Masks Ch. 05: Maryam – Erotic Horror


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Chapter Five – Maryam.

On the highway north, speeding along in her black Range Rover,

Alina was all company, professional and distinctly frosty. I was now merely an operative to be deployed as she wished.

“You have 48 hours, before your flight at Akrotiri, so I suggest you make this quick. Your target is Maryam Ercel, she is an executive PA to Kemal Akyurek, head of Turkish Intelligence or MIT and most importantly for me, she has the encryption for the operatives that are deployed here in the south of Cyprus.

“So where do I come in?” I asked politely, with my former SAS veteran mask on.

“She is currently having an affair with her boss, rather handsome, for a Turk, and he will be meeting up with her in her little apartment in North Nicosia. They meet every week for sex, you will become him and seduce this woman while copying her phone and laptop for the active codes.

“Active?” I asked.

“The codes are only active for a three-day window, then changed automatically to a new cypher.” Alina turned to me; the leather creaked in the rear seats.

“I will need the physical details of this man” I reminded her. She smiled and pulled out a slim laptop, opened and double-clicked an icon to play a video of the man in question.

Although this man was not a stranger to me, I withheld that scrap of information from Alina. I needed an edge, I had served my main purpose and fucked her as her late husband and now with bland reassurances of letting me go back to England with Gina and not exposing me to the world were wearing thin and I wanted out.


As I pretended to watch the video footage and vocal recordings and some up-close physical details from stills of him swimming, holidaying and at the gym- I formed a plan. Alina liked the power she had over me or wondered she did. I was certain that she would keep me like her own private pet to do missions that couldn’t be done by normal intelligence officers or ‘Mundanes’, as I often referred to them. It was clear that getting out of the country would be difficult, so I had to consider that carefully.

After a few hours’ drive, I was deposited in a side street opposite the apartment that the woman would be using for her secret assignations. Wearing the mask of Kemal Akyurek, I made my way across the road and seeing the intercom panel, pressed ‘4’ as the dossier had indicated. The speaker cracked to life.

“Merhaba?” A female voice asked. I would have to feign a lost key, to gain entry.

“Benim, aç anahtarım yok!” I answered in Turkish, I had not told Alina that I was fluent in Turkish.

“Kemal!” She spoke in English with obvious delight. The buzzer disconnected the lock and I entered with some caution. Carefully, I looked around the hallway and as I ascended the stairs, I was watchful for anyone else. If Alina’s people knew about this apartment, then Kemal’s people would. If the building was under surveillance, it might prove difficult to put my plan into action. As I ascended the stairs, the rather fetching black-haired beauty came out and looked down the stairwell.

“Kemal!” Her voice was excited and her smile warm. She wore a red lacy teddy, and as I approached, I could see she had no bra, to hold her medium breasts. She flung her arms around me and kissed me. I held her, she was slender and elfin-like. My hand slipped down to her tightly formed buttocks and to my surprise, she wore no panties.

“Oh Kemal, I’ve missed you so much,” Her kisses smothered me. She felt wonderful in my arms.

I wondered for a moment, Alina would have me under close surveillance, and I still wasn’t convinced codes that would expire within days would require my talents. This was a test. This was a test to see just how convincing my masks were, like her own investigation in the guise of her husband. Since being discovered I was more and more convinced this set-up was not part of some larger scheme. Not for the first time, I felt like a specimen being scrutinized by unseen eyes or being under a microscope to see if my masks were that exact enough for the operations, she wanted me for.

I would never be rid of her.

I would have to employ some sleight of hand.

The girl was warm and loving. Within moments, I had swept her up in my arms and carried her to bed. The lacy teddy was soon discarded, her body open to my hands and mouth. Maryam tore the jacket and shirt from me, kissing my wiry-haired chest, and licking my nipples. Once, undressed and my desire obvious, I moved her into a 69 position and bade her suck on my erect cock as I ate her pussy.

Already aroused, she was wet and fragrant. My tongue only added to her arousal and soon I slipped in one and then two fingers into her sopping waxed cunt, Maryam wriggled and writhed, finding it more and more difficult to concentrate on feeling me successfully. She had little experience. Had I more time, I would have enjoyed teaching her what her pussy was for, but Alina’s schemes were a distraction. Pulling her on my cock, in a reverse cowgirl position, I could allow her to work out her sexual frustration on a slightly thick cock that mother nature had provided for Kemal. With the moment’s respite, I could formulate a plan.

Watching Maryam, cute little arse bouncing on my erection, I brushed my hand on her smooth skin, her winking little anus, dark in contrast to her white alabaster skin. I slid my thumb over to it and felt its heat. Maryam, already leaking wildly murmured.

“Oh, parmağını kıçıma sok” Maryam cooed. I smiled as Kemal had obviously been using her ass and being so in love with him, she had agreed to it and now even welcomed it. I slipped my thumb into her anus, it gave way and as she bounced on my cock, it slid into her deeper. After a minute or two, of applying both mine and her saliva to her anus, her sphincter was loose enough and lubricated to attempt an entry. Lifting herself onto my thick, stiff shaft, her anus began to slide down my member.

“Kemal senin sikin kıçımda çok büyük” She squealed with ecstasy, as my cock filled her and remarked on its size. I felt her anus open, and a wave of desire washed over me, I wanted her to tell me how much she wanted me. I wanted to hear it, even it she was talking to Kemal and not myself.

“Siktir et Meryem. Beni ne kadar istediğini göster” I told her. Her bouncing became more furious, as she demonstrated how much she wanted Kemal. As I felt my balls getting tight, I pushed her off me and put on her hands and knees and immediately thrust myself into her anus again.

“Ah, ah “Maryam was startled with the ferocity of my desire for her but cooed, as she laid her head on the mattress and shivered with anticipation. My cock pounded her anus and slid my length into her rectum causing both her immediate and very wet orgasm and my powerful spasms that preceded my ejaculation into her ass. I groaned loudly, with a release that shocked me. Her innocence or something akin to it made my climax crest so early. I pulled out of her and collapsed on the bed as she fell forward.

“Oh, kıçım mahvoldu ama bunu yapmanı seviyorum” She sighed, describing her stretched ass and her love for his cock.

This young woman, hopelessly in love with Kemal, had nothing to do with codes or secrets and could not even be operative. Alina, as I had feared was simply using me to test my mask’s accuracy and possibly use this woman in the future.

I had to use this woman. I would have to assume her identity despite it being fraught with dangers.

Since discovering my talents at the tender age of 16, I was completely selfish. When I wanted to fuck a girl, I would assume the identity of a boyfriend, who more than not, was my classmate and so I could gather the necessary details about their physical being to make my masks perfect. Then I discovered older women, Girls of my age were great, but older women held a fascination for me and since I my talents had developed into a cross-gender replication, I was willing to try out a woman’s mask. Having set my sights on one of my school tutors, who had returned after having some personal time due to a relationship breakup, was so attractive, despite being in a gay relationship. I took on her estranged partner’s mask and she showed me what sex was supposed to be like, with a woman. In the end, they resumed their relationship, and so I felt little guilt but even now, I couldn’t assume a woman’s mask without thinking of her.

I slipped off the bed and looked down at the exhausted woman and immediately leapt on her and put a vicious but controlled chokehold on her neck and within a minute of thrashing, she succumbed and fell into an unconscious state, flopping like dead fish on the bed. I checked her pulse and was relieved that she was still alive. I bound her hands and feet to the bed with cords from the window curtains and bedsheets, twisted into ropes. Brushing off my distaste for this course of action, I decided to trash the apartment and left it in disarray. I had my mental frame of her body, stripped off my clothes and put them into a black bin bag and dressed in a black dress and white trainers. My mask was perfect and in the back of my mind, of course, I had Alina’s frame and thus armed, I set off into the night.

End of Chapter Five.

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