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Maria’s Day Out

With Derek and Julianna touring the country as part of a celebrity dance troupe, Maria Menounos was feeling their absence. They’d left shortly after her season on Dancing with the Stars ended, leaving her without an outlet for her newly discovered, ravenous sexual appetite. Most specifically for women. What would she do now?

Laying in a tiny bikini out by her pool, she tried to distract herself by reading. Still, her eyes kept raising over the pages and looking down at her own oily, bronzed and shapely legs. Imagining them spread open with Julianna’s pretty face tucked between them, licking up her warm juices. Closing her eyes behind the large Foster Grant’s she was wearing, Maria set the book aside and slid her hand down her tight belly and into the waistband of her bottoms.

Just as her fingers began to probe her extremely wet Pussy, her phone chimed with a notification. Using her Free hand, she scooped it up and tapped the screen. It was a text from Julianne Hough with a picture attached. It read simply “thinking of you.” The selfie showing the 33-year-old blonde totally naked and playing with herself. Her fit toned dancers body glistening with sweat as if just after an intense workout. Maria quickly found and massaged her inflamed clit, exploding in an Orgasm faster than she would ever have thought possible.

Holding the phone out to arm’s length, the Greek beauty snapped a pic of herself licking her cum glazed fingers and smiling. She then sent it to Julianne with the reply “thinking of you, too.”

Rising off the chaise, Maria stretched and decided that she had to do something other than wait for her blonde lover to return. A shopping spree on Rodeo Drive would do nicely for a start.

Going inside her modest mansion, she showered, shaved and smoothed lotion all over her sun-kissed body. She took great care to make sure her shapely legs were extra shiny. Then, slipping into a mini sundress and strappy heels, she gave herself a final once over and smiled. After adding a pair of dangling earrings, she complimented herself “perfect.”

Before heading out, Maria took a few moments to dash off a quick text to her husband. ‘Going out for a while. Don’t know how long I’ll be. Love you’ was what she wrote, tapped send then started her convertible. She was off.

It was a spectacular day in LA (as most of them tended to be), sunny and warm and absolutely no humidity. After parking her car Maria stopped for an iced coffee then simply walked and people watched for a time. She was amazed by how many gorgeous women there were out and about. Some with shopping bags, some walking dogs and some just wanting to be seen. She was more than happy to oblige.

Maria loved sexy shoes so decided that her first stop would be Jimmy Choo. As soon as she entered, she inhaled deeply, the mixed aromas of leather, body sprays and oil were intoxicating to her. “This is going to be fun” she thought.

The staff was always helpful, but only when they needed to be. Their clientele were celebrities for the most part and enjoyed taking their time browsing before spending (usually) a lot of money. As the beautiful 42-year-old Greek wound her way around the expansive shop, she was startled by a sudden, light tapping on her shoulder. Turning slightly, she was pleasantly surprised to see that it was Scarlett Johansson, whom she’d interviewed on the red carpet the night before.

“Hi, beautiful” Maria sang out as she hugged the sexy blonde, kissing her on the cheek. “Long time, no see.”

“I know, right?” Scarlett answered after breaking the embrace and stepping back. She was wearing a tee shirt and jeans, both skintight and hugging her delicious 36-26-36 figure as if coveting it. Maria found herself doing the same.

“Let’s move to the back and sit and talk” suggested Maria, her brown eyes sparkling. “Excuse me. Can we have some champagne?” the older woman asked of one of the stores employees. Having recognized both celebrities, the young associate was quick to respond and handed each a tall flute of chilled wine.

Sitting on a rather hard settee in the rear of the store, the Black Widow actress was the first to speak, asking “Are you here by yourself?” Taking a long sip, she followed up with “I’m having a ‘me’ day.”

“Me too!” exclaimed Maria cheerfully. “I needed to take a day and try to get out of my head” was what she said but knew what she really meant was “get Julianna’s Pussy out of my head.”

It was fairly early in the day, so the shop wasn’t particularly busy. The two women chatted and gossiped as if not having seen each other for years, asking for refills on their champagne several times and becoming more and more relaxed. After some time, Scarlett reached down and started to unlace the high-tops she was wearing.

Kicking them off with a flourish, she said “I really do want to buy some shoes today.” Maria’s eyes were immediately drawn to the actress’s size 9 bare feet. They were pretty with unpainted toes, bearing just the slightest of impressions from the sneakers she’d worn. She felt a warmth starting to build in her Pussy.

Kneeling on the carpeted floor, Maria looked up at the green-eyed stunner and asked, “Do you mind if I try something?”. Gently lifting one of Scarlett’s feet up towards her face, she whispered “Your feet look so tired. May I?”

The Avenger’s star couldn’t imagine what Maria was suggesting, but felt like if anything, she was the one in a superior position if anything unwanted should start to happen. Looking down at her brown-haired friend, she nodded her okay.

Touching Scarlett’s toes to her lips, the Greek beauty began to slowly pour champagne over the bridge of her foot. The cool liquid trickled down and around the blonde’s arch and toes, and all the while Maria was sensually using her tongue to catch every drop. She massaged and explored all the curves, bends and crevices being offered her with impassioned zeal, until the younger woman’s foot was coated more with saliva than wine.

Giggling, Scarlett shifted in her seat then presented Maria with her other foot. “This one’s tired, too” she laughed. Maria didn’t hesitate and performed the same act of Love and attention she had on the first, until her glass was empty. Resting the balls of her feet on the 42-year old’s bare, tanned knees while flexing her toes, the Black Widow star cooed her approval. “That was really nice.”

Raising her hem up to her mid thighs, Maria looked up at Scarlett Johansson with pleading eyes and asked “Can I please fuck your feet? Please? They’re so sexy. You’re so sexy. I’ll even buy your shoes for you. Please?”

A few of the young salesgirls were now milling about the center of the store, still a distance away but getting closer than before.

“Pull your panties down, Maria. Just to your knees. If you’re wearing any panties, that is.” Scarlett laughed at her own remark, finishing her wine while the older, brown eyed woman did as she instructed. Maria’s aqua blue underwear were now around her knees, and the skirt she’d worn was bunched up about her 23-inch waist. Her glistening, bronzed thighs looked spectacular. Slowly, Scarlett inched her feet together, pointed her toes and worked her way in towards Maria’s crotch.

Cupping her hands under each of the blonde’s heels, Maria raised her Ass up, parted her thighs as much as she could, then fed Scarlett’s sexy bare feet in between and against her dripping cunt. Holding onto them tight, the entertainment host ground against them hard as if she were riding a bucking animal. The younger woman couldn’t believe how wet Maria’s Pussy was, wriggling her toes against the soft swells of her generous Ass as she continued to grind and ride. The Avenger’s actress was actually feeling rather proud that she could stir such lust, such desire with only the sight and touch of her feet.

“Oh, my God” Maria hissed trying desperately to keep her voice down during one of the most intense orgasms she’d ever had. “I’m Cumming. Oh God, oh God, Ohh GOD!” and then she exploded. Her slippery juice oozed out of her fuck hole freely, glazing Scarlett’s feet generously with its warmth. The 42-year-old finished by using her velvety tongue to lick them clean and dry. Once she’d caught her breath, she looked up into the blonde’s deep, green eyes and said “Thank you. Thank you.”

Slipping her well loved feet back into her high-tops, Scarlett asked “Will you do me a favor now? I’d really like to remember today. Have a small memento. Will you pose for me? Up here on the couch?”

Maria said nothing as she well understood what the movie star wanted. Standing, she stepped out of her panties and sat in the middle of the settee. Spreading her legs wide with feet in the air, the Greek beauty smiled while the younger blonde snapped her picture. She made sure to pull her Ass cheeks apart so as to fully expose both openings.

As an added remembrance, Maria tucked the panties she’d worn into Scarlett’s purse without her noticing. As they walked together to the entrance, Scarlett smiled at the associates there and chimed “Nothing today. Thank you” as they strode out. Once outside, they kissed cheeks, hugged and went their separate ways. Scarlett wondering if this might escalate further in the future, and Maria wondering where her next lesbian experience will come from. And, how long she could keep her ‘true’ self from her husband?

The End

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