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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own ROH or any other wrestling promotion, or any current or former wrestlers/characters.

Starring: Mandy Leon (ROH)

Wrestlers Meet Porn Stars: Mandy Leon the RO-Hoe

An erotic pro wrestling fan-fiction story.

A Commissioned story by [Anonymous].

Written by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, inter, Anal.

* * *

The video opens up showing a rather generic yet somewhat familiar setting of a lavish front room of a rented, mansion-like property complete with a large, spacious couch. The clicking of high heels heard as instead of a Porn starlet walking in, we see just an eye catching beauty but one from a different profession. The pro wrestler of the independent scene, mostly known for her work in the Ring of Honor promotion, in the self proclaimed Exotic Goddess — Mandy Leon.

The dark skinned beauty of mixed race decent, including Puerto Rican and Cuban, was clad in an outfit similar to that she’s worn in ROH in the past. A super tight and tiny set of jeans-style booty shorts with the logo of The Allure on the back, hugging to her thick and juicy Ass. And a black corset-like top which showed off deep cleavage for her large, rounded tits. With high heeled boots on and her long, dark hair hanging down her back to just above her booty. Topping off her sultry look with some thick red lipstick coating her full and pouty lips.

“So, since we’re sort of treating this like a proper production…” A voice behind the camera says. “How about you introduce yourself to us all, and give us a little bit of information about what’s going on here.”

“OK, sure…” Mandy said, sitting down and crossing one leg over the other. “My name is Mandy Leon, and I am The Exotic Goddess.” She said with a bragging tone. “And, well, today I’m here to film a porno. It’s obviously a little more complicated than that. This is, well, I suppose my second time on camera…”

“Yes, you worked on a trip on a certain ‘Bus’ for one of our competitors.” The cameraman remarked with a knowing chuckle.

“I’d rather not dwell on that. Especially after they screwed me over and ditched me at the end of it.” She said with a bitter tone. “But that compromising position aside? I actually found myself, well, enjoying the experience a little bit more than I thought I would. I guess it’s motivated me to see if I can make something more of this than just another one and done video. Especially considering that, well…” Leon paused, brushing her hair back. “There’s been some certain people who have been pissed off at me since I stared in that other video.”

“Oh? Relationship issues, huh?” The voice stated.

“I might have pissed off a boyfriend who I already had some issues with, sure.” Leon rather casually shrugs. “And he didn’t fucking tell me the shit state of the company I’ve been loyal to for years was in. The place going down the pan and releasing everyone. But whatever. Now I’m Free and I’ve got options on the table.”

“Oh, yes you do.” Even unseen, the smile on the person’s face behind the camera was clear in his voice. “And we’d be very, very interested in signing you to a contract, Mandy. But I understand you want to see what we can offer you? And with someone with your looks and potential? We’ve gone all out. And we’ve got one of the leading men men in the business here to show you what a star you can be for us.”

Leon looks to the side, eyeing someone up as they walk in and it’s not just any regular porno hunk either. It’s perhaps one of the most prolific, infamous names in the industry in Johnny Sins. The bald, handsome man clad in just jeans and a shirt as he smiles. Not even trying to be subtle as he moves right in, sitting next to Mandy on the couch and sliding an arm around her back.

“You know something? I was almost a little sad when I was told I was going to be with a wrestler and I wouldn’t need to dress up for it.” Johnny said with a joking tone. “Since I’ve played everyone from a doctor to a policeman and everything in between.”

“Well, I’m sure ain’t sad right now…” Mandy remarks, brushing her hair back as she looks over him and looking like she clearly approves of the stud. “And here I was thinking I might be let down…”

“Oh, trust me babe… I never let anyone down on any shoot.” He smirks, moving a hand down onto her thick thigh, smoothly feeling her up. “And I hear that you’re a Goddess or something, right? That means I can go all out and hard on you and you won’t complain a bit, right?” He adds, sounding like it’s a challenge already to her.

“Oh, I think a man like you can tell if I’m a Goddess or not, right?” She replied with a flirty tone, sounding like she might be a little bit smitten with the experienced star of skin flicks.

“Seeing? Sure… But believing? Babe, I’ll need to be a little more hands on…” Sins tells her as he helps himself even more too her as he leans in.

Mandy’s eyes don’t widen in surprise, but instead half-close with desire with the hunk presses his lips into hers. Easily charming her as his hand gropes her thick thigh as she doesn’t even attempt to resist. Drawn in as her hand strokes his arm as she finds himself all too easily making out with a man she clearly had an idea of, if not fully being aware, of the reputation and experience of. Tongues dancing as he feels up her leg to smooch despite already admitting to being in a ‘strained’ relationship herself. Let alone kissing a man she’s only just laid eyes on as he smiles into the kiss to taste the exotic beauty.

Before Leon even knew it, those skilled hands had unfastened her top. A groan escaping her as she pulled away from the lip lock as her large, rounded tits were released. Just for both of her hands to grip onto her front behind as she was moved to sit facing forward. Enjoying fondling her juicy fun bags as his fingers easily dug into the dark toned flesh. Making her head tilt back in arousal as he smiled and got a feel of what ‘assets’ she could bring to his line of work. “Now these? These are some big, killer tits right here…” Johnny says, playing up to the camera as he fondles her rack. “Fucking perfect for Porn… I’d wrestle with these twins any fucking day of the week.” He jokes. Emphasizing the size of her mounds as hey plays with them. Making them smack against one another as he gropes and makes her groan. Already turning her own from the look of how hard her nipples are just from his expert touch.

“Mmmmm… I’m not just a great set of fucking tits, you know…” Mandy hissed with a tone of desire as she looked over at him. But clearly not having an issue with either being felt up or the objectification he was doing to her and her stunning body.

Fuck no… That Ass of yours is fucking good too…” Johnny said bluntly, letting go of her rack. “Come on, stand up babe… Let’s show off the goods…” He encouraged.

Not resisting, Mandy rose off the couch. Just for him to stay seated as she turned around with her back to the camera. A deliberate, slow bending over as his hands hooked those tight shorts. Sliding them down her dark cheeks, showing off that rounded, thick booty of hers along with the sight of her completely shaved Pussy. Letting the garment drop as his hands clutched her rump, squeezing in deep to make her groan again as he felt her up. Making her cheeks spread to show off her lower holes as well as he smiled. Deciding to test her out as he gave her rump a firm slap, making the flesh jiggle sexily while she let out a groan. Not apparently feeling pain from the strike as she arched an eyebrow and let him feel her up.

“I think someone likes what they see… And what they feel.” Mandy stated the obvious as she swayed her hips slightly, showing off her booty to the camera.

“No fucking shit… Nice and thick, sexy and exotic… Yeah, I can work with this…” Johnny stated, spanking her Ass again to get a groan out of her before his hands slid up her sides, getting another feel of her hanging tits again.

“I wish I could say the same… But I’ve not seen what you’re packing yet…” Leon now took a turn to be blunt. Sounding like she was easily warmed up to the idea of fucking of camera as she wasn’t being subtle with what she wanted.

“Well say no more, babe… Let me see if my ‘offering’ pleases the Goddess,” Sins teased as he let go of her. Moving to stand up off the couch while she, all too eagerly, got down to her kneels in front of him.

Her eyes soon widening for a classic, perfect for Porn image of cock-shock when he pushes his jeans down and lets his fat, long white cock spring out to point at her face. Almost rock hard already just from feeling a beauty like her up but soon getting to his full size when she didn’t hesitate to reach up and grip him. Delivering a round of pumps. “Well… I guess maybe being a Porn star won’t be so bad if I get to work with this kind of a cock…” She remarked without any hint of shame. Giving a sexy smirk to the camera before looking up to the grinning hunk as he unbuttoned his shirt to toss it aside out of the way.

“I think we can skip the introductions now… Since I don’t think either of us came here just to fucking talk…” Leon remarked before she let actions take over. Leaning in as she stroked the base of him and ran her tongue across the head of that big cock. Getting merely a light groan out of him to show, as expected, it would take a lot more than just that even to excite him. Merely just the warm up however as she worked over the crown. Swirling around a couple of times while her palm worked over the shaft for a nice little double team, and not the in-ring kind she’s sometimes used to. Making sure to keep her tits pushed up and out while she teased his cock. Sliding over the top slit as her hand pumped, before lifting briefly away to spit onto the bell-end and use the palm to work that saliva over his thick inches.

Kicking things off at her own pace, she pressed on as she parted her lips this time. Getting a real moan out of him when she wrapped around his size, moaning herself as she kept a seductive gaze up at the Porn star. Letting him savour her full lips and the thick lipstick coating her as she moved down to take the first few inches inside while her hand kept a grip on the base, still pumping a bit but the focus being more on her oral hole. Already using her Free hand to brush her long dark hair back as she started to bob up and down. Gliding along the pole as she showed off not just a sampling of her dick sucking skills, but not hesitation to get down with dirty with a man that while meeting for the first time, has more than a reputation to pleasing and fucking stunning women like herself.

“Mmmmm… Shit… Yeah, suck that dick, baby…” Johnny encouraged as he stared down, seeing that clearly well practised look from the pro wrestler as she bobbed along his vast size. Moaning as her full lips ran up and down, starting to apply the saliva onto his rod and making her lipstick deliberately smear onto his cock. Adding in to the scene with the tint of red as his fat white pole passed in and out of the dark skinned beauty’s mouth. Her look along would be enough to make any normal guy blow a load within a minute but an experienced stud like him could handle what was already a red Hot Blowjob. Enjoying the jiggle of her tits as she worked her head up and down and dished out the smooth, steady motion to slurp along his shaft. “Mmmmm… Can fucking tell you know your away… Mmmmm! Around a big, fat fucking cock like mine…”

“Hmmmmphh! Mmmmm… Hmmmmphhh…” She just continued to work her gorgeous face up and down, feeding more of his dick into her warm and wet mouth. Only glancing to the side to look at the camera recording her as she sucked on that big cock. She was already well aware this was all being filmed, hence her hand making sure that her long, raven-coloured hair was swept back and out of the way for a clear view of her giving some head. Her gaze soon going back up at the co-star she was servicing as she kept her full lips wrapped around him. The spit seeping out and starting to roll down her chin from the repeated, lustful motion. “Mmmmmm! Mmmmmphhh…” She groaned around his dick. Looking like she wasn’t used to too many men, if any at all, lasting this long within her gorgeous, damp mouth alone so she was enjoying being able to slurp away along a nice length as she easily handled half of his vast, meaty size.

“Mmmmm… Now come on babe, enough of the easy stuff.” Johnny soon announced as he reached down. Making her stare up as he removed her hand from the base of his dick. “Let’s see if we can make a babe like you gag like you’re really here for an audition…” He announced as he used a hand to hold her on the back of her head. Now actively pumping forward between those ripe lips of hers to, as he’d warned her, making her gag out instantly when the fat head hit the back of her mouth. Not stopping there though as he repeated the motion to plough in between those lips. Keeping the smearing going along with layering that big dick with her spit as the chokes continued. Making him groan as he enjoyed the vibrations, let alone the feeling of warmth and wetness that her sinful oral hole offered him.

“Mmmmmmphhh… GAAAAAAHHHHH… Hhhhhhhllllkkk! Mmmmmm…” Mandy choked around his length as she pushed further down. Showing off a set of oral skills that some might say are far better than her in-ring ability as she made Sins moan out as he stood and took this wet Blowjob. Actively rocking her head even as thrust between her lips to take a deliberate gag fucking. His rod coated in saliva as it dripped off the shaft. His inches vanishing forward into her mouth when she pushed down before briefly appearing as she shifted back. Impressing again as she never came up for air off of him as she continued bobbing away. “Mmmmm! GAAAAAAAAHHH! HHHHHHRRRLLLL… GAAAAAAAHHHH…” Even as she made herself choke, the burning look of desire stayed in her eyes as she kept moving back and forth along that cock. One hand resting on his thigh for a bit of support so she could keep on delivering the smooth action. The thick lipstick smudged, leaving clear rings on his cock at the points where she’s focused her slurps down on as she’s enjoyed a full taste of that big prick.

He suddenly pulled out, leaving her gasping but then her eyes widened when he slapped her check hard with his meaty dick. Rubbing the crown onto her cheek as she hissed and glared up in a perfect mix of desire and humiliation as he smacked her pretty, dark skinned face with his big white dick. “Yeah, you fucking like that big fat dick, huh?” Sins said, still holding her hair as he rubbed her own spit onto her cheek. “A so-called Goddess like you should be able to handle anything thrown her way, right?” He taunted to use her wrestling nickname against her before bringing his dick back to her lips for a slide across. Only for her to hungrily, like she’d taken the bait from his teasing, shove her mouth back down onto his tool.

“MMMMMPHHH… HHHHHRRRLLL… GAAAAAAAAHHHH…” Her eyes narrowed as she threw caution to the wind, knowing what was expected of her out of this porno. Sending her stunning, exotic features right into his crotch to make him moan as she delivered a full dose of deep throating. Letting his cock fill up her snug oral passage as she gagged loudly around his size. The saliva drooling down her chin and his balls as she kept herself held down. All under her own power as she showed off what that talented mouth of hers can do. “GAAAAAAAAAAAHH!! HHHHHHHRRKKKK… MMMMMM!!” She remarked down for a long moment. Keeping him moaning but nowhere close to making him pulse or approach a sudden end. Letting the camera capture the sight before she slowly lifted up. Teasing pulling right off as she allowed all the lipstick marks on his prick to be shown off but stopping when the head was still inside her mouth. Twisting her head from side to side for another grind of the lips and another ‘tattooing’ of that dick for good measure in the process.

“Mmmmmm! Oh shit… Yeah, fucking like that! Fucking gag on that dick, babe!” Johnny grinned as he kept her hair held as he resumed thrusting into her mouth again. Making her gag each time she bobbed down as his dick slide into her eager throat. The saliva drooling down now off her chin, landing on those big, juicy tits to make them look hotter than ever as they bounced from the motion her head was doing. Showing off her potential as she took as good as she got, which was a whole lot from this deep throat action. Not even looking like her eyes were watering for a moment as her mouth got almost abused from the hard level of fucking this huge cock was giving to her oral hole.

“GAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHHHRRRKKK!! MMMMMM!!” She groaned around that huge dick in between her loud, raspy gags. His balls repeatedly smacking off the chin when their motions met to make more saliva splatter around. Her lipstick a total mess, leaving countless rings along the shaft and now right at the base for a mark that more branded her as a porno whore than claimed his rod as her property. “MMMMMPHHH!! GAAAAAAAAAAAH! HHHHHLLLKKK!! GAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!” Her eyes stayed narrowed with desire even with the painful chokes as she took a deep throating that perhaps one of very, very few times a cock has been big enough, let alone able to last, inside that wet and pleasurable tunnel of hers. Savouring the feeling as much as the moaning stud getting to fill her up as she bobbed away. Actively slamming her mouth down to take the next thrust in a way that any other newcomer to skin flicks would be left with a headache if not a sore jaw for well over a week from this sort of wild pace.

Eventually, showing he felt she’s proven the potential her mouth has, he let go of her hair. Allowing her to pull properly off as she took a moment to draw in air as she looked over the mess left on his dick. “So, have I proved myself now?” Mandy asked with a seductive raised eyebrow. Her voice not even sounding raspy even after her throat had been repeatedly filled up.

“That was a good start, honey…” Johnny replied, not even sweating yet. “But a start was all it was.”

“Figured you’d say that…” Leon remarked as she stood up. “I’m guessing we’re testing out this couch then?” She said, moving onto it to lay on it, with her chest facing the camera.

“It ain’t just here as furniture after all.” Sins said with a smile, eagerly moving onto it as he lifted one of her legs up to press into the back, spreading the other out so the limb dangled off the side as he knelt between her.

The same set of lips that had left that cock saliva-soaked and marked with red rings now hung open in a perfect, moaning O-shape when he pushed his prick forward into her slot. No protection either as she got the full contact as her Pussy began to spread, showing that this was easily a far bigger dick than she was used to taking. Her dampening folds meeting his own groaning approval too as he kept a hold of the one leg behind him to keep it raised and against the couch. Working his hips back and forth as the filming lens captured his prick pushing in and out of her box. Not going easy on her either as he quickly got into the rhythm to firmly send his length into her twat as the motion started making her shift along the seating.

“MMMMM… Oh shit! Fuck!! MMMMMM…” The Exotic Goddess purred her approval as her eyes were locked down between her legs, not even trying to fake resistance to this as her Pussy took that fat cock nice and deep. Making her rounded tits bounce as she body moved on the couch with her hair swaying a bit as it hung down off the side. “AHHHHHH… Guess I fucking got you… MMMMM! All worked up, huh? MMMMM FUCK…” She groaned as she watched that dick pumping away into her as he worked in firmly. Getting the same kind of filthy treatment he’d deliver to any proper Porn starlet be they an experienced slut or a newbie paying their way through college. And from how her wet snatch was handling his vast size, she was already putting on a performance of her own that matched up to the skin flick veterans he had etched amongst the countless others on his bedpost.

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