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Now I continue:

There was a tremendous amount of soul searching by Sarah on the way home that faithful Sunday after her complete medical exam. She was proud that she did as she had to do to get her family out of trouble financially, which her husband got them into.

Sarah arrived home to an empty house. She pulled into the garage and her first call was to her son.

RJ saw his mother’s face on the cell when the phone rang. “Hi Mom, where are you?”

“I’m home, just arrived, and I made a large commission on a project I have been working on. All the bills will be paid.” Sarah relayed to her son jubilantly.

“That’s great Mom hopefully the stress will be lessened in the family.” RJ said at his young age he knew there was a disconnect in the family.

The discord started when the blighted property was purchased five years ago, and the divide has become wider ever since.

“I am going to call your father with the good news.”

“Okay Mom, see you in a few.”

Sarah called her husband and as soon as he answered she said excitedly. “Rich, you don’t have to worry anymore about foreclosure of our home. I have enough money to pay everything up to date.

“Thhats, ggoodd, nanow we can ffix ttha bbligghtted b-bildgs.” He said to his Wife.

“He is drunk out of his mind!” Sarah thought with disgust as she said. “See you when you get home.” And she hung up. “I lost my modesty to get the asshole out of trouble.” She thought with anger.

RJ came home within fifteen minutes of his mother’s arrival home. Walked up to his mother and gave her a hug. “I am glad you’re home, so you made enough money to stop the foreclosure in one weekend?” Her son asked with suspicion, as his mother does not have a poker face and he could tell that wasn’t the whole truth.

“Well, I have been working on the deal with another agency for a while and it came to fruition this weekend.” She stated uncomfortably. “This explanation for the money will be hard to keep together.” She thought.

“Mom, I am glad you did this, so we can get back to normal.” RJ said as he hugged his mother again, but in his heart he knew there will be more discourse ahead.

The mother and son watched TV together until ten PM and they went to bed.

It was eleven-thirty PM when an uber driver poured Rick out of his ride. His friends had the good sense, to get him a ride home. He slept it off on the front lawn.

Sarah awoke at six-thirty to an empty bed; her husband was not there. She gets up at this time to make breakfast for the family most weekdays. Concerned she looked in all the rooms of the house.

The phone rang. “I’m on my way to work and wanted to let you know your husband is sleeping on the front lawn. I went over to see if he was okay, and he became belligerent with me, so I let him be.” Neil their next door neighbor stated sympathetically.

“Thanks for letting me know Neil.” Sarah stated gratefully, but with concern for her future and her son’s.

A brief synopsis of the following three weeks:

Sarah did what she had to do to make sure they didn’t become homeless. Richard liked Sarah because of her submissive nature. After she came back from the weekend she has become more self-assured. Rick does not like the new Sarah.

During the three weeks there has been discussions of the blighted properties in Albany. The city has sent them notices of intent to take the properties by eminent domain.

“Richard, I want to sell the properties.” Sarah said.

“I know they are a gold mine I just have to find someone trustworthy to renovate the area.” Rick stated frustrated that his Wife did not share his point of view.

“Richard we have tried to renovate the properties for five years and almost lost everything. We are out of the red I don’t want to go back in debt again. The only way to make money on the properties is sweat equity and we don’t know the first thing about the process of renovation. We know how to sell properties, so I will find someone to buy the slum you purchased. This is not a reality show on TV, this is our lives your playing with.” Sarah told her husband in no uncertain terms her feelings about the properties.

Meanwhile Mark put out feelers to his contacts in the construction industry in the northeast and he received two offers for the purchase of the blighted neighborhood. He will present them to Sarah when he sees her in a few weeks.

Thankfully the first of May rolled around as money was tight, but all her bills were up to date. Sarah received a call from Sandra Less that there will be a suite in the same hotel for her on the first after three PM.

“Rick, I need to go to Albany and will be back in a few days.”

“Okay I will see if I can find a contractor to renovate the neighborhood in Albany and have him contact you while you are there Sarah.”

“You do that!” Sarah said frustrated as she left for Albany. She didn’t want to argue with him.

The drive was a time when she could run different scenarios in her mind, to figure out the best way forward for the company, Rick, herself, and her son. The conclusion she came to is the Albany neighborhood needed to be sold.

Sarah arrived at the hotel an hour early. She went to the reservation desk and gave her name.

“Mrs. Greene, we have a suite reserved for you, it is the same room you had the last time you were here.” The cordial woman stated as she handed her the key card. “I will keep one card here for Mr. Scott when he arrives, if that is acceptable to you?”

“Yes, thank you.” Sarah said as she wheeled her case to the elevator. She arrived at the room, entered removed all her clothes, and took a Shower. Sarah dried off, she had an overwhelming need to remain nude to surprise Mark. She laid on the couch to watch TV, which is in view of the door to the hall.

It was two hours later she heard voices and then the key card inserted into the door.

Sarah was intent on watching a movie on Lifetime and didn’t pay attention to the verbal exchange in the hall. She laid there in a comfortable position, which had her Pussy exposed to anyone coming through the door.

The door opened and in walked Mark. “Sarah what are you doing? I have two gentlemen with me who want to make an offer on your properties in Albany.” He said as the two men walked into the room to see a nude woman intimately spread out on the couch.

A scream ensued and the naked lady jumped in back of the couch. The two lucky men saw a very spank-able bottom as the embarrassed lady bailed over the piece of furniture.

The trio broke out in hysterics with the shenanigans they witnessed from the mature lady.

Mark went into the bedroom found Sarah’s overnight bag and retrieved a dress from it. She donned the dress as she hid in back of the couch. Red faced Sarah emerged from the back of the piece.

“Gentlemen, I would like you to meet Sarah Godiva.” Mark chuckled. “She is from a long line of nude ladies. Sarah — Carl Eastman and Sid Collins. They are interested in purchasing your property in the downtown neighborhood for what you have into it.”

Sarah pulled herself together when she heard they were prospective buyers for the property. “First of All; you need to forget what you just saw. Secondly, I want to know what you are offering?”

Mark stepped in. “Before we go any further.” Mark produced from his briefcase two ND documents. “These will have to be signed.”

The two men looked over the documents and signed them with Mark as witness.

Carl, who was the spokesman, said. “Mark said that you are a real good friend of his and we could see that was true when we entered the room. We will give you five-present over what you paid for the property plus any expenses you have documented. On top of that we will give you a seven present commission for the sale of the property.”

“I would like to talk to Sarah alone. Do you mind?”

Both men had no problem with this. Mark and Sarah went into the attached room.

“What do you think, Mark?” Sarah asked excitedly.

“You have to decide if that will work for you. You’re an accountant run the numbers and we can get back to them.” Mark said in a non-committal way.

As Mark and Sarah were conversing in private. Carl and Sid also had a private conversation they lowballed the first number they gave her. They would like to see the mature woman naked, and they decided to throw some more money at her to accomplish this. They stopped their conversation when Mark and Sarah entered the room.

“I will run the numbers and see what I need and give the documents to you tomorrow.” Sarah said.

Mark walked the two men to the door, Carl Said. “Walk with us Mark we have some questions to ask you.” He stated mysteriously.

“What is it, Carl?” Mark asked.

“What is going on between Sarah and you? I know you’re not married and I see a large ring on the woman’s hand. You, banging that woman?” Carl asked.

“Absolutely not! I was married to that woman and still Love her, but she is married. I am just trying to help her out of a bad situation that her husband got their company into.” Mark stated angrily.

“In that case we want to see her naked and we will give her twenty percent more for the property if she agrees.” Carl said with a smirk. “If she doesn’t agree we don’t want the property.” He bluffed as the two men walked to the elevator.

Fuck! If I tell her what they want, she will think it is me who wants her nude. Why did she have to strip nude?” Mark thought angrily as he walked back to the suite.

“What’s the matter? What did the men want to talk to you about?”

“Sarah why did you strip nude? You should not have done that.”

“I wanted to surprise you. I didn’t think there would be anyone with you.” She retorted upset she did something that is not in her comfort zone and it backfired on her.

“For the past three weeks I have been working on ways to get you out from under the albatross in Albany and I think it just went down the shitter. They think I am fucking you!” Mark muttered.

“So, what are you trying to say?” Sarah asked with foreboding.

“They want you to be nude tomorrow for negotiations with them on the property. I don’t want you to do that.” Mark explained.

“I think it is my decision, Mark. I am a big girl, and you will be there. They signed the ND agreement. If I have to be nude to get rid of that worthless property, I can do that.” Sarah stated with conviction.

“If you’re comfortable with being nude during negotiations. I will call Walter to attend, so we have legal advice as needed.” Mark said.

“You just want as many people to see me nude as possible while I am here.” Sarah giggled as she stripped off her dress. She stood nude in front of Mark and said. “Call down to have our dinner brought up.” She wanted to cheer him up.

Mark ordered the meal with a bottle of wine. He gave Sarah an envelope, with twelve-thousand-five hundred, in one-hundred-dollar bills. They sat on the couch and Sarah cuddled with Mark as they watched a movie on The Lifetime Channel.

When the knock on the door came about two hours later Sarah jumped up put her dress on left it unbuttoned and answered the door.

The stunned young man looked at the mature magnificence in front of him, who gave him a full frontal of her elegant naked form. “Did you order a meal?” He shudders and then looked at the woman’s face. “I am one of the medical students that was lucky enough to examine you Mrs. Greene.” He stated with recognition and exuberance.

“I recognize your face, but your name is?” Sarah asked not mindful of her exposure with the door still opened to the hall.

“My name is Clarke. I still can’t believe you let all of us examine you. I am very thankful to you for the knowledge I gained that day of the female form and psyche of a woman.”

“Well Clarke why don’t you get the food cart in the room, so I can close the door before I have an audience to witness my naked being.” Sarah laughed and removed her dress completely. “I guess I don’t need to cover up for you, as you saw everything all already.” She laughed as she sat on the couch and snuggled up to Mark.

“You’re lucky to have a beautiful Wife like Mrs. Greene…. What a minute you are Mr. Scott how does that work?” Clarke asked.

“Well Clarke it doesn’t, I am married to someone else. We are just friends.” Sarah said.

Mark added. “With no benefits!”

“Okay, I understand. I think!” Clarke said as he looked at the couple in puzzlement.

He had difficulty setting up the table with a naked lady so close to him. Sarah became bold and sat so Clarke had a perfect view of her Pussy, as he continued to set up the table for the meal. This has never happened to him before and he can’t tell anyone about it.

“You are still under the ND document so you can’t tell anyone what you saw or didn’t see in this room Clarke.” Sarah explained with a stern look.

“Yes, I got it and thanks for the great optics.” Clarke said as he left the room with a big smile on his face and a hardon he was trying to hide. He failed miserably!

“I see you have a direction finder in your pants. I am sorry if I caused that.” Sarah pouted. After Clarke left she called her son to make sure he was alright.

Sarah then called her husband, but her call went to voicemail. Sarah wanted to tell him she may have the Albany properties sold.

They sat down to have dinner and wine. The couple spent over an hour in idle chat and then Mark cleaned up with Sarah’s help. She constantly brushed her naked breast against his arm. This caused him to get a hardon that he tried to hide from Sarah. He brought the cart outside the room and left it in the hall.

“Mark why don’t you get comfortable, strip off your clothes and we will have a nudist holiday here. It will be more fun to go over the numbers I have on the property to see how much I need to come out of sale whole. If I had you to look at as I want you to look at me.

“Sarah, you know how much I am attracted to you and your married. You are testing me!” Mark said as he stomped off to his room and came back ten minutes later with only a long tee shirt on. “You better not take advantage of me Sarah.”

Both laughed at his last remark. It was uncomfortable for a while for Mark because he had his little head popping up, but he got into work mode and his sexual urges subsided. After working for about three hours together they came up with a total for the properties to break even of one million two hundred and twenty-five thousand. Sarah printed up the backup paperwork to substantiate the number.

Sarah looked at Mark. It was after eleven at night. “Time for bed. She said as she looked at his flaccid pecker peeking out from under the tee shirt. “I have gotten him this far.” She thought with a smile, which Mark didn’t see.

Mark started for his room. “Good night, Sarah, sweet dreams.” He stated.

“You are going the wrong way the bedroom is this way.”

“We are tempting fate you know Sarah!”

“Na, I can trust you. I am lonely and like your company.

He couldn’t say no to a naked lady. She has come a long way from the woman he knew. Sarah realizes she enjoys being nude and likes to be the center of attention. He doesn’t know the new improved Sarah only came out within the last month thanks to him.

When they got into bed Sarah was on one side of the massive bed and Mark on the other but when they awoke the next morning. Mark was spooning with Sarah his erect pecker seated between her legs, and he could feel her wet Pussy on his Hot rod. He jumped up and out of bed like a jumping jack. Sarah turned in time to see his boner bouncing up and down. She was in hysterics and Mark was laughing also.

They took a Shower together to save water. He washed her back, and she washed his. They called down for breakfast, they dressed and were ready for the meeting.

Sarah had on a white matching bra and pantie set, white button front blouse with a black skirt. To finish off her outfit she put on black pumps with three-inch heels. Of course, her hair and makeup were done to perfection.

At ten AM on the dot Carl and Sid showed up along with Mark’s lawyer Walter.

Introductions were made and the negotiations started with Carl stating. “I was under the impression that Sarah would negotiate in the nude.”

“What is your offer, and I will see if it is worth me stripping down.” Sarah said without embarrassment.

“I told Mark if you negotiated in the nude, we would give you twenty percent more than you have in the property and a ten percent commission for selling it to us.”

“Walter, write something up that they can sign.” Sarah said.

Walter set up his computer and printer in the room, within a half hour he had a contract for all to sign minus the clause she would negotiate nude that was a separate document.

Carl, Sid, and Sarah looked over the documents and signed them.

Sarah stood in the middle of the floor and did a sexy strip tease for the men without music. She danced around as she unbuttoned her blouse and threw it to Mark who folded it. Next came the skirt she undid the button, pushed down the zipper, and let if float to the floor. She turned her back to Mark and said. “Do you remember how to unhook a bra?”

He popped the hooks with two fingers, and she held the garment in front of her as she danced around the room. Turned her back to the group threw the bra on the couch and made a hand bra with her hands to conceal her nipples, as she danced around.

“Who wants to help me with my panties?” She asked as she danced around her hands covering her breast.

Sid and Carl were yelling “I will, I will.”

“I guess we have a tie, so a man on each side to slide my panties down.” Sarah laughed.

They slid her panties to her knees, and the garment floated to the floor, she stepped out of the last garment that kept a semblance of modesty for her. She bent over to pick them up with her legs spread, her back side to Sid and Carl. They received a beaver shot from the lovely woman. She revelled in the total exposure of her body. Sarah regretted not being more liberated sooner.

She looked between her legs at them. “Okay as you can see, I have nothing to hide so let’s get this deal done today.” Sarah said as she brought out the paperwork with the backup and gave the information to Carl and Sid.

Mark and Sarah found out that Sid was the numbers man it took him about fifteen minutes with a calculator to justify the numbers.

After three more hours of negotiations, it was agreed upon that Sid and Carl will purchase the property for One Million, five-hundred and thirty-one thousand, two-hundred-fifty dollars. That is a three-hundred, six thousand, two hundred-fifty-dollar profit. The commission will be ninety-one thousand eight-hundred and seventy-five dollars. The buyers will pay the taxes on the profits for the sellers.

Walter wrote a legal document for the purchase of the property.

“I will have to bring this document to my husband to sign as he has the final say.” Sarah said. “I am confident he will sell it though.”

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