Commander protected her from the Krogan assassin.

Maybe it was the hero complex the Commander displayed when rescuing the Doctor that attracted Liara to him. Her pledge to Shepard feels like a lifelong promise to the man. Liara knows that now nothing is off-limits. That she would do anything to please Shepard. If he were on a video call with the Council, Liara would go on her knees and blow his giant cock. Right in front of the three most influential people in the universe.

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